Moving’s Not So Bad

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Doug hated moving. The work, the hassle, the chaos, and the mess all drove him crazy. Doug had just moved to a new city for a new job, so the task was necessary.

After two days of unpacking, the interior of his new house was beginning to look a bit more like a a place to live, and less like a warehouse for cardboard boxes. Doug felt he deserved a break from all this, and being a beautiful sunny summer day, he decided a walk around the neighborhood was in order. This would be the perfect chance to see what his neighbors were up to. Plus he could use a few things from the convenience store down the road.

Being the middle of the work week, most of his neighbors didn’t seem to be home. Aside from a few kids playing in yards, most of the walk back up his street had been pretty quiet. After Doug picked up his snacks and drinks, he started to get a little disappointed while walking back that he wasn’t going to run into anyone new on this trip.

Four driveways away from his own, Doug found himself stopping for a moment to admire a spectacular view. The house was nice, and the convertible parked in the driveway was particularly attractive. But what most captured his attention was the gorgeous blonde woman in a bikini washing the car. She was stunning: a pretty face, toned body, and fantastic curves. She was unbelievably cute with that girl-next-door look, and probably had no idea just how attractive she was. Doug couldn’t help but stare.

Realizing that he was being a bit obvious standing there gawking, Doug decided he’d better continue his walk home before someone saw him. He quickly looked around to get his bearings and make sure he didn’t start walking off in the wrong direction like a fool. As cooly as possible, he resumed his stroll.

Arriving at his front door, Doug realized he’d foolishly passed up an opportunity to introduce himself to the beautiful woman. For an instant he considered going back, but figured he’d appear even more silly than he had been just standing on the sidewalk staring. Perhaps tomorrow he’d work up the courage and see if she was home again.


The next day was hot. By late morning the temperature was already above 80 degrees, and Doug was starting to regret he hadn’t chosen a house with central air conditioning. A few well-placed fans kept things reasonably comfortable as he continued his unpacking, hoping to finish the task today.

Thinking it was time to go to the kitchen to grab a drink, Doug was surprised to hear his doorbell ring. He wasn’t expecting any visitors. Opening the door, he was shocked to see the same gorgeous blonde woman from yesterday.

She was wearing a green tank top, grey athletic shorts, and sneakers. Though not as revealing as the bikini she had on the day before, she still looked incredible, and the outfit did little to hide what a great body she had. Her long hair was tied back in a cute pony-tail, and when she smiled at Doug, his knees went weak at how beautiful she was.

“Hi, I’m Katie. I’m your neighbor from down the street.”

“Oh, hello, Katie. I’m Doug. Would you care to come in?”

“Sure, that would be great. I’ve been out for a walk this morning, and a little shade would be most welcome after that hot sun.” Katie stepped in the house and slipped of her sneakers. kartal escort She peeked around cautiously. “So are you by yourself?”

“Yeah, I’m unattached. I just moved here for a new job and am still getting settled in. I had boxes everywhere until yesterday, and it’s finally starting to look like a home in here.”

“Well, think your place is great, Doug. I had suspected you’d just moved when I saw you yesterday walking by. You looked lost.”

Doug wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that, and furiously tried to avoid blushing as he realized this amazing woman had caught him checking her out yesterday. Before he could think of something to say, she broke in again.

“Can I ask you a favor? I got so hot out there in that sun. Would you mind if I stood in front of your refrigerator for a minute?”

“Oh no problem, Katie. The kitchen is right through there. I was headed that way myself for something to drink. Can I offer you something?”

“Mmmm, that would be nice. Just let me cool down a little first.” Katie stepped over to the fridge, opened the door, and faced the cold air pouring out. After a several seconds, she turned around so the air could hit her backside as well. “Oh, that feels much better, thanks!”

Doug couldn’t help but noticed that the cool air had made Katie’s nipples stiff, and the way they poked through her tank top made him realize she wasn’t wearing a bra either. Trying not to stare at her breasts, Doug said, “There are some drinks on the bottom shelf if you’d like one.”

