The Sibling Games Ch. 01

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**** The authors would like to thank carolin_ for edits****

Vicky watched her mother and father pull away from the curb leaving her with her two older brothers; twins, Brant and Tim for the weekend. She turned from the window and jumped when they were both standing in the living room with smiles on their faces. She bolted, running away from them as fast as her flip-flops would allow. She made it to the hall, not looking back to see how close they were, only hearing their foot falls rapidly chasing her.

“You won’t make it and you know it!” one of them yelled after her, she thought it was Tim but couldn’t be sure they sounded so similar.

With a burst of speed she flew down the hall toward her bedroom with a smile on her face because she was confident she was going to make it this time. She was older now, stronger and faster and track had made her that way. She knew the rules, just as they did. The first one to place their marble in the bowl in the living room had total control.

She darted in her room, grabbed her marble off the nightstand and flew toward the living room. With no one in sight, she had an unobstructed path to the bowl. The smile was growing on her face, she had been looking forward to this for a long time and today was finally the day she would beat both her brothers and reign supreme for the entire weekend.

With the bowl empty and in sight she sprinted across the room just as Tim and Brant appeared with their marbles but they were too late, nothing could stop Vicky from winning now. She dove, dropping her marble with a ring in the bowl and the sound was one of the greatest things she had ever heard.

“Yes! Yes! Suck it boys, I won!” she screamed rolling to her feet and dancing around the bowl with her blue marble in it, pumping her fists in the air.

The twins walked up, looking at each other and dropped their blue marbles in with hers. She had a permanent grin and had never been so excited in her life.

“You finally beat us both… impressive, Sis” Brant said.

“Yeah, nice job. So you know what that means… we are at your mercy, Supreme Leader, what would you have us do?” Tim asked, grinning.

Vicky’s heart pounded in her chest more from excitement than the running. She had never had control over them before. She had dreamt about it, thought about it constantly and all the things she could make them do. Now they all came rushing at her at once, her mind a jumble of thoughts and desires for her two big brothers. She was so excited and so overwhelmed with what to tell them first she was speechless.

“Well? Are you just going to stand there or what?” Brant asked.

“Sorry, it’s just… well I’ve never had this chance before… you know that, so give me a minute to soak this in, would ya?”

They both smiled, folded their arms and waited. They were identical, it was even difficult to tell them apart standing in front of her but she could do it, given the right angle. They both were taller than her, but had her dark hair and brown eyes. They both swam and had those famous swimmer bodies made popular by Olympic stars; tight ripped abs, arms, chests and powerful legs.

“Both of you clean my room, I want it picked up and vacuumed, oh and make my bed,” she said, waiting to see the looks on their faces.

She expected surprise and then disappointment from her command and she wasn’t let down. Both of them sighed heavily and they looked like they wanted to question her orders but instead turned and headed to her room. She followed after them gleefully, waiting for just the right time to give them what they had expected the whole time.

“Oh… did I fail to mention you have to do it naked? Silly me. Oh and you must be aroused and hard the entire time you’re cleaning my room so I can watch.”

They both turned and couldn’t hide the smiles on their faces.

“Chop chop, time’s wasting, let’s see those naked bodies and hard dicks boys,” she said.

Vicky stood in her doorway watching her twin brothers removed their clothing. Tim was already semi hard by the time he was naked but Brant had to manually encourage his cock to rise, stroking it with his left hand while Vicky bit her lip and watched. She loved her brother’s dicks, and of course they were exactly the same. She knew how long and wide down to a 1/8thof an inch because she was ordered to measure them during her time as servant. 6 and 5/8 inches long with 1 3/4″ diameters. She memorized those numbers, loving the perfect combination of those numbers connected to her handsome twin brothers.

“Oh, very nice boys now get to cleaning and if you let your cocks drop you’ll pay the price.”

She felt herself moisten, even her nipples pressed out slightly as she watched their tight asses walk around the room and their cocks swing back and forth as they picked up her stuff. She moved out of the way to let Brant retrieve the vacuum and smacked his ass as he passed. Once her bed was made, she went and sat on it, raising her legs off the escort ataşehir floor as Brant vacuumed under her feet, one hand on the vacuum and the other on his hard cock.

