Love So Pure

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The story is a rather long saga of intense but complex incestuous love involving, daughters.fathers and grandfathers. All characters are eighteen or above.Thanks for reading the story.




Thomas Robert Delgado parked the big four-wheel drive outside his daughter’s residence hall and climbed out of the driving seat, thankful to be able to ease the ache in his back and stretch his legs after the long drive from Portland. He’d have preferred to use the car but he knew his daughter Lucy would be bringing home a whole trunk full of stuff even for the short Spring break.

A big, powerful man, with a muscular body he kept in trim by working out every day, Tom walked across the gravel drive and knocked on the door. A pretty girl opened it and Tom introduced himself. The girl at the door might have been pretty but the girl who came towards him across the hallway was strikingly beautiful. Petite, but full ripe bodied, with white clear skin and jet-black wavy hair that she wore pulled back in a ponytail to emphasise her smooth cheekbones and full, generous mouth, heightened by the most beautiful nose. Tom thought his daughter Lucy looked more like her mother every day. He was thankful like her mother Lucy never entertained looking skinny as relevant or important. The same beautiful voluptuous figure with long shapely legs hips flared enticingly above her sexy thighs leading to a narrow waist and full, heavy breasts almost too big for a girl of her size. Tom felt a thrill of excitement when he saw her and realised how desperately he had missed her.

“Hello, Daddy,” she said, bending and pressing her soft full lips against his cheek. Tom smelled her perfume, her hair and a subtler scent of her femininity all at once.

“Hey, how’s my little girl after her second semester? Still teaching all the professors their jobs?”

She punched him on the arm and he cried out “Ow,” in mock pain.

“Just for that, you get to carry my trunk on your own,” she said, picking up her Vuitton holdall, which was sitting on top of the monster case.

“What you mean you’d have helped me? What did your last servant die of?”

The girl who’d opened the door came up behind Lucy and they heard her laugh.

“Hey, Jennifer, don’t encourage him,” Lucy said.

Tom walked across to the trunk and picked it up effortlessly. “No problemo,” he said, showing off to the two girls.

Jennifer whistled appreciatively as he turned round and said in a sexy voice, “You bet, mister…”

“Don’t,” Lucy warned her. “You’ll only encourage him,” and then hugged her friend goodbye.

“Call me, right?” said Jennifer.

“Soon as I get home,” Lucy promised and followed Tom to the four-wheeler, returning Jennifer’s goodbye wave.

Tom stashed the trunk in the back and opened the door for his daughter. Then he got in and started the engine.

“Home, Jeeves,” Lucy said.

“Sorry, Miss. The name’s Tom,” said her father and she punched him on the arm again. But this time softly and, freed of having to be the cool teen in front of her best friend, with love in her eyes.

On the drive home Tom listened as Lucy talked about how she was getting on at school and said of course he’d take her when she said she’d like to visit Paris and Madrid the next time they were on their way to the family home in Tuscany. So much of what she’d been studying would make more sense if she’d seen more of Europe.

He told her about how well his business was doing with several big deals closed that week alone. “My Dad the big tycoon,” she said, but he could hear in her voice she was pleased with his achievement.

Father and daughter talked homely stuff for another hour.

Eventually Lucy fell asleep and didn’t wake until Tom pulled past the gates and up the driveway and said softly, “Hey, honey, we’re home.”

A blaze of light came on and Maria, Tom’s long-time secretary, came out to greet them. She and Lucy hugged and kissed each other and then Tom invited Rosa to stay for dinner.

“You think you’re such a great cook!” Maria laughed. “Dinner’s on the table. You I don’t care about, but my little Luce…(everyone called her Luce in affection)”

“I’m a grown woman, Maria!” Lucy protested.

“Barely out of sixteen. Born yesterday,” Rosa shrugged. “Anyway, thank you, but I have to be going.”

Tom walked Rosa out to her car, then retrieved Lucy’s things from the truck and brought them into the house. Closing the door, he felt delight that the warmth of his daughter’s beauty was once again lighting up his home.

“I’m not hungry, baby,” Tom said, sitting on the sofa. “But a glass of Barolo would be very nice.”

