A Hard Promise Kept

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A milky white redhead with deep green eyes stepping out of the arrivals section into the crowded waiting lounge of an airport, where, except for a Chinese couple and an Amerindian woman everybody else is either Black or East Indian in various shades of brown from light to blackish, will turn heads. When that apparition is also a shapely BBW dressed in tight, short, yellow shorts and a white halter top with no signs of a bra underneath but unmistakable imprints of stout nipples on high, round, small tits, all eyes will be riveted on her.

Enter Jana, my wife’s older sister on her first visit to the tropics; chewing gum, with a haughty expression on her dimple cheeked, oval face, occasionally flicking her shoulder length red mane in a flirtatious manner. She was a workaholic who’d been forced by her job to use up accumulated leave and had come for an eight week stay with us.

“Wow gyurl, look at you, all your goodies on display; more meat than a butcher shop. The dogs will be following you around,” said my wife, sounding very native.

My wife Mira had, within a couple of years picked up on the native way of speaking, albeit with a touch of her American and inherited European accent.

“You jealous or what?” retorted Jana, jokingly.

“You didn’t leave home like that?” Mira asked, in an indulgent sounding voice.

“No, I changed during a stopover in Barbados, now shut up and give me a hug; how I miss you baby.”

Jana rushed over with sparkling, loving eyes and gently hugged my wife, tenderly kissing her on both cheeks – Mira was eight months pregnant – then looked at me and with a mischievous look on her face said:

“You’re not pregnant brother, come give mama a real hug.”

She grabbed me and literally smashed her soft, sweet smelling bulk into me. I could feel the hard nips through my soft T shirt, and the fat belly nudged my cock which had already begun to rise in response to memories. I felt devoured as my wiry, muscular frame sank into her perky tits, fleshy belly and big thighs. I felt my manhood, denied its preferred type of treat for years, quickly respond to familiar territory. I was a mixed bag of feelings as I drove us home.

When we finally retired to bed that night after Jana’s jokes, stories and family updates for Mira’s benefit, I could see that my wife was happy and glowing. She was also oozing sensuality.

“You’re happy that your sister is here.”

“Yes, I am,” she said with a cute smile and a glint in her eyes, one I knew so well.

“Me too, she’s so lively and funny.”

“We owe it to her to make her stay a happy and satisfactory one; after all, if it weren’t for her there’d be no us and I wouldn’t have this gorgeous piece of mahogany fire wood in my bed to keep me warm at nights.”

She turned on her side and freeing my cock with nimble fingers, through the front of the boxers, she began stroking the already fully hard tool. We lay on our sides chatting about Jana and her visit, Mira playing with my cock and balls and me stroking an engorged nipple on a swollen, big breast. Mira, though being less than half Jana’s size, had breasts that were twice as large, or more.

“Bring your cock to my mouth darling.”

I did as she asked and she sucked on my cock passionately for about five minutes before turning on her other side, backing me. She bent one knee, drew up and raised the leg a bit, and said:

‘Put your cock in me baby; feed my pussy, it’s hungry.”

I looked at the clean shaven and amazingly thick, floppy lips of my wife; lips I loved very much and enjoyed sliding between. I stroked the fat folds, drawing slime on my fingers. I slid downward and softly licked the meat and spat on it. Supporting her raised leg with one hand I threw a leg over hers, lined up my cock with the fluffy vulva and slid easily into her wet, pulsing pussy. I heard her whisper a soft I love you. I whispered the same and began slow-fucking her as she moaned and whispered sweet profanities. She liked to curse during sex.

I’d been pumping the fine meaty pussy for about ten minutes when I suddenly found myself thinking of her fat sister’s folds of flesh and imagined her spreading her white legs and offering up her hot bulk to me, welcoming the hard rod into her huge softness. The mental image of Jana sprawled out beneath me touched my core and I began to feel the buildup of an orgasm. I concentrated on holding it back, but just then I heard Mira say:

“Ooohh, fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh my pussy feels so happy.”

She began to shudder and I let myself blast into her the same time as she broke into pieces. When we were both still I remained inside her with a semi hard cock, feeling her pussy walls contracting and massaging it, causing me to give little responsive jabs, while softly rubbing her swollen tummy and twirling her nipples between thumb and forefinger until my cock gradually became hard again. Ten minutes later I was again slow fucking her when I heard her whisper:

“You know what I want baby?”

