A Recruiting Visit to Remember Ch. 04

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Hello everyone. This was probably the hardest chapter to write. I know I need help with dialogue writing and writing in general haha. So if you have any suggestions feel free to email me or whatever. Hope you enjoy.


“Hello, Tyler. Welcome. It’s very nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, too. Should I sit on the chair or the couch?”

“Up to you. Whatever you’re most comfortable with. But, most people choose to lay on the couch.”

“Ok, sure I’ll just lay down.”

“So your name is Tyler Mills. You are a first-year here. This is your first time here. I see you’re on the football team. May I ask, did you come here today out of obligation to the football team or did you walk in on your own?”

“A little of both, I guess.”

“I see. So I must inform you that although the football team obligated you to use the school’s counseling service, you are not obligated to talk about football. This hour is for you to use however you want. So with that said, Tyler what is on your mind?”

“Umm, this stays between you and me, right?”

“Yes of course. Here is my card that has my name, number, and state license number. If you feel that in any way I have violated client privilege, you can write a report and the state will investigate. However, if I believe you are any harm to yourself or to others I have to tell authorities”

“Oh no, no, that should be no problem. I’m just having relationship issues.”

“So please Tyler, feel free to share that or anything you want.”

“You see I’m in a romantic relationship with a guy that I really like.”

“Ok. I see. Are you confused about your sexuality?”

“No, not that. I’m perfectly comfortable with who I am. I’ve known for a long time that I’m bi.”

“Ok sorry for inferring. Please continue.”

“No problem. Well, we have been a new couple for about a month. But about three Sundays ago we had a conversation on the phone that still rattles me.”

“Care to tell me more about that?


*3 weeks ago. Sunday. The day after the party*

Beep beep beep.

9 am. Five hours before I finally get to talk to Alex. I miss him so much. But if you saw what I’ve been doing for the past week, you wouldn’t guess it. The day after Alex and I became a couple, I start jacking off to my high school crush. Five days later, I was in my high school crush’s room using his mouth and would have done a lot more if it wasn’t for Alex texting me. Do I just be honest and tell Alex? Do I hide and hope it just goes away? I put myself in a shitty position. But fuck Adam’s mouth felt good. I can’t deny it, what I did last night felt amazing.

Buzzzzz. From- Mason.

Speaking of the devil. I open the message.

Mason- “Hey bro, mind if we meet at the team room this morning?”

I may as well confront this now before I talk to Alex. I need to come clean to him. I think he will understand. I don’t hate him for enticing me because he doesn’t know about Alex and me.

Tyler- “Yeah man, I’ll head there now.”

Mason- “Cool, cool.”

I walk to the team room. I don’t really know what to expect or why he wants to talk. When I get there, I see the place empty. Everyone is probably asleep since it’s 9:30 am on a Sunday. Perfect place to have a private meeting.

Mason sees me and gives me a slight smile with our usual handshake. “Hey bro, nice to see you.”

“Yeah man what’s up.” We sit down on the oversize couch.

“I just want to apologize about last night. I know you have a thing for Adam and I don’t know what happened with you and Adam when you walked out of the party. But, I wanted to let you know that after you left, Adam and I got together. I hope I didn’t break your trust or anything like that, man.” Mason looks worried. A little apprehensive, but he knows I had feelings for Adam. So it’s understandable he thinks he broke my trust or slighted me in some way.

But, wow, I can’t lie and say I didn’t see this coming but I still feel a bit shocked. I mean, I’m not mad because I’m with Alex. But a little side of me is… jealous. “Dude, really? That’s cool man. I mean, to be honest. I’m seeing someone right now. We’ve sort of been a couple for a short time. So, I’m the one who messed up because I really like my boyfriend. And last week was a mindfuck, so I sort of stupidly walked into Adams’s room.”

“Oh shit, congrats. Ümraniye Escort My man is sprung. That’s great. Now I really feel like shit. Yeah, dude Adam’s snaps are something else. Better than all the ass and titty pics I get from these girls here.” So Adam is sending him stuff too.

“Yeah, he’s wild. Never would have guessed that nerdy Adam from high school was such a freak. But, it was just all the shit last week. The game, Alex going away so soon, Adam, and the Coach talking to me about Alex…” Shit, I slipped.

“Wait, hold up! Alex, like Alex Morgan? Alex, the coach’s son?”

Fuck, at least it’s Mason I slipped too. “Yeah, we have been dating since the North Alabama State game. You know the one where I threw my first interception. He told me he was going away and after the game, we confessed our love to each other,” We actually confessed our love when I was balls deep in him. But TMI. “then a few hours later I was jacking off to Adam again.”

“Shit dude, that’s wild. Fuck. Isn’t it weird? Nah, don’t answer that. But, I’m happy for you. And sorry again about last night. I wouldn’t have pressured you.”

“It’s fine man, water under the bridge. I have to deal with the consequences. So what about you and Adam? Are you guys a thing?”

“Nah brah. I mean Adam is awesome. And the best fuck I’ve had.” Really? Interesting coming from Mason. “But, don’t confuse great sex for love. I’m not emotionally attracted to guys. I know it’s confusing. But if Adam wants to keep fucking, I’m down.”

