A Day With Sara

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Warning: Futanari, Interracial, Racial Relations

Batya & Abby Universe: A Day With Sara

Tamilia had told her family she was going to be spending the day with her friend, Brenda, from sun up until sun down. The truth was Tamilia was actually going to see Sara. Sara was a dark skinned black woman in her mid twenties who worked as a fraud investigator for a bank. She a had a car, an apartment in an upper class area of the city of Austin, and was absolutely beautiful. Her skin glistened in the sun and her muscles gleamed with each step she took. And though their relationship was splendid, Tamilia had to lie to her family because…because her family didn’t like Sara was black.

Tamilia Cortez Hernandez was born in the small valley near the southern Texas border. Hispanic culture was tradition and so was the Catholic religion, even still, her family, just like many in their community weren’t too fond of black people. Saw them as people who asked for too much, did very little, didn’t want to pull themselves by the boot straps. Her family hadn’t listen when she told them African Americans did pull themselves up by the boots straps, but they were bombed by planes that were rented out. She informed them African Americans once again pulled themselves up by the bootstraps, but were then flooded and turned into a park. But as Tamilia sat at the bus stop waiting to be taken to the library where she was to meet Sara, Tamilia was growing frustrated with her family’s ignorance. Familia es familia pero realmente….?

The only reason she was even back in this town was for the holidays and new years, but they were over, and come Sunday, she had a plane ticket back to Austin where she would continue to live and be with Sara.

Earlier that morning, Tamilia had put on sun screen since her skin was so fair, probably the fairest out of her family. They were gleeful in her looks, saying she had Spaniard in her, which she knew was an insult to the Aztec that flowed through her and their veins as well. Just like then, even now she rolled her eyes.

Her flower dress lifted up with the wind as she stood with her knapsack on her back. She saw the silver Kia drive up and she hopped into the car.

“Hey,” Sara said, allowing Tamilia to play with her two strain twist and rub her bosoms within her black cut off tank top. They kissed long and slow until a car honked at them. Laughing like a bunch of school girls, Sara rolled into a parking garage. They were going to start the day by going to the beach. They were making good time too. It was seven o’clock and the sun was slowly rising from the east.

Before they got out the car, they kissed once more with Tamilia rubbing on Sara’s cock, having the woman moan into her girlfriend’s mouth. That was another thing her family disliked about Sara: she was another woman, she was black, and she was a futa.

Sara pulled away and licked her lips. “Hmm, you wanna give it a go right now?”

Tamilia playfully pushed Sara saying, “Loca Chica, no.”

“Por que, este justa nosotras las dos.”

Tamilia loved it when Sara spoke Spanish. And she loved it even more that if they had kids, the kids would grow up in a two language home, maybe even more than two since Sara spoke Danish and even Mandarin due to her love of languages.

They got out the car still refusing to let go of one another. They took their knapsacks, and walked to the bus that would take them to the lake that also led to the beach. During this time of year, it was still so warm and perfect for the beach in this area of Texas near the border. Tamilia hoped they could get a good secluded spot.

They managed to get to the lake around 8:30am and from there, they walked the stream to the beach. Because it was morning, not many people were there and by the time the crowds would come, they’d be gone since they planned for lunch and to go to the pier around noon.

Over by boulders van seks hikayeleri and brown rocks, Tamilia took off her knapsack and took a blanket from it. Her and Sara both sat down on it and took off their tops to get to the bathing suits underneath. Sara put on sunscreen and added more to Tamilia. The two laid back to enjoy the rays.

Wanting to take advantage of the seclusion, Tamilia placed her lips on the nap of Sara’s neck. She kissed it and had her left hand travel to the bulge in Sara’s booty short swim trunks. The dark goddess moaned. This was a clue for Tamilia to go further so she took her lips, and proceeded to place light kisses on Sara’s stomach, abs, thighs and stuck her tongue out to lick the cock still covered up.

Sara’s eyes were glazed and her cheeks flushed as she bit her bottom lip, and watched her girlfriend pull down her swim trunks so her cock popped out.

Tamilia swiftly placed it in her mouth, slurping and bobbing her head up and down. She pulled the foreskin down just a bit to get more access to the head, and after seeing Sara’s eyes roll to the back of her head, Tamilia placed the entire eight inch length into her mouth, and down her throat. Sara bucked her hips but Tamilia didn’t choke on it, though her eyes got a bit watery.

When she pulled off from it, she took a sigh, using the buckets of saliva to lube it up more.

“Oh fuck, yo, fuck…” Sara moaned. “Put it back in your mouth.”

