The Affair Ch. 02

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“You look nice,” I heard Jackie mumble sleepily as she rolled over in bed and watched me clumsily looping a tie over my upturned collar in the half-light of the bedroom.

“Thanks,” I said as I wrestled with it. I didn’t often wear a tie, and I was struggling to get the knot the right size.

“What’s the special occasion?” she asked, stifling a yawn. As a nurse, she often worked nights and she hadn’t got in till the early hours of the morning.

“Oh nothing really, it’s just that we’re meeting with the head of Support today and I thought I’d make the effort,” I replied. This was partly true, although it had actually been Fiona’s idea for me to wear a suit and tie.

“Well, you look nice, you ought to wear it more often,” she said, watching through half-open eyes as I slipped on the jacket of my favourite charcoal grey suit.

“Thanks,” I said. “Listen, I might be a bit later again tonight.”

“Okay, well text me later. Don’t work too hard.”

“Alright, see you later, love.”

Of course, I felt bad about lying to Jackie, the guilt knotting and burning in my stomach like indigestion as I drove to the office. But I kept telling myself that it was a harmless fling, some meaningless sex, or at most a brief office romance that would be over in a month or so when Fiona’s work was complete and she moved on. Jackie need never know, and what she didn’t know couldn’t hurt her.

“Morning David, you look smart,” the receptionist said cheerfully as I waved my security pass to open the barriers.

“Thanks, Cara, you’re looking good yourself,” I replied. The problem with being on the inside of the reorganisation was that whenever I spoke to anyone these days, I couldn’t help wondering if they’d still be here in a few months. How many receptionists were there? About five? Would that be cut to four? Or maybe three? I hoped Cara wouldn’t lose her job, she was always so bright in the mornings.

As April had turned into May, Fiona had constructed a potential plan. After many meetings with the various heads of department, including Terry, she’d concluded that the structure and proportions of staff were, more or less, appropriate. Her conclusion from this was that the redundancies should be shared evenly by the departments and sub-teams.

I whistled happily as I sat down at my desk and said a cheery ‘good morning’ to Gwen.

“Isn’t it your turn to make the tea?” she said, barely looking up from her monitor.

Apart from Fridays, the dress code in R I often came across him in the kitchen boasting about how he’d persuaded some customer to take an expensive upgrade they didn’t need. He was the kind of guy that after a couple of pints would insist Gwen was only a lesbian because she’d never had a real man.

“Morning, David,” he said. “I hear you’re working with that totty who’s down from the London office, that right?”

“Yes, Fiona. I’m helping her out for a while,” I said through gritted teeth as I refilled the kettle.

“So, um, we’ve heard that we could lose up to twenty percent of the staff. Is that in the right ballpark?” he said, lowering his voice and leaning in close enough that I could smell his cheap after-shave.

“Sorry lads, I really can’t say,” I replied.

“Come on, just between us, eh?” he said, lightly punching my arm.

I was struggling to find a way of saying “Go away” politely as Fiona’s head appeared around the door.

“Morning, David,” she said. “Would you mind making me a cup of coffee? Just milk please.”

“No problem,” I said, ignoring the way Geoff and his colleague exchanged smirks.

“His master’s voice,” I heard Geoff whisper to his colleague, followed by the sound of muffled sniggers as they exited the kitchen.

“Thanks, sexy,” Fiona said, as I leant over and carefully placed the coffee mug on her desk. I jumped, nearly spilling it as I felt her hand sliding over the taut material of my suit trousers, gently squeezing my thigh. I glanced up at the half-open door, relieved to see that there was no-one immediately outside.

“Isn’t that sexual harassment?” I said, putting it down carefully, feeling my face burn red as her hand drifted upward, firmly squeezing one of my buttocks.

“Well then, you’ll have to make a formal complaint to your manager,” she said as her hand lingered, leisurely exploring the taut firmness of my cheeks.

“But you’re my acting manager,” I replied, twisting away as she tried to slide a hand into my trouser pocket.

“That’s right,” she grinned, reluctantly removing her hand as I stepped away. “Well, don’t you look handsome? I love a man in a sharp suit; you’ll have to wear it more often.”

