Aaron and Tank

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Big Tits

Aaron and Tank had worked together for almost eight years. They both were in construction and good friends, but they looked the exact opposites of each other. Aaron was around 5’2” tall and chubby, weighing in at around 225 lbs. Tank was massive, 6’3” and 250 lbs, but unlike Aaron, Tank was all ripped muscle. Unbeknownst to Tank though, Aaron was gay. Tank was a proud musclebear and he worked nightly at the local gay strip bar, ironically called “The Cave”, but Aaron held on to the illusion of being straight, fearing ridicule and isolation from those he admired. Each day coming into work, Tank would stride up wearing close to nothing and he and Aaron would start to work.

“Morning Aaron,” Tank says with a smile.

“Morning Tank,” Aaron turns slightly to catch a glimpse of Tank’s body. It’s massive and hard, befitting a man of his genetic gifts. Tank is wearing no shirt, allowing his massive arms, swollen pecs and cut abs to be warmed by the morning sun. As he walks, Aaron sees Tank’s muscles bounce and flex, glistening in the light. Aaron adjusts himself slightly, trying not to get aroused by the sight of his fantasies. Tank stands next to Aaron, stretching out his massive muscles, preparing for today’s work while Aaron begins the conversation.

“So how are you doing today big man?”

“Pumped and hard as usual. Had a good night at the Cave last night.”

“Really? I hear some interesting stuff happens down there.”

“Yeah man, the stories I could tell you. You should come down and visit one day. I know it might not be what you’re into, but I guarantee it’ll be fun.”

Aaron laughs, “Maybe one day man. I usually just go home after work and hit the gym at my house, then cook and stuff. I don’t go out much.”

“Really? You’re working out now? How long have you been at it? A couple of months?”

Aaron looks away from Tank and sighs.

“What’s wrong man?” Tank leans over to his friend.

“Oh nothing, hey man, you want a soda? I don’t drink them anymore and I have a ton.”

“Sure man, I’ll take one. Why don’t you drink soda anymore?”

“I got some advice a while ago and I’m trying to stick to water and protein shakes.”

Aaron pulls out a pre made shake and a Mt. Dew and tosses it up to Tank. Tank’s chest ripples a bit as he reacts to grab the soda. The two unlikely friends chat and work until they hear the lunch bell for their section. Tank is up and out like a flash, leaving Aaron behind. Aaron looks around and quickly picks up a sweat-stained towel used by Tank. Aaron sniffs the musky man-scent of Tank and sighs, instantly becoming hard. He quickly stuffs his treasure into his pack before grabbing his lunch and following Tank.

Tank is already at the machines trying to decide what to eat. He’s dripping with sweat and is scratching his head, flexing the beautiful ball of muscle that resides in his arm. Aaron’s cock throbs a bit as he takes in this beautiful specimen of man that stands before him. Aaron looks around and notices no one else is there. He remembers that it’s Wednesday and today most of the crew heads out to eat. Aaron quickly shuffles to his seat, taking care to not expose his meat to Tank who’s busily mumbling about not enough meat in the vending machines. Aaron starts unpacking his lunch which consists of a few well grilled steaks and a protein shake.

“Hey Tank, you want some of this?”

Tank turns around and sees the huge slabs of cow sitting there and responds, “Sure man, if you got extras.”

“Yeah man, I had left-overs from last night so I brought them to work. I know how much you eat so I knew I could give ’em to ya.”

Tank sits down opposite of Aaron as he slides over a paper plate and another soda. Tank tears ravenously into his hunk of meat while Aaron eats and drinks a little slower.

“So, what kinda things happen at the Cave?” Aaron asks.

“Oh you know,” Tank mumbles in response with a mouth full of beef, “you got your little guys, swimmer type builds, then your average guys, then people like me.” He flexes his right arm in an amazing single bi. “Some of the guys there like the twinks, you know hairless, smooth and ripped, and some of them love my type, big, hairy and muscle-bound. But I’m not the biggest one there. There’s a guy that’s called Hammer. Dude’s friggen amazing. He’s almost 7′ tall and outweighs me by almost 75lbs. He’s saved me from a few ‘situations’ before.”

Aaron looks at Tank as he goes through his tale. His modest 5” cock is throbbing hard, but is not visible beneath the loose clothing he wears. “What do you mean situations?”

“Well, in clubs like that, you have a back room area. Well there was a guy bigger than me. I doubt he was stronger ’cause he did have a bit of fat, but he was incessant about getting me back there. He probably would’ve had his way if Hammer hadn’t stepped in. They eventually made their way to the back room. Boy, did they make some noise too.” Tank laughs and Aaron thinks about two mammoths fucking like that. If it was possible, he was getting harder.

“I bet you make demetevler escort tons of cash between the floor and the back room.”

“Oh no man, I don’t do the back room much. I know I could make a lot of money screwing the guys, but I’m just not into that. Besides, I make a lot just by waving the big guy around.” He smiled as he adjusted his package. Aaron remembers that The Cave is a full nude bar, and once again, his erection became painful. Aaron tried to focus on his meal, tearing away small pieces of the steak.

“So what do you do after you leave here man?”


“Well, you don’t hang out with any of the guys here, and I never recall you talking about a chick or anything. So what do you do with the rest of your time?”

“Oh, well, I usually go home and cook up some food. Then after that I hit the weight room in my house. Then I shower and hit the bed around 9.”

“That’s all man?”

“Yup, that’s been the routine for a while now.”

“Fuck man, you should get out and do more stuff. You have got to be bored out your mind.”

“Not really, I just decided a while back that I was going to work toward a goal and not let myself get distracted.”

“A goal? What is your goal that you can’t relax every once in a while?

