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This wasn’t like her.

Sarie never had sex in public places. Never anywhere she could be caught. Certainly never with anyone she had no intention of dating seriously.

Yet one month after breaking up with Melinda, the girl she’d loved for two years, she found herself flat on her back on the conference table at work. At Angie’s mercy.

Angie “the powerhouse” Baker was so different from her. So different from Melinda. It was what had first attracted Sarie. Angie was open about being a lesbian, and went for what she wanted. Whenever she wanted.

“You are such a little hottie,” Angie said, stripping the lacy white panties off her ankles. “If I was that girlfriend of yours, you’d never have gotten away.”

Sarie looked down. Angie’s eyes were on her bare pussy, her hands sliding up her legs. “You’re telling me you’d be someone’s girlfriend?”

She smiled, not looking up. “You got me there.”

Closing her eyes, Sarie concentrated on the feeling of Angie’s slow fingers. The tease of orgasm. How the small bursts sunlight from the slats in the window shades warmed her skin.

Trying to ignore the fear that someone would walk in on them.

“Angie.” Sarie reached out to run her fingers through the woman’s short dark hair.

Her soft tongue broke through Sarie’s plump folds. It traced a slippery trail from the opening of her pussy up to her clit, then went to work.

Sarie’s pelvis hitched as Angie devoured her. Moaning, she felt herself tense and twitch when that slim finger entered her. It curled in her pussy, sending shock waves through her body. Sarie’s head rolled on the table, the room swimming around her.

A tall form in one of the doorways caught her eye. She stilled her head and focused.

“Mr. Downey!” Yanking her skirt down, Sarie sat upright.

Angie bolted to her feet and wiped her mouth. “Sir? This…this isn’t what it looks like.”

“Oh.” Their boss strolled into the room, bursts of sunlight dancing over his hard face. “So you haven’t taken advantage of my friend’s barely legal daughter inside my building? On my conference table?”

A foot below his hulking height, Angie stared into his eyes. Said nothing. The vitality of her normal behavior was lost.

“Get out before I fire you,” Mr. Downey said.

Sarie jumped up, following Angie to the door.

“Not you, Sarie.”

She stopped in the doorway.

Angie hesitated, throwing her a look of sympathy. She shrugged an apology before disappearing down the hallway toward the elevators.

Sarie didn’t turn around to look at him. Didn’t speak. Was he going to fire her? Give her a lecture? Or…

“Shut the door,” he said to her back.

The elevator dinged. Angie was gone. Everyone else was at lunch.

Wrapping her hand around the slim, cold handle, Sarie clicked the door into the frame. Then closed her eyes. Prayed.

“I thought you were a good girl. All these years of watching you grow up. Knowing your family. Seeing you on your knees getting communion at church. Now this? Turn around.”

There was no denying it. No lie to be made. She’d screwed up. The double life she’d lived was unravelling. Her job was on the line. Her future. Everything.

Sarie turned. Staring at the ground, her fingers caught the ends of her blonde hair at her neck. She twirled it like she had as a little girl when she was in trouble.

“You always made good grades in school,” he said softly. “Straight As. Your father bragged about it all the time. Never boy crazy, always focused. Tell me, all that time, were you dating girls?”

Sarie shook her head. “No sir.”

Not the whole time.

“I see. How many girls have you dated?”

She raised her gaze from the floor, finding his big black dress shoes and following the long length of his trousers to his chest. “I, um, have only dated one girl.”

“How many have you been intimate with?” Mr. Downey crossed his arms over his broad chest.

“Two,” she muttered.

“You’re gay?”

She nodded.

“Have you ever been with a man?”

The question made her head snap up. She looked into his pale blue eyes as he inclined his head. “No. Of course not.”

His eyebrows rose, driving thin lines into his forehead. “‘Of course not?’ It’s a sin to be homosexual. Surely a girl as smart as you should have tried to be with a man before renouncing God.”

“I haven’t renounced God.” She cleared her throat. “Just because I like women does not mean I’m not a Christian. He loves us despite our sins.”

Mr. Downey checked his watch. “I sincerely doubt that your father, or the congregation, would agree.”

Sarie pressed her eyes shut. He was right.

“Now that we’re passed all your evasions and lies, I’d like to offer you my assistance.”

“With what?” Her eyelids fluttered open.

He strode over, stopping just in front of her, his chest level with her face. “Being gay is a big decision for someone as young as you. You should experience being with a man before you expose yourself as a lesbian any bostancı escort more than you already have.”

