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Peter On The Prowl

🏳️‍🌈 A three part series by Josh Terrence 🏳️‍🌈


Author”s note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter Two — A Resourceful Boyslut 🏳️‍🌈

“Hey mom,” I smiled as she walked into the dining room and set her laptop bag down on a chair. She gave me a kiss on the cheek, then I said, “Did you have a good day at work?”

“It was pretty good, but I missed my boy,” she said, nuzzling the end of her nose with mine. “How was your day, sweetie?”

“It was pretty good,” I shrugged. “I missed you too, mom.”

“Thanks for starting dinner,” she said, letting her nose work as she drew in the aroma of the pot roast I put in the oven. “It smells nice.”

“I”m almost done with my homework,” I chirped, beaming a little at her compliment. “Is Corey coming over tonight?”

“He”ll be here later on,” she said.

“I made enough food for him, too,” I told her, trying to mask my eagerness to get a glimpse at her newest beau.

She ran her fingertips through my fine brown hair and said, “Such a thoughtful boy.”

With that, I got back to my homework while she checked my folders. With my homework done and dinner in the oven, I went to my room and surreptitiously changed into a pair of tight fitting jeans that showed off my bubble butt, then I silenced my notifications and opened up grindr so I could cruise for a cock date.

When Corey”s profile appeared, I felt my insides jump with excitement. His distance from me kept decreasing whenever I refreshed my screen, making my rear end tremble with desire. I had to keep my excitement in check when I heard his car pull up, so I kept myself busy by loading the dishwasher with the dishes in the sink.

When he walked through the front door, he smelled freshly showered and looked so cute when he smiled at mom. I felt a little jealous when he wrapped his arm around her waist as they walked to the table, but I was so happy that he was joining us that I didn”t let it get to me. As they strolled past me, I surreptitiously checked out his crotch and got an eyeful of his bulge.

I brought out some plates and silverware to set the table, then I grabbed beers for mom and Corey and a soda for myself. Dinner was mostly mundane, except that I couldn”t keep my eyes off of mom”s beau. At one point he complimented my cooking and mom gave me a proud smile. I blushed a little and looked down at my plate, then I stole glances at our cute dinner guest until our plates were empty.

After supper I cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher, then I sat on the couch and checked grindr again for any unread messages. My inbox was filled with cock pics and offers to meet up from nearby tops. When I looked up from my phone, I saw that Corey and mom were making eyes at each other. With a frustrated sigh, I announced, “I think I”m gonna walk to the store.”

“What for, buddy?” mom asked.

“I want ice cream tonight,” I fibbed. “I won”t be gone long.”

“Bring me my purse and I”ll give you some money,” mom instructed me, but then Corey sat up and said the magic words.

“I need to pick up some beer,” he told mom, then he smiled warmly at me. “How about if I drive?”

My face lit up immediately and I eagerly agreed, so he kissed mom on the cheek and asked her what she was in the mood to drink.

Before we left, I hurried back to my room and fingered a glob of vaseline into my asshole, then I checked myself out in the mirror to make sure I looked cute. While I was fixing my hair, Corey popped his head in my door and said, “You ready, champ?”

I gave him a shy smile and nodded, then followed him out the door.

The ride to the store was a little quiet at first. I was nervously gripping my phone, wondering if we”d really hook up or if I was misreading the moment. But I got my answer when we pulled out of the complex and Corey picked up his phone. I looked down at the screen and saw he”d opened up grindr, then we shared a smile. I opened the app on my phone and turned the screen his way, then I batted my istanbul travesti eyes at him and placed my left hand on his thigh.

“Oh yeah?” he said with a smile in his voice. I nodded and gave him a needy look, prompting him to give me a wink and say, “How about if we park somewhere?”

“I”d like that,” I said, my voice husky with desire.

We pulled into a business park and he drove behind a building. We parked near a row of dumpsters and he put the steering wheel up while I panted with need. Under the glow of an overhead street lamp, his smile was evident and taking my breath away. He caressed my cheek, then he leaned over and planted a rough French kiss on my mouth. I moaned softly and enjoyed having his tongue in my mouth while I slid my hand up his thigh to his bulge. I gave it a squeeze, then let my fingertips run over it until I found the outline of his glans.

When he broke our kiss, he asked, “What are you in the mood for, buddy?”

“I want to get laid by you,” I said, my voice trembling with excitement. “I lubed up for it.”

