Naked Selfies Pt. 02

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We opened the door and stepped into our room. Sharon looked around, saw the nice big queen-sized bed, and smiled.

“Oh yes, a nice big bed. I’m gonna love it!”

She faced me, and with a smile, she threw off the jacket she was wearing. I saw the shirt she had on underneath her jacket, that got my cock rising. Seeing the stiff pokies on her nipples, it was obvious she had no bra on underneath her shirt.

The shirt slogan was ‘Save a Virgin, do me instead.’

She purred, “Mr. Remington, like my shirt says, I believe in saving a virgin, do me instead!”

She grasped her shirt at the edges, and pulled it up and over her head in one easy motion. I grunted with approval as her awesome tits were revealed, god, they were spectacular. Full, round and real, with fat juicy gumdrop nipples, stiffening up rapidly.

She unzipped her jeans, and pushed them down her legs, before stepping out of them.

“Mr. Remington, pull down my panties, there’s a message for you on them!”

I smiled at the message, ‘If you’ve come this far, you might as well CUM INSIDE!!’

“As it says, You’ve come this far, so I want you to cum inside. I want my tight little pussy flooded, mmmm, the thought of fucking my best friend’s dad is making me so hot! Feel my pussy, feel how hot and wet I am for you!”

Sharon gave a soft growl of pleasure as my hand cupped her sex, and I slid a finger along her pussy lips. She unzipped my slacks, fished out my cock, smiling at how my cock was now surging into her hands, and stroked my length, as I slid my fingers beneath her panties, eager to feel her wet heat. She was soaked, my fingers gently slid just inside, and she purred with pleasure as I felt her juices coating my fingers. When I withdrew my fingers, I slipped the fingers into my mouth, and my taste buds lit up at the hot, erotic taste of her juices.

“Ummm, so sexy, seeing you lick your fingers clean! Get naked Mr. Remington, and as my panties say, I want you to cum inside!”

As I yanked off my clothes, she purred, “Mr. Remington, what’s your first name? It feels weird to call you a Mister, I want to be fucked by someone I know on a first-name basis!”

I replied, “Baby, my first name is Adam.”

She cooed, “Ooh, just like the first man. Ok, Adam, I’ll be your own personal Eve, and let’s fuck like we were made to do!”

She slid her panties down, and they fell to her feet. She showed her tight little pussy, shaved bare and smooth, and she grinned as she saw my eyes locked on her bare opening, my cock stiffening up, fully extended.

“I was going to ask you if you like the bare pussy look, but eryaman eve gelen escort I think your eyes and your cock answered that question!” Sharon giggled.

She turned to the bed and purred, “Ok Adam lover, come over here, and let me have that cock. Give it to me lover, I’m so hot, I want to feel you spray me deep inside! How do you want me, face-up, face down, or cowgirl?”

“Face up baby, I want to be face to face with you when you cum!”

She lay back, spreading her thighs wide in the invitation, and cooed, “Ok Adam lover, I want you to fill me up with your hard cock, ride my tight little pussy until you’re ready to explode, then let me have the hot rush of cum, no condom needed, I love to feel the heat of a fresh load, flooding my cunt. Your cock is so hard, let’s give that big beauty a hot, warm place to slide into. Fuck me, I need it now!”

My cock was rock hard, aching with need, as I slid between her thighs. I felt her fingers grasp me, leading me to her entrance. Notched against her, I pushed in, she squealed with pleasure as I penetrated her, and I drove in, the tight hug of her stretched open to allow me to sink in. She let out a howl of pleasure as I thrust hard one last time, and buried my cock, my balls smacking against her ass as I impaled her completely on my steel-hard prick. The tight hug of her around my shaft was something else, she was as tight as a virgin. The steamy furnace of her fiery hot fuck hole wrapped around my aching prick, drawing a loud grunt of pleasure from me as my cock was surrounded and it drove me wild with desire.

“Oh yeah, so tight, tight as a virgin, fuck!”

“Yes Adam, I like to do my Kegel exercises, I want my pussy to stay tight and very fuackable. It feels so good, having your cock splitting me open, ride me, lover!”

Fired up, I pulled back slightly then drove in, I grabbed her ass cheeks as I started to ram my steely shaft into her, my cock withdrawing then I’d thrust it back into her, my excitement spurring me on, power fucking her tight cleft. She gasped and made wordless sounds of passion as I fucked her wildly. Every plunge into the exquisite tightness of her burning fuck-hole made me grunt with pleasure, her tightness was out of this world. The flexing of her muscles was superb, my balls were aching, working up a massive load to spew into her burning core. I was consumed by the way her teenage tightness stroked my cock, making my spunk sizzle, the soft feel of her skin, hearing the hot liquid squelches from her juicy cunt as I drove in and out of her, over and over, how it felt to fuck the steamy depths bala escort of her teen tightness, the passion she fired in my loins.

I grunted, “Like it, Sharon? Does it feel good to get your tight cunt stuffed and stretched out?”

