Mother is an Uptight Redhead Ch. 05

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When I woke up, a little hung-over, I was unsure how much I remembered correctly. Had mother REALLY given me instruction on how to fuck her next time?!? Me 30, her 50, fucking?

And did she really confuse me with her dad? That horny old goat? Now that I thought about from an adult perspective, his second wife was pretty hot. And a tall redhead, like mom! He must have married Bernice when he was about 40, which meant that he had many years of fuck-pleasure from her. Now that I thought back, Bernice had a pretty sweet rack and ass, and it made me wonder what she was like when they’d been drinking. And they liked drinking, as I remember it. Their speech was pretty slurred at the end of a family dinner, when he’d say, “Lamb chop, time to go home and continue the party.” NOW I got what everyone was laughing about. Hell, I’d fuck every hole of hers if I had the chance.

Thinking about Gramps fucking Bernice made me horny. I sat down at my computer and pulled up a porn site with streaming video, and typed in “Redhead MILF.” I pushed my underwear down to my ankles. But then I knew I’d need lube. I kicked off my underwear and went to the kitchen, went to the counter and slathered some butter from butter dish onto my left hand. That left my right hand free to use the computer. I went back to the living room, slathering my cock with the butter that was melting in my hand. I sat in my chair and surveyed my choices. One of the clips was a redhead in lingerie who looked a little like mom. Just the ticket.

I moved the video clip forward to the five minute mark. Fuck all that pretend acting set-up. Let’s see if that MILF has anything. She did. She reminded me a hell of a lot of mom. Mom’s 50, and this slut was maybe 40, but that was just fine. That would be mom about ten years ago, when I was 20 and in college. I used to come home about once a month (mostly to drag home my laundry and have mom do it). I spent half my time up in my room, looking at “cougar” porn and jerking off. Sometimes I’d catch a look at Mrs. Beechen, next door. She was about my mom’s age, 40. Sometimes she’d sun herself on one of those cheap folding lawn chairs that lay flat. She’d wear a tight bikini that didn’t cover much. I’d get out the jar of Vaseline from the top back of my closet shelf, sit on my bed where I was out of direct line of sight of my window, lean forward so I could see Mrs. Beechen’s round full ass staining at the fabric of the bikini, and I’d jerk myself for however long she’d sunbathe. When she sat up, I knew she’d go back into her house. But that gave me a view of her bulging tit, and I’d jerk faster and shoot my load while I could still see her.

Mrs. Beechen. Mommy. Was it the experience that drove me wild? The sense that they were proper moms who knew how to please and control a man?

The video on my computer was pretty hot. I scrolled forward to see if there was any anal action. Luckily, there was. Only then did I pay attention to the soundtrack. The woman was saying, “Put it in my ass, son, put it in my ass!” That’s the ticket. My cock stiffened. It was like a replay of last night. A HUGE cock slid into her waiting ass. I gripped my cock tight and slid my hand up and down furiously. “Yes, son, yes! OOOOOOh, you fill mommy’s hole so big,” said the video mommy. She thrust her perfect, round, wide ass back against him. I exploded cum all over my chest in five huge spurts.

Yes, I was definitely going to have to fuck mommy’s ass again.

I wondered if I’d hear from her during the week. I didn’t.

On Thursday, I gave her a call around noon. I knew she’d be there. She’s a creature of her routines. She never does anything before noon, except on Sunday. “Hey, mom,” I said, did you want to do brunch after church on Sunday?” I pretended I didn’t have anything else in mind, but she HAD asked for more action on Sunday.

“Oh, Sweetheart, that would be so nice. Why don’t I just swing by on my way to mass, and then after church we’ll have brunch?”

Not what I had in mind, but fine. innovia escort Let’s see what the slut had in mind.

On Saturday, I went to the barber and got all fresh and nice. Mom always whined that I didn’t keep up my appearance. Sunday morning, I knew she’d be there about 10, a half hour before mass, so I waited by the front window. When I saw her car pull up, I popped a Viagra. I didn’t wait for her to get out of the car; I opened the door and went straight out and walked around to the passenger side.

“Oh, junior, don’t you look so nice?” she greeted me.

“You look lovely, mother, ” I responded, sliding into the car.

I wasn’t kidding. I hadn’t seen her so dressed up in ages. She’d obviously been to the hairdresser’s this week. Her red hair was as vivid as if she was twenty, and piled on her head in a massive pile of curls and wisps. I wanted to plunge my hands into it, grab a hold, and yank her face down into my crotch. Her satiny green dress was just a little tight in the bust, shoving ample cleavage up into the V-shaped neck. I wanted to lube my cock and plunge it into that slit of welcoming white flesh. She was wearing pearls. She was wearing black nylons. She was wearing white high heels with VERY high heels. Fuck me pumps to church? I couldn’t wait to see her ass, high in the air and ripe for all to see, strolling up the aisle.