Her mouth dropped open. “Mr. Downey?”

Face inches from her own, he pressed his hands against the door behind her. His arms on either side of her hips, she scarcely had room to move. Heat flew off his body.

She heard a click. The door lock.

“I’m…fine with who I am, Mr. Downey,” Sarie said. Him being so close made it difficult to breathe.

His steady aquamarine eyes drilled into hers. “There is only a ten year difference between us, Sarie. Call me Nathan. Or Sir.”

Taking a deep breath, she straightened, standing taller. “Thank you for your offer, but it’s unneeded.”

“My apologies for the word choice. It wasn’t a simple offer.” His lips curled as he watched her mouth. “Either I help you this way, or I help you another way.”

She was almost too afraid to ask. “What other way?”

“I tell them the truth.”

Sarie’s green eyes went wide. “No. You can’t.”


“No.” She blinked, trying to think her way through this. “Besides, they’d believe me over you. They’ve known me since I was a kid. And my dad would never doubt me.”

“Hmm.” He slipped a hand into his pocket. “You may be right.”

When he pulled away from her, she sighed and sagged against the door.

Sauntering over to the table, he pulled out his phone and tugged his tie loose. “I suppose it’s lucky for me, then, that I have the pictures to prove it.”

“What are you talking about?” Goosebumps raced up her body. “You can’t. You didn’t have enough time.”

He smirked. “I have owned my own business since I was twenty one years old, dear girl. I notice everything, and I always have back up.”

The last couple of years, she hadn’t been able to keep her eyes off of him. Tall and lean. Dark. He’d never seemed like the church going type. She’d always wondered what the allure for him was.

“You knew. Before today. You knew.”

“Sarie, would you please get the locks? And by ‘locks,’ I mean all of them this time.” He shrugged out of his jacket and hung it on a chair. “Unless you’re ready to face the truth.”

She bit her lip.

As much as the man didn’t need the encouragement, she’d sometimes wondered what it would be like. A man. A dick. Inside her. Here was her chance, but it was tainted by his actions. His words.

“You’re blackmailing me.”

He shrugged, unclasping a thick watch from his wrist. “I’m giving you a choice. I want to help you. To save you from hell.”

“You don’t give a damn about religion.”

“Enough.” He finished undoing his cuff links and met her eyes. “Lock the doors or leave. Make your decision.”

He really was giving her a choice, she realized. Locking the doors meant she’d let him…touch her. But she could leave. He was serious about showing her what it was like to have a man. How serious he was about showing her father a picture of his daughter getting eaten out by a woman?

A woman with short dark hair and blue eyes. One who didn’t take no for an answer, didn’t let anyone else run her but herself. A lot like…Nathan Downey.

What was the difference, really? Stubble? Penis? One less likely to talk about their feelings? The other more in tune with her twat?

Angie was never going to be someone Sarie could spend the rest of her life with. Being a woman aside, Sarie knew she meant nothing to the girl. Just another vag. Another conquest. Someone else to cum to her every whim.

“Tick tock.” Mr. Downey leaned on the table where her bare ass had been ten minutes before. “Break time is running out.”

Numbly, Sarie took a step. Then another. She found herself at the next door. With a pinch of her fingers and a flick of her wrist, it was locked. She looked up at Mr. Downey.

“Good. Keep going.”

She did the same, door after door, until all four were locked. Then she turned around.

His eyes were on her face as she looked him over. Short, thick brown hair recently cut to perfection. White collar unbuttoned, revealing the beginnings of a muscled chest meeting his collarbones.

She licked her lips and swallowed.

They shouldn’t do this. He was Daddy’s friend. Her boss. So much older than her. And she was a lesbian, she reminded herself.

“What would my father say if he knew what you wanted with me?” Sarie asked.

He smiled and placed his phone on the table. “He may be surprised. But if he knew whose face at been at your sweet cunt before me, he’d be happy you were with me now. Come here.”

Unable to look away, she crept closer.

Pushing off the table, he stood tall in front of her. “You’re beautiful, Sarie. But you’re more than that. Smart. Sweet.” He tugged the pins out of her blonde hair and spread it over her shoulders. “Sexy. I don’t know why you decided you were only into women, but I don’t care. It means you’ve waited this long. For me.”

“What if I wasn’t waiting? What if I’m happy with women?” Her soft voice wavered.

“Yes.” ümraniye escort bayan He traced her jawline with his finger. “If I hadn’t caught you looking at me so many times in the past couple of years, I might believe that.”

