Thanksgiving Ch. 2

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Hayley awoke with a headache. Rubbing her temples and slowly opening her eyes to adjust to the light, she looked to see where she was. She saw that she was at the cabin, and then remembered what had transpired last night. Sitting up and observing the dorm room, she saw her brother Peter and next to him was Trevor. Her heart sank, but at the same time fluttered in her stomach. Oh my, not those thoughts again. The last time she’d felt them, she married the man that had given them to her. Removing herself from the situation fast was the only way she would have the opportunity to resolve her feelings.

She slipped out of the room to the bathroom to wash up and brush before taking a morning hike. Looking at herself again in the mirror as she wiped the water beads from her face. Asking why on earth had she done that with Trevor. Still, unable to get the thoughts of him touching her face and his magnetic touch. Butterflies moving throughout her, she walked down the hallway to the kitchen. She ground some coffee, then added the water and turned the coffee maker on. She then she decided to wait for a cup to take with her on her way.

Hayley walked to the window and peered out at the glistening white from the snow that was lighting up the sky and cabin with the light reflected by the still glowing moon. She wanted to get out of the cabin before anyone awoke.

After the coffee was ready, she poured a large cup and slipped into her boots. Laced and tied them up, grabbed a coat and put on her gloves, then cup in hand, walked out the door.

The cold fresh air and smell of pine hit her in the face, almost overwhelming her senses. It was almost instantaneous as all the regrets of what happened, and not happened, were exhaled from her lungs.

As she walked the picture of Trevor and thoughts of his touch filled her heart and loins. Why hadn’t he taken her last night, even when all was asleep? Why didn’t he wake her? Finally coming to terms with whatever happened was okay and that it was a step in a new direction for her, and a good one.

Moving forward with great strength up the hill she saw a meadow and under a small clearing of snow, she saw fawn and a doe eating some apples under a tree. Stopping she found a log to sit on and watched. She saw when the new mother felt Hayley’s foreign presence, telling the doe there may be danger. Two leaps and the doe was away into the dark of the forest with her fawn.

That was what she was feeling! The danger that may be lurking for her in falling into another relationship so quickly. Now she knew it had to go slowly and if Trevor really cared for her he would abide her wishes.

The cup of coffee in her hand and a perfect place to sit and ponder her thoughts and feelings. There wasn’t a time of day that she loved more than the morning right before the sun found its way to the sky. Only the light of the morning to come.

All the thoughts of her family and the security she felt with them and how she felt in Trevors’ strong arms. What was this man doing to me? Just his mere presence was sending my senses into overdrive? Why had it taken her so long to leave her husband? All those years I spent in trying to make him happy, all the while lost in my love for him. He was unable to return to those feelings of love. Oh no, those are the same feelings that I am having for Trevor. I have to stop this from going any further with him, immediately. I can’t fall in love with a man I just met, I just can’t.

She Sipped her hot coffee and watched the steam rise from the cup. Enjoying each second she had in solitude she heard in the distance footsteps of someone walking down the path. Thinking that if she sat still enough, they wouldn’t see her sitting on the log. As the figure approached she could see it was a man bundled up in a large jacket. Trying not to pay any attention she continued her thoughts as she sipped more hot coffee.

As the man walked up, he made a sound that was muffled as he cleared his throat. “Good morning” he said. Hayley looked up and saw Trevor.

Oh how wonderful he looked so early in the morning. Smooth skin with a bit of stubble on his face.

“Up and out early this morning aren’t you?” he said. Her face must have been horrid, he laughed and it broke the ice that barricaded her. Feeling very silly, she too began to laugh. She offered her coffee to him to have a sip and patted the log next to her for him to sit and join her.

Feeling very bold this morning, she thought I must tell him we can’t go any further with this, whatever we’re doing. Taking in a deep breath and opened up her mouth she babbled her thoughts out all at once. “Trevor, I’m very attracted to you and I’m still married and I just can’t fall in love with you, or anyone else, I just can’t.”

Trevor, began to laugh which made Hayley feel awfully stupid and angry. When she began to stand up and leave feeling so humiliated by him. He grabbed her hand and pulled her back down.

