A Chance Encounter

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A Chance Encounter?

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Hi! This is somewhat different in style from most of my stories — same underlying philosophy though. It ends rather abruptly primarily so that you can take the characters where you will. I have my own ending that I will post shortly. There is straight, oral, and, of course, anal sex. It was written just after I had read a Heinlein book where he used short staccato sentences. I tried it out! This was written and first published on Literotica in the early 2000’s.

Warning! There is anal (as usual).

Forty-ish I suppose, same age as me, sitting on her own. Unusual in a British pub on a Friday night. Very, very noticeable. Red hair worn in a slightly old-fashioned style, curly, shoulder length. Her face was, how to say this, big. No that’s wrong, striking is a better word. Characterful — is that a word? Dark red lipstick, almost ‘porn star’ quality. That was it really — she had something of the appearance of an actress from those early films I’d seen in my youth.

She was bloody attractive – difficult to take my eyes off her. She was certainly drawing attention. Two young lads made a move to her – saw them off in pretty smart style. Don’t know what she said to them but they drifted away, tails between legs.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

I’d come out for a drink to get out of my flat, first time for a while, trying to shake off the depression caused by the last letter from my solicitor. My ex – off to the States with her new man AND the kids. COW!!

I didn’t think I was that bad. It wasn’t me over the side was it — bloody toe-rag, seducing her like that. I had no chance. He had it all, money, good looks, youth, the bloody lot. Nineteen years down the bloody pan!

I just wanted to sit by the bar surrounded by people — try to get back to life I suppose. Hadn’t thought about women for a good while, well I had but the thoughts hadn’t been about sex! Felt pretty let down really. Christ, she was bloody attractive.

Then she noticed me looking. Eyes met and I looked away, embarrassed. Hadn’t done this for a long time — chat a woman up in a pub. Different ‘rules’ now. Couldn’t not look though — shit she was lovely!

Looked at her again and she was looking at me — hell. Shit, bugger — smile you idiot! So I smiled and, miracle of miracles, she smiled back. Took a deep breath, got up, and walked over.

“Can I join you?” A nod, a smile. FUCK!

“A drink, errr, can I get you a drink?” Hell, how long ago had I last done this!

Big smile. WOW “Mmm, yes please. Gin and tonic, double, with ice and lemon. Thanks.” Nice accent — posh. Well not quite, posher than me. A double — unusual but there you are!

Off to the bar. Got the drinks, wine for me — never been a beer drinker and spirits: well not now! As I turned the two young guys moved in.

“Pushy sod aren’t you?” said one.

“Yeah, pushy!”

I wasn’t in the mood! Pugnacious look, full height (6′ 2″), “Piss off before you get into trouble!” and stared them down. Kids! Stand up to them and they back off (I hope!). They did — slunk away without a look.

I looked at her, she was watching with ghost of a smile. I sat, gave her the drink.

“Wine?” she said with a soft smile, “hardly the drink of a ‘hard’ man.”

“I’m not hard, just don’t like being interrupted.” She smiled again and nodded. She seemed — melancholy.

We sat; we talked — about me mostly. I took her in. Probably around 35. OK, 40. So difficult to tell nowadays but she was a looker that was certain. Quite a lot of make-up but well applied and accentuated her beauty. There seemed to be something familiar about her. Couldn’t see her figure but if it was as good as her face and hair — wow! Then, as her drink diminished, “You live around here?”

I did. “About 5 minutes,” I said.

“Let’s go!” I must have looked shocked. Surely chatting up hadn’t changed this much. “Show me where you live!” Who was picking up who?

She stood, I stood and we left the pub. Nice evening, slow walk and she held on to my arm. Nice.

Back to my flat. Stale, uninteresting. Hadn’t really got round to making it into a home. Difficult.

“My ‘castle’,” I said. She smiled and crossed the threshold. She was tall, well over average, I’d say about 5′ 10″ in her heels. Not slim — could see that under the coat. Followed her in and took coat.

WOW. The rest of her was as good as her face. Not, repeat not, the skinny planks that women try to be today. Very shapely. The view from the rear as I showed her into the lounge, was bloody marvellous. Thank god for the Coke bottle! Gorgeous hips and an arse to die for. She turned. Shit, I didn’t think I could take much more. Breasts full and shapely under her blouse. Slight rise of tummy dipping to the pleasure palace. She was Monroe, Loren, and Lolobrigida — a fantasy. FUCK!!!

“Drink?” I managed. She smiled.

“I didn’t come here to drink,” she said as she reached güvenilir bahis for me and pulled me close. Things had changed!! Her kiss was unpractised but passionate and, as she pulled away, “Bedroom, where’s the bloody bedroom!”

