A Mother’s Tale

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Note: If you get to the end and like (or don’t like) this kind of story, please let me know with a bit of anonymous feedback after you vote. Thanks, Em

If this were a fairy tale, it would start out with the words “In a cabin by a lake, Richard of Leeds…” Actually there is a cabin, a lake with a body in it, and a young man named Richard Claymore who was born in Leeds Maine. In the fairy tale, the young man and a woman fall in love. Richard and Vivian did fall in love. Reality intrudes and the center may not hold, because she is his mother. Illusion and reality blur when the tale is about you. And when you’re living it, you’re far from certain that it will end “happily ever after.” I should know.

I guess it doesn’t happen often but it does happen; that’s why there are statistics. The odds against a mother and son becoming lovers are lots higher than the odds of someone getting killed in an automobile accident. 42,862 people were killed last year on the roads; my father was one. The driver wasn’t speeding; he just couldn’t stop. My father didn’t stop; he just wasn’t looking.

I was Eighteen and my mother Vivian was thirty-seven and neither of us was terribly unhappy when it happened. When a tyrant dies, there aren’t many mourners. He left us both with remnants from years of subtle, and at times overt abuse…but with enough money to live on…and a cabin in the woods…not far from the lake.

We went to the cabin for a week after the funeral. It was early spring but there was still some snow on the ground. We had stocked up and ended up not going into town at all.

For the first two days we prepared our meals, walked, read and talked, talked, talked. After exhausting the subject of what a bastard my father was, I asked my mother a question that led us into the unforeseen. I had seen very little affection pass between my parents and I was curious…maybe too curious. Perhaps what happened between us would have happened anyway but I remember the quiet space between the question and the answer. She could have brushed me off or told me off, but she just gave me a half-smile and looked into the black of my eyes and answered, “It wasn’t very good Ricky, it wasn’t very good at all…almost all of my orgasms came when he wasn’t in the room.” She laughed, and so did I after getting over the surprise of the intimacy she shared with me.

The tenor of our talk changed after that. We were conspiratorial allies. She shared and I shared. We were tied in a new way…her head rested against my shoulder in a new way…she held my hand as we walked…I looked at my mother…and I saw a woman.

If this were a fairy tale, Vivian would be perfectly beautiful…she was close. Her legs were long at five foot seven. Her breasts, which had not escaped my attention even before that, were fuller than almost all of the ‘natural’ women I knew; and I had always heard what a pretty mother I had…and in my ‘new’ assessment, she was wonderfully rounded from behind.

In close proximity to her, I scrutinized her form, her movements, and her fragrant heat…all day long. I became an aggressive pursuer of my mother. I was determined to drive through the small psychological opening she had given me. My talk became filled with compliments and innuendo and I felt the pleasure she took in them. I had no idea how far I could go before I was rebuffed…or if I would be.

The first night we held hands in a ‘new’ way, we had some wine and were watching an old horror film in black and white…certainly not a ‘sexy’ movie. After a few minutes I laid our hands in her lap. I pressed gently. I could feel the hair on her pussy through the satiny pajama bottoms she wore. I was sure she had no panties on. I thought my heart had moved to my neck as the pounding made it’s way up to my temples.

I wasn’t sure what to do. If it were Janice or Carol, I would have done what I always did…but this was my mother. I turned to look at her face and I saw my own desire reflected back. I kissed her. Her two hands cradled my face as our lips met and the first kiss was soft and her gentle moan was covered by the sound of both of us breathing deeply through our noses. She kissed my eyes and when our lips met again her arms went around my neck and her tongue went into my mouth…my mother’s tongue…in my mouth.

With ikonbet giriş her soft slippery tongue on mine, I was sure of one thing. I didn’t want Carol or Janice and it had nothing to do with older or younger; I wanted her. I reached under the pajama top and the shock of her bare breast and erect nipple in the palm of my hand caused me to press hard against her mouth. I fondled my mother’s satiny tit and pulled the long nipple a little too hard between my fingers. I started to think, “Are we really going to…” and then my mother pulled back and put her hands on my shoulders.

“Wait baby…” Had my pinching her nipple awakened her to the reality of what we were doing? At any rate, “no” was the answer to my unfinished question. “Honey…I …I had too much wine…I’m sorry Ricky.” She was obviously confused and I could see the flush of embarrassment across her chest. She said, “We’ll talk in the morning.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and went to bed. I was left with more questions than answers…and a raging hard-on…a hard-on that wanted satisfaction in the most forbidden place…inside my mother.

As I stroked up and down the longest distance I ever had to travel along the iron pipe my cock had become…I thought of my mother. I thought of her coming into my room to suck on her son’s aching cock…she didn’t. I thought of her coming in to spread her long legs to open the pussy her son would enter…she didn’t. I thought of going in to her room and forcing my way into every one of her holes whether she wanted me to or not…I didn’t. What I did do was cum so hard I thought it would hit the ceiling…I came with the taste of her tongue in my mouth and the feel of her breast in my hand.

