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“It wasn’t my idea, it was hers!”

My voice was high pitched, desperate, panic struck. My beloved wife, Eve, seemed to grow before me to the size of a monstrous giant. Or was it I who shrunk? God knows I wasn’t proud of myself. Damn it, I sounded like a little boy, caught breaking his first window on purpose. Or caught masturbating, which was a wee bit closer to the truth. But I am not a boy, hell, I’m over forty, growing overweight and losing hair. I should not even need to explain what I do. But I suppose I am a sissy. And given the circumstances, I could not really deny my better half at least half an explanation.

Actually, it was my sister’s idea. My dear sister Shesh. To her defense, I might add that she was a bit drunk, but really, I don’t think that her being tipsy had anything to do with it. Two years my senior, she has always been the adventurous one in the family.

She had handed me her bold suggestion on our way back from a late night swim in the sea by our summer house; it was midsummer so even though it wasn’t daylight, it was by no means dark outside. Since lunch, we had been indulging in food and drink, in accordance to the demands of family tradition. When she suggested a swim, I was a bit cautious – drinking and swimming are bad companions I think – but she insisted and started taking her clothes off. Shortly, with her thumbs under the rim of her panties, she gave me a teasing look and asked if I was not coming after all. With a sigh of discomfort, I followed her example and as I watched her walk into the water, I undressed and followed her with my eyes. Yes, however forbidden territory, my sister is a beautiful woman; always been. Had I ever nurtured a secret fantasy, it was to make love to Shesh. I shook my head. A married man, still obsessed by his teenage fantasies. Maybe it was the result of a long day’s consumption of beer, but I realized that looking at her entering the water; her well-sculptured behind swaying from side to side, the bouncing of her breasts as she turned to me, jumped and shouted to me to hurry up; it had the most profound effect on me.

I hurried into the water, hoping that it would be dark enough for her not to notice my semi-erection and that the cold water would help me literally cool down.

The planned seemed to work. We swam for several minutes without saying much; around a little rock some hundred meters from the beach and back again. Then she slowed down and started to tread water. She gave me a wicked smile.

“So, you still have the hots for me, huh?”

The shock made me lose composure and I stopped swimming with the effect that my head came under water and I swallowed a whole lot of water. When I surfaced, I coughed convulsively and stared at her.

“W-wha-what do you mean?”

“Oh, Adam, don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. You did a poor job at hiding your magnificent member up there on the beach. If you tell me you weren’t the slightest aroused then I’ll show you a liar!”

“But… but…”

She interrupted my stutter with a giggle.

“It’s just like when we were kids. You must have realized that I saw you, didn’t you?”

“Saw what?”

“Adam! Do you think that you were invisible when you spied at me?”

Exotic memories flashed before my inner vision. Images of Shesh in the shower, masturbating. Images of me, watching through the foggy window, beating furiously. No, I never suspected that she had seen me. Hell, for several years, I made it a sport to satisfy my carnal desires by masturbating while I watched her; sleeping, showering, masturbating, with boyfriends, with girlfriends. For I while I had even charged my friends top dollar for the opportunity to join me. The JTS Club. Jacking To Shesh.

I didn’t know what to answer. What to say. I felt as though decades of bad conscience suddenly flushed over me and I started to feel very uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry. If I had minded, I wouldn’t have let you. Or your friends. Really, I don’t think I would have dared to date some of the guys I did unless I had not known that you would be watching over me. And honestly, I don’t think any girl can go untouched by the fact that someone very dear and much loved will go through so much trouble to be intimate with her, albeit from a distance. I felt proud of myself. Still do.”

Her voice was calm enough, comforting enough, as to calm me down. But the words, the things she said. Really, it was outrageous. Or it would have been if everything she said was one hundred percent true. Including her observation of me on the beach. Nevertheless, I felt uneasy. Where was she going with all this?

“I want to be with you. Intimately.”

Once uttered, the words weren’t unexpected but filled me with awe nonetheless. Even though I had spent my entire youth fantasizing about this exact thing, it was just that: A fantasy. Never had I in my adult life even ventured the idea that my lewd and very much forbidden dreams would ataşehir escort come true.

“There is a catch, though. There is something you will need to do.”

