My Niece on Vacation Bk. 01 Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

“Sir, we’ll be landing soon,” I heard the pretty stewardess say as she reached over and touched my shoulder.

“Uh, thanks,” I said as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. I looked over and saw the girls starting to wake up too. I pushed the window shade up a little bit and saw brilliant sunshine. It was morning in England. We had arrived.

A short time later the plane touched down at Gatwick airport. We were all feeling pretty groggy as we retrieved our luggage then slowly made our way through immigration. As we entered the part of the terminal where people were waiting to meet new arrivals, I spotted a young man in a dark navy suit holding up a sign with my last name on it. The girls spotted it as well and we headed over in his direction.

“That’s me,” I said as I pointed up to the sign.

“Mr. Smith?” (My real name is much more cumbersome and harder to pronounce correctly than this, but, for the sake of the story, I will continue to be “Mr. Smith”) I heard a female voice speak my name as a young woman stepped forward from the throng of people to stand next to the young man with the sign. I turned slightly and faced a very attractive red-haired woman that I guess was probably around 25-27 years old. She was very tall and slim, about 5′-9″ or 5′-10″ and she looked even taller in the high-heeled black pumps she was wearing. She seemed to carry herself with an innate air of sophistication and class, probably due to years of a privileged upbringing and education.

“Yes, I’m Mr. Smith,” I said as I extended my hand towards her. “But please, call me Jeff.” As I shook her delicate hand I had a good chance to size her up. Her height gave her a regal bearing that seemed to command your attention automatically. I saw a number of males who passed us by looking at her with more than a casual passing interest. And I had no doubts why, she was stunningly attractive. Her long deep red hair cascaded down on her shoulders and framed a beautiful face. She had startlingly pale skin which just seemed to suit her perfectly. She had the most alluring green eyes I think I had ever seen and her makeup accentuated them beautifully without being overdone. Her high cheekbones and slender nose gave her the look of high-fashion model. Her full soft lips were enticingly adorned with a bright red lipstick which looked even more brilliant against her pale white skin. It was the kind of face that you just wanted to hold in your hands and feed your hard cock right between those full red lips of hers.

“Alright, Jeff,” she said as she emphasized my name and then turned to the two young girls standing beside. “So which one of you is Emma and which one is Sharon?” she asked as she gave the girls a big smile which showed a dazzling set of brilliant white teeth. As she turned to speak to the girls, I was able to check out her body. She had on a dark navy suit with matching skirt which I was happy to see ended about halfway down her thighs. From the side, I could see the trim-fitting skirt forming nicely to a beautifully curved rear-end before molding itself against the back of her thighs. Her bare legs looked long, lean and beautiful, just like a model’s. They were the kind of legs I could easily picture wrapped around my back with her high heels locked over my ass I pounded away at her hot tight cunt.

Up top, her smart suit jacket nipped in nicely to accentuate a small waspish waist and then flared out over her womanly flared hips. Beneath the buttons at the front of the jacket, I could see a crisp white blouse with a stylish collar open at her long regal neck. Although it was difficult to see with the business-like suit jacket, beneath the rich navy material seemed to lurk a perfectly shaped pair of breasts. They filled the nicely contoured jacket beautifully; if I had to guess, I would say a nice full C-cup. All in all, like I said earlier, a stunningly attractive woman.

“I’m Emma and this is Sharon.” My niece replied to the young woman’s enquiry by nodding and then pointing to her friend.

“Welcome to England girls,” she said as she shook each of their hands in turn before turning back to me. “I’m Nicole, Mr. Sterling’s personal assistant.” Mr. Sterling was the General Manager of the new hotel we’d be staying at and that I’d come to review. “During your stay with us, I’ll be available to provide you with any assistance you may require.” Well, that certainly sounded promising, “any assistance I may require”. If things didn’t work out with Sharon, I might need a lot of “assistance” releasing some cum build-up over the next week. If the girls weren’t going to be available, I would certainly have no qualms about filling up this sweet young thing with some thick milky semen.

“Thanks very much, Nicole. I appreciate that,” I said giving her my best smile. I turned to the young man now holding the sign with my name on it at his side, “and this gentleman?”

