So Wrong But So Right

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He’ll be here soon. And then he’s closer than I thought. I hear his cellphone ring outside in the hall and I pull on my camisole and panties and crawl under the covers.

It is only a few moments before he enters the room. My chest thumps with remembrance of our last interlude, knowing that in moments we will be touching again. He can’t see much of me… which keeps me settled… but he is looking. I am glad to see him. I’m excited by his presence- the power he exudes. For the past half hour, from the moment I stepped into the hotel room, I have been twitching in pure anticipation. My mind races as he empties his pockets and removes his watch and wedding ring. How will today’s episode differ from the last? How will it be the same?

A blush invades my cheeks as he removes his shirt, then his pants follow. A rush makes me hot and cold at the same time as he lowers himself to my blanket-encased body. I can’t imagine if I were in love with this man, how entirely the sex would swallow me up… consume me. He kisses me and chuckles as he removes the blanket. He finds my modesty funny since it was only a few days ago that we made fevered love in this same bed. Then he looks at me. Like an infant I reach up and touch his chest, exploring the broad surface, his skin warm beneath my fingertips. A breath escapes my lips as his weight dominates my body.

Our lips find each other’s. I have wanted him for days and now we have each other. My legs spread and lift to wrap around him. From toe to nose, we are touching and his tongue is in my mouth. He’s an expert in every way. Just this contact, the melding of our bodies makes me wet with desire. My lips vibrate with soft moans. I can’t help it… I’m already white-hot. In his arms I feel beautiful and wanted. He thinks I’m beautiful. He wants me. That idea makes me whimper.

I’m putty in his fingers. He could do anything and everything he wants to me, but he takes his time with my body. His fingers trace my breasts through my camisole. My nipples ache in his fingertips and goosebumps blanket my body. He bends over me, licking and sucking my throat. He laps at my pulse as it gets faster.

My clit swells as his hands press up and down my body. He’s driving me crazy… he has to know how crazy he’s making me. The only senseless thought my brain can think is the single word ‘Fuck…’ but I’m so hot, I can’t even say it. My swollen mouth just moves around the soundless word, my teeth digging into my bottom lip. Helplessly, I clutch him. I need this so bad. I need him so bad. He’s the only man that makes me feel this way. He’s the only man that has ever possessed me so wholly.

My fingers tremble at his neck but he lifts away, his hands at my sides. ‘Don’t let me go’, my brain wants my mouth to say. But I know he won’t… and this keeps me silent. I’m drunk off of the pure lust coursing through my veins. My eyelids float open and I smile at him. He rears up and adjusts himself and in some way undetectable to me, removes his underwear. His hands press at the brim of my camisole and he slides it over my searing flesh. Lifting my upper body a bit, I pull it over my head and throw it aside. He just looks at me… as if I’m a treasure. My eyes drift closed as his hands seize my breasts.

Slowly he massages until I’m no longer a woman but a whore for him. czech harem porno My back is arched. My mouth is open and rough groans issue from my throat. My generous breasts become firm tits. My soft pussy is now a wet cunt in my panties. My round hips buckle, the valley between my legs widens as my shapely legs spread apart on the bed.

Then he stops and I pant with excitement as his large hands press down my belly to my dripping sex. He touches me through my underwear and my love juices soak into the lace. Reflexively, I reach down and gently stroke his cock. His steady hand falters as his cock jumps happily in my fingers. As if to distract me, he presses two of his large fingers on either side of my clit, massaging in long, even strokes. I suck in a sharp breath as pure lightning rips me in two. His touch has sent me over the edge and yet I know it’s only the beginning. My hands drop at my hips and I grab on to the coverlet for dear life. ‘Again! Again!’ my exilarated body beckons. ‘God! Again!’ I forget to breathe but soon catch up to myself… only to have myself thrust back into ecstasy once more.

His hands steadily work me and my mouth dries out as air rushes in and out of my lungs. Finally he pushes my lace panties aside and presses a finger into me. My whole body trembles and I moan as my muscles massage his thick digit. With a satisfied grunt and a chuckle, he inserts another finger to join the first. Thick liquid seeps around them both as I come again and again. Just as I’m close to cumming again, he withdraws his fingers and slips them into my gaping mouth. Though he means me to suck my own cum from his hand, he holds my mouth open and gently rubs my tongue, letting the juices drip into my mouth. Finally he lets me close my mouth and suck. He seems to enjoy the gentle tug of my lips as my head bobs slightly. I smile around his hand, licking my lips around his fingers. He knows the smile is a promise of what’s to come later.

But until then he removes his hand from my mouth and runs it down between my tits and over my stomach to rest above my recently-shaved pussy, commanding every muscle in my body to become tight with anticipation again. I moan happily and reach up to stroke his chest and his stomach until my finger rest on his throbbing shaft. My mouth waters as I wonder when he’ll let me suck the cum from him… when I can feel the tight head of his prick in the back of my throat. But the next move is all his.

Again his movements are torturous and expertly executed. He lines himself up with me and enters slowly… just to make me squirm. He could give it to me rough and swift but he’s easing into it. My hips buck, beckoning him with each insistent jerk to give it to me faster and harder. But it seems he wants to feel every sensation. It could be possible he has been thinking about this all week since the last time we made love… while sitting at work in his cubicle. How often has his cock hardened at the thought of pressing into the tight passage of my womanhood?

I try to remain calm as he finishes his first slow entry. He utters a string of curses under his breath. I’ve been flexing my muscles for days, waiting to suck his rigid dick in completely. I want him to feel the flames of hell behind the sin… to feel my desire massaging him swingers porno from every angle of his cock. It seems to be working. But my concentration wavers as my clit begins to throb, my pussy squeezing him tight. I can’t help but moan loud at our oneness. It’s all-encompassing to have his raw power pulsating in me. My nearly ripe orgasm lingers and I spread my legs wider to accept every inch of him.