“Nice job, my room looks cleaner than I’ve ever seen it. Now both of you come over here and stand in front of me. I have some questions for you.”

Tim and Brant obeyed, both sporting large erections and stood in front of their sister sitting on the edge of the bed. Vicky’s mouth watered. She wanted to suck them right then but knew they wanted the same. She could resist, only to drive them crazy, it was her turn to be in control. Blowjobs were always the first thing they made her do when they won the marble race. It was easier to tell them apart naked than it was with clothes on. She hand memorized their naked bodies, moles, veins etc. all the other times they had played Supreme Leader.

“Brant, I noticed you got hard fast without even touching your dick… how long has it been since you came?” she asked.

“Five and a half days,” he said.

“Really, that long… and how about you, Tim?”

“Last night, Mistress.”

“Oh I see, so you might last a while whereas mister prude here will cum the instant he’s touched. Oh and make no mistake, boys… you will only cum when I say so.”

She reached out and touched Brant’s throbbing cock. She could tell he was telling the truth and hadn’t cum in several days just by the strength of his erection. Tim on the other hand had to manually stimulate his dick every once in a while to keep it completely hard. Brant’s dick felt great in her hand, she loved the soft hard feel of his shaft and it made her even wetter as she caressed it softly.

“Now you are to tell me when you are getting close, no matter what we’re doing… is that clear?” she said.

“Yes, Supreme Leader,” they both responded in harmony.

She tightened her grip on Brant’s cock and gave him a little stroke to see what he would do.

“I’m going to cum, Mistress?” he instantly said.

“Not yet,” she complained, grabbing his head and squeezing the blood out of it. “You’re not going to be any fun at all. I command you to go to your room, bring up the raunchiest porn you can find and film yourself masturbating with your phone. You’re to cum twice before you return to us and collect every drop in a glass,” she said, letting go of his head. “When you’re done bring the phone and the cum to me.”

“Yes, mistress… my apologies,” he said and disappeared.


Brant couldn’t remember the last time he was so turned on. This was the first time Vicky had ever won the marble race and it was a legitimate win. Neither he nor Tim had let her win. She was taking the Supreme Leadership to its utmost and he loved it. She had him going with the cleaning of her room. He was worried she was going to make them do stupid things all weekend and not engage in the sexual activities that he and Tim had come to enjoy with her. But thankfully he was wrong and their little sister was just as sexual as they were. He really was going to blow with just a simple stroke of his sisters small hand, that’s how turned on he was. He wanted to get back to her and Tim as soon as possible.

Quickly going to the kitchen he grabbed a glass and practically ran to his room. His computer was already on and he started the web and typed in a website he knew had some hardcore anal sex movies and pictures. Then he put his camera phone against the monitor and started recording, grabbing his cock in his hand and began to stroke with the glass in his other.

The first clip was a hot blond with two guys… Brant fast-forwarded the clip, past her giving the guys head to where they were double fucking her. Seconds later his first huge load blasted from his cock, sprayed the back of the long glass and just kept coming. He raised on his toes, cock in hand and came and came a huge amount of cum into the glass before collapsing into his computer chair. He would have loved to see this much cum on Vicky or in her mouth but he had to obey the Supreme Leader, that was the rules and no one broke the rules.

He kept the porn running, using the edge of the glass to scrap off the last glob of white cum. Now he just had to wait long enough to get hard again and start over. He knew he could recover quickly; just the desire to get back to Vicky assured that.


Tim looked down at his younger sister Vicky, still fully clothed as he stood naked before her. His heart rate was elevated; he was extremely excited and impressed with his little sister. To make Brant leave and toss off to porn was classic and one for the memory books. Where she had come up with that he had no idea. Now she just sat there and admired his cock which he continued to keep hard under her orders. Pre-cum oozed from his head and he swirled it around his plump head before giving his shaft a few good hard strokes. He didn’t speak; he wasn’t asked a question or allowed to speak.

“How long do you think it will kadıköy escort take him?” Vicky asked.