Tamilia did just that, doing as she did before by taking the entire length in her mouth. She did it a couple of times and could feel Sara tensing up. She put her mouth on the cock just in time for Sara to release.

“Awe fuck, here it comes…here it comes, fuuuccck!”

Sara took Tamilia and held her head down, pumping her seed into the petite less than 5’3 woman’s mouth.

Once she was done coming off the climax, Sara took her cock and slapped it against Tamilia’s face, smiling. “Atta girl.”

Tamilia rolled her eyes but laughed all in all. She crawled up to Sara and kissed her, their tongues entering into one another’s mouths. They cuddled with one another in the sun and was silent for a good beat, until Sara broke it.

“What’d your parents say when you told them you were hanging with me?” Sara took an apple from her knapsack and offered one to Tamila who declined, preferring to still taste Sara on her buds.

“I told them I was with Brenda.”


Sara knew Brenda was in a similar situation as them. She was also dating a futa black woman but the woman was Latin, even still, Brenda’s parents simply weren’t accepting of the mixed couple. Sara bit into her apple and wiped her mouth.

Trying to change the subject and lighten the mood, “What do you think we should name our kids?”

“We shouldn’t have kids if you’re going to be still interacting with your family,” Sara whispered.


“You heard me.” Sara said, finishing up the apple. As she got up to throw it away in the near by trash can, Tamilia took hold of Sara’s words. “Why would I want to have kids only for them to be taught from your parents I’m lesser than because of my race? That’ll cause nothing but problems.”

“Your parents aren’t innocent either or your family. They’ve said some pretty awful things about Latinos too.” She recounted what she heard Sara’s family say, “Saying we’re a bunch of pedos because of the churches’ cover up.” Tamilia came from a strict Catholic upbringing where mass was upheld every Sunday morning.

Sara shrugged smugly, and smirked, “Must be true if y’all still represent it.”

Tamilia didn’t say anything but turned from Sara. She could say such cruel things at times and this was one of those times. Both women were silent.

Tamilia was lost in her thoughts. She sat cross legged on the shore allowing the waves to wash up to her thighs. So in bliss she was, she hadn’t noticed Sara walk up to her. She looked up at the taller woman who mouth the words that it was noon, and time for lunch at the pier.

They walked side by side with the sacks on their backs and shoes in their hands, letting the sun dry them. Walking back up the path of the lake, they saw the big ferris wheel up ahead and the smell of beach food feeling their nostrils. Tamilia was about to walk ahead excited when Sara grabbed her arm, and pulled her back.

“Hey,” she started. “I shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry about that. I know my family’s had said some shit, even put a stop to it.” Tamilia looked away but Sara took hold of her chin. “Tamilia…I don’t think that of you. You’re kind, sweet, smart, hot ass fuck…I’m sorry.”

Tamilia didn’t say anything, she didn’t want to think too much about their families and the words their families had said about one another’s. The harsh, hurtful words.

Tamilia stuffed the fat, covered in ketchup, mustard, chili, relish, and cheese hot dog into her mouth. With the chili covering her face, Sara laughed and gave her girlfriend napkins. Tamilia happily took them and wiped her mouth, probably looking not too feminine and she loved her femininity.

“You wanna go on the ferris wheel after this?” Sara asked.

Tamilia wasn’t too fond of heights but it was also too early so she shook her.

“Okay,” Sara lowered her voice, what about going into the photo booth so I could taste your cunt.”

Tamilia almost choked and with a full mouth she said,”Mon’t mease me,” she swallowed. “You don’t like doing that.” Even so, she still missed it but it was a sacrifice she made to be with Sara.

Sara shrugged. It was true she wasn’t very keen on giving oral but there were times when she really wanted to please Tamilia, to make her happy, to give her passionate pleasure. She also wanted to make up for earlier, feeling that Tamilia was still upset with her. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to taste her…even if it was just once.

“I want to do it, if you let me.”

Tamilia looked at Sara to see if she was serious…and she was. It made Tamilia a bit nervous. Sara was never enthusiastic about giving head and said it was gross, and it did nothing for her at all, and all of this Tamilia knew prior to them starting a relationship and again, she was more than willing to give it up especially since Sara could fuck like a boss and move her dick like no one’s business…maybe…”We’ll see,” Tamilia said.

After eating their hot dogs and nachos, they went to all the attractions the pier had to offer. Crazy mirror house, the photo booth, the tea cup swirl ride, the jet pack ride, jet skiing, and simply going from store to store to see what was in each one. Sara had even purchased Tamilia a few items such as a teddy bear, and make shift jewelry while Tamilia bought a few collectible Pokémon cards for Sara.