Suddenly his breath quickens and he lifts my legs, tucks my knees under his arms and withdraws, sliding only the head of his magnificent member in and out. His power over me is unbelievable. In moments, I erupt, my back arches again and I cry out in rapturous bliss. Juices drip out of my slit onto the bed.

“You’re so wet,” he whispers. I giggle between deep breaths as I relax a little bit. But he won’t let me rest. He wants more. Just to tease, he nudges my sensitive nub and my eyes shut again and I smile with a blush.

“I hope your cock knows how to swim.” I smirk and giggle a little but he doesn’t respond with words. Instead he drives himself fully into me and holds there. It’s too fucking good to be holy. I bite my bottom lip, suppressing a choke of surprise. I’m caught up in delirium as he starts to pump me full of his shaft. He gathers me up as our hips meet again and again. My legs wrap around him as his mouth rests at my collarbone. My head is thrown back as he uses me… loves me… with each thrust making me feel more and more like a woman. My fingers tangle in his dark brown hair. He’s groaning as if in torment… his arms holding me tight like a straight-jacket… inhaling me like… I’m a drug. And neither of us can get enough.

A thousand deities’ names pass between my lips as I peak again and again. With each thrust my sheath clamps down on him. Going a million miles an hour, swimming in an ocean of pure lust, he keeps making me cum. Finally his groans grow louder and his thrusts speed up. I can feel his cock stiffening… readying for the end. Quietly I beg him for it. He may not even hear me but he grants my wanton wish. His rod spasms over and over, unloading his thick fluid into my hungry pussy.

I hold him close, both of us shaking. For a few moments, we simply kiss… unmoving in the dizzy aftermath. Slowly he pulls out of my quivering depths. Streams of hot liquid drip from me, the warmth sliding all the way down to the bed. I revel in feeling so full. He flatters me with his sounds of relaxation. At one time I thought I couldn’t please a man… that I didn’t have a nice enough body. But he has taken and given so much, that I can’t believe that anymore. He whispers in my ears softly… things that make me chuckle… things that make me hug him tight. Besides giving me insurmountable pleasure, he’s a sweet person with a good heart. As I doze in and out of sleep, his weight distributed over me like a heavy security blanket, he kisses my neck. It’s a wonder that he enjoys me so much. It never ceases to amaze me… that any man should enjoy me so much.

I hum softly at his gentle motions until he begins pressing his lips all over my neck and breasts. Then he begins to nibble and I can’t prevent the soft moans vibrating from deep in my chest. It’s impossible that he wants more. Isn’t it? I rub his shoulders and comb my fingers czech pool porno through his hair and he sits up to take a breath.

The evidence that he wants me again is slowly rising up from its resting state. I shake my head and smile at him. ‘Insatiable’, I think to myself, reaching down to stroke him. He seems thrilled by my movement and lies down on his back beside me. Finally my favorite time has come. I lift myself from the bed. The coverlet is disturbed and drenched; the pillows are scattered; the mint-freshened air is full of the smell of satisfaction and urgency. I nudge apart his thighs playfully and kneel in between them. My whole body is shaking, my muscles made of molten lava. I try to regain my concentration and it helps that I’m still fascinated by the newness of his tool.

It’s not quite fully erect, but then again it’s only been about ten minutes, fifteen at the most. I am still surprised he wants me again, as I’m not used to having sex more than once in a day. But what does it matter what I’m used to? Having sex with him isn’t about the old… it’s about the new.

I close my hand around him and begin to tug gently. He seems pleasantly aroused. I know he must be feeling sensitive, so I want to ease him into it. I give him a few especially full, long… slow pumps and then settle my mouth on the tip of him. I press my tongue to him all over, waiting for him to groan… waiting for him to want more. Then he gives me the signal I smile as I begin suck on him selfishly. My ego tells me that if there is one thing I do well, it is this. He is not a verbal man, but somehow the way I suck him elicits some words from him, though I can’t understand them. Eagerly, I swirl my tongue around the tip and then slide him all the way into my mouth.

“Mmmmmmm.” I’ve wanted this for days, but I don’t bother telling him. I think he knows. My black, wavy hair is wild, so I reach back and let it free of the claw-clip there. I throw it into the floor somewhere. A cascade of raven hair caresses his thighs, curtaining my face. Meanwhile his cock has not left my mouth and I go back to the task at hand. I lick and suck greedily at his smooth dick. I take it all the way in and moan as he flexes it in my mouth. His hand goes to the back of my head, making it easier for me to take all of him. I could go for hours, feeding on his exquisite muscle.

Again he is making me hot and my free hand wanders to my soaked pussy, the other holding his shaft so I can lick it all over. In moments I’m moaning and breathing steam on his adamant cock. I tease with my tongue, licking from the tip to lick all over the tight sack beneath. He’ll like this, I think to myself alternately sucking on each of his testicles, making wet sucking noises on them.

And he does.

“Come in my mouth,” I groan out, my fingers making me contract in sweet orgasm several times over as I feel him coming closer. I suck him into my throat and massage the full length of his shaft with my tongue, kneading his balls vigorously with my hand. His balls get tight as his excitement grows. Mine doubles and then triples. Suddenly he grabs my head and shoves his cock all the way into my neck. He squirts a fresh load of seed into my mouth as I come one last time. I relish the taste, licking my lips before I collapse beside him.

We smile at each other clumsily as if to confirm how crazy our chemistry is. We close our eyes knowing that we shouldn’t be together but there’s warmth somehow in the fact that we’re so magnetically drawn to each other. Almost immediately, I fall asleep and find comfort when he reaches out for me. So wrong… but so right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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