The Nanny

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As my first year of college came to an end, I started looking for accommodation for the next year. I’d check the university’s housing office every morning, and just as things were looking particularly bleak I found an interesting offer:

“Professional couple require not more than 15 hours child-care per week for an 18-mo boy, starting September, in return for room and board. Contact Prof. J. Mackay, rm. 315 Tate Hall, x. 2145”

I’d never been a child-care worker, but I’d been a baby-sitter all my teenage years, and they wouldn’t be advertising here if they wanted someone with Early Childhood Education credentials. More importantly, John Mackay was a popular — and dreamy — young chemistry professor in my own faculty. Everybody liked him, and it seemed safer than moving in with strangers.

I decided right away to apply for the job, and headed across campus to Tate Hall. To my surprise, he greeted me by name when I knocked at his office door:

“Christie! Hi. What can I do for you?”

I’d been in his introductory chemistry class in first term — there were 50 of us there and while I was a good student, I didn’t think I’d ever done anything to attract his attention.

“uh… Hi. I didn’t know you even knew my name! I came to apply for your nanny position.”

“I try to remember all the students who aren’t likely to drop out in the first year. I also know that chemistry was an elective for you and hope you realize that if we give you the job, I’ll devote a lot of effort to ensuring you change your major.

“Do you have a resume?”

“Sorry, not with me, I was just looking for a place to stay next year — not looking for a job. But I can bring you one tomorrow morning.”

“That’s great, but if you can get it for me by this evening, how about you come over for dinner and meet my wife — the real employer? She has to interview you anyway — you can’t imagine I could be permitted to select the person we’ll be entrusting our first-born to, can you?” He laughed, but I was sure he was deadly serious.

My head was in a whirl at the speed this was happening, but I told him I had a resume in my dorm, and he offered to pick me up there at 6.

Back in my dorm room, I quickly modified my resume to stress my baby-sitting experience (who knew THAT would be the most important thing I could mention!) and printed it off. Then I thought about what to wear to the interview. First, it’s dinner, so let’s not wear something that will show if I spill! Then, they want a nanny, so formal is probably not required, but I don’t want to show up in jeans. And finally I didn’t have a clue what Mrs. Mackay was like. I didn’t want her to think I was a slut, only interested in the dreamy Professor John, but I did want her to see me as a woman — someone who could be trusted to look after a young child. I finally decided on a print dress, that came up high enough to show almost no cleavage, but low enough to show not much leg. The sort of dress, depressingly, that my mother would have recommended. Oh, well. Life is about compromise. Mom would have said that too…

I took the dress off again, planning to take a shower, but I had over an hour to kill before Professor Mackay came to pick me up. John Mackay…

I poker oyna sank back in the one comfy chair in the room and thought about John Mackay. Dark wavy hair. Piercing blue eyes. More muscled than you would expect from a chemistry professor. Always a smile that suggests that the two of you are sharing a private joke. Before I even realized what was happening, my left hand hand had lifted my bra and was twisting my nipple, and my right had wandered under my panties and started to tickle my clit. I imagined John coming to me, telling me how things just weren’t working with his wife, and me commiserating. Hugging him and saying that everything would work out, but then feeling the bulge in his pants. As we both realized what was happening, leaning towards each other and kissing, first tenderly, then with hunger, as we ripped off each others clothes.

As the fantasy evolved, my fingers moved faster, and thrust deeper. Pretty soon, my pussy was drenched and I had three fingers plunging deep while I thumbed my love button. I stopped myself just long enough to reach into the draw beneath my bed and pull out the 8 inch vibrator. This was not a job for three stubby fingers, and I couldn’t get any deeper without tearing my arm off. I sank back in the armchair again, turned on the vibrator and imagined John poised above me. His glorious cock thrusting in and out, in and out. I came in wave after wave and when it eventually stopped I was exhausted. Thank God my roommate had already gone home for the weekend!

I dragged myself into the shower. Thinking I needed to come down after that, I tried turning the shower on cold, but that just made my nipples harden and I turned the heat back on. I poured shampoo on the vibrator and started to clean it, but as the shampoo foamed it looked like cum. Immediately I was back in my fantasy. John was in my shower with me, reaching around to wash my tits, I could feel his cock between my legs. I leant forward but instead of pushing his rod into my pussy, I felt it pressing against my ass. I moaned a feeble “no”, but he kept pushing, and then he was in. It hurt at first, but then the well-lubricated vibrator was past the sphincter, and sliding more easily. I’d never been fucked in the ass before, and was surprised to find how much I liked it. As John thrust deeper and deeper, I fingered my pussy. Finally, as I felt him release his load, I came all over my hand, and collapsed in the shower.

Eventually, I realized I was sitting on the floor of my shower with an 8 inch dildo embedded in my ass, and not more than 10 minutes left before John came to pick me up. Making a quick decision, I reached above my head for my razor and lotion, and began to shave my pussy. When I finished, I stood, pulled the vibrator out of my ass (the sensation almost sending me back into the fantasy!) and washed it. After I finished my shower, I dried off quickly and put on my sexiest panties and bra. Nobody was going to see them tonight, but if I was going to wear an old-lady dress, I was for-damn-sure going to feel like a sexy nymphet underneath!

I looked out the window just in time to see a black BMW pull up in front of the dorm. I didn’t know any students who could afford Beemers, and it was 6 o’clock, so it had to canlı poker oyna be John. I threw on a pair of comfortable sandals and ran down the stairs to meet him. As I slid into the passenger seat, my skirt rode up my thigh, and I could sense John staring at my legs. Again, my nipples stiffened, and my clit throbbed. But he just said “Hi” and threw the car into gear as I wrapped the seatbelt around me. He then concentrated on driving the 20 or so blocks to his home in the least possible time. Men!

