A Special Event

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“Welcome to our brand new functional art show [F.E.T.I.S.H: Fiona’s Exhibition of Trends and Insights into Sexual Habits]! Have an exciting and stimulating evening!”

Ben was surprised just how sleek the entrance hall looked. The polished marble floor, tall, white walls and tasteful paintings created a distinguished and rather classical atmosphere. Not the place he would expect to host one of Fiona’s daring exhibitions.

Fiona… When did he meet her last? Was it five years ago? When she was freshman at the high arts college? Even back then she was completely wacky, scaring off people with her blunt display of sexuality. And with her interpretation of ‘art’.

He vividly remembered the day when she declared she would now focus on ‘boob prints’ and explained to him in every detail how she would cover her tits in paint and create art by pressing them against paper using various, rather inventive methods.

Yeah… Fiona. The invitation had definitely been a surprise. It had arrived in a small package. Inside had been an expensive-looking envelope sporting an old-school wax seal with an imprint of some medieval coat of arms. And something that looked like an odd-shaped sex toy. He still had no clue what to expect from the event, but as soon as he had read her name on the invitation he had made sure he could attend the event today.

“Please proceed to the entrance! Attendance is by invitation only. To verify the authenticity of your invitation, please stick your personal ticket into the receptacle of the validator!”

Ben watched the crowd slowly move towards the entrance. Maybe 50 people were in front of him, and the exhibition space was probably packed already. What an odd system to check the tickets. Seemed pretty backward. A beautiful young woman was standing near the gate, instructing the guests how to insert their odd-shaped tickets.

The gate was dominated by a waist-high machine made of brushed aluminum. With its rounded corners and blinking lights it looked like straight out of a space ship. Stretching into the room, the strange furniture seemed to function as exhibition counter, hosting a variety of art objects on its shiny surface.

He heard idle chatter, bright laughter, sounds of champagne glasses clinking. The queue moved slowly. Faint beeping sounds indicated progress, but the machine seemed to take its sweet time.

“Please make sure to align your ticket properly. You have to really jam it in there!” he heard the young woman explain to one of the guests, “Unfortunately it’s not working reliably. It’s a brand new system. And it has its kinks that we still need to work out.”

An older woman fumbled with her ticket and tried to push it into a small hole on the front side of the metal counter. Red lights flashed amasya seks hikayeleri angrily and the beeping indicated that something was wrong. Oh god, would he ever get in?

“It looks like a vagina!” somebody giggled.

“Indeed. It must be a new piece of Fiona’s new cycle! I wonder what she wants to say with it?”

“It looks so real! She’s a true artist!”

“Oh… I know what she wants to tell us: Men are key and women are … a lock?”

“He he, no… Dicks are key and pussies are the gatekeepers of paradise!”

Ben shook his head. What were they talking about? Fiona’s crazy creations?

She had the time of her life. Every few seconds, another dick penetrated her, made her squeal in pleasure. She could feel the cold air brushing over her exposed tits, the tight rubber bands! Another dildo got jammed into her depths. This was the best idea, ever! Her teeth sank into the soaked rubber ball, muffling her screams of pleasure.

“Welcome, please insert your ticket into the receptacle and push it inside!” the beautiful assistant instructed him. Finally. He reached in his pocket and grabbed the rather thick dildo-thing.

The ‘receptacle’ that was positioned right at the front of the metal counter really looked like a pussy. Like a very horny, dripping wet cunt, to be precise. Drool was dropping from the gaping maw. It looked obscene. He put the head of the odd-shaped dildo into the wet hole and pushed it in. It looked like that thing wanted to devour the dildo, like it wanted to gulp it down in one go! Such a nasty sight!


“Mister? It didn’t work. Please remove your ticket and try again. Sometimes you have to jam it right in!”

Ben obliged. He yanked the stick from the wet hole and shoved it back in with one swift motion. It almost vanished.


“Mister? Sorry, but could you try again? This time please try it more slowly.”

“Like that?” Ben asked as he pulled the wet object out until it disengaged with a wet plop and then pushed it slowly back inside again.

“Push it deeper. Until it pops right in!”

He pushed it further until the wet folds closed over the end of the dildo. Still nothing.

“Can you twist it around? That seems to help sometimes…”

He searched for the end of the object and tried to turn it. Not an easy task. Man, this cunt really looked real. And it smelled like a real one, too!

Suddenly the lights flashed green and the gate opened. Finally. He was in.

“Mister? Don’t forget your ticket. You may need it to enter again later.”

The young assistant handed him the now dripping ticket and smiled, “Enjoy your stay!”

