Love Affair Ch. 01

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Alexa drove Charlie home from the bar in silence. She didn’t know why her husband had insisted she drop him off at their house first; he usually held his liquor better than he did tonight though. She was sure he would already be passed out on the couch in the living room before she even made it across town to drop their friend off. She glanced over at Charlie; he was staring off into the night, but Alexa was sure he had just been staring at her a moment before. She felt hot suddenly, and she knew it had nothing to do with the two drinks she had nursed all night. Being alone with Charlie was all she had been able to think about since the first time he had tried to kiss her, and she had turned her head away. Thankfully he hadn’t pressed the matter again.

She pulled into his driveway and put the pickup in park. Charlie hesitated a moment looking out of the windshield at his house, then leaned over and turned off the engine. Alexa opened her mouth to protest but no sound came out. “Come inside for a bit, please?” he asked.

Avoiding his gaze, she got out of the pickup and followed him up the steps.

Once inside, he told her to sit in the living room if she wanted while he went to get a beer out of the kitchen. She sat down on one side of the small couch, looking around at the dimly lit room. Light flooded in the two large windows from the streetlight outside, giving everything in the room some shape. Charlie entered the room and sat down next to her, taking a generous drink of the beer. He offered it to her, and upon her decline, he set it on the coffee table.

“Alexa?” he whispered.

“Yes?” she whispered back, knowing they had to be quiet or there could be hell to pay just for her being there in his house. Charlie’s wife was very jealous of her, ever since he let tuzla escort it slip that he thought Alexa was beautiful. And she was asleep upstairs!

He put his hand on her bare leg, moving his fingers across her smooth skin lightly and slowly. She didn’t move as she watched his strong hand, and she knew he had noticed that she stopped breathing. He pulled his hand back into his lap, and she released her breath. His other hand moved to her face, turning her eyes to his. His gaze was unsettling, and her breathing became shallow.

“I want you.” The whispered words didn’t mask his need for her. She felt as though he were demanding that he have her, and she could only give in to him with that smoldering look he displayed. Alexa was getting hotter than earlier, and her hands became restless at her sides. His eyes left hers for a moment, lingering on her lips as they had the day he nearly kissed her. She would be lying if she said she hadn’t dreamed of him kissing her someday, and she breathed in deeper as she realized a kiss and probably more was about to take place.

“May I kiss you?” he whispered as if reading her mind, moving closer to her.

“Yes,” she replied, letting one of her restless hands move to his legs. She was as nervous as a virgin! she thought.

Charlie pulled her face to his and let his lips lightly graze hers for a fleeting moment before he kissed her hungrily. Alexa repositioned herself on her knees to kiss him deeper as his tongue teased her full lips before diving inside to mate with her tongue. She moaned into his mouth and he sighed as his hands moved to her waist. She cried out in surprise when he easily lifted her up onto his lap to straddle him, and he touched a finger to her lips to remind her to be silent. Her jeans skirt inched up her thighs as he tuzla escort bayan pressed her hips down; she could feel his cock hardening under her through her wet panties.

Alexa groaned as he left her lips to trace hot, wet kisses down her jaw, her neck, down to the low neckline of her tight shirt. Charlie pulled her shirt and bra down to expose her large breasts, and he began teasing the nipples into hard points as his hands rocked her hips against his hard cock straining against his pants.

“Do you want me?” he asked breathlessly.

“What do you think?” she whispered back sharply.

He lifted her up a few inches and moved her soaked panties aside to feel her pussy. He pulled the fingers back out and licked her juices off of them and he moaned. With a quick pull, he had his pants unbuttoned and unzipped and he freed his hard cock underneath her. Holding her panties aside, she let him pull her down onto his cock slowly. He slid easily inside her tight hole, burying deep inside her. She tried not to moan too loud as he grabbed her head and brought her mouth back down to his.

Grabbing her ass with both hands Charlie slowly moved her up and down his hard cock as her juices covered him. Alexa held his shoulders and closed her eyes as she took in the amazing feeling his cock inside her pussy was giving her. The light shining through the windows was more than enough for them to see the pleased looks on each others’ faces. She had never experienced such an incredible cock as his! She suddenly thought of her husband for the first time since entering this house, and she lifted herself up off of his cock on her knees.

“Why did you stop?” he growled softly.

She whimpered. “We shouldn’t do this Charlie.”

He moved his hands to her hips and pulled her back escort tuzla down on his cock. He moaned and gave a shudder under her. She wanted to cry out—it felt so good! But she picked herself back up, a sly grin on her face. A fire lit in his eyes as he realized now she was toying with him. “You know you want more, baby.”

“So what if I do?” she taunted quietly. “If you fuck me much longer, I don’t know how quiet I will be!”

He grabbed her shirt and pulled her face closer to his. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long,” he groaned, “that I almost don’t care if we wake her up! I almost want her to hear you come while I fuck you the way we both need it.” He crushed her lips against his so hard she thought she could taste blood. She was a little scared of Charlie when he got like this, but it thrilled her body to no end for him to be in control. She slid back down onto his hard cock roughly and fucked him hard. She pulled back and watched his eyes widen as she rode him rhythmically for a few minutes. Just when she thought he was getting ready to come, she lifted up off of him and off of the couch. Surprised, he leaned forward and grabbed her skirt, pulling her to him as he stood up.

“You…can’t…please…don’t stop,” he stuttered between ragged breaths.

“I can’t let you come inside me, Charlie,” Alexa replied, her body shaking from the hot sex. “And I won’t let you make me come. This is crazy, and I must go now.” She avoided his confused look as she straightened her clothes and quickly left his house.

Charlie didn’t move for several minutes, awestruck at what had just taken place. He finally went into the bathroom to take a cold shower, hoping the pain wouldn’t be too severe from being so close to the peak. He finished the beer in the living room and lay down on the couch waiting for sleep to overtake him.

At home, Alexa crawled into her empty bed, her husband snoring loudly on the couch, and she smiled a devilish grin, knowing what torture she had given Charlie tonight.

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