She was starting to awaken my curiosity and I let a brief smile touch my lips.

“Ever since the first time, at least I think it was the first time, that you brought your friends and I could see you; oh yes, I saw you quite clearly Adam; masturbating, losing yourselves and finally ejaculating; do you know that all five of you ejaculated within ten seconds?; I have dreamt of seeing you, like that, again. Only much, much closer. Right by me. Targeting me.”

Despite my recent mouthful of seawater, my mouth had gone completely dry.

“So… you mean that you…?”

“I mean that I want you to bring your friends, any friends. As many as you feel comfortable with. And you will stand around me, masturbating, allowing me to suck you, taking turns fucking me. A gang bang of gang bangs, so much more special because you will be there too.”

She started swimming, slowly, still watching me. I stayed put, treading water, wondering if I was sleeping or delirious from too much drinks. She woke me from my thoughts with a giggle.

“Think about it”, she shouted as she stepped out of the water, gathered her clothes and ran in her nude to her house.

Well, did I think about it? Sleepless, tossing and turning in bed; my wife even threatened to throw me out to sleep on the couch; I thought about the unreal suggestion from my sister. My darling sister Shesh. I knew she was wild, but this wild? Of course I couldn’t. It was wrong. And bad. And cheating – I glanced at my sleeping wife. And so tempting. So impossible to not yearn for. So impossible to dismiss. The anguish would not let go, even after I had released my tension by jerking off outside, behind the house. The thought would not leave my mind, whatever I tried, however I reasoned.

By morning I had decided what to do. Breakfast was late; it was almost noon by the time I shambled into the kitchen. Shesh sat by the table and immediately caught my eyes. Her look left no doubt: The question lingered in her eyes and I was almost afraid that everyone else was able to tell the extreme tension. She demanded an answer.

Her eyes started to glisten with pure joy when I gave her a brief smile and an even briefer nod, terrified that anyone else in the kitchen would spot us and understand exactly what our silent communications were all about. Of course no one did.

Hugs, goodbyes, everyone in the family left the summer house and got back to their everyday lives.

Except for me.

It had been a torment to come to a decision, an answer to my sister. But that proved to be easy compared to the mental challenge of contacting my friends. Decades of friendship will create a certain kind of bond, but it will also set a very strict framework on what the relationship encompasses, and what it does not. I was lucky enough to have kept friends from my childhood but we had never ever in our adult lives even mentioned our secret juvenile voyeur strike, let alone engaged in any kind of sexual acts together. That was off limits. But then again, we did share this common memory, did we not? There was no way in hell anyone could possibly have forgotten it. What the hell, I am over forty; I can do whatever I want. I picked up the phone. No one had forgotten. On the contrary: A dam of suppressed dreams violently burst.

Abe promised, even demanded that his baby twin brothers, Isaac and Seth, would join in; two years younger than the rest of us, they had never been allowed in on the JTS Club when they were kids. At close to forty, we decided that they should be allowed to make their own decisions, which, of course was affirmative. Jacob was thrilled; Professor Flood (we always used to call him professor, god only knows why) started rambling over how he had even asked Shesh to marry him once long ago; Aaron, hesitating at first, called back and joined in as well; and Ken, unsurprisingly, asked if he could bring his boyfriend Salah. Of course he could. Shesh had been quite clear on that point: The more the merrier.

Merry enough: Nine guys altogether. I was starting to get second thoughts. What was I planning? What hardships was I about to bring on my own sister – nine men?

Whatever falter I may have felt was quickly swept away by my sister’s overwhelming exhilaration. She could not tell me enough many times how much she loved me, how excited she was, how much she would enjoy the attention from so many men. And how much she would make it up to me for organizing it.

Blood rushed to my groins but my anxiety was so tangible that I could almost taste it on my palate; pungent, metallic.

Next Friday, we guys had gathered, on Shesh’s specific request, at a bar nearby her place for a drink an hour before we were supposed to meet up. Plan was not to get drunk, but to get an opportunity avcılar escort to wind down and get rid of the unavoidable nervousness. I don’t know if it really worked that well; our conversation, although normally not very raunchy, was totally clean from any kind of erotic intimations. A pious convent would have dirtier table discussions than we were able to produce. Football, work, television and even politics – but no suggestion about what was going to take place in less than an hour at my sister’s place. Nevertheless, the visit to the bar must have served its purpose; it was a reasonably relaxed bunch that left for Shesh’s place an hour later, albeit still debating sports.

