Sex Sells Ch. 05

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In the weeks that followed, Jerod and Denise’s business grew like gangbusters.

They were filling their working days with sales calls, demos, and hands-on trainings. When they weren’t selling, Jerod was harvesting prospective clients from various online databases. There was an endless stream of potential customers and it showed no signs of letting up.

Denise soon set aside enough money for her entire senior year and a good amount for her Mom to live on. She didn’t have a ton of expenses. When she wasn’t working with Jerod, she was studying for her classes. And in their spare time, they were sailing, kayaking, and swimming in the lake which didn’t cost a cent.

Denise was saving so much money, she asked Jerod to help her invest it. They would spend their off hours researching and buying stocks, and in a few months, she had built up quite a portfolio. Jerod advised her to buy stock in companies she knew and respected, and to trust her instincts about what new companies might get traction in the market. She ended up spreading her money across well-known companies — Apple, Netflix, Tesla — and unknown ones she’d read up on and believed in.

The week after she bought shares in Tesla, they announced a five-for-one stock split.

“Woo-hoo!” she hollered. “Investing is FUN!”

Jerod just smiled at her and shook his head.

“You’ve got great timing, girl!” he said. “That’s all I can say.”

Denise was kicking butt in school too. Her grades were fantastic — straight A’s down the line — and her professors were enthusiastic about her work. Several of them encouraged her to apply to business schools, good ones, and they wrote letters of recommendation for her. She took the GREs and ended up getting 167/169 on verbal and quant. She ended up applying to UT Austin, University of Michigan, Berkeley, Stanford, and Penn.

With the business taking off, Denise got excited about using what she was learning in school. She started thinking about how they might scale the business. She and Jerod were a constrained resource after all, and that put a limit on how many sales calls they could do in a week. Denise had crunched the numbers and figured they could bring on two additional heads and nearly double their net profit. Jerod agreed with her analysis, though he was nervous about bringing in outsiders.

They decided to mitigate the risk by recruiting people they knew and could vouch for. Denise had some friends in mind who would be good candidates for the work. They were trustworthy, in need of money, and happened to be stunningly attractive.

They needed a way to check these prospects out. To see if they’d be right for the job without disclosing too much information about what they were actually doing. They needed to spend some time with them, learn what their status was, and see how they looked and acted.

They decided to throw a party.

They scheduled it for the weekend after Denise’s graduation from UT. They figured a ‘graduation party’ would be the perfect excuse. It would give them a chance to check out the recruits in a casual setting and assess whether they’d be right for the job.

She called four of her friends — two women and two men — and invited them to come to the house for an afternoon of sailing and barbeque. Denise and Jerod planned to pick the best two candidates from that group.

It would be kind of an audition — without any of them knowing it.

The weekend of Denise’s graduation arrived and Jerod attended, of course, looking great in a summer suit. Denise’s Mom and her boyfriend Mac were there too. Denise introduced Jerod to them as her “boss”. Her friend Jasmine from the lingerie shop also came.

Denise got two awards — one for academic excellence and one for winning the Quick Pitch Competition for her Virtual Fittings startup idea.

The following weekend, the graduation party was set to start at noon at Jerod’s house.

The first to arrive was Sonia, a 23-year-old Latina who Denise knew from the Gentlemen’s Club where they both had worked as strippers. Sonia looked a bit like the actress Jessica Alba, with a beautiful face and an unbelievably hot body. She was smart, a hard-worker, and had a good head on her shoulders. Denise thought she was the best-looking of all the strippers, she was all natural, and men found her sexy as hell.

Next was Kim, a high school friend of Denise’s. Kim was 22, the same age as Denise, and a petite blond. She and Denise had done theater together in high school and Kim had gone to LA to try and make it as an actress. She spent several years going from audition to audition, getting a few commercials but not much else, and was now back in Dallas, out of money, and living with her parents. Denise remembered Kim as the ‘hottest girl in school’ because of her killer body and sexy green eyes.

The third to arrive was Kyle, who Denise knew from lifeguarding. Kyle was a strapping blond of 24, with a great physique and a winning smile. He had stayed on as a lifeguard after high school, didn’t go to college, and had worked for a time as güvenilir bahis a pool attendant. Denise was friendly with Kyle’s girlfriend at the time, another lifeguard, and had learned he was ‘amazing in bed’ and ‘hung like a horse’ though she never verified that personally.