“Sure, Daddy,” she said and Tom smiled gratefully, idly admiring the swell of his daughter’s shapely ass in her tight jeans as she went off to the kitchen to pour the acıbadem escort wine. He must have fallen asleep momentarily because he woke to find her standing looking down at him and holding a glass, her striking blue eyes behind her glasses full of concern.

“Drink this and then go shower, Daddy,” she said. “It was a long drive and you must be exhausted.”

“Never!” Tom said with mock bravado, but he went to do as he was told.

xx xx

In his bathroom Tom stripped off his clothes and threw them in the clothes basket. He turned the shower up as hot as he could stand it and stood for ten minutes under the hot jets, luxuriating in the way the heat eased away his fatigue. He used his Polo shower gel on his cock and balls and was delighted to see that his tiredness didn’t extend to his penis, which quickly sprang up hard and firm at his touch.

Tom stood holding his hardening cock in his big hand and looked at himself in dispassionate way at the wall-to-wall mirror across the bathroom.

He saw a powerfully built man who may be considered bigger than lithe and lean. He was approaching his fortieth birthday in nine months time. His muscular frame emanated a ‘strong-man’ message and his huge big hands signed that message firmly as he shook hands or put his hand on someone’s shoulder. His flattish muscular belly had fairly hairy patch merging with the top of his thick pubic growth. From this growth stood out and up, his phenomenally monstrous cock.

Tom’s penis started as a large red cock head, which turned to purple during sexual exertions, it was smooth wide and as big as a small apple with a really big pee hole. The glans of his penis mushroomed like a globe rather than flatten out as it does in most men and unlike most men was twice as long. The sheer size of his glans alone could scare most women. The glans led to a deep groove where his pulled skin gathered.

The shaft started as wide across as his glans and increased in thickness with each inch until it reached the base where it became as wide as his fist including his thumb across the knuckles, putting the whole circumferential girth in the realm of inhuman proportions. He had big hands but could not encircle his shaft when fully erect. The analogy of baseball bat was apt if the bat did not taper towards the handle. Tom put both his hands to rub his cock leaving another hand worth of length above both.

He stroked his hand over his twelve inches of enormity called a male cock and down over his big pendant balls, pleasuring himself for a few moments, and then turned the water off, reaching out of the cubicle for a towel.

A hand passed it to him. He took it, wiped his face and then slid the shower stall door open to see Lucy, naked, the tight, smooth globes of her ass bouncing as she walked from the bathroom into his bedroom where she lay down on his bed, propping herself up on one elbow. She took her glasses off and fanned the tresses of her raven-black hair out across her shoulders. The creamy slopes of her full breasts glowed in the soft light.

Tom quickly dried himself off, looking at his daughter with a hotly growing lust as she drew her right leg up and slid her hand down across her belly and down across the swell of her mount. Her fingers met no resistance as they prized open the lips of her cunt covered with lovely growth of black bushy pubic hair and disappeared into the opening of her vagina with a soft squelching sound. Time and again she slid them into the opening and then across the stiff bud of her clitoris, spreading the wetness from her cunt along its length and increasing her pleasure as she masturbated herself in front of her father who watched her hungrily, his desire growing to a fever pitch, his big heavy cock standing out from his groin like an iron bar.

Opening her mouth a little in her growing excitement, Lucy’s breasts were rising and falling in cadence with her fingers stroking over her clit and between the swollen lips of her cunt. Tom could see that his daughter was staring at his cock as she masturbated and he slowly stroked his hand across the flat plain of his belly and took his rigid prick in his fist, sliding the tautly stretched skin back and forth over the tip which throbbed hot and red, oily with semen already pumped out by his balls.

Lucy kept fucking two fingers in her wet soft cunt as she watched her father holding his giant cock in his hand which barely went around the girth, her throat tightening with the same fascination, fear, excitement and devotion she felt almost an year ago when her father took her virginity with his monstrous cock in a bathroom and found it hard to believe she has been fucked in-numerous times by his father’s monstrosity and he always managed to impale her on every last millimetre of his non human initially-painful giant cock to fuck her for hours at his will.