Trevor said. My dear, don’t be afraid of me. I would never hurt you! I know exactly what you need from a man and how escort ataşehir to give it to you!

How arrogant you are, she thought. What makes you think you know what I want? I’ve barely even known you for 24 hours.

He stopped laughing and said “I know what you want and need because I felt it run through my body as I touched you last night.”

He was right! She felt that energy, but thought it was from the alcohol. Wasn’t it?

Leaning over he kissed her cheek, whispering in her ear reassuring words telling her that his intentions toward her were most honorable. She gave him a puzzled look.

Never has a man ever had honorable intentions toward her. Then he took her face into his hands and kissed her lips softly, following up with more passion and energy as each peck lured her further and further into him.

There they were the two, sitting in the early morning cold with steam coming from them. The two weren’t aware of anything but each other as they sat and kissed.

Hayley’s libido was rising and could see Trevor’s working up also. Putting her arms around him as he put his arm up and cradled her in his arms. The two with their arms around began to feel each other very innocently at first.

Hayley had noticed his rising interest and began to loosen an arm and worked it for her own interest. Laying her head upon his chest and her hand began to find it’s way underneath his warm up suit. Only the loose elastic kept her hand from entering the place she desired to go and found his hardness stir even further as she took him into her hand. Without a moments hesitation she kissed his cock head.

Admiring it in the new light of the day, she immediately took it into her mouth. Stroking him into her inch by inch, savoring every moment. With Trevor it felt very natural and it had been such a long time since she wanted to give a man pleasure.

It was Trevor’s luck, she was very good at oral sex and he kept his arm around her waist and the other hand moved to her head. He tried to stop her from bobbing up and down on his cock when he wanted to release his hot cum into her mouth.

Hayley would feel his impulses of orgasm and his attempt to stop her, she so badly wanted him to release his full load of cum deep into her throat. Knowing how do give him the best pleasure of feeling with the back of her throat, she arranged herself so his cock slid directly down her throat.

Trevor was in ecstasy, never had he been so deep, so far, into a woman’s throat as he was with Hayley. Being more than good at oral sex, she was a queen to him. He knew he was attracted to her and wanted her and now he had to have her.

Once more Hayley began the ritual of bobbing and sucking hard on his head, then taking him deep into her throat. Finally she felt him swell, ready to fill her mouth and throat with his hot cum.

Trevor released his cum without thrusting into her, knowing it would cause damage if he did. Hayley could only feel the heat of his cum and his small jerks throbbing throughout his body.

Without a swallow it smoothed down wonderfully. She sat up and placed his now spent penis back into his pants.

Again, he took her face and kissed her tasting his own cum in her mouth suckling it from her tongue. Sending vibrations throughout her body, he massaged her through her pants which were soaking wet, while they clung to each other kissing. His massage was vigorous and relentless, she had gotten so worked up by sucking his cock it was within minutes the contractions began and ran through her body, her libido overwhelming her. Clinging even more tightly to one another, enjoying the morning sun rising.

They shared the coffee and cuddled to one another.

Hayley mentioned “We must get back before everyone starts to awake.” Trevor agreed and the two made their way back to the cabin hand in hand.

Peter opened the door as the two walked approached the cabin. Hayley hung her head trying not to show the grin on her face or redness from embarrassment.

Trevor walked in with a huge smile on his face and stopped and whispered something into Peter’s ear.

Peter laughed and patted him on his back then shot a look at Hayley. Hayley wondered what that look meant?

Had Trevor said something to Peter about their sexual rendezvous?

After dinner that night, the entire family drove up to the point. There is a restaurant/hotel that on the weekend clears way for a band and dancing in the bar area. On the holidays the crowds are larger and the bar fills. The family takes a huge table every year, Trevor was feeling right at home with the family.

Taking him in and working their practical jokes on him, made him feel like he was part of them. His reactions were what they’d expect from each other so he fit right in.

Most of the family was drinking coffee drinks and beginning to dance. Hayley had a few shots of Jose Cuervos Tequila Gold with bites of lime to released the edginess she felt since this morning, wondering if Peter knew of her and Trevor.