What’s happening here?? No time to think — did I want to. Shit no. I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I took her hand, corridor, bedroom. Thankfully I had a double bed — didn’t matter mind you.

She grabbed me again, her kisses passionate. So were mine by now. Boy did she light my fire. I’d never met a woman like this — forward. My wife wasn’t bad but this? No, nothing. Hands were fluttering at my shirt buttons, releasing them quickly then stripping my shirt off. Mine did the same to her blouse, ripping several — she didn’t seem to mind. She was stroking my body, cooing, kissing my neck and shoulder. I did the same to her but I wanted those tits! They felt great pressed against my chest.

Unclip bra and slip it off her shoulders — she helped then pulled my head down and thrust her tits in my face. “Suck, bite, oh you bastard, squeeze them.” Ever the gentleman, I did hard. She was grinding hips into mine by now so she must have felt the hardness of my cock — bloody hard. Hands down her back grabbing the glorious cheeks of her arse – pulled her to me.

“Oh fuck yes,” she said breathlessly as she pulled away and sank to her knees. Hands found belt, then zip. Trousers down – I stepped out. My cock, 8 inches on a good day, was as hard as a rock and poking over the hem of my pants.

“Oh my word,” she said as she stripped them off and I stood to attention — cock anyway! “Oh that IS nice!” and her mouth found the head and sucked it inside. SHIT!! Never had a woman done that. Knelt at my feet and sucked my cock. Couldn’t help it, just thrust forward and filled her mouth then started to fuck her face. She didn’t mind but I had to stop, didn’t want this to end too soon. Seemed to miss my cock in her mouth as she stood. I knelt before her and loosed her skirt. She stepped out of it. Smell of arousal and see her wetness. It was too much! Reaching behind for her arse I pulled her panty covered cunt onto my mouth, bit and sucked. She screamed, surprise and pleasure mixed. Tasted the flavour of her. Covered the whole of her mound and right between her legs, savouring the flavour of her pleasure. She shuddered legs giving way. She fell back on the bed.

“Bastard,” she said with a breathless smile, “bloody bastard. That was good. Now fuck me with that lovely cock of yours.” This from a woman whose name I didn’t even know! She reached up and pulled me down on top of her. Wriggled her wet knickers off – explored her cunt with my fingers. Wet? Hell, you could have launched a ship! Her legs opened , hand reached down grabbed my prick, guided the head into her wet pleasure palace.

Heaven. Tight, but not. Slippery, but not. Hot, but not. I wanted more. Not much technique here, I just pushed. She was pushing as well so I was balls deep quickly.

“OH fucking hell yes!” she moaned, “that IS A LOVELY COCK. Now fuck me with it — hard!” So I did. Long strokes, thighs bashing together. Slapping noise.

A constant muttered, “Yes, yes, yes,” before hands pulled my mouth to hers as she tried to devour me. A long shudder rocked her body as her tongue tested the depth of my mouth and her legs came up to grip me tightly. She was HOT!

Fucked her hard now, deep, full, right inside. Head bent, sucked her tits. Wonderful nipples — hard. Moved her up the bed then came. SHIT, WOW, FUCK. Filled her with spunk — five, six pulses. It had been a long time. Didn’t want to stop — stayed hard and kept going. Never happened before!

She screamed as I came — good for her I suppose. Pulled me deep inside. Rolled off her and lay on my back — don’t like to smother a woman. Deep breath – wow that was good. Calm. Phew — hadn’t been like that for a bloody long time.

No rest for the (very) wicked though. She was there, on me. “Fuck! That was bloody good. Do you practice?” She laughed — had a nice laugh. Sexy, rich, free.

“No,” I said, “been a while. Divorce.”

“Oh! I suppose so. Nothing in between?” Fool! I’d unburdened myself to her. Divorce, kids, lover, States: the bloody lot. Because she listened.

“No,” She laughed as she looked down on me. “Bloody waste — that was fucking good.” Language! Didn’t know any women who talked like that. Bloody sexy. Plus she was playing with my cock and balls!

“Not finished I hope?” I wasn’t!

“No,” I smiled up at her as she bent and began to kiss my tits. First time for that as well! She stopped.

“Bugger,” she said, “need to get rid of this — it has been a long time hasn’t it?” Off she tripped. “Where’s the loo?” What a fucking body!!!

“First left.”

“Don’t go away!” She was gone. Time to take stock. Bugger it, why bother, this was FUN. Shit, what a woman! She was back — stood in the doorway — a goddess!

Swayed across to the bed, knelt by me. God — her tits! Tummy! Big smile as my türkçe bahis cock noticed her. “Better clean him up!” Head bent, mouth covered my cock, hands cupped balls. Not sure she’d done much of this. My ex was a good cocksucker — wouldn’t take cum in her mouth though. Wonder if she did for him.