“Oh, wonderful! These bottles of beer look good.” Katie turned around and bent over to fetch the beers and Doug had to suck in his breath as her sexy ass was displayed for him. Her curves were just perfect, and her shorts were snug enough that the erotic shape of her hips was obvious. Katie came back up with two beers and handed Doug one as she closed the refrigerator. “Mmmm, this will hit the spot nicely right now.”

They each sampled the beers, and then Doug suggested, “Would you like to move to the living room and sit down? It should be more comfortable than just standing here.”

“That’s a great idea.” They both walked to the living room, where Katie sat down in one of the armchairs. Doug sank down on the sofa and set his beer on the coffee table.

After a few moments, Katie said, “This chair is nice, but that sofa of yours looks even more comfy. Why don’t I join you there?” She quickly set her beer next to Doug’s and then proceeded to snuggle up to him on the couch. “Oh, yes I much prefer this”, she purred.

Doug could not believe his fortune that his incredible, sexy woman was not only in his home, but actually snuggling up to him on his sofa. He decided to see where this was going to lead, and let his arm drape across her shoulders. Katie just pressed up against him even more and placed her hand on his chest.

Gazing into her eyes, Doug felt a sudden rush of bravery, placed his free hand on Katie’s arm, and pulled her closer to him. Her lips moved up towards his, and as they slid together for a first kiss, they both felt a tingle of excitement move through their bodies.

Doug slowly slide his hand across Katie’s chest. As his fingers brushed across her breast, she moaned softly, and began sliding her hand down his stomach towards his crotch. maltepe escort bayan An almost uncontrollable lust welled up in them both, and Doug briskly pulled Katie onto his lap. She eagerly straddled his hips and wrapped her arms around Doug’s neck as they crushed their lips together.

Katie felt Doug’s hands began to slide up her hips and under her shirt. She raised her arms as her top was lifted from her body and cast aside. Her perky tits spilled out directly in Doug’s face, and he wrapped his arms around her smooth back as he licked and sucked each firm breast in turn.

Gasps of pleasure escaped Katie’s mouth as she felt Doug’s tongue swirl over her stiff nipples. She pulled his t-shirt up over his head, tossing it to the side. She pushed her tits up against his chest as they kissed each other deeply again.

Katie then stood up, hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her shorts, and slide them down her shapely legs. The cute white thong she wore underneath was very sexy. Katie then stepped out of her shorts, turning once in front of Doug so that he could view her almost bare ass, which caused him to gasp quietly.

Katie grinned at Doug’s reaction, and the sight of the large bulge in his shorts excited her even more. Doug stood up, taking Katie into his arms, and they kissed passionately once more. Then Doug gently lowered Katie back onto the couch and kneeled down in front of her. He kissed her tits again, then slowly placed a line of kisses down her stomach as he brought his hands to her hips.

Next Doug gently tugged at Katie’s thong, and she raised her hips to allow the damp fabric to slide away from her body. Seeing her pussy exposed for the first time, Doug’s cock throbbed as his gaze fell on her shaved lips and the sexy strip of trimmed pubic hair above her pussy.

Doug slipped Katie’s thong off her feet and began a line of soft kisses up her thigh. As his face neared her pussy, he could smell her intoxicating aroma. Katie placed her hands on the back of his head, gently urging him closer to her dripping wet pussy.

Doug’s hands moved up under Katie’s thighs, resting on her hips, as his tongue flicked across her wet pussy lips. She gasped at his touch as he savored her delicious taste. Then, he held back no more, rapidly burying his tongue inside her pussy, and beginning a long slow lick up to her swollen clit. Katie pulled him harder to her pussy and let out and uncontrollable series of “Oh, oh, oh” as Doug’s mouth drove her to new heights of pleasure.