When we got to St. Anthony’s, the parking lot was half full. We were a few minutes early. Mommy liked it that way. That meant we didn’t have to sit in the back. Mommy led the way, and she very slowly walked up the main aisle, fuck-me-pumps clattering on the hard tile floor. I swear, every man in that church got a fat load of wood, because very one of them was staring at her ass as it passed by going up the aisle. When we go to the second row, she paused. “Junior, go in ,” she said. I did. That put her directly on the aisle, as it always did. Suddenly, I understood. For all those years, she’d gone to the second row, on the middle aisle. That meant that every time she knelt down, half the men in the place had a clear view of her ass, thrust high in the air. Mom wasn’t there to pray! She was there to make sure that none of the men did.

Father Ambrose was the priest. His sermon was some boring thing about giving back to the community. Funny thing, it seemed to me that the only person he was ever looking at was mom. And not mom. Her tits. She smiled the whole time in a tight little smile. Was Father Ambrose thinking about greasy up his cock and titty-fucking mom? No way!

When it got to communion, mom got up. I was still sitting. “Aren’t you going,” she whispered? “No,” I said quietly. I didn’t get to confession yesterday. “Well, that was foolish of you,” she said, a smile on her face, if you die today you’ll go to hell, won’t you?” She stepped out of the pew and went up, knelt down, and opened her mouth to Father Ambrose. I noticed that he pause a long time and looked at that mouth when he to her for communion.

When it was all done and we stood to go, I said, “Mom, where do you want to have brunch?” “Oh, dear, I’m not all that hungry, and some things are best not done on a full stomach.”

She didn’t elaborate on what she needed to do, but I hoped it involved my cock and her ass.

“Same for me,” I said. “Just a coffee, then?”

“Please, that would be grand,” she said.

We went over to Starbucks. As with church, every guy in the place got hard looking at her ass, pushing high by her fuck-me-pumps. When we went to the counter, there was some 20-something slacker guy. His eyes about exploded when he looked at her. I could see that he was her wet-dream come true. Mom just wanted a black coffee, with two shots of espresso. “I need something to wake me,” she said. I don’t recall what I had.

When we got the coffee and sat down, mom looked right into my eyes. “I hear that Paula will be home to see her folks in a few weeks. She’s on summer break from that college where she teaches.” istanbul escort She paused.

“Oh?” I replied.

“She’s a lovely girl. Never r married, I hear from Eileen.” That would be Mrs. Beechen. “Very pretty girl.”

“Oh, as pretty as her mother,” I asked.

“Even more,” said mom. “How about I have Paula and the Beechens to dinner and have you come, too?”

“I’d like that , mom,” I said, but I really wasn’t thinking about Paula.

“Well,” said mom, “Like mother, like daughter.”

“How’s that mom?”

“Quite the ass on that pair,” said mom. She looked me straight in eye. A grin came to the corners of her mouth. “Quite the women for having babies.” I swear she winked one eye at me.

“How about,” she said, sipping the last of her coffee, “We go? I’m afraid I’ve put on a pound or two and need to get out of this dress.”

“You want to get home?” I asked.

“Oh, we don’t need to get me home. A little more time visiting would be awfully nice.” There was a big smile on her face.

I am no idiot, but I played along.

“Any place you need to go?” I asked. “The pharmacy?’

“Oh, anything you need there, Junior,” she asked.

“No,” I said, all my meds are up to date.

“Oh, you need meds? You didn’t tell me!” she said, pretending ignorance.

“Nothing much,” I said.

“Why, then let’s go to your place and have chat,” said mom, smiling.

It was five minutes drive to my house. On the way, mom spent a great deal of time adjusting her dress around her ass. “I really have to drop a few pounds,” she said when she caught me looking at her hands tugging at the fabric.

“No, mom, you look just fine,” I answered. I was sincere, not the way most guys would say that. Mom did look fine. So fine that every guy wanted to fuck her.

When we got to my place and she came in, I expected her to kick off her shoes, as we always did. No one wore shoes in the house in our family. But she kept the heels on.

I led the way into the living room, and then I felt her hand on my shoulder. “Do you like the sofa or the bed?” she asked.

“You’re in charge, mommy,” I said.

“No, junior, you’re the man.” “Then the sofa will be fine, mommy.” She walked across the room very slowly, swinging her hips. Her legs seemed about five feet tall. She threw her purse to the side of the sofa, turned like a ballerina, and plopped her ass on the sofa. She look at me. Expressionless. Then one eyebrow went up. She said nothing. I was my move.

I walked over to her. My crotch was level with her face.

Mommy smiled.

She reached forward and took hold of my belt buckle. She undid it, and then undid my pants. As she did this, her mouth was falling open.

She grabbed my pants by the hips, on both sides, and then dug her fingers down to grab my underwear. She pulled it all down to my knees. Then she leaned forward and put her mouth to my cock, which was already at half mast in anticipation. She very slowly wrapped her lips around its head and began to lick the tip with her tongue.