“Cool, cool. I mean, if someone is going to fuck Adam may as well be you.” I’m slightly jealous. He gets to use that mouth and ass all he wants.

“Soooo, have you heard about Alex? This shit again. Coach, now Mason. What, is he a secret slut?

“No, what’s with everyone with this secret Alex information?”

“It’s not like that, man. But, last year, he was in a relationship with one of the 3rd years. And he ain’t here anymore.”


“Worse, transferred. To Kansas.”

“Oh yeah, that is worse. But, why though?”

“We just know the guy went… Nah man not my business. I bet you guys will be fine.”

“What dude don’t leave me hanging.”

“It’s nothing much. The dude was kinda crazy anyways. Trust me. You are a step up for Alex.”

I let the subject go and we just chill for a while. Soon, I head back to my dorm and chill out. I contemplate what Mason was reluctant to tell me. I contemplated whatever my Coach was trying to tell me last week. I don’t know what went on with Alex in the past but people are clearly worried about me. I’m starting to doubt if I’m worth Alex’s time. I’m starting to think this is too good to be true.

Why does everything feel like it’s about to go wrong? This isn’t a good time to talk, Alex. Please, don’t call. I’m not right mentally. I’m going to do something stupid if he calls. But, I need to talk to him. I miss him. Please say you’re busy right now and you’ll call tomorrow. I look up at the clock and right on time. Alex calls me.

“Hey baby, how are you doing?” Alex voice sounds a little hesitant and almost worried.

“I’m fine” I’m not fine.

“You’re not fine. Talk to me, what’s up?” A little base in his vice is back. He may be the feminine one in this relationship but he’s the most nurturing, by far.

“It’s just, I miss you, you know. We got so close and now you’re gone. I don’t blame you, it’s just hard.”

“I know babe. I just, I didn’t expect us to get this far so fast. I wanted to take it slow but, leaving you so soon, I just needed you to know that you’re the one I wanted.”

“Thanks. It means a lot. You know I talked to your dad the other day. He knows about us.”

“Why are you talking to my dad? He doesn’t need to be a part of this. Wait, what did he say?”

“Why does it matter what he said?

“What did he say?” I never heard Alex talk like this. Stern, demanding, and disappointed at me.

“He just said I should be careful. That he knows you or something.”

“That fool. And what, did his conversation with you make you play bad?” He’s getting antagonizing.

“No, no I was just dealing with stuff.”

“Stuff, what stuff?”

“It’s nothing.”

“Sounds like something.”

“I’m not playing this game, Alex.” I’m annoyed. It’s been a shit week and even Alex is starting to get on Şerifali Escort my nerves. I want to know how he’s doing, how it’s there in London. This long-distance thing is stupid. I just want him home. Then I hear in the background of his phone, “Hey Alex, do you want chicken or steak tonight?” The voice is faint but very masculine. He sounds a little too friendly.

“Who is that?” I’m suspicious. No one asks stuff like that unless…

“It’s no one, just a friend I made here this week.”

“Sounds like something else. What, do you always need a man with you?” I’m pissed now. There’s no turning back. “You need a man to occupy your time, don’t you? That’s why Mason and your dad are warning me about you?

“What did you just say? He’s just a theatre friend. Why are you acting like this?.”

Things are overwhelming. I can’t handle the regret. Why did he have to leave me? Why does Adam have to be here to entice me? Everyone’s getting on my nerves. I came here to play football. Fuck everyone else. So I lash out, “Yeah a friend. Like how I used ‘my friend’ last night to get off.”

“You, what?”

“I fucked my friend’s face. You heard me.”

“So, it took you one week to cheat on me? I had my doubts but I never expected you to cheat. I think we need some time apart. This was a mistake We got into this to fast. You’re not who I thought you were, Tyler.”

“Well, it seems like you are about to do the same thing with your friend over there.”

“Idiot, he’s just a friend. I’m done. Goodbye, Tyler.”

Just as Alex hangs up, I hear in his background “Come over here, Alex.” That fucker has the audacity to break up with me while being with someone. Fuck this.

Tyler: “Come over.”



“Have you two talked since that call?”

“No. I messed up. I wasn’t in the right place mentally. Things were just overwhelming. I was… i mean, I am immature. I don’t know why I kept antagonizing him. I know I blew everything out of proportion but, I don’t think I can handle football, expectations, and someone like Alex all at once right now. Everything I cared about was either gone or I sucked at it that week. I just wanted things to go back as they were before he left.”

“I understand. It’s a part of growing. Sometimes we may lose the ones we love in order for us to grow. But what makes us who we are is how we respond to the rough moments in our life. So how did you respond, Tyler?”


10 minutes after the phone call

*Knock, knock, knock*

I grab his hand and throw him into my room. He lands on his back sprawled out on my bed with a look of shock and lust.

“Forceful today are we. Guess you had a change of hearts, huh?” He licks his lips knowing what I’m about to do.