Sod them — she may not have been experienced but she was enthusiastic. Head bobbing, tongue washing, she sucked me fully hard in moments. Withdrew and looked down.

“Mmm, nice — your turn!” and lay back. Boy did I want my turn! Long look at her body — first time really. WOW. Tits firm, not good at size but looked good to me. Tummy — I like that not too flat. Leads nicely down to pussy — hers did. She was a natural redhead. Trimmed but not too much. Legs slightly open, she looked good enough to eat — I did but first her tits.

Started by squeezing firmly, playing nipples, then kissed and bit. Like doing this — she like it as well.

“OH yes play with my tits. Bite, suck — oh god!” She pulled my head down for a kiss then, “Ever fucked tits?” No I hadn’t actually.

Stunned, “Errrr, no!”

“Never had them fucked either. Shall we try?” Well I certainly didn’t mind trying to fuck these beauties.

“Let’s!” A voyage of discovery! Knelt over her body as her hands grabbed my cock then straight in her mouth. Lots of saliva — nearly came! Fuck! Pulled back quickly then down between to lovely mounds of flesh.

“Hold them together. Oh shit, yes. Like that.”

Big smile, “You like that?” I managed a nod. “So do I!”

Did it for a while then, “Shit, I’ve got to stop.” If I didn’t I’d cum and I hadn’t eaten yet.

She smiled — powerful, in charge — well she was. I didn’t even know her bloody name! Mind you, she didn’t know mine either! “Why?” Teasing with a smile.

“I haven’t eaten!” I said. Regain the initiative, I thought.

She looked puzzled, “Eaten?”

“Your cunt,” I said.

Raised eyebrows, surprise, then a smile, “Oh yes, eat my cunt for as long as you fucking like!” Language — never heard it like that from a woman — even ex. Bloody sexy though!

I climbed off her and checked the menu. Legs slightly apart she looked delectable. Wet again –seemed to get wet. Not that I minded. Bit down her stomach onto her hair covered mount then cunt. She moaned when I got there.

Eased her legs further apart and climbed between. She had a smallish pussy which was probably very tidy but aroused, lips were red and swollen. I covered as much as I could with my mouth, sucked, and tongued her as deep as I could. Luscious! The taste. Shit — when you’re hot like this it’s nectar — burns you up inside.

She went off like a firecracker. Noise! Shouts, screams, moans. Couldn’t hear what they were: legs gripped my head like a bloody vice. Seems she wasn’t used to this! Finally she came down and let me go — wow! Still, time to bring her on again — regain control!

I could see her clit now, standing proud. Quite large so I licked it then bit. She screamed — wasn’t used to this either! I was crushed — never had a reaction like this. Hands held my head to her cunt, legs crushed, and hips pushed up. Breathe? Just! Bloody good fun.

Took longer for her to come down — probably because I was still sucking her clit, but she did: finally. I wasn’t finished here though. Seen her tight little anus. Enjoyed rimming my ex — she liked it as well. Only ever got one joint of a finger in there though. Never had anal sex. Seen it a lot on my DVD’s. Something of a fantasy. Still, did enjoy rimming and, well, it was such a lovely arse!

Lifted my head for air, phew. Looked down at her. I don’t think I’d ever seen a woman so, hell I don’t know, sensuous is the only word I can think of. She wasn’t finished — far from it. Mind, I wasn’t either — yet!

I lifted her legs higher and tongued the skin between cunt and anus then hit the spot. It was tiny, a star with the faintest ring of muscle. She shivered, “Oh my fucking god. You’d do that. Oh fuck yes. Lick it, please!” She was pleading. I was delivering but I couldn’t get there properly.

“Turn over,” I said gruffly as I lifted my head. She looked apprehensive. Needn’t have worried. Never done anything to a woman that she didn’t want doing to her — don’t believe in it. Hadn’t had that much experience though. Half a dozen girlfriends then marriage — cow. 19 years! Still, forget that — wow.

“Why?” throatily.

“So I can rim your arse!” Well she used the language, might as well.

“Oh fuck yes. Never done that!”

“Always a first time,” I said with a look that indicated that other ‘first times’ might be in the offing.

“Mmm, there is,” and she turned as I moved away. Look, I’m not really an ‘arse’ man per se. I like all of a woman but, shit, she had an arse to die for and, from that day, I was an arse man. She conquered me! I said she wasn’t a plank. Full, shapely figure. Wide hips, not so narrow waist but proportionate, the sweep of those hips, the curve. Nothing in nature equalled güvenilir bahis siteleri that shape. And the cheeks! How to describe them. Two footballs, no basketballs joining body to legs with the valley between hiding her arsehole. This doesn’t do them justice but it’s the best I can do.