“Yes honey.”

She raised her leg karabük seks hikayeleri high and held it up with one hand. I slid out of her pussy and moved my cock upward. I positioned it to the puckered entrance and cautiously but firmly pushed forward. There was just the slightest of resistance, drawing a hiss from her lips, then the anal sphincter, recognizing a fairly frequent and welcome visitor, relaxed and let me slide in. I moved in her ass with careful, precise little jabs while rubbing her stiff clit. She came hard and I continued my probing for another five minutes before I blasted hot semen up her posterior. She wiggled and cooed and clamped me with the pleased muscles.

The next morning Mira and I were in the kitchen preparing breakfast when Jana, looking all bubbly, sauntered in wearing a red nightgown, which, though reaching her knees, left little to the imagination. Mira looked at me with a subdued smile and gave a little shrug. Jana gave each of us a little peck on the cheek. Her unharnessed tit nudged my arm and my boy responded by puffing up a little. Despite her being fat, Jana’s tits were no more than the size of a big avocado; a nice handful, standing high and round on her chest with long nipples that tilted upward, creating a contrast that somehow added to her sexiness.

The days went by with Jana moving about the house wearing the skimpiest of dresses, shorts and blouses that she could get away with without being gross, and I loved it; her milky white ample curves were a delight to my eyes. My little boy was almost always in a puffed up state and Mira made sure he was attended to in some fashion every night and morning. It was as if she sensed my longing and was working extra hard to keep me from going in that direction.

One night, a week into Jana’s stay, the moment we entered our bedroom to go to bed Mira quickly slipped out of the robe she had on and with us both standing at the side of the bed lifted a full breast in one hand and with the other hand on the back of my neck lowered it forcefully to the swollen appendage and urged me to draw fluid from it. I sucked on the reddened nipple for a long time, causing regular gasps from her. She then slowly dropped to her knees. She looked up at me with her big, bright green eyes and said:

“I’m so glad this is all mine.”

She took the cock which was heavy with twin lust and worked it over passionately with her lips, tongue and teeth. When I came she let the cum splatter her face and chest then continued to pump the cock with a firm hand until every drop had been released. She then smeared the sticky stuff all over her face and chest and passed the soiled hand under her big belly.

Jana was one of those persons who loved to laugh heartily – a trait of most fat women, I had come to notice over the years – she had the habit of raising her fat legs high or throwing herself back into the chair whenever she erupted, allowing me occasional glimpses of hot private areas. She did it mildly if Mira were present but blatantly revealing when it was my eyes only. She was a ticking sex bomb set to explode and I knew from the first tick that I was the intended target.

A week after Jana’s arrival there was a party at one of my relatives’ home and Mira suggested that we take Jana so she could get to meet some of my family, and also, she said puckishly, meet some guy. While Mira sat in a far corner with some other ladies and a few kids Jana mingled casually and easily with the other guests, making everybody laugh. She asked me to have a dance with her and I held her loosely in the semi darkness, her belly and thigh discreetly joined to mine, I felt my cock harden within seconds. Every time we turned she would use that opportunity to briefly press hard against it.

“Somebody seems to be mighty happy to be playing in his accustomed playground,” Jana whispered.

“Really, what do you mean?”

“I know of your likeness for big girls, it’s common knowledge. Everyone was surprised when you hooked up with Mira. You must really love her to give up all this forever.”

She pressed her body hard against my passion filled cock. I was glad I was wearing an un-tucked sports shirt of good enough length to hide my embarrassing bump. We danced two consecutive songs and I let her know in a jovial manner it was our last for the night. She said that she understood.

A month into Jana’s stay Mira started experiencing labour pains and we took her to the hospital on a rainy afternoon. Later that night after reading our son to sleep I told Jana I was retiring to bed earlier than usual because I intended to be at the hospital as early as visitors were allowed the next morning. She smiled sweetly and said that she would take a shower and do the same. I lay in bed trying to read myself to sleep while at the same time thinking of my sweet wife and hoping her delivery be problem free.

Heavy rain was pounding the rooftop and I barely heard the knocking on the door.

“It’s open,” I shouted.