Peter had stayed away from kadıköy escort her most of the day, playing with the children as he normally did. Hayley couldn’t help that think Peter would make a wonderful father someday.

As the evening wore on some of the older family members headed back to the cabin. It was about a mile away and not too much of a hike for the ‘older’ set.

She watched Trevor from the opposite side of the table as he and Peter talked together. Hayley began to feel at ease, feeling the music she began to move. Feeling a hand touch her shoulder, looking up she saw Trevor towering over her with his warm smile, he asked her to dance. Reluctantly, she went to the dance floor with him. The song was an upbeat rhythm somewhat fast. They began to dance Hayley was relieved it wasn’t a slow song.

She was angry with him because he’d hardly spoken a word to her since earlier that morning. Again, watching him moving on the dance floor, she began to forgot why she was even angry in the first place. The two were having a blast on the dance floor, he was quite a dancer.

Then the band played a slower tune, to let all the dancers catch their breath.

Trevor lured her into his arms and gently with his arms around her, he whispered into her ear. I’ve missed you all day. All I could do was think about having you in my arms again like I do right now. Hayley felt so at ease again and safe, forgetting where she was and all that surrounded them.

Peter walked onto the dance floor shooting Hayley a look that shot shivers through her body. He whispered into Hayley’s ears and told her he was leaving and that Trevor would see her home safely. Smiling, he shook Trevor’s hand and walked out.

Trevor took her in his arms as the two danced till the band quit playing. Both had filled each other with their tales of woes.

Confidently Hayley confessed to Trevor, telling him she had many feelings for him that she hadn’t felt for any man for such a long time. With her only being separated from her husband and not having enough time alone, she could only be cautious for the time being.

Trevor kissed her, then once then again deeper. His kisses were full and passionate, plowing himself deeper and deeper into her mouth feeling and making himself part of her. An extension of herself, filling her void, that empty space inside her soul.

With one kiss he took her far beyond any other man’s kiss. He was filling her with his soul, it felt as though she felt his entire life. Sadness, pain, joy. Sharing his energies with her, giving them up and sharing them with her. In part she no longer felt the need to run or hide from him, but too only open up and lead him in.

Leading her off the dance floor they were practically the only ones left in the lounge. Leading her up the back stairs, which connected to the rooms for the hotel. Following him without a thought, they walked to the door of the room which he had rented earlier that day.

He opened the door and kissed her again. Releasing any tension she might have felt at the opening of the door. He lifted her in his arms to kiss her and let her down slowly. Making her feel warm and invited. He Peeled her jacket off her body and dropped it on the floor. Taking his lead, she pulled his jacket off as their lips never parted. Kissing and pushing their bodies into one another. Passion filled the room.

They fell to the bed still with their lips intertwining. Pulling each others clothes off as quickly as she could. Steam arose from their hot bodies as the scent of musk filled the air.

Hayley Let go of her inhibition’s and fell face first in what felt so totally right for the first time. Touching and caressing his body and his fingers doing the same.

He stopped and stood before her taking off his remaining clothes with the spot light on him not hiding a single fiber of his body from her.

Standing up she removed what was left of hers, returning his gesture towards her. Not embarrassed as she thought she would with a man she barely knew. It was the kiss that filled her and made her so open to him at this moment.

He stood and memorized every part of her body as he guided her down to the bed. Noticing how her breast stood erect he moved his hands up to them kissing them sucking on each nipple in turn, while playing with the other with his hand. Just the touch of his fingers about sent her into orgasm.

The need for his touches became more evident to her. Feeling her heat rise from her crotch her juices began to flow and she wanted to get on top of him right then to let him know how much he was pleasing her. He was having no part of it though, even though his hardness pressed against her thigh as he leaned back up and nourished his lips again in her mouth. He kissed and prodded his way to her womanly scent, sating his thirst for her with her juices. Laving with his tongue, sucking every drop of her while he teased and tormented her clitoris in a circular motion.

Every thing she had ever dreamed of, he was fulfilling in reality. No longer could maltepe escort bayan she hold back her orgasm as it rose with such intensity that she lifted her hips to his mouth and began shaking uncontrollably.