Kyle brought his best friend, Brandon, who was also a lifeguard. Brandon, also 24, had sexy brown eyes, with dark brown curly hair that he wore swept back. Denise didn’t know Brandon that well, but he seemed like a solid guy and was definitely qualified when it came to looks. Tall and buff, he resembled Jimmy Garoppolo, the NFL quarterback.

“Welcome, guys!” said Denise, when they had all arrived. “So nice of you to help me celebrate.”

“Wow, what a view!” Kim said, looking out at the lake.

“I’ll give guys a quick tour and then we can go out on the grass for beer and barbeque,” Denise said.

“Beer and BBQ?” Kyle said, “now you’re talkin’ my language.”

Denise showed them the living room and kitchen, then took the foursome up the stairs to the second floor.

“This is my office,” she said. “It doubles as the guest room. So, if any of you has too much to drink, Kyle, this is where we’ll stick ya.”

“Nice,” Kyle said, “somebody beer me!”

They all laughed.

She took the foursome to the third floor.

“This room has the best view in the house.”

“Is this your room?” Sonia asked.

“It’s Jerod’s and my room,” Denise said.

“Where is this mysterious Jerod?” Kyle asked.

“Manning the barbeque, as we speak,” Denise answered. “Come on, I want you to meet him.”

They tromped down the stairs and out the door to the deck and down the steps to the grass. While it felt unusual to have so many guests in her and Jerod’s private hideaway, Denise also found it fun to share it with friends. Her mood was buoyant.

“We’ve got four hungry campers,” she called out to Jerod.

He was standing at the barbeque with tongs in his hand. A grill full of chicken was sizzling away.

“Smells great,” said Brandon with a smile.

“I hope you brought your appetites!” Jerod smiled. “Hi, I’m Jerod.”

Greetings were shared all around.

“You have a beautiful place,” Kim said.

“We like it,” Jerod said, slipping his arm around Denise’s waist.

Denise felt like her relationship with Jerod was ‘going public’. It felt a bit odd, but it also felt good, like she was making a kind of declaration.

She gave Jerod a kiss on the cheek.

“Jerod took me in when I needed somewhere to land,” Denise said, smiling at him. “He rescued me.”

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to help you,” Kim said in a high voice. “My parents’ place is so small.”

Denise waved her hand.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said. “It all worked out.”

“We have a cooler full of beer,” Jerod offered. “Help yourself.”

The guys grabbed beers out of the cooler and opened them for the others.

“The chicken’ll be ready in about ten minutes,” Jerod said. “There’s pasta salad, green salad, garlic bread, and strawberry sopapillas for dessert.”

“Is that sauce homemade?” Kyle asked, as Jerod basted the chicken with a paint brush.

“My special recipe,” Jerod smiled. “Sweet chile sauce, soy sauce, and the juice from two fresh limes. That’s the secret.”

“Denise, you scored big time,” Sonia said. “A man who can cook.”

“I can microwave,” Brandon said, “does that count?”

“No!” the women said in unison. Everyone laughed.

After lunch, Denise suggested everyone to get ready for sailing and head down to the boathouse. They all changed into their bathing suits, t-shirts, and shorts.

“Is that our boat?” Kyle asked, gesturing to Jerod’s sailboat moored alongside the boathouse.

“Maybe,” Jerod said with a mischievous smile.

Denise shot him a puzzled look.

A few moments later, a gorgeous sloop motored into view — a single-masted beauty with enormous sails. It was headed into Jerod’s boat dock.

Denise jumped in the air with delight.

“It’s the Beloved!” she squealed.

Rather than go out on his own 22-footer, Jerod had arranged a fancier ride.

The Beloved was a 44-foot, custom made, wooden-hulled sloop, built in the mid-60’s, and probably the handsomest vessel on the lake. Jerod and Denise had admired it many times strolling along the marina. It was owned and lovingly restored by a couple Jerod had known for years.

“You chartered her! For me!” Denise said, giving Jerod a kiss. “I’m so happy!”

Jerod had arranged for the owners, Charlie and Rose Allnutt, to pick them up and tour the lake for a couple hours.

The Beloved was a gorgeous vessel—replete with a mahogany cockpit and bronze fittings. The plan was to take her out on the open water and then anchor for a little swim time. Charlie, an amiable older chap in a captain’s hat, let his guests take turns behind the ship’s wheel.

The winds were generous and they were soon cutting across the water. Denise was all smiles, delighted to be finally sailing on this vintage beauty. Her friends were having fun türkçe bahis too, drinking and laughing.