My heart pounded uncontrollably in my chest. Sensing the inevitable was about to happen and not really sure whether to be happy or sad I resigned myself mentally for whatever played out. Jana pushed open the door and stood still for a moment in the doorway wearing a short, sheer, black teddy nightie, the open front of which failed to even attempt to cover her stomach and everything else lower down.

Her sunken belly buttons stuck between two slight rolls of soft white dough seemed to be winking at me and the tiny bit of nicely filled, black glittery thong looked back at my widened eyes daringly, instantly shattering any real or imagined inclination to resist the obvious offer.

“Can I come in, we need to talk.”

“Sure, you’re already in.”

She smiled and walked slowly towards the bed, hesitating only momentarily before sitting on the edge, one heavy leg drawn up, and a smooth knee resting against my thigh. She turned and looked me in the eyes, melting my morals but hardening the man flesh between my legs. She took my hands in both of hers and rested them on the knee, a little smile on her plump pouty lips, her green eyes flashing.

“I want you to know I’m happy things turned out the way they have; you make Mira happy and I know you love her as much as she loves you. I have not a single feeling of animosity or jealousy.”

“I know that.”

She looked at me a little uncertainly and with slightly trembling lips said:

“But I’m here to collect on a promise you made me five years ago.”

“Me, a promise, what promise?”

“You remember that first day you met me in the café, before Mira showed up. That was the day you made me a promise. You were going to fuck me. It said so in your eyes, in your tone of voice, in your body language; you even took my number. Then Mira showed up and all was forgotten. You never called. You may have seen it as the cancellation of a game already in progress. To me it was only a postponement.”

She reached out and placed her hand between my legs, gently stroking the hard cock that was tenting the pajama.

“The time has come to restart the game; please keep your promise, even if for one night.”

I remembered the day she was talking about. I’d been sitting alone in a little downtown café about a mile from the university I was attending in the USA. She’d walked by my seat, big, fat ass jumping joyfully under a short, sleeveless sun dress barely covering the sumptuous cheeks, leaving a lot of heavy thighs and shapely calf exposed. I am a chubby lover, so one glance at all that and my cock swelled.

She took a seat facing me three tables away. After placing her order she looked up and our eyes met and held each other’s stare for long seconds and I thought how I’d like to cause blood of excitement to redden the milky white face, neck and arms I was looking at. I could tell that she was five or six years older than me but that didn’t deter me – I found out later it was actually eight; I was twenty two, she thirty. After a few minutes she flashed me a smile which soon became two then three then four. So I got up and joined her. After several minutes of light chatter she gave me her number.

She lived right there in town with her parents and three younger siblings. Fifteen minutes after our meeting Mira showed up and sat next to her. If I had felt raw sexual arousal the first time I looked at Jana, I felt equally intense love when I looked at Mira and knew my life was about to change. They had the same milky white skin, big green eyes, red hair and the same full pouty lips on a small mouth.

Each one’s face was a replica of the other except that one was thin and the other fleshy. Mira was tall and slim with a sizable perky ass while Jana, just a couple of inches shorter was fat with an ass the same shape and prominence but three times bigger. I noticed however that while Jana’s breasts were smaller than was usual for someone so bulky all around, Mira’s was much larger than you’d expect on one so slim, but both breasts somehow added allure to the respective body. It was love at first sight for me and I saw mutual feelings in Mira’s eyes.

I found out that Mira and I were attending the same university and though I’d never seen her before, she had seen me and as I later discovered days into our relationship, knew about my reputation and my propensity for thick or fat girls, and found it funny that I was showing interest in her. I’ve always been a chubby lover and before my wife had only fucked one slim woman, my first sex partner, an older neighbour, just weeks before I left for university in the states.

Jana interrupted my reminiscing.

“I want my fuck, so I could bring closure to a five year hunger and longing. What are you going to do?”

“What I wanted to do the day I say you coming towards us in those short shorts at the airport.”

I pulled her roughly onto the king size bed and moved to the center so she could clamber up beside me. I spread her fat legs wide, marveling at the big juicy mound under the black shiny thong. I gave it a firm tap which caused her to moan, and sinking my thumbs into the crotch piece I ripped it apart, revealing a clean shaven, smooth bump of pleasure. Unlike Mira’s, instead of plump overlapping folds it was just a huge mound with a pristine looking gash down the center. I pulled the flesh aside, widening the crack.