She now feared less but craved more even anadolu yakası escort knowing his first entry would almost kill her as she always felt it would but her father always managed not to kill her with his cock. Lucy felt silly but could not believe that she was lucky to be close to this specimen of male penis and it belonged to her father – life could not be any better.

Without taking her eyes for a moment from her father’s pumping hand, Lucy lay back on his bed and slid her other hand between her legs. More fingers glided into her warm, wet centre and this time she transferred some of her sex juice from her cunt to the taut nipples of her large soft breasts, smearing the thick liquid back and forth over their stiff tips, pleasuring herself even further.

Lucy never lost the sight of his father’s massive penis held in his huge hand as he pumped his penis his eyes were glued to her fingers moving in and out of her wet cunt her pubic hair glistening with her pussy juices, her fingers creating wet sucking sounds the room air filled with the aroma of her cunt juices.

Looking into her father’s eyes, Lucy moaned softly, “Mr. Delgado, your daughter has been faithfully waiting for months for you to fuck her to heaven and back. I think it’s time you did just that, don’t you?”

“Christ, yes,” said Tom, climbing onto his beautiful daughter’s body and started the process of impaling her on twelve inches of his hot, hard impossibly thick prick. Lucy screamed in ecstasy, pleasure and declaration of her frailty when faced with her father’s impaling giant. Her cunt was awash with her flowing juices enabling her father to ram his massive cock head and another few inches of his monster cock in one savage motion stretching her young tender cunt reminding her of her last ravaging by her virile, insatiable father. Her mouth opened in a scream, and her both arms flying to cling to her father’s strong neck as his big strong heavy frame crushed her breasts flattening them deliciously painfully.

The familiar pleasurable pain as her father’s monstrosity invaded her vagina also heightened her desire and anticipation. Once fully buried Lucy knew her father would fuck her for hours in one or the other position turning, rolling her like a doll, mauling her breasts, ravaging her cunt mercilessly sending her into one orgasm after another until she was reduced into babbling limp, rag doll who could not take anymore.

Tom felt familiar tight opening of his daughter’s cunt around his huge cock meat and his desire notched up another level to own his daughter once again, the waiting of several months had driven him wild with lust and love for his daughter as they both merged without diluting one another since their first fateful coupling.

Tom lowered his mouth on to his daughter’s to smother her scream into a muffled gagging sound and used his powerful back to lever his immensely huge cock to open his daughter’s soft pliable cunt tissues to accept more and more of his giant. When half way in Tom allowed his gasping daughter to adjust to his invasion all the while muffling her screams with his open mouthed kiss.

Lucy felt as if her whole being had been ripped open as she always felt when her father impaled her on his super huge cock, but knew soon she would be screaming to be fucked harder with the same giant and she knew her loving father would do exactly that and more.

Tom felt the familiar wriggling of his daughter’s belly muscles, and movement of her hips to move instinctively away from the invading monstrosity but there was no where to go. Tom took a metaphorical deep breath crushing his daughter’s open gasping mouth with his and shoving his tongue deep inside her mouth. Lucy felt her father’s cock pull back a couple of inches and before she could prepare herself for what she knew was coming, her father used his strong muscular frame, his weight and gravity to send his humungous cock hurtling down inside her vagina spreading every fiber of it soft tender tissue to a bursting point and the massive cock hit the bottom of her cunt remorselessly.

Lucy let out another muffled scream as her eyes rolled up in their sockets and her saliva dribbled from both corners of her mouth. Tom had hilted inside his daughter’s cunt to the last of his immensely thick inch, her cunt lips stretched obscenely over the massive base of his huge cock.

Lucy deep down welcomed the start of a wonderful fucking by her father that she has been dying for the last few months to feel her father’s inhuman monstrosity inside her. She had dreamt of holding it in her hand. She found herself distracted many times thinking of her father, his super horse penis always a part of those moments.

Tom let his daughter feel his fully buried cock throbbing inside her soft snug vagina. Lucy was sobbing inside her father’s mouth with mounting lust and in a short span of time even though her cunt felt it was bursting she wanted his giant to take her to ataşehir escort the heights of lust she knew it could and had done previously on many occasions

Tom slowly pulled his cock inch after another inch increasing his daughter’s desire as she felt her father’s giant thickness pull out of her sensitive pussy. Lucy felt every detail on her father’s huge cock, every vein, as he pulled his never ending huge length out of her now stretched cunt until only his massive cock head was inside her vaginal ring.