“Hi! Welcome in!”

What followed was mindboggling, breathtaking and surreal.

Shesh looked stunning. I believe that nine guys immediately became conscious about their appearance; nine pairs of saggy blue jeans, nine cotton shirts, nine pair of briefs from the latest sale at the super market. We felt terribly sloppy since Shesh had dressed up like a veritable lingerie model: Red lace, fishnets, suspenders; I don’t even know the names of half the intimate garments she wore, but they fitted her beautifully. And they left just about enough of her body covered to prompt an immediate craving with us for her to show just a little bit more skin.

Lights were soft as was the music playing in the background. Her living room had been totally redecorated. Rather than the couch and television set, some book shelves and coffee tables, the room was empty except for a bed neatly done, placed in the middle of the floor and dozens of pillows and cushions strewn along the walls. The walls were covered by delicate veils that gave the room an oriental touch whereas the thick curtains over the windows led the thoughts to a nineteenth century Victorian mansion.

Tension. The air was thick with a perfect blend of I-want-to-go-home anxiety and I-have-never-been-hornier-in-my-life arousal. Only the comfort that the perfect hostess Shesh breathed into us, the way she made us at ease; laughter, compliments, flirting; managed to make arousal overcome and annihilate the anxiety. Soon enough, each and every one of us, had kissed her, touched her, let her touch; nine pairs of saggy blue jeans and nine cotton shirts were coming off. I was relieved to see that I was not the only one with a throbbing erection; the bulges in people’s shorts were impossible to mistake for anything but generous boners.

Groping continued. Kissing turned making out turned bold touches turned intimate touches. Silk garments, however beautiful, started to come off, as did shorts and briefs.

Suddenly – my mind must have drifted away for a minute – I found that Shesh was standing on her knees on the bed, gripping Professor Flood’s cock with one hand and caressing his butt with the other, while elaborately kissing and licking the crown of his member. The temperature in the room seemed to have risen considerably in just a couple of seconds and whatever small talk that had been going on, had immediately stopped. Instead seven stroking men sat on cushions not letting their eyes leave the erotic scenery before them. Eight stroking men – I realized that my right hand had got life of its own and was working my shaft with slow, deep strokes.

Again, Shesh gave witness of her hostess skills. Or rather her skills at directing. She pulled back from the disappointed Professor Flood and let her eyes run over the room.

“Don’t be shy, boys. There is plenty of room here with me. Please come to me.”

Her words created an immediate stir. Every man got to his feet and hurried to steal the best place by the bed. Which one? Don’t know. But people seemed to take split second decisions on how to position the most strategically. Hungry naked men with boasting erections, rushing to the table, anxious not to miss a serving. Hungrier still, Shesh eyed us newcomers. She did have the courtesy to meet our eyes. Most of our eyes. But her focus was definitely below our wastes.

The wandering. The proportions were epic. From one man to the other, Shesh let her hands wander, gently caress our sensitive skin. Her lips followed her hands and she kissed the seemingly endless row of nameless thighs, stomachs, heavy sacs and rigid cocks. Teasingly. Affectionately. Increasingly hungrily. Mine too.

The amazing sensation all but knocked me unconscious. I needed to put my hand on Shesh’s shoulder to avoid from falling to the ground; my knees would not support me. I trembled uncontrollably and dug my fingers into her soft skin. When I opened my eyes, I looked down into her eyes, gorgeously hazel. I never knew if she realized that I was on the verge of unconsciousness or if she interpreted my grip of her shoulder as an invitation, a demand, for her to go further. Either way, she did. Slowly she let my throbbing cock slide through her wet lips and into her mouth. Her tongue happily embraced the avrupa yakası escort intruder.

So wonderful. Warm. Soft. Loving. Crazy. Spasms rippled through my body and I recognized the familiar early signs of an upcoming orgasm. I was desperate, dying for my climax. Yet, I wanted it to last, needed it to last. Shesh appeared to sense my hesitation and pulled back, looked at me. Oh, those eyes: Mischievous, mysterious, erotic, wanton.