The next morning at breakfast she was made up and dressed before I got down. I sat next to her and she looked at me with a warm loving smile that made me feel like there was no one I would rather be and then she said, “Richard, you didn’t do anything wrong last night…because I…well…for a while I was also having ideas that…about things you just shouldn’t do. You agree, don’t you honey?” I didn’t say anything…she looked so beautiful…I didn’t know how to say, “No, I don’t agree; I want to have sex with you, now…now…now.”

So I fumbled and mumbled something that sounded like a sophomoric justification putting in things like “We’re both adults and…”

She stopped me and said, “We’re not just any two adults and…I don’t want to…I’m sorry I let it get this far Richard…I love you more than anything and more than anyone I ever will but these things can’t be.”

I saw how adamant she was and I didn’t want to push it to a point where her stance would solidify beyond any chance her mind changing, so I just said, “Okay mom but can we talk about this…it doesn’t have to be now, or today, but at some point?”

“Sure, we can talk.” She said, “We can talk about anything you want to.” She got up and gave me a kiss on the cheek saying, “I’m going for a walk…I’ll see you in a little while.”

When she came back I gave her a hug and pushed my luck. I fully and deliberately let both hands slide across the sides of her breasts as we separated. She said, “Richard, please don’t…” I looked into her eyes, without expression or apology. I thought of what she would taste like if my tongue were between her legs; I imagined it to be the taste of a ripe strawberry after not having eaten for a long time. I fantasized as I stood there and pictured her with one breast out of her misty-rose satin slip, black sheer stockings and my cock in her mouth.

They were the stockings she wore when I was young, not the pantyhose she wore now…if she wore anything at all. I remember sitting on the floor watching her dress. She was never nude but once as she changed her skirt with her back was to me, she told me to close my eyes. I didn’t. She took off her panties and I saw her creamy ass. I was too young to understand my excitement but the vision stayed with me…the vision I called up as I approached her from behind with a stiff rod that I would push deep between her meaty globes. ” Why are you looking at me like that Richard?” she said.

“Nothing…” I muttered. “Forget it.” I went to my room and we hardly spoke until the next day.

In the morning she was ikonbet yeni giriş standing buy the stove and I thought of coming up behind her, kissing her neck and telling her how good everything smelled. Of course my cock would press against her ass and then she would slowly begin to push back…and grind…and soon I would pull down the thin cotton shorts she wore along with her panties and her legs would open and I would be up inside her juicy pussy and she would be telling me how wonderful it was and how much she wanted it and…and…and…

I did go up to her, stiffened by my thoughts, and told her how good everything smelled. When she felt the unmistakable hardness against her she turned and said, “Sit down”. I sat as she turned off the flame. “This has got to end or I’m packing and we’re leaving right now.”

“Okay…sorry.” My apology wasn’t effusive but it was sincere. I guess I had a somewhat exasperated look on my face.

Mom said, “Look honey, I don’t know if this will make any difference to you…you’re a handsome boy…and if you were anyone except my son I would be thrilled that you’re attracted to me…that way…but I just can’t handle this…and I don’t think you could either…so please don’t pressure me anymore…I can’t…”

I could see she was getting upset so I said I would stop. She suggested we stay and try to get back to the good time we were having before we “got off the track”. So we did, for a while. I didn’t really stop because whenever it wasn’t forced, I steered the conversation to an intimate level. I told her about Carol and Janice, leaving in details but always conveying my dissatisfaction. She didn’t seem to mind.

The night we were working on our second bottle of wine I figured if she really didn’t want anything to happen like the last time we drank, she wouldn’t have. It made sense to me. When we were both pretty juiced I asked her what she looked for in a lover. She said, “You know, it’s been so long I hardly remember but I guess, kindness.” Then she laughed and said, “And someone who knows his way around the territory; how hard can it be to find the clit?”

I said, “If I was your guy I’d make sure I brought a compass.” We laughed together and an easy air pervaded the room. I said, “You know what I like best? I love touching woman all over for a long time before we make love.” I’m no more evolved than most and it wasn’t what I like best but I was winging it. I went into great detail and as I described each body part I looked at it on her. By the time I got to the legs I was talking about her legs and I said, “I’d lick up and down your thighs and kiss that tender spot that sends little lines of electricity to your pussy” I wasn’t sure but I hoped it was true for her.