With that, we got out of his car and dropped our pants. I felt a powerful shiver run through me when I set my eyes on his scepter, which was standing straight up and glistening with precum. It was so big! Plus, there was a strand of precum hanging from the end, making my mouth water as I contemplated sucking the juicy treat.

My eyes were glued to it, even as he gently reached out and stroked my cheek.

“Is this what you”re after?” he asked me in a knowing voice. Without taking my eyes off of his dick, I nodded my dreamy reply. Encouraged by my obvious arousal, he said, “Go ahead, buddy.”

In a trance, I slipped my mouth over the end and sucked lustily on it while he caressed my bare ass. I moaned hotly when his finger invaded my crevice and he found my eager entrance. He gave my hole a firm rub down, then he slipped his digit up my ass and strummed my boy button while I swallowed his prick with slutty moans. In a flash, his entire length was down my throat and I was frantically deep throating it while goosebumps spread out over my body. His sharp glans were spreading my windpipe open with every swallow, treating me to a decadent feeling while his musk rolled into my nose.

When my arousal for anal sex reached its limit, I pulled off of his pole and presented my ass for fucking. With my pants and undies puddled around my shins, I held onto his car with my feet spread and let my hips sway from side to side. I felt him holding my waist as he lined up to my hole, then my sphincter expanded and his saliva coated glans melted through my entrance. I cooed with delight when I felt his knob breach my sphincter, then my hungry ass swallowed his long, thick pole and I sighed with relief.

“Holy fuck!” he hissed while I rolled my hips around with a guttural moan.

He slipped his flat palm under my shirt tail and rubbed the small of my back while I enjoyed feeling his cock stirring inside me. His thick pubic bush was scrubbing my crevice and taint, making them burn sweetly while his rod throbbed against my moist chute. Taking my signal for what it was, he gripped my hips tight and slowly started to thrust.

From the very first cock stroke he fed me, every nerve ending in my body sizzled and all of my pleasure centers came alive. My toes curled in my shoes and my fingers tightened against the metal of his doorframe, making them ache. My thighs and the small of my back radiated with carnal heat that was slowly spreading to my torso and up my spinal column while the hair on the back of my neck stood up. A dollop of drool fell from my lower lip and hit the ground in front of me while the steam from Corey”s breath plumed right by my cheek.

“It feels so good,” I moaned softly, then I felt him trap the top of my ear between his lips.

“Fuck yeah, buddy,” he hissed again, then his rhythm changed and his strokes felt longer, deeper and more assertive. “Your ass is like an oven.”

“Mmmm” was all I could respond with as the sweet sensation of anal intercourse carried me into a state of sheer bliss.

“You gonna let me hit this from now on?” he asked, his voice course with desire. When I hastily nodded my answer, he hissed, “Such a good boy.”

The promise of Corey performing regular maintenance at my back door filled me with so much lust and fulfillment that my boy pussy was gripped with violent contractions. I felt a sinful brand of pleasure pour over my body until it reached its apex. With hot and cold gusts washing over my face and body, I anally ejaculated around his prick. I let out a long, decadent moan that signaled my ultimate pleasure while my rectal glands expressed themselves forcefully and hot piss kadıköy travesti shot from the end of my hairless little wiener.

In the midst of my ecstasy driven climax, Corey buried his pleasure stick up my ass and creamed it with a thick, satisfying load that he squirted deep inside. I could feel his cock jerking and twitching with ball throbbing contractions while the effervescent goodness of carnal release washed over me in waves. With my head spinning and my body practically convulsing, my lover used his hand to turn my face his way, then he treated me to a mouthful of tongue that only added to my bliss.

When he pulled out of me, I turned to face him and reached up to rest my hands on his broad shoulders. My body was still engulfed in the flames of anal ecstasy while our tongues danced and my little dick sizzled against my bald pubis. I could feel my deeply fucked asshole throbbing and contracting as aftershocks rocked my little body.

When we broke our kiss, I scrambled to my knees and sucked his package clean. I was purring with a satisfied smile as I licked up and down his length, then trapped his big balls in my mouth one at a time so I could give each one a French kiss. I lapped away at his yummy taint and even treated myself to a taste of his delicious asshole. Finally, I slipped my mouth back over the end of his prick and sucked it with a spoiled smile while he beamed down at me. In no time flat, I was deep throating his trophy while my own little wiener did a dance of delight between my legs.