As soon as we pulled into his driveway, John’s wife came to the door to meet us.

“Cathy, this is Christie — she wants to be our nanny in the Fall.”

I could barely speak. If John was “dreamy”, Cathy was a full-out hallucination. She was stunning. While I’d had one sexual experience with a woman, and it had been fun, I had always only really been attracted to men. One look at Cathy had me wondering if I’d ever fantasize about John again. At about 5′ 9″ she was an inch shorter than me, and overall a little slimmer, but she had enormous tits, and her low cut blouse was showing her cleavage to its best advantage. Her straight black hair hung to her waist, and below a very short skirt were the longest, most perfect, legs I’d ever seen. I felt myself longing to run my hands up those legs and under her skirt. I’ve always thought myself attractive, but beside Cathy I felt completely inadequate.

“P-p-pleased to meet you Mrs. Mackay”, I stammered.

She looked me straight in the eye, with a Mona Lisa smile that suggested she knew exactly what I was thinking, and said:

“Oh, my name’s not Mackay — just call me Cathy. Come on in.”

Cathy and John read my resume, and introduced me to their toddler Kevin. He was a curious little fellow, and I got down on the floor with him and played awhile. As I did, both parents watched attentively, and I couldn’t help feeling they were both paying more attention to me, than to my interaction with their child. Still, I was new to this family, and Kevin was their only child, so they’d be understandably concerned about me. Finally, Cathy announced that dinner was almost ready and told John to put Kevin to bed. I offered to help, and stayed to read him his bedtime story before John kissed him goodnight and we left for the dining room.

Over dinner, Cathy explained that she was pregnant again, and that by the Fall she felt she might need a little extra help with Kevin, but that he was in day-care and it would only consist of dropping him off and picking up at the day-care centre on days when John couldn’t and occasional evening baby-sitting. Of course, the baby was due around Christmas and, while both Grandmothers could be counted on to be present for the immediate event, they hoped that I might be willing to take on some extra hours of care for pay in the new year.

“Do you mean I got the job?”, I asked.

“Of course!”, said Cathy. “John had made up his mind before he called me this afternoon.”

“He told ME that he wasn’t allowed to make those kinds of decisions”, I said.

Cathy laughed. “I have utter confidence in his choices”, she said mysteriously.

After dinner, we relaxed over coffee, making arrangements for the coming school year. Comfortable internet casino as I felt with these people, I was anxious to leave. I could hardly wait to get back to my dorm to masturbate again. Whenever I glanced at Cathy she seemed to be looking at me with that same cryptic smile.

When John offered to give me a ride back to the dorm, I accepted gratefully. Cathy got up from her chair and came over to me.

“I know you have a summer job back home, but if it doesn’t work out for any reason feel free to come here early. Just let us know when you’re coming.”

With that she put her arms around me and hugged me tight. As her tits rubbed against mine, it was all I could do not to moan.

Cathy whispered into my ear, “Welcome to our family, Christie.” Then she kissed me full on the lips! As I gasped with surprise, her tongue darted inside and briefly touched mine. She stepped back and gave me that smile again. I’m sure I flushed bright red. I stammered a good night, and almost ran for the car. As I rounded the car and John stepped out under the porch light, I could see an enormous bulge in his pants. He’d been watching! And he was turned on! I wasn’t sure what to think, but fortunately John drove back to the dorm with the same intensity as our earlier ride, and I was quickly able to say goodnight and run inside to my room. Thankfully it was the end of term and few girls were left around to stop me as I raced up through the hallway.

In my room, I tore off my dress and slipped my hand inside my lacy pink panties. Thinking of that kiss, I imagined it was Cathy’s hand on my pussy, Cathy’s tongue once again probing. I felt Cathy push me back on my bed, her hands roaming up my thighs, then tugging gently at my sopping panties until I lifted my hips slightly and she slowly drew them down my legs, exposing my newly-shaved pussy. She moved up above me, slowly working her fingers into my soaking crack as she unbuttoned her blouse, showing me her beautiful breasts, with large dark nipples peeking over a half-bra.

“You want these, don’t you?”

“Ohhh, yes! Please…”, I moaned, fingering my own nipples as I released them from my own bra. Cathy bent down over me, giving me her left nipple. Reaching up, I fondled both breasts while taking the nipple between my lips. I rolled my tongue around it, marvelling at it’s size. Both of us were breathing heavily now, and she knelt upright again, giving me a chance to do what I’d wanted to do hours ago. I ran my hands up her thighs, as Cathy removed her bra, freeing those wonderful boobs to hang above me. Reaching under her tiny skirt I gently pulled down her black lace panties. As she lifted first one knee and then the other to free them, I got a close look at her own shaved pussy, already dripping with juices. As she straddled my face, I grabbed her ass and drew her down so that I could inhale that wonderful scent. Cathy pinched my nipples brutally, while I licked and nibbled her clit, plunging my tongue deep into her love tunnel. As she bucked and squirmed, I plunged my fingers into my own pussy to lubricate them, then worked my index finger into her ass. She rode my face even harder, but now leaned down to tongue my own cunt. I came immediately with a scream, as Cathy did the same. I lapped and sucked wave after wave of her lovely honey before we both collapsed, spent.

When I awoke, Cathy was gone of course. I wondered how I was going to last 4 months before I got to experience her (again?)

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