Sisterly Bonds Ch. 08

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All characters are over 18.


In a house in a certain place a familiar scene is taking place. Two sisters are in a room, one tying the other to a chair and fawning over her, the other looking at her. However, this scene is different than previous.

“I know I said it a couple of days ago,” Cal said, tying Sam’s wrists not only behind the chair back, but also behind the bedpost the chair was tied to. “But, I truly enjoy having a cute younger sister who lets me indulge in my fetish.”

She hugged Sam, kissing her cheek. Freed from the fear of her anger, Sam felt a blush come to her cheeks as she looked down.

“So” She asked, looking behind her. “Why did you tie the chair to the bed this time?”

“Because it occurred to me that you could seriously injure yourself if you fall over.” Cal sat down on the floor to tie Sam’s legs. “I didn’t actually think about it because I never saw you fall over until yesterday, but you could seriously injure yourself and break your shoulder or even crack your skull open.”

“Oh jeez.” Sam said. “I never thought of that. Holy crap.”

“Yeah.” Cal said, moving behind Sam’s chair to tie her waist to the chair and bedpost. “So, I’ve taken the liberty of making sure you can’t fall down.”

“I’d gizli çekim porno thank you but it’d be sarcasm.” Sam said.

“Well, I think it makes you look even cuter.” Cal pulled the ball gag she’d used on her younger sister previously from behind her back and pulled it into Sam’s mouth, catching her off guard.

“There.” Cal smirked. “But, I think a cloth gag looks neater.”

She then tied a handkerchief over Sam’s mouth, eliciting a sigh from the younger.

“Oh, hush.” Cal said. “I like it. It’s like art.”

“Mrhrmhrmhmph (you got a D in Art).” Sam said.

“School art is different.” Cal said, pulling out a sketchbook and beginning to draw. “I wasn’t into drawing any of the things the teacher liked and my drawings were too raunchy for the class anyway.”

“Mrhrmrph (you draw)?” Sam asked.

“You know I dabble in it.” Cal said. “I just never showed off my drawings because I draw more… mature themes.”

“Mrhrph (such as)?” Sam asked through the gag.

“Well, such as this.” Cal flipped over to a page depicting her holding a bound and gagged Sam, cradling her in her arms. Sam’s eyes widened at the quality of the drawing. Cal flipped to another, which depicted her kissing Sam’s forehead and glory hole secrets holding her close.

“mrhrmph (you really like to draw the two of us).” Sam noted.

“Well, how else do I get out my feelings?” Cal asked her. “I hate keeping a diary and tying you up never got me anywhere.”

Sam simply nodded her head as if to say ‘true’.

“I’m working on this one now.” Cal showed her the drawing she was working on. Sam noticed it showed the two of them clasping hands and staring lovingly into each other’s eyes. Ropes wrapped around their wrists and waist, binding them together, as if it was symbolic.

“Mrrhph (wow).” Sam said.

“You like it?” Cal asked, getting a nod in response.

“Great!” the older hugged her younger sister, kissing her cheek. “Now, I’m gonna go make lunch. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

She left, leaving Sam to her own thoughts.

“She’s truly determined to convince me to reciprocate.” Sam thought. “I guess it truly was for the best that she did that stuff a few days ago. But… what do I feel? Do I feel love for her like she feels for me? I feel… something… maybe… for her sake… I do.”

Sam zoned out in her thoughts, Cal walking in holding several food items. grup sex A snap of her fingers brought Sam back to reality.

“You okay, baby sis?” Cal asked.

“Mrhrmph (huh?)” Sam asked, still not used to the softer, less dominatrix-ish side of her sister. It was surprising to see her do bondage and not act like normal. Though, Sam did realize that now that Cal could be open with her feelings, especially with hope of reciprocation, she would stop putting on her façade to try and force Sam’s feelings, even staying in the same room and not have to leave to act like normal.

“you kinda stared off there.” Cal said, taking out the gags, but leaving the nineteen year old bound.

“I was just thinking.” Sam said.

“What about?” Cal asked, sitting next to her.

“Nothing.” Sam lied.

“Well, I’m going to feed you.” Cal said.

“I can feed myself.” Sam said.

“You’re still tied to the bedpost.” Cal said.

“You did this on purpose.” Sam said, narrowing her eyes.

“I did.” Cal said. “Now, open wide for the sandwich.”

Sam sighed, opening her mouth as her sister began to feed her the sandwich.

“You’re acting like this is a date, aren’t you?” Sam asked after chewing.

“I am.” Cal chuckled. “So far, you’ve been a very good date.”

Sam felt the hot blush rush to her cheeks. She knew that perhaps she would feel the same way for Cal as she did for her, but she wasn’t going to force it. It would take time if it existed at all.

The story still isn’t over.

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