Sharon moaned, “Yes, Ohhhhh fuck, I love it, fuck, god, fuck me, it feels so good, keep fucking me, make me cum.”

I was thrusting to the balls on each plunge, testing the depths of her wet, steamy fuckhole, eager to blow my balls deep inside the tight, wet furnace grip of Sharon’s cunt.

“Oh… fuck me… fuck me hard and deep lover…!” Sharon cried out. “You know how to fuck so good Adam…oh yes, do it hard…harder…ummmm.”

“Cum baby, cum,” I urged her, “Cum all over my cock, Sharon baby, cum real hard, my cock is ready to cream your tight pussy baby!”

“Yes…yes, yes, oh yes, Adam, fill my tight little pussy with hot sperm! Oh yes, gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, ffffffuuuuuucccccckkkkk…!”

Her body started to shake wildly, I felt my cock swelling up with the urgency, and I grunted, “Oh yeah, tighter than ever, fuck, fuck, oh YEAH!”

As her voice rose to a shriek, my wild groan of pure pleasure joined her cries of orgasmic delight. Her pussy started to milk at me with orgasmic ripples, my cock erupted, pulsing and squirting wildly, I slammed as deep as possible inside her, letting out a loud grunt of pleasure as I lost my load deep up her spasming tightness. Envisioning my load splattering against her cervix, drenching her womb, brought more hot cum spurting out, she squirmed around wildly on my buried to the balls prick, her body shuddering in orgasm, the hot spasms of her cunt milking my balls into her eager, hungry tightness.

Our orgasms started to ebb as she purred, “Ummm, that was so good, fucking my best friend’s dad, felt so naughty, but so nice!”

I slid down next to her, riding the post-coital wave. I smiled, fucking her tight teen cunt had been superb, the tight, hungry cling of her walls urging me to explode, so fucking hot.

We drifted awhile until I felt her hands reaching down, and teasing my cock back to life. It rose up, her hands stroked at me, bringing me back to a stiff, ready state.

With a gleam in her eye, she purred, “Now, I want you to fuck me from behind, grab my hips and ride me hard, then just before you explode, pull out, and dump your load all over my ass!”

Seeing her in the doggy style, her voice urging me on, I nudged against her swollen cunt lips then drove in, grunting at the acceptance of my cock being welcomed back in, the hot, slick wetness bathing my cock, her pussy etimesgut escort was hot and well lubed with my load, and I powered in with a grunt of pure satisfaction until my balls smacked against her pussy.

Sharon threw back her head and arched her back, and purred, “Oh yes, so deep, fuck, I love it. Fuck me, Adam, fuck me until your balls are swollen, ready to explode, then spray my ass with your load! Let me have it!”

Happy to do so, I grabbed her hips and reamed her hard, her growls, squeals, and moans powering me on. I could feel her pussy muscles massaging my cock on each thrust, fuck, the feeling was electric, and I power fucked her, I could feel my cock covered with the mixed juices, filling the air with the wet squelchy sound of Sharon’s juicy pussy being reamed. Sharon was getting a long, hard pleasure ride, her grunts, growls, and squeals of pleasure filled the room as I took great pleasure in power reaming her fiery box.

Sharon cried out, “Cumming, oh god, so good, CUMMING!”

I felt her trembling, her pussy fluttering and quivering around my pumping cock, then the contraction of her pussy muscles pulling me in deeply, and I was racing towards orgasm.

Sharon grunted, ”Cum Adam, cum all over me, splatter my ass!”

I pulled out just in time, and aimed it, grunting as cum arced up to splatter down wetly, hosing down the crack of her ass, stroking it off until every drop was splattered on her ass.

Sharon purred, “Mmmmm, that feels so hot, all that sexy warm cum tickling at my tight starfish. Take a picture Adam, I want to see my ass creamed.”

I grabbed my smartphone, got the shot, and let her see it. I could see a huge smile as she looked at the sexy sight.

“Mmmm looks so hot, I want that emailed to me as fast as possible. It’ll be a great momento.”

Sharon cocked her legs up, and purred, “Let my hot mouth clean off that cock!”

I was happy to do so, letting her suck me in balls deep, I felt her tongue sliding around and around my shaft, giving off little coos of pleasure from the taste. Her hand slid down to her cum splattered pussy, stroking herself as she sucked on me. It didn’t take long for her to explode, she squealed around my cock, her mouth cleaning my cock as she shuddered through orgasm. Sharon started to suck me more vigorously, working her mouth up and down, eager to take care of the hard-on that had renewed itself. Her mouth was a cock sucking dream, oh yeah, she really knew what she was doing, and I finally felt the rush as I fired the last volley into her mouth.

When we left the room, Sharon cooed, “That was really hot Adam, if you want to do it again, you have my number, I’d love another suck and fuck session with you!”

I filed that away for future reference, she certainly would get another session with me after I had taken care of Jenni and Denise. I thought again of Jenni’s special skill.

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