Match Made in the Office

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Tom stood in the shower in a day dream. The water falling from the shower head in the ceiling, down over his hair and down his body. He was thinking about Chrissy, his boss at work. His cock hard as stone as he thought about her.

Monday’s were always the day they were pretty much alone in their office. They got on quite well after working together in their team for a few years. Tom had the hots for Chrissy and fantasised about her on more than one occasion. It usually entailed something about them sneaking off somewhere quiet.

His fantasies always included her vast array of shoes and boots he had seen her wear. They fed very well into his foot wear fetish.

Tom snapped back into the room and finished off in the shower before going to get ready.

Chrissy sat doing a crossword at her breakfast table. She was finishing off her coffee and toast before heading off to work. Her tight white blouse hugged her sexy figure, tucked into her leather pencil skirt. With it being a bit colder weather she had opted for some dark tights. Her freshly manicured foot was bouncing to the radio slightly, her pink nail polish visible through her tights.

She paused to look at the clock and realised it was time to go. Standing up and siding her breakfast stuff she straightened up her clothes. Moving swiftly she headed to her room to get her foot wear for the day.

She opened her cupboard and grabbed her black leather D’orsay heels. They were a pointed toe with a 5 inch heel. With them in hand she headed for the door and work.

Tom had arrived at work at his usual 8:30, he didn’t like to rush around before starting work at 9. He had time to get a drink and log onto his PC before in good time before he started. He sat his desk which usually faced his colleagues but he was the only one in. Chrissy’s desk faced the entire team on the end, which sat empty also.

Looking around there was one person in at the other end of the office. The usual suspects would arrive soon and a usual Monday would see about 6 or 7 people in. Just Chrissy and Tom generally we’re in from their area on a Monday.

Before long Tom heard the unmistakable sound of a high heel shoe on the laminate floor that bordered the office. Chrissy came walking confidently down the office as she spoke on her phone. Her coffee in the other hand with her laptop bag hanging on her forearm. She arrived at her desk, looking to Tom she gave him a large smile and mouthed, “morning,” to him.

Tom smiled back and waved as the comedy sketch of juggling a phone, coffee and a bag ensued. Finally off the phone and opening her laptop Chrissy said, “good morning, you alright?”

“I’m good thanks, how are you?” Tom replied.

“Yeah not bad thank you. Thrilled, obviously since it’s Monday,” she said sarcastically, before they both laughed briefly.

Chrissy was soon back on the phone in a meeting and walking back and forth in the eye line of Tom, it was very off putting. He couldn’t help but look at her shoes. They were incredibly sexy, with the tights and leather skirt it was a very sexy picture indeed. Chrissy continued on the phone, little to Toms knowledge she knew he was checking her out. In fact she’d noticed for a while and was increasingly turned on each time she noticed. She decided it was time to to tease him a little bit.

Finishing her call she walked confidently back to her desk and thought up a reason to get Tom to join her.

“Tom, would you show me where the erm,” she said as she suddenly realised she had spoken too soon as she didn’t have anything to ask him.

Looking at Chrissy racking her brains güvenilir bahis (or so he thought) Tom leant back in his chair and smiled.

“The erm,” not heard of that before he laughed.

Chrissy let out a giggle before finally blurting out, “the headcount spreadsheet! The headcount spreadsheet. Yes that!”

Hesitantly, and wondering why he had to show her instead of sending a link to her he slid his chair round the desk and next to Chrissy.

They both immediately caught the scents of each other’s aftershave and perfume respectively. Neither of them aware they were both thinking the same thing about each other, that they smelt amazing.

“Do you mind?” Tom asked as he gestured to Chrissy’s laptop.

“No go ahead,” she replied.

“Thanks. Right. It is in,” he paused as he navigated to the folder, “just here.”

As he finished his sentence he felt Chrissy’s shoe on his leg.

“Oh sorry,” she said playfully.

“Ah it’s ok, I don’t mind,” Tom replied.

“Oh ok then,” Chrissy said and she put her shoe on his leg again.

They both looked at each other, Tom wasn’t sure what was going on but Chrissy knew exactly what she wanted.

“Oh could you show me where the old version is please?” Chrissy asked as she rubbed her shoe up and down his leg under the desk.

Feeling his cock swell and his mind rave about what was happening he managed to stutter, “y ye yes!” Before navigating to what Chrissy was asking for.

