My Dirty Penpal Ch. 01

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I hope this email finds you well. I’ve been fantasizing about you… our last email exchange turned me on so much. I hope you enjoy this fantasy I cooked up. In fact, I hope you stroke your cock while picturing it in your mind.




We get home from a night on the town, and as we walk into your apartment, I kiss you slowly, biting your lip, my hands around your neck, as I pull you further into the place. I’m on my tippy toes, running my fingers through your hair, kissing all along your neck.

“I’m hungry,” I moan quietly against your ear.

“Hungry?” you say, your hands on my hips as you guide me around. “We just finished eating!”

You’re laughing as I slip down onto my knees and start unbuckling your belt.

“I want dessert.”

I push down your pants, pull out your hardening cock and start stroking it up and down. Teasing the head with my tongue, getting your cock all wet and sloppy and rubbing your balls.

“Are you going to give me that cream, baby?” I ask.

You moan and order me to start sucking.

I’m already wet. I love being on my knees with you towering above me. I look up at you and stare deep into your eyes as I begin sinking my güvenilir bahis mouth on your cock, slurping and moaning the whole way down. I could suck that dick all fucking day. You put your hand on the back of my head and starting pushing me down further

“Good girl,” you say, “swallow my cock.”

I go down as far as I can but start to choke – your cock is too long and thick.

“Take it, slut. Take that dick you love so fucking much,” you order me.

I take a deep breath and try again, sucking and slurping, running my tongue on the underside of your dick, looking up into your eyes. I finally get you in the back of my throat and you start moaning louder, grabbing my hair and fucking my mouth up and down on your cock.

“Suck it, baby,” you say.

You fuck your cock in and out of my mouth for a couple of minutes and I start to choke again. I love it when you get rough.You let me take a breath and as I’m stroking you, I say “Baby I need your cum. Please shoot it down my throat.”

“I have other plans for my cum,” you say.

You grab me and pull me up, pushing me against the wall, hands around my neck.

“Little sluts like you deserve to get fucked up against a wall, don’t you think?”

“Yes türkçe bahis sir!” I reply.

“Beg me for it,” you whisper in my ear, “beg me to fuck you with this Aussie dick you love so much.” I moan as you start removing all of your clothing.

“Sir, please fuck me. My pussy is dripping wet, I can’t get enough of that cock and need it fucking me hard and deep every second of the day. I’ve been so good today, please fuck me fast, take me any way you want, I need your cock like I need air, I’m yours, I belong to you.”

“Damn right you do,” you say as you slam your cock into my pussy.

I yell loudly, from being filled so quickly by that thick dick. You stay inside me for a second, letting me get accustomed to your size. Slowly, you start pulling in and out of my cunt, teasing me with your long strokes, taking almost all of your cock out of my pussy before slamming back in. I’m lost in your eyes, whispering a stream of consciousness I’m not even sure makes sense “fucking me so good, daddy… addicted to that fat cock… my pussy’s going to cum so hard on you, squeeze you so tight… this pussy belongs to you, David… it’s only for you to fuck… I’ll do anything to feel you cum so deep inside me… I belong to you.”

Your güvenilir bahis siteleri hand tightens a little on my neck, and you begin pumping in and out faster.

“This pussy is mine,” you growl, making your strokes faster “This slut pussy belongs to me.”

I am moaning so loud, I hope the neighbors are gone.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me hard.” I start chanting.

I’m obsessed with your cock and how it makes my pussy feel. You’re going so fast now, hitting my special spot. I can’t even speak, I’m just moaning and clawing at your back. You start to grunt, fucking me harder and harder into the wall. “

Can I come sir?” I ask, on the verge of a huge orgasm.

“You’ll come when I say you can,” you moan. I bite my lip, staring into your eyes, and trying to hold back my orgasm. I can barely stand up, you’re fucking me so hard into the wall. I feel you start to go faster, you’re close to cumming too. Right as you lose control you command me “Cum now,” and I let go, screaming as my orgasm over takes me and I start to tremble, you have to hold me up as you flood my tight pussy with your thick cream, prolonging my orgasm as I feel jets of your cum flood in the deepest part of my cunt.

I moan your name over and over.

As we recover from our orgasms, you whisper in my ear, “Did you like Daddy’s cream, baby?” I grab your hand and start to lead you toward the bedroom… “Yes, Daddy… but I think I’d like the next load in my ass…”

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