With my eyes, I followed her as she continued to the next crotch by the bed, and the next. A lewd creature devouring one sex after the other; savoring, slurping, moaning out her pleasure.

As did the guys. Increasingly furious beating. Exhilarated stroking. Tension rose. One moment before explosion.

It was Ken who came first; no wonder since he was in deep kiss with his boyfriend Salah, the two stroking each other. He shouted out his pleasure, immediately attracting the attention of Shesh, who let slip a growl and jumped right in front of him. She overtook the grip of Ken’s ejaculating cock from Salah and let two last spurts of semen hit her face. The intensity in the situation became too much for Salah, who announced his imminent climax. Without delay, Shesh grabbed his shaft and sucked his crown into her mouth. The effect was immediate and Salah grabbed her head with his hand and jerked his hips in a furious orgasm. Shesh greedily accepted the rough treatment and appeared to swallow his cock whole. She let him empty his load deep in her throat but due to great volume or the explosive gush, she was unable to keep the his full release inside her mouth but droplets of cum sputtered out between her lips and the twitching cock.

The incredibly erotic scene before us immediately prompted new agitated grunts. Men leaned forward, shot out their hips and cried out orgasms. Isaac, Flood and Jacob; shortly Seth and Abe; finally Aaron; all did they target the full force of their ejaculations over Shesh. Aiming at her face, her back, her hair, her ass; covering her body with creamy cum. She responded with ecstasy; open-mouthed turning from man to man, from cock to cock, from load to load.

I had not dared to touch myself since Shesh had left me with a promise to come back – I did not want a premature climax. Even looking at the literally orgasmic spectacle before me was almost enough to bring me over the edge. But I prevailed. Awaited my prize. With awe, albeit not in vain: A wicked smile, a lewd look in her eyes from behind trickling semen in her face, and she was all over me again. She gripped my cock and started sucking it eagerly, almost violently. The playful and elaborative games were over – this was purposeful crude force. Her head bobbed over my crotch, making my throbbing cock move furiously in and out of her mouth; to the very back of her throat, making her utter gurgling noises, which accompanied her uninterrupted moan of pleasure.

How could I react any differently? It did not take long until I felt my loins contracting; felt bolts of electricity shoot from my thighs to my stomach over my entire body. I gripped Shesh’s head with my hands, told her that I wanted to cum into her mouth. She responded with increased frenzy: Nodded her head furiously, cupped my balls and sucked with accelerating furor.

She let go of an insane cry of success when the first load shot into her mouth and pulled out so that only the crown were still inside her mouth when burst after burst of semen spurted from my twitching cock and filled her mouth. Again, my knees failed to support me and I suddenly realized that only the support that the edge of the bed gave my knees prevented me from falling.

Shesh continued to suck, audibly and diligently, as if to make sure that she would not miss one single drop of my cum and let everyone know how much she enjoyed it. After a while, she released her grip and looked up at me, grinning, showing me a mouthful of creamy white fluid before she swallowed it with a gulp. I could not believe it: My sister sat in front of me, tainted by the sticky result of eight men’s ejaculations and had just given me my most intense blowjob I had ever experienced and she had just swallowed my entire load. I was madly aroused still and could but close my eyes in deep satisfaction as Shesh began to lick my balls and flaccid cock in long soft strokes, licked me clean of any last remains of cum.

My sixth sense warned me; told me that maybe, only maybe, I would prefer not to open my eyes after all. But I did, of course. Suddenly a nervous tension had once again gripped the room. So I did open my eyes.

And there, before me, in the door opening stood my beloved wife, Eve.

“So it wasn’t your idea, was it? You simply do as you are told, huh? Well then, I will tell you what to do!”

My world had suddenly been turned upside down. A crazy fantasy, a life-long dream come true had all of a sudden turned into my worst nightmare. For my inner vision, I saw my wife – my love and life partner; the mother of my three children – leave me with nothing but my own shame and regret. There was fire in her eyes. I literally shook with terror.

But was it an evil fire? The well-disguised trace of a mischievous smile forewarned me that events were about to turn in an unexpected direction.

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