When they got to Jerod and Denise’s favorite cove, they lowered the sails and dropped anchor. That’s when the clothes started to come off.

Jerod just sat back behind his sunglasses and watched.

Jerod and Denise planned this as a swimming party on purpose. They wanted a casual way to check out exactly what they were dealing with. If any of these guests were to join their sales team, they’d better have drop dead gorgeous bodies.

And boy did they.

Kyle was the first out of his clothes. His physique was that of an Olympic swimmer — narrow hips, a tight ass, and broad, muscular shoulders and arms. Not an ounce of fat. He was wearing boardshorts so it was hard to tell what he was packing, but the initial verdict was a big thumbs up.

Brandon, too, had a classic swimmer’s body. Not unexpected, since they were both lifeguards. He was taller than Kyle but had the same V-shaped physique, with a washboard stomach, and a fantastic ass. He was wearing a smaller suit and, from the looks of it, he was filling it out nicely.

Kim was next. She was wearing a tiny bikini that showed off a petite, athletic body. She wasn’t as busty as Denise, but she had a swayed back and an ass that had the men taking notice right away. She had an ingenue quality that made her look younger than her 22 years.

When Sonia peeled off her clothes, the men all did double takes. Big, perfectly shaped breasts, barely contained in a micro bikini, and an ass that was a sight to behold. Even more, the way she moved exuded sexuality. Must have been all that time spent at the strip club.

When Denise dropped her clothes, Jerod took a deep breath and smiled. She never failed to take his breath away. She was wearing a teal, side tie bikini that made her body look incredible.

The five friends jumped overboard, laughing and swimming in the water while Jerod and the couple chatted on the boat.

“So, what’s your connection to Denise exactly?” Rose asked.

Charlie and Rose had known Jerod since he first moved to Lake Weatherford ten years earlier. Jerod was careful not to reveal too much about his personal life.

“She’s a student at UT,” Jerod said casually. “At least she was until she graduated a week ago. She needed a place to live so I’m letting her stay in the extra bedroom.”

It wasn’t entirely true, of course, but it was close enough. Rose been quite close to Jerod’s wife, Maggie, who had succumbed to cancer five years before. Jerod was concerned Rose would be bothered if she knew he was cattin’ around with someone so much younger than himself.

If fact, Denise hadn’t slept a single night in the extra bedroom since she moved in a year ago. She had spent every night in Jerod’s bedroom, in “their” bed. And, every one of those nights, they had made passionate love together.

If Rose only knew.

Charlie showed the swimmers where and how to climb back into the boat. Standing on the deck, dripping with water, they looked like a group of models on a fashion shoot. They were all fit and in the prime of life. The women’s nipples, cold from the lake water, pressed against their tiny bikini tops; the men’s cocks were clearly evident beneath their clinging suits.

All four had passed the swimsuit test, Jerod and Denise thought to themselves.

After they returned to Jerod’s house and said goodbye to the Allnuts and the Beloved, the second test was ready to commence. The nudity test.

It was time to rinse off and Denise steered everyone to the outdoor shower. The women went first. One by one, they rinsed off and then wrapped themselves in their towels, carrying their damp bikinis. Denise had purposely left their shorts, shirts, and coverups in the house.

Denise laid her towel on the grass, under the late afternoon sun, and laid on her back, revealing her totally nude body.

“C’mon y’all,” Denise called to them. “This is the best. Sun-dried tomatoes.”

The other women saw her and shrugged. Soon, they were taking off their towels and laying on their backs. When the guys came out of the shower, there were three gorgeous women, totally nude, laying on the grass.

“What’s wrong? Feeling shy?” Denise teased the guys.

Kyle was the first to respond.

“Shy? Never!” Kyle said, whipping off his towel to reveal his sizable cock.

Her friend wasn’t exaggerating, Denise thought. The guy was definitely hung.

Finally, Brandon emerged from the shower. He looked at four women laying on their backs, sunbathing with their boobs facing the sky.

He whipped off his towel and laid it next to the others. He was even bigger than Kyle.

“Beers, anyone?” Kim asked, getting up.

Several hands shot up.

She casually walked down across the lawn to the ice chest. She grabbed four bottles, opened them, and carried them back to the others.

She walked like a model on a runway. Head high, shoulders back. Not an ounce of inhibition. Her firm breasts rode high with pert nipples sticking güvenilir bahis siteleri out.

“All that waitressing finally pays off,” she joked as she moved from one naked body to the next, handing out the beers.