“Not long, Mistress, or at least it wouldn’t take me long.”

“I see, so you can cum one after another rather quick?” she asked.

“Yes, with the right stimulation. But I think you know that.”

“Excuse me? No back talk, toy… I didn’t ask for your opinion.”

“Sorry, Mistress, my apologies.”

He stood motionless and silent as Vicky glared at him, as well as watching his cock. He was forced to stimulate it again because it began to drop slightly from her rebuke.

“Do you think I made a mistake sending him away?” she suddenly asked.

“Not at all… it was brilliant.”

“Good, I’m glad,” Vicky said.

Tim’s body jerked spontaneously as Vicky reached out and took hold of his cock. She immediately began stroking it and the pleasure coursed through his body. She scooted to the edge of the bed and moved her head closer to his cock. He fully expected her to begin sucking on it because that’s what she always does. Granted she’s commanded to but he was sure she loved doing it because he could tell by how good she was and how much she got into it. So when she didn’t he was shocked and disappointed. He knew then she was teasing him, trying to drive him nuts and unfortunately it was working. He loved his sister’s hot little mouth sucking his cock; it was one of the greatest things ever.

Vicky suddenly let go of his cock and sat back on the bed, looking up at him. He could see the gears turning in her head, could see her thinking about what to have him do. Her face flushed and she crossed her legs, telling him she was aroused.

“While we wait for Brant to return I have something to occupy your time,” she said standing up.

She shimmied out of her shorts, pulled her panties off and lay back down on the bed.

“You shall make me cum with your mouth only.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he said dropping to his knees.

She still had her shirt and bra on, just her naked bottom half showed but it was amazing to look at. His sister had shaved almost all of her pubic hair off, leaving just a small patch above her clit an inch wide and two inches long. Her lips were moist and slightly engorged, opening at the bottom to reveal a very wet and pink hole. She spread her legs; he put his hands behind his back and leaned into her hot wet sex. Vicky let out a long moan the instant his tongue made contact.


Brant had finished watching the blonde get double fucked by the two well hung porn stars. They finished on her face and fake tits just as Brant began to feel the life return to his soft cock he had been playing with since he came. The tell-tale sign of life awoke his lust again and his cock began to grow quickly as he started another video with a tiny little brunette this time. He had no idea how such a small woman was taking the two huge cocks of the men on screen but she was, all of them at the same time. Brant thought about Vicky and Tim alone in her room, wanting to get back in there he stroked faster until his hand was a blur of motion on his dick.

He felt the sensations increase, felt his balls tighten once again for the second load Vicky had requested. He started the camera and picked up the glass with its already plentiful load at the bottom. The tiny woman on the video screamed with pleasure as the men fucked her hard and fast in both holes. Brant tightened up and shot his second load in less than ten minutes into the glass.


Vicky was shaking, rocking back and forth under the barrage of Tim’s tongue on her clitoris. Both of her brothers were well versed in oral sex and never ceased to make her orgasm with their talents. This was no exception. Tim had her clit pinned between his teeth and flicking it so fast with his tongue, the sensation was so intense she was backing away from him without knowing it. Her nipples pressed out under her bra, she was so close to the peak, clawing at her bedspread with her eyes closed. She had moved away from Tim just enough he lost contact with her clit and had to readjust but the small pause did little to stop her orgasm from coming.

She had no clue that Brant had returned to the room because she was oblivious to everything but the climax taking hold of her body. It was glorious, electrifying her entire frame, making her shake and convulse from the release. Her convulsions made it impossible for Tim to continue but he didn’t have to. He had accomplished his task and Vicky enjoyed the results. For another minute she felt the waves of pleasure rush over her body as she squirmed on the bed, rocking back and forth until she relaxed, calmly melting into the bed.

When she opened her eyes she saw both her brothers standing there looking down at her with large smiles on their identical faces. Tim was rock hard and oozing but Brant’s cock was soft but he was slowly working on changing that.

“Oh… you’re back… that was quick?”

“Yes, Mistress maltepe escort bayan and here is what you requested,” he said handing her both the camera phone and glass of semen.