“Oh I’m sorry; this is Henry, he’s our driver. He’ll be taking us back to the hotel. etiler otele gelen escort If you have all your things and are ready to go, we can be on our way.”

“Lead the way,” I said as I motioned towards the exit doors. As Nicole made her way past me, I was grateful to watch the sensual sway of her perfect ass. She must have done some modeling at some point; she had that same seductive walk that models have as they make their way down the catwalk. Her long bare legs looked beautifully sculpted as her trim ankles led into magnificent calves. The smooth bare skin of her lower legs showed just the perfect amount of defined muscle; not overly muscular like a female body-builder but just the right amount of definition that you could picture her legs on the sales packages or advertisements for nylons or pantyhose. Above that, my upward-traveling gaze unfortunately ended with only about half the length of the backs of those gorgeous thighs visible. Although she looked really fucking good just the way she was, I found myself wishing her little business skirt was about 6″ shorter. As I looked back down to those gracefully moving black pointy-toed high heels, I realized how much I loved the “CLACK, CLACK” sound of high heels as she made her way along the hard surface of the terminal floor. I eagerly watched her lithe young form moving gracefully before me for the short distance it took us to reach the exit doors.

“Oh wow! Is that for us?” Emma asked as just outside the terminal, Henry stepped forward and opened the rear door to a long black limo parked at the curb.

“Yes, Miss,” he responded kindly as he took our luggage and stowed everything in the trunk.

“Mr. Sterling wants to make sure your stay with us is as pleasant as possible,” Nicole said in her clipped English accent as she nodded towards the luxurious car. I thought to myself that holding that pretty face of hers on my hands and filling her mouth with over 9″ of hard cock would certainly help to make my stay as pleasant as possible too. The girls piled into the back of the limo and sat in the seat facing the rear while Nicole and I sat opposite them facing the front.

“This is so cool,” Sharon gushed as the car pulled into traffic and we started to make our way towards the city. The young girls continued to look this way and that from the windows on one side of the car to the other. In their excitement, neither one paid any attention to their abbreviated little skirts continuing to ride high up on their thighs. As they twisted and turned from side to side, I was treated to a spectacular view of their virginal white cotton panties as their legs carelessly parted. I flicked my eyes up a couple of times to see Nicole’s eyes focused on the delectable little display as well. I noticed she seemed particularly interested in Emma while my gaze more often sought out the plump thighs and pouting hidden labia of Sharon.

“So you’ll be having your interview with Mr. Sterling on Monday morning at 10:00am,” Nicole said as we made our way into the city. Previous arrangements had been made by the editor of the magazine for me to sit down with the General Manager of the hotel and get the necessary background and info for my article. Other than that, nothing else had been formally scheduled. All I knew was that all the amenities and facilities in the hotel were being made available to the girls and me, free of charge. Even when I had informed them I was bringing my niece and her friend as additional guests, they had continued to bend over backwards to accommodate anything we wished. Obviously they were hoping that a good review from me would benefit their business. It was true that the magazine I was writing this for was one of the most respected travel magazines in the world. Their opinion did carry a lot of weight with their many readers. I wasn’t surprised to see they were really rolling the red carpet for us; but the exquisite Nicole was definitely a delightful surprise.

“Okay, great. Monday morning. That’ll give us a couple of days to settle in and get used to the time change.”

“That’s what Mr. Sterling thought. Ah, here we are.” We had pulled into the main concourse of the hotel. As soon as we arrived, a couple of bellhops swarmed towards the rear of the car while we stepped out of the limo and took in our first glimpse of the hotel.

It was the newest 5-star hotel in London and understated opulence was everywhere to be seen. The décor was modern and sophisticated without being pompous or pretentious. It had a warm sense of welcome but still had you almost in awe at the spectacular grandeur of it all. A number of old derelict buildings in the center of the city had been demolished to make way for this impressive new structure. The designers had retained the classic charm of old London combined with the high-tech needs and desires of modern day users. My initial impression of the massive new facility was indeed a positive one.