I was motionless at the sight before my eyes. My cock was so hard I think it would have broken had I knocked it! She opened her legs, then, “It’s all yours!”

I had to take a deep breath — control. For fuck’s sake hold on! ALL MINE! “Open your legs, kneel.” Another apprehensive look. I suppose I would fuck her arse if she asked me — she didn’t. Well not then!

Then she smiled, “Get to it then!” I did but first I played with those glorious globes. Squeezed, kneaded, stroked, even slapped gently. She liked that. Turned her head just a little, “Yes, do that. It’s . . . oh fuck yes . . . It’s nice.” I slapped a little harder but I’m not into that sort of thing. Don’t like inflicting hurt, pain so now kissed and licked the redness caused by my slaps.

“Mmm, nice.” She turned her head again, “Thank you,” she said softly with a strange look. Something clicked inside — don’t know what. Smiled back softly as well — wow. Returned to the task in hand. Gently now stroked her cheeks, one hand on each, and parted the valley between with thumbs. She eased her bottom back, enjoying the feeling I suppose.

Time now. Bent head and licked. Enjoy this (why I don’t know but I do). Back and forth along the sensual valley between the cheeks of her bottom. She shuddered (orgasm?) and sighed as my tongue touched her tiny ring. Focussed there now. Rimming. Round and round then prod gently with rolled tongue. Load moan and push back. Tip of my tongue enters — wow. This was too much now — had to fuck her, needed some release.

Lifted my head and leant forward. “I need to fuck you now.” A quiet whisper in her delicate ear.

“Oh fuck yes. Yes I want that. Don’t cum. Please don’t cum there. I want it in my mouth — like the films. Taste it, swallow it. Haven’t done that. Please!” Well, it hadn’t happened to me for a long time. First girlfriend swallowed — mainly because she liked being eaten and said I had to! None of the others did.

“Fuck yes.” I was rock hard now. Playing with her arse. Cumming in her mouth. Fucking her. Terrific tension. Didn’t realise at the time how strange this all was. Still!!

Knelt up behind her and pointed my cock at her pussy. Then had a thought. Just wiped the head up and down coating it with her juices mixed with pre-cum (lots). Now moved it up and knocked at her back door — gently. Knew a bit about anal, arsefucking. Could be dodgy if she wasn’t ready so wasn’t going to. See how she reacted.

“Oh god, no! No, I’ve never done that.”

I laid my cock in the groove and leant forward to whisper in her ear again, “Neither have I,” I said softly, “but there is a first time for everything!”

Deep sigh, “Oh god, yes. No, not now. Please! I need you inside me. Please!” This last was plaintive, almost begging.

“Of course!” As we spoke I stroked my cock between her arse cheeks. Ready to fuck her hard. Cock touched cunt and she pushed backwards – halfway in before I knew it. Did the other half straight away and fucked her. Long, deep strokes thighs slapping her buttocks. Her vagina was as close to heaven as I had ever been. Nothing before even approached this feeling — why?

She was moaning now, thrashing about, head down arse thrusting back at me. Our timing was fantastic. Shudder after shudder rocked her body. .Moaning turned into a keening wail. Bugger, I thought, hope the neighbours are out.

Then quiet. She spun round – a frenzied attack on my cock. She made the porn stars look quiet and reserved! No technique, she just wanked and sucked, sucked and wanked. Didn’t seem to mind the taste of herself. It didn’t take long. I lost it a bit and fucked her face. Grabbed her head and held her there — nasty. Didn’t like that bit but, shit, I came in torrents. She wasn’t used to that either because she choked and gagged. I pulled out, still cumming, and shot strings across her face. She didn’t mind, smiled, laughed, dribbled spunk. Christ, I hadn’t seen a better cum shot on screen!

She knelt up level and swallowing said, “Oh fuck, fuck. That’s so bloody exciting.” Then a big smile. I was dumbstruck — and knackered. I felt as if she’d sucked my soul out. “Nice taste. Mmm.” That as she used her fingers to round up the spunk on her face and eat it. “Dous it ‘ook ‘ice?” she mumbled as she rolled the sticky mass round her mouth.

Did it? “Fuck, it looks fabulous.”

“‘Ood!” A smile, a swallow and she was back sucking my softening cock. Shit that is strange. Managed to suck some more out. Knelt up and made to kiss me. Never tasted my own spunk before. Bollocks, she deserved a kiss and there’s a first time for everything. Held her close and kissed her spunky lips — wasn’t bad. Suddenly thought, this was our first ‘real’ kiss, not intensely passionate like earlier. Softer, passionate yes, but gentle. Her tongue pushed past my lips and met mine — exchanging spunk I suppose. I didn’t mind, just enjoyed the feel of her skin next to mine, her nipples — still hard — pressing into my chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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