Denise watched her and suddenly she could see exactly what all those boys were talking about in high school. Her body was nearly flawless. Her breasts weren’t big, but they were perfectly proportioned for her petite body. Her ass, her hips, her thighs — she had the body of a teenage sexpot. And the face of an angel.

When she walked back across the grass for one more bottle of beer, she swung her ass confidently.

Yes, Kim had definitely passed the nudity test.

Just then, a motor boat passed the house, close to shore. It paused just off shore, idling. At first, Denise didn’t notice they were there. Kim kept walking to the cooler sashaying her hips. She shaded her eyes to see what the boat was doing. Two men were looking in their direction with binoculars.

Kim kept walking and waved to the ogling men. She bent over to get one more beer, and stuck out her ass extravagantly. She strutted back to the others with her back arched. She raised her beer to the guys in the boat.

“Got a good enough look yet?” she shouted.

Denise sat up and looked out at the boat. Shit, it was the lake police.

“Don’t encourage ’em,” Denise said quietly. “It’s like feeding a dog at the table. They’ll keep comin’ back.”

Kim sat on her towel defiantly. They continued to train their binoculars on them. Denise realized her boobs were on full display for them too.

Eventually, they got their fill and the boat took off down the coast.

Denise decided not to think about it. She was having too good a time to ruin it. Besides, it was time to start the third test.

“Hey, who wants to play a game?” Denise asked.

“Game? Game, you say?” Kyle ask, sitting up.

“It’s a party game,” Denise said. “Kind of an acting game. Kim, you should be good at this one.”

“It’s called ‘In the Manner of the Word’ and it’s super fun,” Denise said, encouraging them.

They sat up, forming a ragged circle. The women’s breasts were fully exposed. The men were hanging loose.

“Hey Jerod,” Denise called up to the house, “Game time!”

Jerod was working up in the kitchen.

“OK,” his distant voice answered.

A few moments later, he was arriving with a bag of chips and a bowl of guacamole. He was in shorts and a tee.

“In case anyone’s hungry,” he said.

Jerod was sat amongst them. No one was covering up. The women looked incredible, their breasts gorgeous. The men’s schlongs were hanging between their legs, long and thick from laying in the afternoon sun next to those beautiful women.

They had all passed the nudity test.

“So how do you play this here game,” Kyle asked.

“OK,” Denise said. “It goes like this. One person is ‘it’. They go out of earshot and the others think of an adverb. A word that describes an action. You know, words that usually end in ‘ly’. Anyway, once they think of an adverb, the person comes back and tries to guess what word they chose.”

“Do they give clues?” asked Brandon.

“Not quite,” Denise answered. “The person who’s ‘it’ asks the rest of the people to do things ‘in the manner of the word’.”

“What kind of things?” Sonia asked.

“Funny things. Embarrassing things. Things that make you have to act. Here, I’ll demonstrate. I’ll be the person who goes out first and I’ll show you how it works.”

Denise got up and walked, naked, up the stairs to the house.

“Now, we have to think of an adverb,” Jerod said. “But don’t say it too loud. We don’t want her to hear.”

“How ’bout Quickly?” Brandon offered.

“Or Strangely?” Kim said.

“Deliciously?” said Kyle, after taking a bite of chips and guac.

Jerod decided to help them settle on something. Something that would make for a good test.

“Seductively?” Jerod offered.

“Oh, yeah! That’d be good!” said Kyle.

“Good one,” Kim said, clapping her hands. “Seductively.”

“OK, now we call Denise back to the group,” said Jerod.

“Denise! Come on back!” Kyle yelled.

“OK, I’m coming,” Denise’s distant voice answered.

“Try not to make it too obvious at first,” Jerod said. “Make her work for it.”

Denise arrived carrying all of their clothes in her arms. One by one, they put on t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, and coverups. The women were all bra and panty-less. The guys were going commando.

“OK,” Denise said, looking at all their faces. “I wonder what it could be.”

They were all smiling at her. They had a secret.

“Kim,” she said. “I want you to eat some of that guacamole in the manner of the word.”

Kim got up on her knees, her pert breasts and nipples poking against her tank top, and slowly plucked a single chip from the bag. Then, she looked at Denise with sexy eyes, arched her back, and slowly dipped the chip in the guacamole. She scooped it up like she was running her finger along the length of a throbbing cock and brought it to her mouth. She let her tongue escape her lips and she licked a bit of guac off the edge of the chip like it was a drop of precum. Then she wrapped her lips around the green mass and sucked it, slowly, into her mouth.

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