“Fuck kiddo, you love cock, don”t you?” he noted, and I smiled up at him with a soft moan and nodded. “Are you gonna stay on your knees and blow me, or do you want me to screw another load up your ass?”

I pulled off his pleasure stick with a slurp and scrambled back to my feet. Much to my delight, he immediately engaged me in another deep kiss while he held onto my waist. I responded by fondling his rigid pleasure stick, trying in vain to wrap my paw around its base. I could feel his pubic bush against the back of my hand as I stroked up and down, then we broke our kiss and he swatted my tail.

I was bent over in near record time, spreading my feet and presenting my rear end for another round of service. I was panting like a bitch in heat when he grabbed my wide hips and slid his pipe up my ass. I smiled over my shoulder at my top to let him know how happy I was to have him back inside me. He gave me an affectionate smile and a wink, then his grip tightened and he started to thrust again. I had the wherewithal to straighten my legs so I could brace myself against his deep, forceful thrusts. I felt a swell of pleasant heat swirling in my abdomen, then a frantic rush of pleasure spread through my groin and cascaded down my legs.

I let out an involuntary, effeminate moan, then I held on for dear life while he fed me deep cock strokes that launched me back to the heights of anal ecstasy. In the midst of my carnal haze, I felt a hot gushing sensation encapsulate my spinal column, then it ran down the insides of my thighs and tailed off at the tips of my curling toes. My eye lids gently closed and a sweet burn gripped every nerve ending in my body.

And just like that, I knew I”d been treated to the best lay I”d ever had in my life.

The fact that it happened behind a row of dumpsters in an empty business park was irrelevant. The fact that I was holding onto the frame of my mom”s boyfriend”s car didn”t even occur to me. The reality that I was hooking up with mom”s new beau didn”t register at the moment.

All I could focus on at that moment was the intense feeling of satisfaction that had set in for me. I knew that for all intents and purposes, my ass was completely satisfied. That my rear end had been thoroughly serviced, and that every thrust I was being treated to was an added treat for me to enjoy. That the cock in my ass had taken me to my ultimate ecstasy, and that I could go to bed a truly satisfied bottom.

So when Corey licked my ear and asked me, “Do you want to swallow this one?” I simply nodded through a blissful moan while my little frame quivered one final time.

“Give me a kiss, buddy,” he whispered, and I somehow managed to pucker my lips for him.

He planted a wet, tongue filled kiss on my mouth that was as sweet as sugar. While our tongues were dancing, he sped up his hip thrusting and panted through his nostrils. I could feel the air from his nose flutter against my cheek bones, then he gripped my hips tight and pulled out. We broke our kiss and he put his hand on the crown of my head to guide me to my knees.

As soon as I was face to face with his rod, my eyes fluttered and I slipped my mouth over the end just in bakırköy travesti time for him to blow a smaller but still delicious load. As his cum shots collected on my tongue and glanced off the roof of my mouth, I moaned softly and smiled up at him with magic dancing around my face. He reached down and caressed my flushed cheek, then he carefully pulled me off of his dick. As he withdrew his dick from my mouth, I lovingly tongued the underside, then slurped on the end as it was taken away.

With a devoted smile, I opened my mouth to show him his load, then I swallowed it and my body melted into a perfectly relaxed state.

“You doing okay, buddy?” he asked me gently.

When I nodded my answer, he took a deep breath and exhaled, then he put his dick away and knelt to collect me in his arms. I was shivering and delicious pangs of carnal pleasure were dancing through my 13 year old body as he held me close. He rubbed my back while I recovered from our lay, then he said, “How about pulling your pants up so we can get a move on? Your mom”s gonna wonder what”s taking so long.”

“Okay,” I practically sang with an enchanted smile on my face. “Corey?”

“Yeah buddy?”

“Will you fuck me everyday?”

“Would you like that, babe?” he asked, and I nodded with a contented sigh. He gave my satisfied ass a squeeze and assured me, “You”ve got it, then.”

With that, he helped me pull my pants and undies up, then we got in the car and drove to the store while I held onto his bicep with a possessive grip.

🏳️‍🌈 Up Next — Achievement Unlocked: Who will Peter get lucky with next ? 🏳️‍🌈

Also: Charlie”s got a craving that he can”t deny. What happens when a good boy starts putting out? Find out in, The Thing About Charles 🏳️‍🌈

Coming Soon: Kevin loves his daddy and his brothers. But how much attention does his ass need until he”s satisfied? Find out in ota

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