Sarie swallowed, lowered her eyes.

Mr Downey’s finger prodded her chin upward to look at him again. “You don’t have to look away. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I can’t wait to fuck you.”

Tucking her hair behind her ears, he took her face in his hands and leaned down, brushing his lips against hers.

She was surprised at how soft they were. How her abdominal muscles clenched when his mouth opened. His tongue wrestled with her own, his fingers tangled in her hair, and before she could stop herself, her palms found his stomach.

“It’s not too late to say no, to tell your father about your love of pussy. I love it too.” Mr. Downey pulled her hair taut, tilting her head upward. His lips moved to her ear, his tongue licking her earlobe. “It’s never too late. Until I’m inside you.”

The whispered words in her ear made the damp junction of her thighs flood.

A man, this man, one of her father’s best friends, was turning her on.

Nudging his nose softly against her face, he kissed his way back to her mouth. Then his lips were rough on hers, his tongue searching her mouth, hungry.

He broke away suddenly, both of them breathless. “Tell me how you feel.”

“Fine.” Her lungs were tight, her heart pounding.

“Look at me.”

Biting her lower lip, she met his gaze.

“I want to know.” His fingers freed her lip and moved down, dragging her own saliva down her chin and over her throat. He popped the top button of her shirt open and went to the next. “Tell me how you feel right now.”

She swallowed. “Confused.”

“Are you wet?”

Sarie’s face turned red.

Mr. Downey wrenched her open shirt back and tugged it off of her arms. “Answer me.”


“Yes, what?”


Smirking, he stood back. His hands moved from her hips upward, tracing the gentle curves of her trim body before cupping her perky breasts. “I need you to be specific, Sarie. I need to hear what you feel, what I’m doing to you.”

Arms at her side, she gazed up at him.

He unclipped her bra, slid the straps down her slim shoulders and tossed it on the floor. His big hands slipped under both bare breasts and squeezed savagely.

She moaned.

“Tell me how you feel, Sarie.” His fingers pinched her nipples, making her yelp. “Do you like it when I grab your beautiful breasts?”


“Be more specific, Sarie.”

“I love it.”

His fingers trailed to her hips again, then to the small of her back. Leaning down he took a nipple in his mouth and sucked. Hard. At the same time, she heard the groan of the zipper down her skirt, just before it fell to the floor.

Woozy and fighting for balance, she looked down. His eyes were intent on hers, his hands groping each globe of her ass.

“What are you feeling, Sarie?” His lips brushed her nipple as he spoke.

She grabbed his shoulders. “Weak.”

Mr. Downey nipped her breast and Sarie yelped, yanking his hair. His head pulled back in her grasp, teasing the nipple with him. His lips lurched forward, giving one last suck, before abruptly letting go.

He stood. “You are not doing as I ask.”

Eyelids at half mast, she flailed in his arms, grabbing his biceps. “What do you mean?”

She was so sexed up, so hot and wet, her brain didn’t work. All she could think of was his warm mouth, his deft fingers. The tingling of her naked body. Feeling so small in his powerful wake.

“Since you can’t tell me how you feel, I’ll let you listen instead. Undress me.” He didn’t move.

Sarie’s eyes flew open. “What?”

“Start with my shirt and work your way down.” He smirked. “Sex between a man and a woman is about pleasing both partners. Undress me. Now.”

This was the moment. She was soon to see a real live penis. Taut, heavy balls. Hard, pulsing, for her.

Her slim fingers shook as she undid each tiny button on his white dress shirt. The shirt fluttered open, revealing Mr. Downey’s ripped upper body. She gasped. Never had she thought about him quite like this. Like a sculpture. Gliding her hands up his chest, she flicked both nipples simultaneously.

“Oh Sarie, yes. You just made my dick jump.”

She stopped at his shoulders, just under the drape of his shirt. “Me?”

He narrowed his eyes. “If you don’t hurry along, I will do it for you.”

Sarie yanked his shirt down, tugged off both sleeves, and tossed it on the table behind him.

“That’s my girl,” he muttered. “Next.”

She stepped back to admire his body. Broad, rounded shoulders. A bumpy shield of muscles leading all the way down his torso to a tapered stomach. His pants slung low under a line of hair from his belly button.

A significant budge tented the zipper.

Sarie licked her lips. She was way out of her element here.

His kartal escort warm hands found the tops of her narrow naked shoulders and pushed her to the ground. The carpet burned her knees as she wobbled to get her balance.

