1.Growing up

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A guy I just met had finished fucking me 10 minutes ago.

He had used mouth and butt, just like a pussy.

All I could do was lay there with my face down on my chest, breathing heavily.

For the first time in my life I no longer felt manly all I felt was humility and broken spirit.

That was now but the road that led me to where I am began at school and in my mid to late teens.

Throughout my teens I felt uneasy with my stature in society.

I was skinny short kid for my age and was forever being taunted about my sexuality.

Even though I wasn’t at the time, what they were calling me.

I hadn’t had any sexually encounters with anyone, at the time.

All I was, was a virgin.

I was none of the thing the big bullies were calling me.

Being short wimpy kid I had no option but to soak up the insults and shut up.

Or risk the chance of being beaten up, so I had to put up with the schoolyard humiliations.

A few times I spoke up and did get my ass kicked, so I learnt to shut up.

So for the last year or two of school, I had to soak it up and live it.

“Faggot!” Is what they called me.

By the time I entered my final year of school, I made that judgment call to myself.

So after a few more weeks of being teased, I decided to find out what the meaning of the word meant.

After finding out, I decided to experiment on myself and see if I was.

I first used broom handles, up my poop shoot.

My first attempt I slowly slid it into my virgin asshole, until I felt a sudden pop.

I did this a few times after school, while mom was away at work.

By the time of my second week, I had to admit that it felt both exciting and strange.

There I’d be at first with a broom up my bum, jacking of to some nude poster chick from a Penthouse magazine.

This only satisfied me for a week or two, before I started other experiments.

My ass began to hunger something more, plus the broom felt a bit too awkward.

So I tried a toilet brushes and other household items.

After weeks of trying different things, I settled upon a small wooden handled plunder.

I could squat down on it without straining, until it bottomed inside me.

At first I would sit right down it and jack off.

Oh my god, felt good at first.

But Once I learnt that I could back into a wall on my hands and knees, I was in heaven.

By now I was feeling confused.

So far every time I had cum with something in my ass, I felt an overwhelming guilt trip that led to a bit of depression.

Then again I also felt relieved.

The next day at school, was always a buzz kill.

I would be floating on air, until some jerk called me a faggot or a princess or something of that kind.

Then I would go back in to my shell, like a limp dick.

School had always been a buzz kill for me, but as I reached my final six months I had a goal in mind.

I was now old enough to ignore it all the taunts and sometimes, as if I didn’t care.

It didn’t bother that much that they called me names like “faggot” or “sissy boy.”

Mainly due to the fact I started making friends with the girls in my age group.

They would sometime stick up for me and tell stirrers to “piss off and act your age.”

The girls would flirt and try to hook up with me, but by now the demons in my head were at play.

Was I a faggot or was just fantasying about being one, there was no chance I was straight.

By now I looked at girls more for admiration then a sexual objects.

At home I was now getting ready to move on from the plunger, to something different.

After months of jacking off with things up my ass, I was confident enough too ventured into an adult store and purchased my very own dildo.

Nervously I looked and looked around until a saw one not too big, but bigger that the plunger.

I settled on a red battery operated one.

The first time I used it, I slid it in deep and it felt good buzzing inside me.

I lay on back and stroke my cock with it inside, I softly began to moan.

It didn’t take me long, before I started to cum.

Afterwards I hid it in my laptop bag, so mom never found it.

By the end of that first week I started to slide it in and out, of my ass with it buzzing.

With my eyes shut I imagined it was a real cock.

It felt so good that first time by just sliding it and out, I ended up cumming without stroking my cock once.

Now I would crave a real cock, while I masturbate my ass with my dildo.

The more I thought about it, the more I craved to have a real cock in my ass.

I thought that once I had a real cock, I can more on at ease.

Like really it’s only gay if you like a cock in your ass, isn’t it?

In saying that it’s really hard to say “I’m straight” if, I dream of cock all the time.

Isn’t it?

Also I had noticed that the more I think about real cock and the more frequently I used my dildo, the less interested in girls I had become.

I escort kocaeli was 18 now and I had just finished my last class for the year.