Chrissy looked round to see if anyone was close and gauge what she could risk getting away with. The coast was clear. Continuing rubbing her foot up and down his leg she put her hand on his thigh. Extremely close to his rock hard cock.

Leaning a bit closer she whispered, “I could really do with a foot rub about now. Know anyone who might oblige?”

This had gone from 0-100 in minutes and Tom was convinced he was dreaming and was going to wake any second. They looked into each other’s eyes, Chrissy felt Toms hand on her calf. He closed his eyes to savour the moment for a brief second.

“Yes. I think I do,” he lightly replied.

“Ok. And who might that be?” Chrissy playfully responded.

“Hmm come to think of it they might not be interested,” Tom replied, restraining every ounce of his being not to kiss Chrissy right there and then. “But I on the other hand would be,” he continued. Tom slid his hand down Chrissy’s calf and touched the top of her foot. The feel of her tights under his hand added to his arousal as he slipped his hand inside her shoe and gently held her foot.

“Mmm yes please,” Chrissy said quietly, “come on, let’s go to the quiet room.”

The quiet room was aptly names and as is described. It was a relatively small room which was located down a corridor that linked the office to the works server room and cleaners store. It was rarely used but there was a 2 seat sofa in there. It was dimly lit as there was no window and only a small light on the ceiling.

“Meet me there in 5 minutes!” Chrissy proclaimed excitedly and slightly demanding.

Tom just nodded as their eyes remained locked as Chrissy stood up. She gave a little wink and walked confidently off to the quiet room. Tom slid his chair round to his desk and pretended to do some work as to not arouse suspicion. He still had a raging hard on to get rid off before he could stand up!

Chrissy went through the double doors heading down the quiet room. Passing the doors for the cleaners store and the server room she quickly arrived outside the quiet room. She popped her head in the room and as she thought it would be, it was empty. türkçe bahis Quietly closing the door behind her she entered the room and turned the light.

“Hardly any use that thing,” she said quietly to herself.

Sitting down on the small sofa she looked at her watch. The rush of arousal hadn’t subsided, if anything it was building.

Still at at his desk staring at the clock on his monitor Toms mind was going 100mph. Overthinking like he normally did he was wondering whether he had read the signals wrong and Chrissy just wanted a foot rub and not the lustful fantasy he had running through his head.

“Get a grip and get in there,” he thought in his head. Tom shook his head quickly and stood up. Scanning the office everything seemed casual, no gossiping, no one had a care in the world about what was happening. He headed off to the quiet room.

Chrissy sat waiting, her thoughts wandering to how this was going to play out. Suddenly her attention was stolen to an outline she could make out on the small rectangular frosted window in the door. Her heart rate sped up as the handle went down in seemingly slow motion.

“Chrissy?” Tom said quietly as he popped his head round the door. Their eyes locked again and Chrissy immediately stood up and took a few steps towards Tom. Tom entered the room and closed the door. As the door shut he felt Chrissy’s hand on his arse.

“Lock the door,” Chrissy said as she squeezed his arse cheek.

Tom locked the door and turned to Chrissy. Within seconds their lips met, their kisses were slow. Their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Chrissy was running her fingers through Toms hair as his hands were planted firmly on Chrissy’s perfectly shaped and leather clad arse. They stood kissing and caressing each other’s bodies. Suddenly Tom spun Chrissy round and pushed her up against the door. Pinning Chrissy’s arms lightly above her head Tom began kissing her neck. Chrissy let out some involuntary moans as she got shivers down her spine in pleasure as Tom continued.

Tom suddenly stopped and looked into Chrissy’s eyes.

“Sorry, you wanted a foot rub didn’t you?” He said before leaning in and kissing Chrissy, slipping his tongue in her mouth.

“Mm hmm,” Chrissy responded as they stopped and looked into each other’s eyes again.

They both knew this was a facade but the teasing manner was intensifying the moment. Letting her arms down Tom stood back and gesturing with one arm out towards the sofa.

“In that case, please, after you.” Tom said politely.

“Thank you.”

Chrissy confidently walked to the sofa and turned around, looking at Tom she beckoned him over. Stood by the sofa they slid their arms around each other again and began kissing.

“Oh the foot rub,” Tom said pretending to have forgotten. “Ah, one thing first,” he continued.

