Tan Lines

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I was heading over to my parent’s house one weekend. My Dad was away and my mother was all alone. I thought she might like some company. I had a key and so I let myself in. I walked through the house but there was no sign of my mother. As I walked into the kitchen I looked out the back window. There was my mother sunning herself. I got a surprise. Mom was resting in a chair and she had removed her bikini top to sun her tan lines. There were no neighbors close by so she must have felt okay to strip down.

One thing was for sure, my Mom had big tits. Her pink nipples were huge as well. I lowered my hand to my pants. I started to rub up and down my zipper. I know I shouldn’t be spying my mother like that but her tits were calling to me. I probably should have turned around and left. I just couldn’t do that. I walked out the back door. My mother heard me and tried to cover up quickly. I walked over to where her beach chair was. She had to see my bulge sticking out.

“You have beautiful breasts,” I told her. “Don’t cover them up.”

My mother didn’t move. I reached down and pulled her bikini top from her hands. Her tits were glistening with sweat. I knelt down and placed a hand on her left tit. Mom let out this loud moan. I couldn’t stop now. I now had both hands massaging her big melons. Mom had her head thrown back.

“Oh my God!” She let out this cry.

I kneaded her tits for some minutes. I couldn’t just stop here. I stood up and I pulled my shirt relaxbet güvenilirmi off. Next I pushed my pants and underwear down to the pavement. I kicked off my shoes and got all my clothes off. My cock was half dangling between my legs. I could see my Mom had her eyes glued to my prick. I reached out for her hands and I pulled her up to the upright position. My dick was just inches from her mouth.

There was some hesitation on her part. I reached over and placed a hand on the back of her head. I didn’t allow her to pull away. My cock head brushed her lips. Mom finally opened for me and I slid my rod into her mouth. We got into a regular motion. Mom was choking a bit as I pushed in as deep as I could. Mom looked up to my face. She must have wondered if I was enjoying all this.

I was in ecstasy. I never dreamed my Mom would be working on my bone like this. It took a few minutes and I was hard as I could be. I pulled free of my mother’s mouth. I took her by the hands and pulled her to her feet. She probably wasn’t expecting the next part. I was able to lift her leg to one side. Her pussy was exposed to me.

“Rob, you can’t do this!” She pleaded to me.

The problem was I could do it. My mushroom found her wet gash and I shoved in hard. That made my mother cry out.

“Oh fuck!”

My mother wasn’t one to curse but this time she couldn’t control herself. I just lost it. I was pounding my Mom’s pussy as hard as I could. My dick relaxbet yeni giriş was making these slurping sounds every time I entered Mom’s pussy. I just slammed into her. Our pubic bones were hitting each time I fed her cock. The one bad thing was that I was having trouble controlling my urges. Maybe it was because this was my Mom.

Maybe fifteen minutes had passed. I felt that pinch in my nuts. I tried to hold on but it was no use. I ended up grunting a few times and then I let go. Jets of my cream flooded into my mother’s tunnel. Mom’s body started to jerk. I had my hands on her hips and I felt those ropes of cum spurting into her convulsing pussy. We slowly calmed down and my cock got soft. I removed my dick from my Mom’s body.

I looked down to see my hot spunk dripping out. It made me feel so hot. Mom brought her legs down. She quickly ran back into the house. Some minutes had passed before she returned. I thought she would be happy but she had a frown on her face.

“No one can ever know we did this.” She scolded me.

She gathered up her bikini and walked back inside. I grabbed up my clothes and followed her into the house. She marched back to the bedroom. I walked into the room and placed my hands on her shoulders.

“I love you Mom,”

I whispered into her ear. She spun around. We were face to face now. Somehow she cooled down. We had a sensual kiss and my hands went to her body. We both got onto the bed together. relaxbet giriş I was on top of my Mom. I rubbed my cock across her cum stained slit. Mom reached down and guided me to her opening. I pushed all the way in.

Much to my surprise we started all over again. I got my hands up under her knees. I pushed her thighs back towards her big tits. I took my mother one more time. There was no doubt this time around. Mom needed my cock. I slid all seven inches into my Mom’s belly.

“Fuck me hard Rob,” she pleaded for more cock.

My balls were bouncing off her ass cheeks. I was going to make sure that this would be the first of many times we would make love together. We went longer this time around. The tank was empty now. This time was all for my mother’s sake. She later said she had multiple orgasms that second time. After close to an hour we had finished. We showered together and then composed ourselves.

Mom said that she and my Dad never had sex these days. When I came onto her she tried to resist but it didn’t work. She gave into me and she wanted my fat cock. That was it for a little while. My Dad returned from his trip. It was more difficult to get together. Sometimes Mom stealed away from home and came over to my apartment. We had to make it count. We would have maybe an hour for lovemaking.

Mom took endless amounts of my male seed. She said she loved feeling me explode inside her hot womb. We did talk about what we were going to do. She disliked all this coming to my place for a quick session of sex. Mom even suggested that she might leave my Dad. We could take up with each other. I didn’t know how that would all work out properly. For now we are meeting on the sly and fucking each other a few times a week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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