As the sun went down, the two made their way to the ferris wheel. The conductor stepped aside and allowed them to get into the pot, and after waiting ten minutes, they slowly ascended toward the sky.

The two women held hands, and rested their heads against each other looking at the night sky. They were waiting for the fire works to pop off and right when Sara heard the first crack, she turned to Tamilia and kissed her slightly on the forehead.

“I love you so much, Tamilia.”

Tamilia lifted her head up and looked at the love of her life. “I love you too and if my family can’t accept you then that means they don’t accept me.” Their lips met just as the flashing of the fireworks sprung into the sky, only to disappear quickly and be replaced by colorful drones. This night was absolutely beautiful.

Before heading to the bus stop and taking the hour back ride to the library, Tamilia wanted to make one last stop at the beach again. They sat within the sand covered up with more clothes since it was now colder and the wind stronger.

The moon was full and shown brightly, making Sara look more elegant from the light. On the blanket, Tamilia laid down and closed her eyes, dreading she was to go home shortly. But she began to laugh when Sara kissed her on the side of the neck. She playfully told the woman to stop but Sara only continued. Kissing Tamilia until she was lifting up the sun dress Tamilia wore. She pulled her panties down and suddenly, she heard Tamilia’s breathing become deeper and she could smell the younger woman’s musk.

Sara looked into Tamilia’s eyes.

“You don’t have to…”

“I want to,” Sara said, her voice husky with lust. She was nervous when she licked the clit, and the taste wasn’t exquisite nor the smell but when she looked at the arousal in Tamilia’s eyes, she devoured the cunt before her like it was her mother’s collard greens on Thanksgiving dinner. Her cock and her cunt were dripping with her own arousal, surprised she would enjoy the act so much. To focus more on Tamilia, she rubbed herself a bit and placed a finger in her own cunt, then proceeded to focus solely on getting her girlfriend off.

She placed her lips on the clit and sucked it, feeling it engorge with blood within her mouth. She licked the inner folds of the clitorial hood, something she didn’t think she could do with a clit but the clit was of a size that allowed her to even pull the hood back, and jerk it bit. She held out her tongue as if wanting it to squirt in her mouth then went back to putting her mouth on it.

Her tongue dance on the sides and inside, feeling ever inch and crevice Tamilia had of her body. Sara even wanted to lick the ass but an act like that could cause an yeast infection if she went pussy to ass then back to pussy, so she decided against it.

Tamilia arched her back and took hold of Sara’s twisted strains of hair. Her voice became higher in pitch and her legs squeezed the sides of Sara’s head. She felt the rush of Tamilia’s climax and licked every bit of juice that came out of her.

Out of breath, Sara came up laughing and smiling.


Tamilia looked at Sara, exhausted herself, she slammed onto the blanket.

It wasn’t a good idea for them to have stopped at the pub on the pier while heading to the bus stop. Tamilia was a light weight and with two glasses, she was already tripping over herself. Sara steady her as they got on the bus and held her tightly. It was a quiet ride until Sara saw a Whataburger coming up.

She nudged Tamilia. “Hey, you wanna stop at this Whataburger? Get you some food and water? We’ll take the 11 o’clock one back to the library.”

Tamilia simply nodded her head and Sara pushed the button. They got off the stop and still holding onto her girl, they walked into the 24/7 fast food joint. She didn’t have much of an appetite so Sara gave her water, and got herself a Whataburger with fries, and a Sprite.

While she ate, Tamilia fell asleep in Sara’s arms and wasn’t awoken until the bus appeared. Getting on the bus and feeling more sober because of the water, they were finally able to reach their destination.

“Where do you live?” Sara asked, placing the seat belt over Tamilia’s body then crossing over to the driver seat to do the same.

“Nooooo, let me go to your hotel room.”

“No, they think you’re with Brenda. We need to get you home. I don’t want there to be problems, ya know?”

The drive was long but enjoyable. They held hands until the very end. She even walked Tamilia to her door, risky, but a success and the next morning when Tamilia woke up, fresh and clean after taking a shower and doing her morning duties, she stepped into the kitchen where her mother, father, sisters, brothers, grandmother, a cousin or two, aunt and uncle were, all laughing and joking. And then they saw Tamilia.

Her mother lifted her head up from doing the dishes as the father cooked breakfast.

“How was it with Brenda?” He asked.

With a deep breath and sigh, Tamilia responded. “I have something to tell you.”

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