“Wow… that’s a lot of cum, Brant,” she said sticking her nose into the top and inhaling deeply.

She put the glass of cum on her nightstand and started the video he had made. A grin crossed her face as the image of her hot brother appeared. She watched him begin stroking his cock with the sounds of the pornstar screaming in the background. She was surprised to see how fast and how much he came. The clip paused shortly before starting again. The noise from the porn was new and she enjoyed Brant shooting his second load into the first.

“Very nice… so, tell me why you held yourself off for five and a half days.”

“I wanted to win today and then I wanted to cum all over you with a huge load,” he responded.

“Oh, I see… how disappointing for you,” she giggled. “All that cum, all over my body… that would have been something to see, for sure,” she mocked him.

He didn’t respond, but his cock was beginning to get bigger. Vicky loved the power she had and what she was doing to her brothers. This was total payback for all the other times she had lost. She concealed the fact that Brant’s idea of cumming all over her had turned her on; she was not offended by the idea, not at all.

She put his phone next to the glass and pulled her shirt off, then unclasped her bra, revealing her beautiful breasts to her brothers. She knew they loved them, since they always played and sucked on them until they were sore. Once naked she looked up at them, smiling.

“This?” she motioned over her entire body. “This is off limits to both of you unless I say otherwise. No touching without permission.”

She felt her nipples harden slowly as the colder air came in contact with the now uncovered flesh. The sensation sent chills through her breasts into her body. They were all naked now and because of this she noticed Brant’s cock was growing considerably faster. She knew her brothers loved her naked body and since she had been working out and running it was even better now, though her breasts had shrunk a bit as her body fat lowered but not enough to have to change bra sizes. If anything they were firmer, rounder and more perfect. Once Brant was hard she leaned forward and grabbed both cocks in her hands and pulled her brothers toward her with them.

“Mmmm, nice… two big cocks all to myself. What oh what shall I do with them?” she asked. “I know… how about you face each other and touch cock heads. That would be a sight, just like if you were standing in front of a mirror alone.”

Both brothers hesitated. Touching cocks wasn’t something they ever did, they weren’t bisexual and they knew she knew that.

“Now, boys!” she shouted.

They turned and took hold of their cocks bending them down until the tips met and held them together.

“Now, is that so bad?” she asked.


A strange sensation shot through Tim’s cock as he touched the head of his brother’s. It was something he had never felt before, a mixture of pleasure with a large overlying feeling of disgust. The only time their cocks were this close or touching was when they double fucked Vicky, and then it was okay because she was involved. Touching penis together wasn’t their idea of a good time. His sister was totally messing with them but then he knew both he and Brant deserved it, especially after all the things they have done to her.

He and Brant kept their cocks together until Vicky told them otherwise. The problem was the act of touching dicks wasn’t a turn on so both his and Brant’s cock began to shrink, forcing them to stroke them while the tips were pressed together. The smile on Vicky’s face was infuriating.


Vicky smiled big, watching her twin brothers stroke their cocks to keep them hard while touching their heads together. She knew full well they didn’t want to do this but she didn’t want to be anally fucked the first time either and they still made her. She had learned to enjoy it, crave it actually now so this was payback… “Who knows maybe they would end up liking it if she kept winning,” she thought.

She let them suffer for a few more minutes, watching them manipulate their cocks and smear the pre-cum oozing out of their heads around. They kept slipping off each other and having to make contact again while stroking. It made her horny watching them but she resisted the urge to prolong their discomfort.

“Okay, both of you on your backs on my bed.”

She smiled as they broke apart like touching cocks was burning them. She stood up and they lay next to each other on her bed. She noticed both of their cock heads were shiny and wet from the pre-cum. Both stayed hard, hovering over their tight abs and bouncing slightly to their heartbeats. She crawled between them, caressing their strong legs before cupping their balls in her hands. She rolled them around, gently squeezing before taking hold of their shafts and pulling them vertical as she knelt between them. It was quite the turn on to hold them both and look down at her brothers. She wanted them inside her; her pussy tingled with want as she began to stoke their cocks.

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