Once I turned 18 I made a decision, I was going to stop fantasizing about cocks and try get someone to breed me and appease my desires.

So I like I was saying, “A guy I just met 10 minutes ago, just finished using my butt like a pussy.”

At this very moment I no longer felt manly.

I felt humility and broken, but most of all ashamed.

Before tonight, I was still sitting on the fence between experimental and….!

I really don’t was ticking in my head

My face buried in a pillow and my chest flat on a bed that wasn’t mine, with my legs dangling limp off the edge.

All I could do was lay there with cum now trickling out of my ass.

The final spiral that led me into the bed of another man was, yet another date with a girl gone wrong.

I had gotten thru my teens without success with any girls, all my dates were disasters.

The more disasters, the more I shut myself from the norm and craved a man’s company.

It was now over three month since, my last failure at attempting get to first base with a woman.

A door ended up slamming in my face, to which I took it badly.

For the next week after, I closed off from everyone and feel into depressed mind set.

By now I had moved from the house to mom’s bungalow in the backyard.

For a week I didn’t eat, smoked a few bongs a day of weed.

I didn’t care about the outside world.

I felt hurt and depressed but my time locked up in my shell made me question a few hard truths.

Most damning one was, what I wanted from life?

Then I read the local paper when I finally broke out of my dramas.

I scanned thru it until I saw an ad in the classifieds.

Male looking for sex with Males


No time wasters

I circled it and went to bed.

The next day after lunch, I rang the number.

A voice answered and it was from a Mark.

He lived alone and he was 50.

I told him that I had never been with another guy before but wanted too.

He was ok with that, and gave me directions to his house.

Which I made arrangement to go there, later that day.

It was getting dark when I rang him to say I was on my way.

I booked a taxi and rang his doorbell, not long after.

He answered the door, wearing a bathrobe.

I looked around outside to see if I was being watched and went inside.

It was dark and I could smell incense, as if he was an old hippie.

There was a fire roaring in the living room, as followed him there.

I sat down on his couch and he sat down next to me.

Without warning, he reached over and began rubbing my crotch thru my jeans.

I gave him a nervous stare as my cock responded to his touch.

Before I knew it, he was kissing me.

I was hesitant, but joined in.

We were kissing passionately, with our tongues teasing each other’s.

I was surprise how at ease I was.

This was the first time I had ever kissed anyone like this before, in my life.

I kissed the girls at school but more as friends at school, than lovers.

Mark grabbed my hand and he led it inside his robe and towards his hard cock.

I only just started stroking it, when the unthinkable happened.

Groaning in frustration, I must have been too excited and blew my load in my pants.

I then froze and he asked me, “What’s wrong?”

Shaking my head from left to right and with the look of embarrassment, answered his question.

“It’s ok Squirt,” he said, caressing my head.

“If you want to leave, I can understand,” I asked.

“Nah, its ok I want to stay,” I answered.

“I just need to clean up,” I said.

Mark left the room, as I began to undress.

I pulled my jeans and underwear down below my knees, they were soiled from me cumming.

Then a towel out of nowhere was thrown at me.

I kicked off my underwear and jeans and cleaned myself up.

Then I wrapped the towel around my waste.

Once the nitty gritty part was over, I returned to the couch next to Mark.

As I sat doing the towel unfastened and fell loose.

Mark still had his robe on but I could see his hard cock protruding thru a gap.

I sat there staring at it, with curious eyes.

It was big and fat, it was much bigger than mine.

He disrobed and revealed, his trimmed reddish public hairs.

I was fixated on his cock, while he caressed my hair.

He nodded and I lowered my head to his lap.

I nervously started licking his cock before, getting another nod from him.

Then I worked on sucking on his cock’s head.

It was the first time I had cock in my mouth.

I felt so excited but tried not to show it, like a dream fulfilled.

The feel of it against my tongue, made my cock come to life.

The first time I tried to take it deeper in my mouth, I over did it.

I choked.

“Just hold your breath, kocaeli anal yapan escort and control it,” he said, with a hand resting on my head.

I tried it and it seemed to work.

He was enjoying it, as much as I was.

I know I was rough but it was my first time, but he was moaning so I must be doing it right.