“Right etiler rus escort this way,” Nicole said as she led us into the large reception area. The girls tagged along behind me diligently as Nicole assisted in getting us registered. The girls’ heads seemed to be swiveling every which way and their eyes were big as saucers as they took in everything they could see. They were constantly pointing out one thing after another to each other as they spotted items of interest. The bellhops were told which rooms we were in and took a separate staff elevator up to the top level. When we had been issued our room keys, Nicole ushered us into the main customer lifts. We were in England after all, “lifts” being the proper word for our method of vertical transportation. We arrived at the fourth floor; this being the top level to fit in with the surrounding architecture of the vicinity. The hotel covered almost a whole city block and was massive in size, even though by American standards, the height of only four levels would seem quite different.

“Here are your suites,” Nicole said as she pointed to two open doors leading off the main corridor. The bellhops had arrived before us and were just exiting the rooms as we arrived. “As you requested, your rooms have a connecting doorway. Each individual room is actually a suite complete with kitchen facilities, a living room, two televisions with all the latest video and electronic equipment, high-speed internet, etc. Basically, if there is anything you require in that way, just let us know. Hopefully, it should have everything you need.”

We walked through the suites with the girls “ooohing” and “aaahing” and touching everything. The décor of both rooms was warm and welcoming. Yes, I could definitely get used to this. I checked out the washrooms. Excellent! Each room had massive glassed-in shower stalls with two shower heads as I had read about on their website. The beds were huge and the new feather duvets and pillows looked comfortably inviting. The connecting door between suites led from one bedroom directly into the other. That was exactly as I hoped and fit in perfectly with my planned seduction of Sharon.

“This looks great, Nicole,” I said as I turned to her after looking over the suite.

“I’m glad you like it,” she said as she handed me the room keys. We both looked towards the open connecting door as we heard the girls squealing and laughing from the adjoining room. “Sounds like you might have quite a pair to deal with there.” I was anxious to deal with Sharon’s pair, that’s for sure.

“Yeah, I think we’ll be fine. If they get out of line, I’ll just have to kick their pretty little asses.” She laughed and my offhand comment seemed to make her a little more at ease.

“Your niece,” she said as she looked at me with a look of interest in her eyes, “she’s a beautiful young woman. You better make sure the local lads don’t lead her astray.” So, I had been right when I thought she had been looking Emma over a little too closely.

“She’s a good girl. She minds me well and does whatever I tell her.” She paused and a definite look of curiosity crossed her face after I said that.

“Really? That’s very interesting. That will definitely make things more pleasant for you.” She gave me an almost knowing smile that kind of shook me a little bit. “What about her friend? Does she pay as good attention to what you say as Emma?”

“Well, this is our first time together. I’m hoping that if Emma provides a willing example, Sharon will follow along.” This brought a definite smile to her face.

“Well, for your sake, I hope so too.” She looked once more towards the girls in the adjoining room and then turned back to me. “So, as I said, if there’s anything I can do; for either you or the girls, to make your stay more enjoyable, don’t hesitate to call me.” She gave me her business card with both her extension number and cell-phone number and then she jotted another number on the back of the card.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“I’m actually living in the hotel right now. With just recently being open, a few staff members, including myself, are staying here while everything is getting underway. That’s the extension number for the room that I’m staying in. Feel free to call at any time. If the girls need anything, just let me know.”

“Thanks, Nicole.” I paused briefly as a thought occurred to me. “Well, I think you might be able to do something for me. If it isn’t out of line, that is.” This brought a definite look of curiosity to her face. She gave me a wry smile as she spoke.

“And what would that be?”

“While I’m meeting with Mr. Sterling, do you think you might help me out by taking them shopping? I’m sure you know some places they’d like.” This brought a big smile to her face.

“Shopping? One of my favorite hobbies. I think I can handle that. But like I said, anything else you need help with, no matter what time, just give me a ring, etiler türbanlı escort okay?”

“Okay, whatever you say.” I said as I shook her hand goodbye and watched that sweet ass of hers sway seductively as she walked out of the room. I closed the door behind her and walked into the girls’ suite. I found them in the big washroom standing in front of the big double shower talking quietly to each other. I could see the look of excitement on Sharon’s face as Emma talked while gesturing towards the shower stall.