Ben passed through the gate and entered the exhibition. A huge video screen filled the back half of the room. Fiona’s familiar face appeared, grinning, and declared,

“Welcome to my exhibition, my dearest friends. Please enjoy this evening with me, marvel at my works – and the works of very close friends – and join me in my quest for new discoveries.

Unfortunately I can’t talk to you in person today, but rest assured, I’m greatly enjoying your visit as we speak. And please do not miss my latest creation, a daring cross-over of a bondage demonstrator and a tribute to the life-giving capabilities of the female body, the Milky Mountains right at the entrance. I would appreciate if you could play a bit with those mounds of pleasure and please make sure that their milky stream never ends!”

Now that was weird. Where was Fiona? Ben walked over to the prized art object that was placed on the same metal counter as was the ticket reader. He wasn’t the only one who wanted to see it. Swaths of people occupied the place and fulfilled Fiona’s request.

Ben peeked over some heads. What he saw was a rather typical Fiona work, two naked breasts on a silver plate, rubber bands constricting their base. A nice touch was the milk that seeped from the two fat, hard nipples and colored the plate white. Everybody tried to touch those disembodied, life-like breasts, tried to squeeze them, make them spray more milk.

Fiona felt rough hands yanking on her bloated boobs. The darkness and silence amplified every sensation, and the padded interior of her steely container made all even better.

No sight, no sound, no irritating feeling distracted her from the rough handling of her genitals. Another dick entered her cunt with force, got jammed roughly against the very back of her tunnel.

Tears of pleasure covered her face. The idea that her friends did this to her without their knowledge was oddly exciting. Every new guest brought her closer to orgasm, and she couldn’t count how many times she had come already. And those mauling hands on her exposed tits provided the finishing touch.

It had been a long way to get that far, to venture into those depths of human lust. When she first had discussed her idea with Erin, her friend had told her that she was a crazy bitch. Nothing new. But the more she explained to her, the more open Erin got.

“There comes another one… Oooh, another twister! How titillating!”

The sweet time it took to figure out the right position, how she could make her pussy and boobs accessible without disclosing the rest of her! She remembered posing in front of a mirror, doing splits, headstands, always looking for the ideal way to have her cunt and tits prominently displayed.

In the end, only one position worked though; lying on her back with her legs folded under her arms and her feet at her ears. Having her tits squeezed through the metal made everything a bit more difficult.

She didn’t like how her face had to be jammed against the underside of the plate, but she couldn’t come up with a better solution for that part. With Erin’s help, it was pretty straight-forward. Her friend had helped her into the contraption, had pulled her tits through the holes and had made sure everything was placed alright.

She had even programmed the ring-shaped, one inch long RFID reader that Fiona had to insert deep into herself, at the very end of her tunnel. And Erin had come up with the idea to randomly discard the data so the gate would only rarely ever work, so people would need to fuck her repeatedly until the gate finally opened.

Turned into a barely functioning ticket gate… what a crazy idea. Another one was jammed into her pussy, this time a truly urgent one. And a bit of a shaker. This must be the hundredth fuck today! Thank god she instructed the girls to pour her full of lubricant whenever they could. Otherwise she would be red and raw by now. Well, maybe she was anyway, but at least those dicks went in easily.

Fiona felt a finger right on her engorged clit. It slowly traveled downward, expertly massaging her wet folds. She panted.

“Hey Ben! Good to see you here!”

“Erin? Is Fiona around, too?”

“Well, around… yeah, I would say she’s around. I think you already met her.”


“Over there, at the Milky Mountains?”

“I don’t get it…”

“Oh Ben, you’re so naive! See this thing?”

She pointed at the ticketing gate, her slender finger brushing over the wet receptacle.

“Fiona’s work?” asked Ben.

“Close. Let me give you a hint. Fiona would be really happy if you do this…”

The tip of her finger circled over what supposedly was the clit of the vagina-receptacle.

“She would be even more happy if you do this…”

Her finger started to massage the little nub in earnest, like a woman jacking off.

“You mean…..”

“Yeah… this IS Fiona. It’s her damn fucking pussy! She’s inside this huge-ass counter, her tits sticking out on one side and her cunt on the other! She IS art. Functional Art, that’s her specialty. And I can assure you she has the time of her life!”

Ben gaped. “Really?” He looked at the pussy, “You mean I fucked her with that dildo?”

“Everyone in here fucked her with a dildo. That’s the point! And she gets off on this!”

“Wow, just wow. Crazy girl. And nobody knows?”

“Nobody knows, except you and me. Even the girls at the gate have no clue. Fiona just instructed them to keep her new piece of art well-lubricated so it doesn’t break. And they just do what they have been told, no questions asked! Want to help me get her off again?”

“Sure, why not? How often did she come today?”

“Maybe a hundred times?”

“She can do better!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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