Vivian was breathing harder and she said, “Oh that can make me…” Then she looked between my legs…she couldn’t miss the bulge. “Oh God what am I doing talking about this stuff with you…I…”

There was half-hearted resistance to my first kiss and none to my second. Our hands roamed and explored each other through the long embrace. When we finally broke she said, “Do you have a condom? I’ll kill you if you get me pregnant.” I had one and put it on and as I stood before her she took my cock into her mouth. Within minutes she said, “Oh God…” and rolled it off so the bare meat and skin could fill her mouth. The last thing she said before I entered her pussy was, “Don’t come in me baby…please don’t come in me. I promised her I wouldn’t as I sank my cock into my mother’s drenched pussy. I went in deeper and could feel the walls of her channel on my cock…holding me…clenching me…milking me.

We made love together easily. I felt as if she were the wife I had made love to yesterday and would make love to tomorrow. Her hands never left my ass except when she wrapped her legs around me. Her sounds were musical. Each stroke of my cock into her elicited a note of pleasure. “Tell me what you like momma…”

Her answer surprised me, “Oh God Richard…in the ass…I like it in my ass…in my ass…Richard…” I had never had a woman that way and wasn’t sure what to expect. I pulled out off her and she turned over burying her face in the pillow. I could hear the muffled sounds of her saying something like “Oh God…oh God…” She said ikonbet güvenilirmi it over and over until the head of my cock pushed into her stretched little hole and then she just said, OHHHhhhh…” I couldn’t believe I would fit into that small space but despite the heat and the pressure I was able to penetrate her with the length of my cock. She lifted her face and as I began to work my cock in and out she let out a long exhale saying, “Yes that feels good…so good baby…” I’d never felt anything so tight around the width and length of my cock but it felt as good as anything I could imagine…and even better because it was my mother’s ass that was doing it to me.

I approached orgasm quicker than I usually did and no wonder. I grabbed the rounded tops of my mother’s ass and began pumping as fast and as hard as I could. I didn’t expect it but my mother responded by screaming into the pillow and coming with me. As shot after shot of hot cum filled her ass she continued wailing. I couldn’t imagine what it would have sounded like if the thick pillow didn’t baffle it. I collapsed on her back and kissed her neck once before I heard her unwelcome scream.

Vivian pushed me off her and got up with her arms flailing and started yelling, “open-handed blows fell on me and before I could respond in any way, she left the room and slammed the door.

I wasn’t sure what the hell was going on because in no way was that a one sided screwing. I may have started it but she sure had screwed back. I wanted to straighten the whole thing out…mainly because I wanted to do it again. I found her staring off, sitting on the couch with a blanket around her. She didn’t say anything and I sat beside her. “Mom I…” I wasn’t even sure what I was going to say before she cut me off.

“No…it’s not you…it’s me. I shouldn’t have hit you…I just didn’t know what to do with the feelings…I had just let my son…I guess it was easier to blame you than me…I’m sorry…oh love, it did that feel good…God…what am I going to do with you…”

I answered by kissing her and she sort of whimpered. I exposed her and gently guided her onto her back. I went to her pussy with my mouth and quickly lifted the hood with my tongue. After painting the swelling nub with the tip of my tongue I sucked her into my mouth. She said, “Ohh…I guess you don’t need a compass, do you baby?” I kept sucking as I felt her hips begin to gyrate. I reached up for her bare breasts and massaged the nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. Releasing her clit from my mouth, I licked her folds and went up to kiss her. She licked and sucked my mouth and tongue until all traces of her juices were gone. I disingenuously told her, “If you want me to stop, I will.”

She made a little noise and said, “No…be in me Richard…be inside me…” hearing the words as if they came out of my fantasy drove me. I entered her and my cock felt like a steel shaft. She was about to wrap her legs around me but I leaned back and lifted her long legs so I could get deeper access into her pussy. When the full length of me was in her she kept saying, “So deep…so deep baby…” We were both overtaken by the feelings and lost in them. There was nothing fancy; we just went at it. We did it until we couldn’t hold back any more and it couldn’t have been more than a second after the first jet of cum coated her channel when she said, “I’m coming Richard…I’m coming…OH…OH…oh…oh…”

Anyway that’s what I wished would have happened after the very first time I had her tit in my hand. What actually did occur was that she said, “Richard I’m sorry…that’s never going to happen again…you can’t touch me like that again. There’s enough blame here to go around and I’m angry with both of us…maybe we should just go home.”

I said, “fine but could we just take a last row around the lake to cool off and calm down?” She reluctantly agreed and we went down to the lake.

It was too early in the spring for any tourists so we were alone as I lazily rowed to the center of the lake. I pull in the oars and we drifted. I looked across at her lovely face in the sunshine and noticed how perfect her breasts looked in the thin sweater she wore. She wanted me to notice or she wouldn’t have dressed that way, right? I reached across and took her soft tit into my hand.

The last thing I remember was the ice chest coming toward my head. I must have blacked out for a minute…looking up through the cold water I can see the sun…that could be my mother swimming towards me…so far away…maybe it’s better this way…maybe it’s…maybe…

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