“Just shut up and take your shit off.” I undress and walk over to Adam. He’s looking sexy as hell wearing one of his half-cut tank tops with booty shorts on. I couldn’t believe he could look any sexier when he took off his tank top showing his full twink body with some muscle. And some of the hottest pink panties as if he knew those would turn me on even more. “I need your mouth right now.”

“Yes, sir.” He drops to his knees and gets right to sucking. I moan watching his lips and tongue work his magic on my cock. The lust in me builds watching his saliva coat my cock and the strains of his spit expand when he comes off to breathe. If Alex is gonna fuck some idiot, I’m going to fuck Adam.

I pick up his small frame and throw him on the bed. I lay my back on the bed, and forcefully move his ass to my face. My right hand moves his pink panties to the side to reveal his tight hole. My left hand moves to his back to bring him down towards my hard cock. I’ve dreamt about being in a 69 position with him for so long and the real thing is even better.

Adam goes right back to work preparing my cock for his hole. I can barely hold my nut as his lips and tongue work their magic on my cock. I groan while licking and fucking his hole with my tongue. I smack his ass a few times to tell him to get off me.

I push him off me and quickly take off his panties and throw them to the ground. I then lay on top of him with his legs raised and his back on the bed. Without any preparation or any more foreplay, I thrust my cock into his tight hole. I feel Bostancı Escort like I’m melting as I stroke inside him. My head finds home into his neck as I take out all of my frustrations on Adam.

“Yes baby, fuck this boy pussy. I know you wanted this since high school.” He hooks his arms around my neck and for some reason, this makes me stroke harder into him.

“Fuck, you’re going so rough. But use me however you want. Breed me Tyler, make me yours.” His high-pitched whimpers keep me going. Having Adam is everything I wanted for so long. But the way I’m fucking him is more like I’m using him as my toy. You can hear my frustrations in my grunts and the sound of my hips hitting his ass sounds almost violent.

“Look down Tyler. Look what you’re doing to me.” I do as he says and I see his toned abs convulsing and his cock throbbing and twitching. A couple of seconds later, I see cum oozing out of the slit as the sounds of his moans fill the room.

His cute post-orgasm pants remind me of why I was so obsessed with him in high school. But, those thoughts are fleeting and I remind myself why he’s here. We switch positions and I pull him over me, line my cock up to his hole again and grab hold of that firm ass. I hold him tight and fuck him with abandon. I focus on his spent cock flopping and hitting my stomach every time I thrust into him. His head falls limp to my ear and continues his soft high pitched moans.

“Baby, you’re fucking me so hard. You can cum in me Tyler. Cum in this boy pussy.” I hold his ass tight and keep the full length of my cock in his hole. He gives me little kisses on my neck which is an area that drives me wild.

“Fuck, I’m gonna bust,” I moan out as I give his hole four hard strokes as my cum starts to coat his walls. He lays close to me for a couple of breaths and rolls over to my side. His body is shaking and his cute face looks blissful.

For me though, it’s just well… “I think you should leave.”… regret.

“What? Why? Did I do something wrong?” His panting turns into words of worry.

“No it’s just… I just need some time alone.” I’m confused and sound uncertain. I sound as if I’m regretting this.

“Wait, so you used me, Tyler?” What, you thought I’m just some fuck to you? I came over because I thought you wanted to start something with me. But I guess I should’ve realized your demeanor when you opened the door showed me I’m just some toy to you.”

“No it’s not that, it’s…”

“Nevermind. You’re right I’ll just leave. You aren’t who I thought you were, Tyler.” That’s the second time someone told me that in a span of two hours. I watched him put back his clothes on and stormed out of my room.

FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. I slam the back of my head to the bed a couple times in disgust. What am I fucking doing?



“So, I used Adam to get back at Alex and ended up hurting both of them. I haven’t talked to Adam in a while. I see him in the study hall but we just exchange ‘hellos’. We don’t snap or anything anymore.”

“Interesting. Have you tried apologizing to Adam, yet?”

“No. I can’t approach him. I know what I did was wrong. Every time I see him now I just feel shame. I lost the two people who I wanted to be with for the future. It’s been affecting everything I do. School, football, the way I act. I don’t know how to make things right, you know.”

“I understand. Since this is our first meeting I will need sometime to think on what you have told me. If you decide to come back next week, we can talk about things you can work on and how to stay present when you’re in those moments and not act on emotion like how you’ve been doing, from my perspective. But in the meantime, I want you to keep reflecting on what you did. But this time put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what you think they would want you to do. Remember you’re so young. I know these two mean a lot to you, but I think now you know what not to do or let say you know how you don’t want to act in those situations. So maybe when you meet someone else, you now have the experience to act in a way where it won’t hurt your partner. “

“Yeah, I hear you.”

“Good. It was nice meeting you, Tyler. And good luck next week against Hard Rock University. Go beat up my alma mater.” He laughs as he opens the door for me.”

To be honest I don’t know if I will come back. I know what I need to do but I just needed to tell someone and talk about it. I don’t know anymore. All I can do is hope for the best next week and take up the courage to talk to Alex and Adam. I just need something to get my life back on track. Something that will lead me back to Alex.

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