When he felt her orgasm begin, he only made slow gentle motions, barely touching her clitoris. This only made another orgasm come immediately behind the first.

Knowing what he was doing to her, he rubbed his hard throbbing cock against his hand. Just her moans of delight were enough to cause him to cum over the bedding.

Sensing Trevor’s embarrassment, she rolled him over onto his back. She saw how much he had suffered attending to her needs. Kissing his lips, she then whispered in his ear “I’ve never wanted a man more than I want you right now.”

Shivers raced through his body, sending his blood directly to his manhood. Again his hand moved to his shaft stroking it as she watched. Enjoying the view of what was to transpire in seconds.

Hayley moved her lips slowly down his neck kissing his warm body and watched his breathing become faster and faster. The closer she got to his hand, and shaft, the quicker his breaths were coming. Without haste she moved her lips onto his cock head. Trying to hold on while his hand jerked into her mouth.

Her lips wrapped around his head as her tongue played a symphony around it. It was no sooner than she took his balls into her hand when the first spasms released into her mouth. Filling her mouth, she swallowed it, and another spasm hit. His strokes were less and less she then began to suck the cum from his deflating cock.

Moving her way back up to his lips they met again in passions grip. Whispering to each other, playing, and talking at first, moving back to kisses of passion.

It had been so long since she kissed a man with the passion she was feeling with Trevor. Now, more than ever, she wanted to make love to him, total passionate love. Feel him inside her. Becoming one and uniting together.

Hayley began to whisper nasty things in his ear then moved her hands to stroke his beautiful cock. Gently in her hands began once again to arose him. Perfect fit drummed in her head and she anticipated Trevor’s penetration of her, the insertion of his cock into the very depths of her being. Wetness began to fill her tender treasure of love, ready to close the door once he arrived.

Trevor knew that this was the perfect way to make love to her both and were ready for the night ahead. Passion filled the evening as they spoke and played wanting to know everything about each other. Serious to foreplay was the tone this evening would take for this was their night.

Trevor knew of his love for her and he wanted her so badly, afraid of himself, he let go into her passion. The two became one as she stood on top him sliding his cock slowly into herself, feeling the entirety of his man.

His erection of love pressed deep into her, focusing her mind on her needs. Bodies intertwined into one passionate movement first him, then her grinding and pressing as he lifted her body onto his, sitting on top of him, his arms wrapped around her legs. One body, one energy building the pace slowly. Enjoying each others movement as music filled their room.

Hayley’s moans began to become more than moans. It was part of her life being released in that one night.

As Trevor finally thrust deeply into her, both cumming in and on each other and laying on the bed once more. Succumbing to that moment, they both fell in love.

Laying with and basking in one another. Trevor lay beside Hayley taking his fingertips and brushing off the beads of sweat from her upper lip then tracing it memorizing the fullness of them.

He watched her fall to sleep thinking of all the things he wanted to say but was unable to utter one word. Moments like these would soon pass and he’d have to tell her the things he had been refusing to say.

Not wanting to ruin their night of passion and love. He continued to touch her with his fingertips as he fell to sleep with his lips pressed against her shoulder.

In the early morning hours Hayley awoke and felt the warmth of his body curled around hers. Smiling, she laid her head back against the pillow. Remembering last night, she was so lost in his love. Giving into him had such a good and right feeling, it was meant to be between them, as if she had waited for him her entire life.

Today was Thanksgiving, and here she was in bed with her brother’s friend in a hotel room. Hayley was shocked back into reality. Her family was waking up and preparing for the annual feast. Would they notice or say anything to the two of them for not returning all night? As she pondered what excuses to come up with, Trevor stirred in the bed. How wonderful she thought it was to wake up next to him.

Feeling herself drawn to him again, she leaned over and began to kiss his ear then his neck. Trevor awoke very aroused and took her head and began to kiss her, pressing her onto the bed. He ravished her body with kisses and instinct took over as the two began to show their passions for one another in the cold mornings light. Still wet from the evening past, Trevor slipped his manhood into Hayley. Penetrating her to her depths. Stroking slowly, but firmly into her as he lifted her body commanding her to perform in return.

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