Mr. Downey’s crotch was in front of her face. Sarie eyed it. Would she? Could she?

“If you make me do everything, I won’t be happy,” he said.

She rose up on her knees, hands reaching for him. Wrenching open his belt, she looked up. “I’ve never done this before.”

“There’s a first time for everything, Sarie.” He pulled the belt clear of the loops and caressed her hair. “Don’t be afraid.”

Something about the way his eyes dilated made her feel stronger. She was suddenly very aware of how she must look to him. Breasts and ass bouncing with every movement. Her slim body on her knees before him, about to receive her first taste of cock.

She felt like someone else. Powerful. Sexy. And the way he looked at her? It was something beyond a treasured whore. Right now, she was everything for him.

It was liberating.

“What are you smiling about, sweetheart?”

Sarie unbuttoned his pants and took hold of his zipper. “New experiences.”

The flame of sensuality ignited in her as she slowly teased the zipper down.

“That’s a girl,” he murmured. “Don’t stop.”

She let the pants fall to the ground.

Nathan’s black silk boxer shorts fluttered against his hairy, tanned legs. Between them lay a massive bulge. She looked up to meet his blue eyes. Putting a hand on each thigh, she slithered up under his boxers.

Warm, so warm.

Joining her hands in the center, she cupped the tender flesh of his heavy balls in her palms.

“Oh yes, Sarie.”

The taut twins seemed to harden in her grasp. She thumbed the space in the sac between them with one hand and brushed the back of them with the other.

Flexing, he pushed himself into her hands and groaned.

“Not so fast, Mr. Downey,” she whispered.

“We’re not playing games, Sarie,” he grunted.

“No?” She ripped down his boxers and grasped his dick in her nimble fingers like she knew what she was doing. “I think we are.”

“Oh fucking Christ. Suck it.”

Sarie thumbed the helmet of his cock, facing it for the first time. It was so thick, her hand wouldn’t even go all the way around it. Nothing like any of the small strap ons she’d had before. So hard, but pliant. It would move with her. She stroked up, then down, imagining taking it inside her. Imagined the underside of her gripping hand was her pussy. Nervousness fluttered in her belly.

His hand came over hers, stopping her movement. She looked up.

“Open that fucking beautiful mouth of yours.”

Sarie wet her lips. Keeping her eyes locked with his, she leaned forward. Opened her mouth, pushed his dick upward, and flattened her tongue against the underside of his cock, sliding it all the way up to the huge, slick head.

Mr. Downey smiled, narrowed his eyes. “Are you teasing me, Sarie?”

She answered by licking the side of his dick, all the way up his long shaft.

“Let me help,” he said when she again reached the end.

Before she could see what was in his hands, he whipped something around the back of her head. It jingled in her ear once, then cut off as it pulled tight behind her neck.

His belt.

Her lips fell open in a gasp, just in time for the thick head of his cock to slide between them. It filled her mouth and pushed on her tongue, forcing her to open wider and wider.

Salivating over him, she grasped the back of his hairy thighs for balance.

Pulling back, he only surged forward again. Her tongue lapped around him, desperate for control.

Grunting, he threw his belt to the floor and grasped her face. “You like this, don’t you, Sarie?”

She strained her eyes to look up at him.

His hips flexed, his cock driving deeper into her mouth. “You try to be so innocent, so reluctant. But you really just want it rough, don’t you?” His fingers twined in her hair, knotting close to her scalp. “You need someone to push your boundaries.”

Mr. Downey pulled out and thrust again. It was easier to fit him in now, his big dick greased with the thick saliva of her mouth. The friction made her lips tingle.

Then he went deeper, hitting her gag reflex and packing her throat. He pulled out and she coughed, gasped for breath.

He wiped his dick on her cheeks. “You like that? Like being my little wanton whore? Drooling all over my big cock?”

“Pussy… tastes better,” Sarie sputtered.

“Yes.” He raised an eyebrow, a smile tugging at his lips. “Get up and get your sexy ass onto that table.”

She pushed herself onto her feet, nearly tripping on her heels.

His hands immediately went to her hips, steadying her. Sarie looked up.

“Table.” Mr. Downey dropped his arms to his sides.

Was he going to taste her? Or was this it? Was he going to try to fit that massive organ of his inside her?

Sarie wobbled to the table and sat, her ass cheeks spreading on the cold surface.

“Lean back. You know what I want to see.” His cock bobbed as he stripped the boxer shorts from his ankles and deposited them on one of the chairs next to her. “Show me that little pink pussy of yours.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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