I was in fuck heaven. A man who had never experienced the chubby treat before could never understand the sheer thrill and deep nerve touching, head spinning pleasure to be had kneeling between the spread legs of a fat woman. Something just comes over you, raising all the animal lust stored deep. It is truly intoxicating. Leaning over, I licked the pink insides and she bucked like a rodeo filly, letting out a loud snort. My cock rose and lashed my belly like a stallion in heat.

I pinned her down and sent all of my tongue into her causing her to wail and grab my nappy head, pressing it down so my face smashed against her fuck nest. I placed my hands under the huge mass of soft ass and held her tight as I began to eat out the taboo in-law pussy.

“Oh yes baby, eat me up, I’m all yours. Ooohh, this was worth the wait.”

I put years of tonguemanship into play, tickling juices out her pussy and long moans out of her mouth. I pushed her big legs way back and licked her little asshole, wondering if she shared her sister’s love of buggering. The puckered hole quivered and I put a pussy juice lubricated middle finger up the tight chute till my finger touched hard little pebbles of waste matter. I moved it in and out of her in long, slow movements watching the tight rim turn in and out with each finger fuck.

Swinging around I deposited my heavy balls on her fat face. She licked and sucked them hungrily then her tongue went to work on my butt hole, giving me the rim of my life, she was so much like Mira. Then I heard her say:

“Ooohh, I want this big black cock in my mouth.”

As I rose up to give her access, I wondered, not for the first time, why every black dick is perceived to be big. In the porn stories you read and in the dialogue of porn movies it is always the big black dick. I have a stout seven incher which I don’t think of as big though I know it’s damn vibrant and useful. In my mind big dicks fall in the range of nine to twelve inchers and more. She took in her desired big black dick, and let it down her throat, gagging, but fighting like a champion as I raised my ass and pumped her tonsils repeatedly.

Meanwhile I latched my mouth on to her clit, teasing it with my tongue while one hand stretched backward and massaged her firm, little round breasts. She let out a loud howl and began cumming violently, locking my head between fat sweaty thighs. She rode out her orgasm with my cock still in her mouth, her teeth clamped around it as she shook her head from side to side.

She released my cock, swallowed hard then said throatily:

“Cock, cock, give me cock brother-in-law.”

I spun around and settled on my knees between her butter columns while she agilely pulled them back, sprawled and ready for any kind of action. I wet my cock copiously with saliva and gave her action. I pressed hard against the tight entrance then with a mighty push felt my boy part her asshole.

“Ow, ow, baby. You surprised me there. But it is a nice surprise. Fuck my ass, fuck it good.’

I drove into her deeply and then began to pound the pink asshole relentlessly. She obviously enjoyed it and this spurred me on, filling me with a passion to inflict pain. I squeezed both tits hard, all fingers sunk into them as I rode the ass. I didn’t know if I’d get the chance to hit it again so I took everything I could, banging the anal passage heavily until with a loud gasp I came inside her, plastering her premature turd with my cum cement. She clamped me and wiggled and rode my shivering out. When I pulled out I saw her spring off the bed, put her hand below her ass and waddled out the room hurriedly.

When she returned she laughed loudly and said:

‘You made me nearly shit in my hands; I only just made it to the toilet.”

She took a wet baby wipe and cleaned my smelly cock then sucked on the head till it was hard again. She rolled over on her big belly and cocked her ass in the air, elbow and face into the mattress. I found her pussy and eased into her and she began to roll her ass after asking me to remain still with my stick deep in her. She kept up the rolling for an unbelievable length of time. My knees felt bruised but I let her have her way till she gave a stifled scream and began cumming again. She bucked me off and fell on her back, her white blubber quivering.

I forcefully spread her. Forcefully, because the orgasm had her so sensitive she could barely stand to be touched how her nerves were raw. But I fought off her resistance, got between her thighs, managed to pierce her pussy mound and began to ride the fat, sweet meat. Our flesh made loud smacking sounds as my muscular belly repeatedly slapped her soft quivering mass. Our bellies were wet and slick and she had grown as red as a cherry, her eyes rolled back in her eyes showing white. She came again, mewing like a kitten, goose bumps all over her red flushed skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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