“So girls, what do you think?” I said as I leaned against the bathroom doorframe and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Uncle Jeff,” Emma said as she turned to me with a slightly surprised look on her face. Obviously my arrival had interrupted what must have been an interesting discussion related to the big shower stall. She quickly composed herself. “This place is amazing! Everything in this place is so nice. Like, did you see these bathrobes?” She grabbed one of the two big fluffy white bathrobes folded up on one of the shelves in the bathroom and showed it to me.

“Yeah, they do things up right in this place. And do you know what the good part is?”

“What?” they both asked together.

“We have one whole week to enjoy it. Now, I think we’re all feeling kind of rocky from the trip. We should probably unpack and get our clothes hung up and sorted out. After that, why don’t we take a rest for a while, then get cleaned up, have a little lunch and do some sightseeing. I think we should try and turn in a little early tonight and see if we can get used to the time change.” What I really meant was that we get to bed early so hopefully I could spring my plan on Sharon, and if she was agreeable, we’d have plenty of time to fuck the night away. “So, I’m gonna go back to my room and hit the sack for a while. I’ll call on you guys in let’s say, oh, two hours or so?”

“Okay, Uncle Jeff,” Emma replied. “I think we need to rest for a little while too.” She gave me a sly little smile of understanding that was hidden from Sharon’s view. “Two hours sounds good.”

I went back to my room and closed the connecting door between the two suites. We were finally here. After all the trials and tribulations and multiple distractions along the way, I was happy to be here in our adjoining rooms with the two girls. After watching what the two girls did on the plane, and then looking at the opulent display of Sharon’s lush body and exposed inner thighs on the car ride here, I couldn’t stop thinking of getting my hands on those big heavy tits and my cock deep between those plump slippery pussy-lips of hers. By this time, I was already so horny that I was just praying that my plan worked out. We’d know soon enough.

I opened my suitcase and hung up my clothes. Surprisingly, most of the stuff in my bag was Emma’s. I had packed a lot of the lingerie, shoes and clothes and that I had bought for her and hoped she’d have a chance to wear here for both Sharon and I. I had also brought the enema kit along with my own toiletries in case I had the opportunity to fill that sweet little ass of hers again. I hung up her clothes in the back of the closet behind some of my own stuff so it was at least partially hidden, then put the lingerie away in one of the dresser drawers. I set my video camera and digital camera on top of the dresser and pulled out one other little piece of electronic equipment I’d picked up on Friday afternoon just before we left.

I’d stopped by one of those stores that sell gadgets and devices to either security companies or more often to paranoid individuals who want to spy on their wives or employees to see if they’re cheating on them, or stealing from them, or both! The device I’d picked up was just a little high-powered listening device with a tiny microphone and a pair of earplugs. I decided it was time to test it out. I went over and stood in front of the connecting door between the two units. It was a solid wood door and I knew that unless the girls made a really loud noise, it was unlikely that I would hear anything through that door. The microphone was on a little skinny wand which I now slipped under the stripping seal at the bottom of the door. I put the soft little buds in my ears and turned on the unit. A smile came quickly to my face as I heard the sounds coming from the other room.

“Deeper…come on you little slut…get that tongue in deeper.” I could hear Sharon’s voice as clear as if she was right next to me. I was impressed. This little device was definitely worth the price. “Oh yeah…that’s it…now flick it in and out…oh fuck…that’s it…lick up all that sweet juice you love so much…mmmmm.” I could even hear the wet slobbery sounds Emma’s mouth was making as she pleasured Sharon. I had wondered how long it would take for Sharon to put my niece to work; I didn’t have to wonder long. I had only left them alone about fifteen minutes ago and already she had Emma’s tongue working its magic deep inside her. “Oh fuck…yeah…a whole week of riding that pretty little face of yours whenever I want…mmmmm…you’re gonna make me cum so many times, my cunt will just be buzzing for the rest of the summer.” Jesus Christ! She sounded like me! “Oh yeah…nice and slow…oh fuck that’s good…now work on my clit for a while…I want to cum soon.”

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