Katie could not stifle her moans and gasps as Doug’s alternated between sucking and licking her clit. Doug’s pace never slowed, and as much as Katie tried to hold back and savor the sensations, she felt her orgasm quickly rising within her body. She barely had time to gasp out a fast “Oh my gosh!” before she switched squeals of delight. Juices flowed from her pussy at an even faster rate, and Doug did his best to lick up all the delicious fluids.

As Katie’s orgasm slowed, Doug switched to slower licks and kisses on her soft pussy. She sat up, pulling his face to hers, and kissed his soaking wet lips. Katie savored the taste of her pussy on his mouth, then broke the kiss. She stared directly into his eyes and firmly stated, “I want your cock.” It was not a request, but a demand.

Katie escort pendik unbuttoned Doug’s shorts as he stood up again. She wasted no time dropping both his shorts and his boxers, and then moaned a little has his erection sprang free. Before Doug could even step out of his clothes, Katie wrapped her lips around his cock and greedily slurped a first taste.

Despite the distracting pleasure of Katie’s mouth and tongue teasing his cock, Doug managed to finish removing his clothes. He then kneeled back down, positioning his cock near Katie’s pussy. Brushing his cock head against her pussy lips and then her clit, Katie moaned out, “Please, Doug– I need you to fuck me now.”

Doug intended to very slowly enter Katie’s pussy and tease her a bit, but she was so soaking wet that the slightest push resulted in his cock almost fully buried inside her. They both gasped at the sudden incredible sensation. Then, slowly at first, they moved together and apart, enjoying the sheer bliss of their sex.

Katie’s body was quickly responding to these new sensations, and she could not resist sliding her fingers to her clit, which she rubbed in time with their thrusts. “Oh my gosh, Katie, that is so sexy when you touch yourself like that”, Doug blurted out.

Katie just smiled and playfully added, “I really love you watching me rub my clit.” Before long, her pace increased and she moaned out, “Oh, Doug, I’m cumming again!” Doug did his best to hold on to her bucking body as more spasms of pleasure washed over Katie.

As her second orgasm subsided, Katie and Doug slowed their pace and brought their bodies nearly to a rest. Katie looked at Doug again and almost begged, “Can I taste your cock again, please?”

Doug moved back and began lying back on the floor. “Only if you’ll put your delicious pussy on my face again, baby.”

Katie quickly straddled Doug’s face and lowered her mouth to his rigid cock. Her pussy juices began dripping into Doug’s mouth as he slide his tongue over her clit again. The taste was heavenly, and he grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to his mouth.

The resumed sensations of Doug’s tongue on her pussy drove Katie wild again, and she began sucking and licking Doug’s cock with an intense purpose. In between greedy slurps, she gasped out, “Doug, you are driving me crazy! Oh my gosh, that is so good.”

Doug couldn’t help pausing for an instant to smile at Katie’s praises. She took advantage of the short break. “Doug, I have a confession. I am a cum slut. I can’t get enough cum, and I really want you to cum in my mouth. Please.” Katie begged the last word, and continued her dedicated cock sucking.

Hearing Katie’s erotic confession, combined with the incredible attention she was giving his cock, quickly moved Doug to the edge. He could feel his orgasm growing, and resumed passionately licking Katie’s clit. This made her moan even more around his cock, and those vibrations were the last bit of stimulation Doug needed.

He began shooting his cum in Katie’s mouth. His tongue had already brought her near the brink of orgasm, and the feeling of his warm cum hitting her tongue sent her over the edge. The both came very hard together, pouring cum into each other’s mouths, and grasping each other’s bodies tightly. Eagerly sucking each other, they then collapsed in near exhaustion. Katie rolled off Doug, and he scooted around so that he could hold her gorgeous body next to his.

As silly grin broke out on Doug’s face as his kissed Katie. “Thank you so much for the warm welcome to the neighborhood. I think I’m going to love living here.”

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