Tom waited for a while as her daughter gasped in anticipation and teasingly, slowly, shoved his giant back inside her vagina with no rush or hurry. Lucy was going wild with her father’s slow penetration, as she felt stuffed once again on her father’s monster penis. Lucy felt her father ground his pelvis to send an electric current. She felt his cock head buried deep down in the stretched vaginal walls moving her cervix and womb.

Tom repeated the agonisingly slow process of pulling out his cock and burying all of his massively thick twelve inches inside

his daughter’s cunt making her squirm, moan, wanting more. Fully aware though that most women would not have felt even half of what she was feeling now. Lucy wished to be impaled even more but knew her father would take his own time to change the pace and she desperately wanted him to feel the desire to do so.

Tom was in no hurry and wanted his daughter to scream with her lust and desire to be fucked, as she wanted. He knew soon his daughter would like him to fuck her faster and harder. He wanted Lucy to give in and ask him to fuck her.

Lucy now was writhing in mounting lust as her father continued to tease her maddeningly with his slow fucking pace with no signs of responding to her deep desire to be taken savagely by the man she loved, adored and worshiped.

Lucy knew her father could hold his lust for as long as he wished but she could hardly breathe with her own desire to come on her father’s massive cock. Nothing else mattered for Lucy but the strong urge to be fucked by her father to bring her closer to first orgasm building inside her. “Fuck me daddy, please fuck me. You are teasing me. I want to cum, “no sooner Lucy screamed her submission to her father she felt him to pull his cock once again to the brim of her cunt and sent it crashing in this time in one smooth fluid cunt ripping motion.

“Aaargh daddeeee I am ccuummm…nnnggg FUCKKK,” Lucy’s orgasm exploded without any further warning on the second violent thrust, “Daddeee I ammm cuumiNNGGG – FUUCCKKKK.”

This was going to be one of many screaming orgasms that Lucy would experience before her father was through with fucking her with his giant telephone pole of a cock.

When Tom, after four hours of pleasurable, cunt ripping, fucking, finally withdrew his monstrous cock from his exhausted daughter’s overflowing cunt and let her slide into sleep for a few hours, he lay in the darkness gently stroking his still-hard prick and let his mind wander back with great pleasure to the first time they had made love. It was only a year ago and he had taken her to Tuscany for the wedding of one of his oldest friends, Angelo.


Chapter 2



It had been a joyful, family occasion when Angelo’s relatives had made a fuss of them both, particularly the already-beautiful girl in late teens. Tom had felt very close to Lucy, delighting in her sweetness and grace, and was amazed to find, as he held her close when they danced together at the wedding breakfast, she was developing a gorgeous body to match her beauty. He was even more amazed to find, as he felt the soft weight of her breasts against his chest, that he was deeply sexually attracted to her. She looked more and more like her deceased mother. Tom had started dating Sara when he was eighteen and she sixteen and married her four years later.

Tom’s father Roberto Delgado, Rob, and Sara’s father Samuel Connors, Sam, were close friends and business partners. They both set up the business Tom had taken over and moved it to a multi million, corporate that did business internationally from various offices all over. Both senior gentlemen had retired to a state of the art ranch in mountains close to a town with an airport that allowed them to travel freely, in their own personal small plane.

Rob was about to turn sixty-nine this year and Sam trailing by a year at sixty-eight. Both Rob and Sam decided to leave the city after their wives died in a road traffic accident while they were driving back from a charity meeting. As good friends both women supported similar charity concentrating on breast cancer charities since Sara succumbed to it.

Sara and Tom went to same school but as they both were close since childhood, they looked else where for romantic partners. However, one evening Tom intervened in a tricky situation to extricate Sara from a group of rowdy boys and they both noticed each other as other girls and boys did. They were inseparable ever since. Lucy was born a month after their first anniversary of their marriage.

Sara and Tom both were very close to their parents and brought up Lucy as Tom and Sara felt they both were brought up.

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