Lusting Over My Boyfriends Father Ch. 02

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If you do not appreciate or care for the style I write in please feel free to move along. Negative and hateful comments will not be tolerated.

Continuation on my previous story. I am just doing this for fun. Not looking for critic.


Our tongues are exploring each others mouth in despair, both of us wanting, no, needing more. I reach one hand down to feel your length, you are harder than I’ve ever felt anyone. I gently massage your growing cock as your kisses trail from my mouth, to my neck lightly biting and sucking. It is almost like you know I have a sweet spot on my collarbone when you settle your lips there. Lightly running your tongue side to side, gently kissing every inch up to my shoulder and back down. I can’t keep quiet anymore, I moan your name once more and you groan with pleasure hearing me begging you not to stop. I almost think I may cum just from your mouth kissing me. Feeling your cock is making my pussy ache and you are starting to notice me drawing close. “Cum for me baby, let me watch you cum for me.” That’s all it took and an orgasm came roaring through me. I never let my eyes off of you, your stare was intense. My pussy throbbing pendik escort underneath you, soaking your jeans with my cum. You place your fingers on my pussy lips and soak them in my juices before bringing them up to your mouth. I cannot believe what I am watching right now. You are so much naughtier than I thought, at the same time, just as naughty as I dreamed of. “You taste so sweet baby.”

“You just made me cum so hard, and you have barely touched me yet.”

“Mmmmm yes my sweet girl, you are so beautiful.”

I’m blushing at this point, I don’t know why your words made me feel like such a small little thing in your arms but it did. I felt so naughty.

“I want to taste you now. I want your cock in my mouth. I have wanted it for so long. Please give it to me.”

You let out a low groan before you speak “Is my sweet girl going to beg for my cock?”

“Please daddy, I want you to face fuck me until you cum.”

“Mmmm does my baby want to get on her knees?”

You stand up, as I slide my still trembling body off of the couch to kneel beside it. I kiss you over your pants and you slowly slide them off of you, your hard cock erect and maltepe escort at least 8″ and so beautiful I beg you to put it in my mouth. “Please put your cock in my mouth. Fuck my throat.”

I start playing with my titties while you take one hand and stroke yourself, teasing me before lowering your cock into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around the tip of you, tasting your pre-cum before sucking just the head.

“Oooooh yes baby, just like that. Take my cock.”

I lick every inch of your shaft, teasing you, swirling my tongue in just the right spot to make you flinch. I don’t want this to be quick, I want to taste you for as long as I can. I think at this point you’ve pretty much relinquished control over to me, and I motion for you to sit down.

“Please, put your lips back on me.”

“Does daddy want his little girl to deep throat his cock?”

“I…fuck yes I do!”

Slowly taking the tip, down your shaft until my face is buried in your lap and you are moaning my name. Your hands gathering my hair to steer my mouth exactly where you wanted me to go. I look up at you almost giving you permission, and I see a slight grin, it’s a devilish kartal escort one. You slowly start choking me with your fat cock, fucking me deep in my throat, my saliva coating you, running out of my mouth and down my tits. You begin to pick up the pace, shoving your entire length in and out, making me gag and my eyes well up. It’s turning you on to see me taking all of you over and over, willingly, relentlessly sucking you off. You pull your cock completely out of my mouth and watch all that precum almost pouring out of your rock hard cock. I want to take this up a notch, so I reach over and grab your belt from your waistband.

“Wrap this around my neck, and fuck my face until you cum.”

“Ohhhh…baby I don’t know, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Do it daddy, punish your little slut.” “Don’t make me beg, you know I will.”

“Mmmmm daddy’s sweet girl is going to get her mouth fucked.”

You take the belt and loop it around my neck pulling the strap through and wrapping it in your firm, strong hands. You begin pounding my face, shoving your cock down my throat, then teasing yourself with just the tip. I can tell you are getting close when your balls begin to tighten in my hands and your thrusts begin to quicken. I tell you to pull harder on the belt, choking me so hard. That sends you over the edge, cumming ropes down the back of my throat. I don’t want to miss a single drop, drinking in all of you.

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