Then I pulled out his cock from my mouth and rubbed its sloppy shaft over my face, while staring into his eyes.

I jacked his cock while I sucked on his ball sacks.

Then after two minutes I went back to sucking his cock again.

But he stopped me and pulled me off him.

He pulled my head towards his, and we reverted back to kissing.

The kissing was making me all hot and bothered.

He must have sensed that and flicked off his robe.

Now he was completely naked.

We kissed some more, before he led me to his bedroom.

He threw me on his bed back and then jumped on top of me.

We continued to kiss me again, I was feeling real horny now.

“I’m, yours for the taking if you want,” I whispered to him.

Mark smiled at that and began to bite my neck.

I felt his cock floating about loosely near my cock, while he bit my neck and ears.

So I reached around and stroked his back, I was getting a huge kick out this.

By now I somehow had my legs tangle around his legs, I was so hoping to be fucked soon.

It’s been a fantasy for about two years to be fucked by a real cock.

Mark stood up and suddenly left me there.

While he left I took off my hoodie and T-shirt.

I notice that my cock was sloppy with pre-cum by now.

When he returned he had a small bottle in his hand, shaking it in his fingers.

My eyes saw the bottle but my eyes returned to his cock, as he walked towards me.

He climbed back on top of the bed and straddled my chest.

His cock was right near my face.

He opened the bottle and sniffed it.

“Poppers,” I shook the bottle, then passed it to me.

At first I took a gentle sniff, it had a solvent type of scent to it.

Then took a big one, which gave me an instant headrush.

I felt the rush buzz me and an aura overcome me with warmth.

Suddenly now I felt even hornier than I was before, much more hornier than before.

Now the only thing on my mind was Mark’s cock.

Which I eagerly snatched and started stroking it while sucking his balls.

Mark took another hit from the bottle and so did I.

He held my hands down above my head, while I sucked on his cock again.

I had never felt this good, ever.

He wiggled around a little, so he had an easier access to fuck my mouth.

Mark began to slowly fuck his cock into my mouth.

At first slow and deep, then eventually fast and hard.

I was choking and gagging, I wasn’t prepared for this.

His momentum grew so fast and hard, I was no longer sucking him.

My mouth was just another hole to fuck.

Tears ran from my eyes as I struggled and snot and saliva escaped my nose and mouth.

I just lay there and just took it.

His breathing was becoming erratic, his rhythm too.

I hoped he would cum soon.

One so I could taste his cum and two for him to stop destroying my throat.

He now released my hands and braced the mattress above my head.

Mark went berserk and fuck my face deep and fast, before grinding in slowly.

I felt his cock swell and contract.

Its then I felt like choking as he unloaded in my mouth.

My first thought was to turn my head and spit out his cock.

Before I could make that move, I ordered by Mark not too.

He grabbed my hair and forcibly fuck another spasm in my mouth, the second wave had just unloaded.

Again I started to choke, I coughed and some cum escaped my mouth and some went up my nasal holes.

Then forced his cock deep down my throat, which forced me to swallow everything.

Mark then pulled out of my mouth, allowing me to cough for air.

He jacked his cock so, the rest of his cum squirted into my face.

Then he rolled over and next to me.

“Now clean my cock with your mouth,” He said, as if an order.

I slid off the bed and onto my knees and began sucking his cock of saliva and cum.

Then I climbed back on the bed and next Mark, he pulled me across his chest.

A few minutes later he pushed me off him.

He then leaned over and took my cock in his mouth.

The warmth of his mouth and his experienced tongue, was the icing on the cake.

I reached for the bottle and took another sniff.

Again I felt an aura hit me, I knew now that there was no turning back for me.

This was my calling, I never felt this good in my life.

Then I felt a wave flow thru me.

“Oh, I cumming,” I warned.

My breathing was now struggling, I tried not to cum but it was in vain.

I shot three loads into his mouth and fell off the bed.

As I climbed my clumsy ass back up and crawled back on top izmit yabancı escort of Mark, he kissed me.

I could taste my own cum on his lips and tongue.

We kissed for an eternity, deep and passionately.

When we broke, we lay on our backs staring at the ceiling.