“Thanks, I’m not sure it’s me though. I feel more comfortable in a polo shirt.”

“Well, we’re going to be meeting with some of the most important people here, so I’d like you wear a suit every pendik escort day, at least until the end of our project. I assume that’s okay with you.”

“I guess. The meeting with Helen Taylor’s at ten o’clock, right?”

“Actually she’s just called and said she’s got some kind of problem, so we’re postponing it till after lunch.”

In the end, the meeting didn’t happen till three in the afternoon. Fiona explained that Helen had had some problem with her car and decided that it would be easier to Skype into the meeting instead of actually travelling in.

I settled in a swivel chair next to her as she dialled in on her laptop and soon Helen’s face appeared on the screen. There was a small picture in the top right-hand corner showing Fiona and I, and we squeezed together, angling the laptop’s built-in camera until it neatly framed our heads and shoulders.

Fiona spent the first five minutes or so bringing Helen up-to-date. All the staff below senior management had already been offered voluntary redundancy. The letters had been sent out a week ago, and we were still waiting to see exactly how many people were tempted by what was quite a generous offer.

Despite this initiative, she explained, it was still expected that some people would have to lose their jobs and this meeting was to invite Helen to think about how this reduced staffing might affect her department, and how she could best plan for the changes.

“Have you had a chance to look at the proposal I emailed you?” Fiona asked.

“Yes, I see you’ve outlined projections based on ten, fifteen and twenty percent losses. Do you know which is the most likely scenario?”

“I don’t, I’m afraid. We’re just working through the different scenarios and collecting data at the moment. We need to see how the different levels of cuts will affect the SLAs and KPIs of the various departments, and how that fits in with the way head office sees the priorities for the business going forward.”

“I see,” Helen said, her lips a thin pink line.

“At this point, we just need you to think about how the different levels of cuts would affect your department,” Fiona continued.

“Okay, well as I’ve said before…”

As Helen talked about the difficulties of maintaining the morale of her staff with the threat of redundancies, Fiona began to slide her hand up and down my thigh almost absent-mindedly, her pale fingers and glossy pink fingernails contrasting with the matt charcoal grey as she ran a fingertip along the sharp crease of my trousers.

I glanced across at her, but her attention seemed focussed on the image of Helen as she explained how she just wanted to get it over with, and get on with rebuilding her team. I had to cover a surprised gasp with a pretend cough as she slid her hand higher squeezing the firm muscle of my thighs, my prick stirring as I felt her fingers brush against it.

“So, to take a simple example, you’ve got an SLA that states that telephones have to be answered within thirty seconds, ninety percent of the time. Is that still feasible if you did lose twenty percent of your staff? What kind of waiting time would be realistic with ten or twenty percent less staff?” Fiona asked.

Once again, Helen went off on a tangent, talking about the importance of customer satisfaction to the business and her reluctance to compromise on response times. As she spoke, Fiona started to explore the growing bulge in my pants, her fingers tracing the outline of my thickening cock as I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. I kept leaning forward and peering at our image in the small window, relieved that the laptop’s camera was still focussed on our faces and not picking up Fiona’s subtle yet tormenting movements.

It was so inappropriate for her to be playing games like this when we were talking about job losses, but of course that made it all the more naughty and as a result, all the more sexy. Glancing down, I watched her pale fingers trace the outline of the now obvious bulge, feeling a surge of hot arousal as with the lightest of touches she skilfully coaxed my cock to full hardness.

Well, two can play at that game, I thought to myself, and reaching across slid my hand along her skirt, easing the pleated olive-coloured material up a little. She glanced across questioningly, as I squeezed her knee, feeling the warmth of her skin through her sheer stockings but didn’t stop me as my hand dipped into the valley between her warm legs. She shivered a little as I eased her knees apart, running my fingertips along the dark nylon.

“Listen, Helen, we understand that you won’t be able to achieve the same level of productivity with reduced staffing, but we have to make the best of it,” Fiona insisted, my prick still straining against my trousers as she slowly stroked me with her teasing fingers.