Reaching round Tom pulled the zip down on Chrissy’s skit and slid his hand in and lightly grabbed her arse cheek. He could feel the material of her tights in the palm of his hand. Slowly wiggling her hips caused the skirt to fall down. Stepping one foot out she then flicked the skirt to the side out of the way. Both Toms hands were caressing Chrissy arse as she ran her fingers through his hair, their lips had met again. Their tongues passing as they slid them into each others mouths.

Tom lightly pushed Chrissy onto the sofa, she leant back and placed the sole of her shoe on his bulging cock. Toms eyes rolled back in pleasure as he put his hand under her leg and held it as he knelt down. Kissing her shin first he kissed down onto the shoe pausing to kiss he slowly güvenilir bahis siteleri inhaled through his nose. The smell of the leather, tights and aroma of Chrissy’s foot sent a jolt of sexual passion through him. He quickly ascended up Chrissy’s leg, kissing his way up. Chrissy opened her legs as Tom got to the top of the inside of her thigh. He ran his hands up each thigh simultaneously and looked up to Chrissy as his hands continued up to her waist.

Their eyes were locked as Tom slid his fingers inside the waist of her tights, quickly grasping them in his fists he ripped the apart allowing access to the electric blue silk thong Chrissy had on. He began to kiss around her crotch as he pulled the tights fully apart. He ran his hands up and pulled Chrissy’s thong down. Chrissy bent her knee and let one leg out of her thong, without hesitation Tom buried his face into Chrissy’s fanny, he licked up and down starting at her clit, he was surprised at how wet she was. Chrissy was in ecstasy, she was so turned on she was craving his touch and now she could feel his tongue working her fanny she knew she wouldn’t take much to get off.

Toms tongue was everywhere, the random nature of his technique was driving Chrissy crazy. Suddenly Chrissy moaned as Tom had applied pressure on her clit with his tongue as he swirled around. Quickly, his tongue swirling in a circular motion he licked down and back up her fanny, pausing briefly to push his tongue inside her.

“Tom, that’s amazing,” Chrissy proclaimed, panting.

Her hand was now on the back of his head as he edged her closer to orgasm. Working his finger inside her Tom quickly upped the ante, swiftly finding her G spot and sliding his finger in and out of her brushing past it heavily, doing so as he continued to concentrate his tongue on Chrissy’s clit.

“Fuck, I’m coming!” Chrissy said as if she couldn’t hold it any longer. Keeping his tempo and technique absolute he edged Chrissy towards her orgasm. Chrissy moaned quietly as she rode her orgasm. Tom continued pleasuring Chrissy until he sensed she had finished and slowed right down before kissing down her leg to her foot and shoe, pulling her shoe slightly off to kiss her foot once more before replacing her shoe. He looked up at Chrissy who was just opening her eyes.

Suddenly an alarm started!

“Fuck right off, a fire alarm!” Tom said loudly.

“That’s inconvenient!” Chrissy added before realising she knew it was coming, “shit it’s 11,” looking at the clock, “I knew this was going to happen, it’s a drill!”

Tom quickly moved up to Chrissy’s face and kissed her deeply, she could taste herself on his lips, she found it very sexy.

“To be continued,” Chrissy said as she grabbed Toms bulge, “I want this!” She said wide eyed.

“With pleasure, maybe when there isn’t a fire alarm though.” Tom responded before he leant in and kissed her.

Standing up to straighten his clothes Tom saw Chrissy slip her shoes off and start pulling her ruined tights off.

“Sorry about that, got caught in the moment!” He said sheepishly.

“Oh don’t you worry, it was hot,” she responded with a wink as she stood up. Bending down to pull her thong up, repeating for her skirt she was dressed. She stepped one foot into her shoe, her foot elegantly sliding effortlessly in. Kneeling down Tom grabbed the other shoe. He gazed at the black leather of the shoe, his cock aching as he moved it toward Chrissy foot. She raised her foot and slid it in. Tom paused, marvelling at the arch of her foot revealed by the D’orsay design. Letting out a loud sigh not wanting the moment to end he stood up.

“Let’s get outside. You go, I’ll follow in a minute,” Tom laughed as he pointed to the bulge in his trousers.

“Ok, don’t be long!” Chrissy replied as she headed for the door, unlocking it and leaving the room.

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