The she looked up. “I could have used this cream in my coffee,” she said. Then she enveloped my cock with her mouth again. I was only a matter of moments before I was stiff as a piece of granite.

“Did junior take his medicine?” mommy purred, making eye contact.

“The blue pill kicked in during communion,” I said.

“Praise Jesus!” she answered, and deep-throated my cock without choking.

I thrust in. I don’t know how many times. But that was fine. I jerked off last night, just in case I was going to spend Sunday with my red-haired mommy. I could last awhile.

Mommy pulled her mouth off my cock. A big strand of pre-cum ran from her lips to my cock head. “Tell mommy if you get too close.” Then she went to work on me again, slowly licking the shaft of m rock-hard penis. Every fifth or sixth lick, she’d wrap her mouth around the head and suck a few times.

She pulled off again. kadıköy escort “What kind of lube does Junior like?” she asked

“Depends what for,” I moaned.

“Where’s that Vaseline from last time?” she asked.

Anal it was. Mommy always did keep her promises.

Mommy as still completely dressed. She pulled her mouth from one last major suck on my cock and put her hand in the middle of my chest and pushed me back. “Get it,” she commanded in her sternest mommy voice, as if instructing me to do my homework.

“Right here, mommy,” I answered. I reached just under the sofa. I knew that mommy would like it if I was prepared.

“Thank you, sweetie,” said mommy with honey in her voice. She leaned forward and gave me a peck on my forehead, as if I’d just taken out the garbage for her.

Mommy stood, turned her back to me, and faced the sofa. She bent her knees very slowly, sunk them into the cushions, and then leaned her weight forward. She didn’t move. The rest was up to me.

I opened the jar of Vaseline and plunged in my right hand. With my left, I grabbed the bottom of her skirt and yanked it, none too gently, over the top of her ass.

I gasped with pleasure. Mommy was wearing a white garter belt with straps that held up her stockings. Beneath that, she was wearing crotch-less panties. There was nothing to pull down or get in the way. She was dressed with only one thing in mind: access to my cock.

I reached my hand forward and slathered Vaseline up and down her ass crack. Her wide, wide ass was white and beautiful, completely hairless. In the light of day, I saw that her pussy, what I could see from the back, was hairless, too, like a pre-adolescent virgin. Except that her pussy was fat and ripe and bulging for what it wanted.

Having greased the crack of her ass, I pushed my fat hard cock against it, sliding up and down the full length of her ass. She moaned with pleasure. “What’s that soft toy you have there, Junior?” she teased me.

“Nothing, mommy,” I said, “you just relax.”

My rigid cock was engorged, red, and stiff. I grabbed her ass on both sides and squeezed together, and ran my cock up and down. Each time the head of my penis reached her ass hole, I paused and pushed it forward, threatening to penetrate her asshole. Each time, she gasped in anticipation. Each time, I pushed up along the crack of her ass and did not penetrate.

I stepped back. Without warning, I plunged the first two fingers of my greased hand into her ass. She grunted. “Oh, daddy, give it to me,” she pleaded.

I thrust my fingers as deep as they’d go. At the same time, I leaned forward. I put my mouth to her cunt and licked it. Mommy moaned. I parted my lips and took her pussy lips between them and licked and sucked them simultaneously.

“Yes, Daddy, give it to me,” she screamed loudly. It was like mommy yelling at just anyone when angry.

“Oh, no,” I reprimanded her. “Aren’t you a little girl?” I slapped her ass ferociously.

“Yes, Daddy,” she meekly replied in her best imitation of a little girl. “Yes, daddy, please fill me up before mommy gets home.”

“When will mommy get home?” I asked.

“Soon, soon! Hurry!”

I pulled my fingers from her ass. I stood up, set my cock against her ass, felt the lack of resistance at the very opening of her ass when my cock met it, and pushed hard.

“Oh, Daddy, Daddy, yes!” she cried.

“Junior! Junior!” I yelled, grabbing a fistful of red hair to hold her still while I thrust forward.

“Yes, baby, I don’t need daddy if I have you,” she screamed. “Pump Mommy’s ass!”

I pumped mommy’s ass while she screamed encouragement. With each lubricated thrust, Vaseline streaming south, I pulled my fat hard cock to the very tip and then plunged it hard in again.

“Harder, baby!” mommy screamed. “I’m not made of porcelain. Fuck your mommy hard!”

So I fucked mommy’s ass hard. And because I jacked off last night to video clip of a lovely redhead MILF, it took me five minutes of hard pounding to reach climax.

When I came, in a series of massive spurts, mommy yelled, “Yes, baby, I feel it! Give it mommy! Mommy doesn’t need anything but to know her baby is happy!”

“Mommy, I’m so glad,” I moaned. “I’ll go to mass every week if this is my reward.”

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