“Yes, but I’m maltepe escort not sure you really appreciate how disruptive this is all going to be. I mean take second line support as an example. We currently have…”

I retaliated by sliding my hand higher, exploring the smooth, creamy skin of her inner thigh as her skirt gathered in folds. Instinctively, she tried to close her legs but I patiently pushed and pulled at her knees. She flashed me an odd look over the top of her black-framed glasses: half angry, half aroused as I eased them apart. Glancing sideways, I watched her cheeks colour as I slid my hand higher, my fingers brushing the soft cotton of her panties.

“I’m sorry to interrupt,” Fiona said doing just that, “but I don’t have time to get into the details today. I just wanted to make you aware of where we are. We can’t get away from the fact that difficult decisions will have to be made.”

“Listen, we’re talking about peoples’ lives here, this is hard,” Helen said. I could feel Fiona’s panties becoming a little damp as I fondled her through the thin cotton, tracing the contours of her swollen pussy with my fingertips.

“Yes, I know it’s hard, it’s very hard,” Fiona said, briefly glancing at me as her fingers squeezed my turgid shaft until it throbbed pleasurably. “Listen, we just need you to think about the consequences and get back to us with some different scenarios, alright? David and I have a meeting to get to, so we’re going to have to end it here, but do get back to me if you have any questions.”

“You want to end it here for today?” Helen said.

“Yes, David and I have something rather urgent to attend to. Sorry, but we’ll have to go,” Fiona said, her voice sounding slightly breathless as I stroked her through her panties, feeling her sweet stickiness seep into the cotton.

“Okay let’s do this again next week when I’ve had a chance to think it over,” Helen said, although she didn’t sound too happy.

We quickly said our goodbyes and as Fiona closed her laptop, I turned to her and said: “Come on, let’s go back to your hotel.”

“You’re such a bad boy,” she said, grinning as she firmly squeezed the huge bulge in my trousers. “Whatever am I going to do with you?”

I sat on the bed, already naked, goose pimples forming on my arms as I watched Fiona undress. I’d eagerly pulled off my clothes, but now she was making me wait, teasing me by taking her time, carefully placing her glasses on the little bedside table, then slowly removing her office clothes, one item at a time. There was something very erotic about watching her transform from the in-control, managerial, smartly-dressed business executive into a naked, vulnerable, ultra-feminine woman. The curtains were still open, but she’d drawn the net curtains and the filtered sunlight played over her body

‘Pretty’ or ‘beautiful’ would be the wrong word for Fiona, but with her prominent cheekbones, fiery red hair and dark green eyes there was certainly something darkly attractive and intriguing about her. I watched patiently as she slipped her bra over her arms revealing plump breasts as full and rounded as large oranges, the light and shade emphasizing the subtle curves and planes of her lithe body. The blood surged into my cock as I watched her toss it aside, leaving her naked apart from a pair of tiny black panties and sheer stockings.

She removed my burgundy-coloured tie from the untidy pile of my discarded clothes, coiling it around her hands, thoughtfully stroking the silky material as she closed the gap between us. She had that mischievous half-smile on her face that I was beginning to recognise as a sign that she had something wicked in mind. I stood up expecting to embrace her, anticipating the feel of her hot, naked skin against mine but she firmly grasped my shoulders and spun me around.

“What are you doing?” I said as I felt her teeth sinking into my shoulder as she ran her cool hands over my chest, then down my arms before firmly grasping my wrists pulling them behind my back.

“You’re such a bad boy, getting me all hot and bothered in that meeting,” she purred as I felt the tie being wound around my wrists. “When are you going to learn who’s in control here, hmm?”

“Please,” I heard myself groaning as I felt it tighten, trapping my hands behind my back. I tried to pull my wrists free, but they’d been tied expertly and tightly. It was clear this wasn’t the first time she’d done this.

“Now you’re going to get a chance to finish what you started,” she said, leading me over to the bed. She pressed firmly on my shoulders until I was kneeling on the floor, before sitting on the edge of the bed. She spread her legs, making it clear what she expected next.

“Good boy,” she said as I slowly kissed my way up over her legs, feeling the sheer material of her stockings kartal escort against my lips. I felt a surge of arousal as I worked my way over her darker stocking tops, until my lips brushed her bare skin.