“Mark, I feel awesome, can now you fuck me?” I asked, almost pleading.

“Oh are you sure?” He replied.

“It’s why I rang you in the first place,” My answer was.

We lay for another five minutes before, we led me from his bed.

With arms around each other’ waists, he showed me a box of toys.

Sex toys and then he showed me how to douche myself before receiving sex.

So he helped me douche myself.

The warm water up my ass, cleaned all the nastiness out of me.

Once the douching was over, I looked at Mark and his cock was almost flaccid now.

He looked at me, I looked at him then at his cock.

Then I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth again.

Before he could fuck me, I had to make him rock hard again.

I sucked him until his flaccid cock grew hard in my mouth.

“Good, now get your ass on top of the bed and lie on my stomach,” he ordered

He the climbed on top of me and began kissing the back of my neck.

The warmth of his body against me, was comforting.

Then he slivered off the bed and on to his knees and spread my legs.

He began to lick my asshole with his tongue, it felt awesome.

It made me squirm.

Soon he started sticking fingers in my ass, slowly fucking my ass with them.

When I felt Mark’s cock pressing against my hole, I instinctively froze.

It didn’t faze him, he forced his cock inside my ass until I felt a pop.

The thickness of his cock made me grimace.

He left his cock inside me, while my ass grew accustomed to it.

I wanted Mark to fuck me so bad now.

That is exactly what he started to do, with slow short strokes.

My anal cavity was feeling a bit more relaxed now, the pain I felt before was numbing.

He continued with his short bursts, which started making my ass feel pleasure.

The longer he fucked me, made his attitude change.

He was caring and kind before, now he started calling me bad names.

It made me feel like I was back in the schoolyard again.

“Are you my little faggot bitch?” He taunted.

At first my eyes welled up, from the humiliating names.

“Fucking cunt,” He kept taunting.

“Whore, I am going to share you with my friends,” He yelled out.

He kept raving on but instead of making me sad, it started turning me on.

I reached out my arms and gathered the poppers and took another snort from the bottle.

“Yes, go on, yes I’m a faggot,” I eventually replied.

Mark was now fucking me hard, with each thrust I moaned.

I couldn’t believe that having sex with a man was so good.

“You lie it, you like it up your ass, MY LITTLE COCK BITCH,” He yelled out.

I think I know how a woman feels when she gets fucked, I don’t want this feeling to stop.


“Yes, YES, YES!” I bellowed back at him.

With that he pulled out and sat on the edge of the bed.

I looked disappointed at him.

“If you want more, then come and sit on my lap and get some more.” He said.

I crawled of the bed and could resist to taste his cock again in my mouth.

Even though I could taste my own ass on it, I didn’t care.

Then I climbed up and squatted down on his cock, facing him while he guided his cock back into my ass.

Mark bounced me up and down his cock until I was bouncing without his help.

He kissed my nipples before he bit into them.

I bit my lower lip as his made them hurt.

My cock was so limp, it was sloppy and flaccid.

He then pushed me off him and fucked me again on my stomach.

This time he fucked me so hard that it hurt, I had to bite into the bed covers.

He fucked me so deep and hard, that he caused a slapping sound from my thighs.

I was moaning continuously.

Mark also was breathing heavily and the hard he thrusted, the louder he got.

Then he pulled out and reached for the poppers, then tossed them to me.

He went back to fucking my ass, hard and fast.

Until I felt his cock explode in my ass.

Mark kept grinding into me.

I collapse on top of me and we both snoozed it off.

When I woke, Mark was in his robe again watching TV.

I reached back with an arm and felt my asshole, cum was trickling out and down my balls.

Somewhere I had cum myself, but I didn’t know until much later.

I gingerly crawl over to Mark and sucked his cock, which was still glistening with ass and cock juices.

While I sucked I also jacked off my own cock, until my juices came.

Mark kissed me and told me to come over every Sunday, which I did for the next 3-4 months.

I had become his little cock whore for the time being.

My clothes were coming of as soon as his door shut and I was sucking cock and getting bred.

I never even tried to chase girls, as I was the girl in an all cock world.

On Sundays I told my mom I was going on dates, what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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