Fiona was wearing a pair of tiny black panties, a thin triangle stretched tightly over her mons. She spread her legs a little wider as I moved higher, my lips brushing against the cotton, feeling the moist warmth beneath.

“Now carefully take them off, use your teeth,” she instructed and I could hear the tense excitement in her voice. I heard her moan as I ran my tongue along the edge of her panties, trying to slip it beneath the taut cotton. She wriggled excitedly as I licked her through the damp material, obviously enjoying the sensations as I struggled to catch the edge of the skimpy cotton between tongue and teeth. Eventually she helped me, sliding a finger beneath and lifting her hips as I bit down on the soft cotton and smoothly eased them over her legs.

“Well, well, you are a fast learner,” she said, patting my head as I crouched between her legs like a dog, her panties dangling from my mouth.

“Good boy,” she said, smiling down at me and running her stockinged foot up over my naked thighs. My hands remained firmly tied behind my back and so I could only watch as she stroked my cock with her toes. The sight of her naked pussy had already left me semi-erect, and now her toes completed the job.

“Please,” I gasped as she teased me, playfully running her toes up and down my straining shaft, tickling the swollen head. I felt a surge of hot pleasure as she used both feet, squeezing them together, my throbbing shaft trapped in the gap between them as she smoothly eased her feet up and down.

“You like that, huh?” she asked needlessly, grinning as she drew a series of hot gasps from my lips. “I bet I could make you cum like this, don’t you?”

“Yes. Please,” I groaned as she moved her feet a little faster. I leant back, my hands on my ankles, as I arched my back and rocked my hips, sliding my cock between her stockinged feet

“Well, maybe I’ll let you, if you’re a good boy,” she purred and I groaned disappointedly as she moved her feet away. “But first, I want you to do something for me.”

I watched her spread her legs wide, her finger curling as she beckoned me closer, and I knew I’d need to satisfy her before my cock would get any more attention.

“I’m not very experienced at this,” I said, slowly kissing my way up the inside of her thighs as she moaned encouragingly. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been this close to a woman’s most intimate parts. My girlfriend, Jackie, wasn’t keen on cunnilingus, so perhaps it had been when I was a student.

“Well I did say this role would require you to learn some new skills,” she said. “Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when you’re hitting the spot.”

I’m no expert, but to my eyes Fiona had a particularly beautiful pussy, a sparse triangular tuft of copper-coloured hair above prominent, rose pink lips that already looked moist with anticipation. At that moment, I would have given just about anything to be able to pin her back on the bed and slide my almost painfully hard cock between those invitingly moist lips, but with my hands firmly tied behind my back I was a slave to her desires.

“Come on, you bad boy, you’re going to finish what you started earlier,” she crooned as she placed a hand on my neck and I felt the heat of her skin as she drew my head between her thighs.

“Like this?” I mumbled as I kissed the pale skin of her leg where it contrasted with the dark, patterned stocking top.

“Yes, perfect. Kiss me, slowly work your way upwards,” she said.

I did as instructed, licking and nuzzling her smooth flesh as she made encouraging noises. I could smell how aroused she was as I inched higher.

“Yes, slowly, tease me a little,” she purred longingly as I neared the centre of her heat, licking along the crease of her thigh. “I want you to tease me like in the office earlier, except this time you’re going to finish what you started.”

She was making throaty moaning noises as I slowly kissed the area around her swollen pussy, her hips beginning to undulate, her legs spreading wide as her fingers twisted in my hair pulling me closer and closer to where she needed my tongue the most.

“Yes, good boy,” she purred as I began to lap at her labia with long, slow licks, my tongue caressing her from bottom to top.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her massaging her boobs, feeling her body tremble as she toyed with one of her breasts. I watched her lick her fingers and paint a wet circle around one of her stubby nipples then pluck and twist it until it was hard and swollen, dark red against her pale milky skin.

“Yes, just like that,” she hissed running a hand through my short, dark hair as I lapped at her hungrily, savouring her distinctively feminine taste. I hungrily sucked and nibbled at her, listening to her breathing begin to quicken, occasionally sucking one of her swollen lips into my mouth and stroking it with my tongue.

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