Aaron looks at Tank and sighs internally. Quickly changing the subject, Aaron asks, “Hey Tank, you want to come by my place this afternoon? I’m going to be grilling some more steaks and I wouldn’t mind sharing some with you. I know you got to go to the Cave tonight, but I could offer you a free dinner.”

Tank scratches his head once again, absent mindedly flexing the huge 21” ball of muscle in his right arm. “Sure man, that sounds good.”

“Good, I can get rid of some more of those sodas. 7:00 sound good for you?”

“Yeah man, that sounds great. We better get back to work soon.”

Aaron finishes up his steak, then tosses the two plates in the trash and washes out his glass. Tank was already walking back to their station and Aaron turned around to catch the beautiful bubble butt bounce back and forth, teasing him so much.

“God, he is so perfect. I wish I was worthy of having that. But I’m too much of a fucking fat ass.” Aaron punches his left palm, but regains his composure and follows Tank back to work.

The rest of the day is occupied by Tank’s stories of his time at the club. One particular story that keeps Aaron aroused is how Tank comments on how a large portion of the club follows him to the restroom every time he goes to take a leak. Aaron laughed at the joke, but internally lusted to see how thick the meat Tank was packing. His tight shorts revealed much, tracing an outline of a cock bigger than Aaron’s when he was fully hard, but Aaron was curious to see its full majesty.

At then end of the day, Tank pats Aaron on the shoulder and leaves his station. Aaron sits and thinks a little, looking around for anything left by his dream muscle guy. Seeing nothing, Aaron rushes home to clean up, prepare the grilling supplies, change and start his workout.

Tank arrives early, around 6:30. He knocks on the door, bellowing his hellos. Hearing no response, he gently pushes the door. It is open, so he enters the house. He remembers how the house looked from the Christmas party Aaron held the year before, so Tank works his way to the living room, constantly saying, “Aaron, where are you buddy. He hears some music coming from a nearby room. Tank walks toward the sound and enters the doorway of Aaron’s weight room. He stands there as he watches Aaron lying on the bench press, attempting with all his might to eek out a couple of reps with a weight of 135lbs. Tank hears Aaron grunting and screaming, “Damn weights! You will not beat me! Fuck!”

Tank speaks up a bit saying gently, “Aaron?”

Aaron focuses on the voice of his idol and loses concentration on the weight he’s struggling with. The weight starts coming down and he is unable to steady it. “FUCK!” he screams as his arms give out to fatigue. In an instant, Tank is behind the rack and has a hand on the bar, curling it up. Aaron lies on the bench, exhausted and dejected.

“Thanks man. I didn’t want you to see me like this.”

“It’s fine…I’m used to seeing guys like this all the time,” Tank says as he easily racks the weight.

“Yeah, but I bet they’re not struggling with a weight you can lift with one hand.”

“Nah, I’ve done this more than one time. Not all the guys are as big as I am”

“I’m probably the weakest guy at work. You just don’t know how that makes me feel.”

Tank shrugs, “…I guess I don’t…” He steps back a few paces.

“I didn’t mean to lash out at you man, it’s just I saw Don, you know, little Don, at the gym the other day and he was benching 300. He’s a fucking 18 year old and I’m 25 and can’t do half that.”

“It’ll be ok man, you’ll get up there eventually.” Tank pats Aaron on the shoulder and says, “So what’s for dinner man, I’m starving.”

Aaron perks up a bit otele gelen escort and says, “Got some nice T-bones man, the grill should be nice and warm right now.”

The duo goes out to the kitchen, then to the backyard. Tank notices that the weight room seems to have more stuff in it than the other rooms combined. There’s a full set of dumbbells ranging from 5 lbs to 130 lbs. Tank notices that everything from the 40 lbs up has a light layer of dust. There are a bunch of free weights and a couple of benches for various exercises, some straight and e-z curl bars and a few expensive machines. “This is where he spends his money, it must be. This place has more stuff than my gym,” Tank thinks to himself. They chat and grill four large steaks, and Aaron leads them back into the house. He places the seared slabs of mean on his round oak dinner table that seats four people, and then heads to the fridge as Tank sits down.

“Care for a brew or a soda?”

“I’ll take a soda man, better stay away from the brews until after work”

Aaron grabs a soda from the fridge, and another pre made shake before sitting down to dine. Tank engages in most of the conversation, continuing his many tales from his job down at the Cave.

“Want another steak man?”


Aaron slides the plate with the remaining two T-bones towards Tank, and then he gets up and places his plate in the sink.

Before Tank can ask, Aaron states, “I know you’re a big guy, I made extra for you. One steak and one protein shake are enough for me.”

Tank nods and goes back to eating as Aaron says, “I’ll be in the weight room, feel free to come in when you’re done.

“Such a huge guy. I want him so bad, but he could never want me,” Aaron says to himself as he enters the weight room. He picks up the 20lb dumb bell and start struggling with bicep curls.

Tank finishes eating and puts his plate in the sink. He then goes towards the weight room to join Aaron saying, “All done.” Aaron is too focused in struggling with the weight and talking to himself to see Tank at the door, “Gotta get big. Gotta be stronger. Gotta lose this fucking gut and put on some muscle. No one wants to fuck a fatty like me. Gotta get big…”

Aaron continues to chant the little mantra as Tank walks in slowly, “I finished…” Aaron looks at him with his eyes slightly watering, trying to curl the weight some more.

“…are you okay?” Tank walks toward Aaron. He drops the weights on the floor then drops to his knees.


“I can’t do it,” Aaron mumbles.

“…do what?”

“I can’t get big. I can’t get strong.”

“Yes you can…”

“No Tank, I can’t. I’ve been working out for 9 years now and haven’t made any progress. You said it yourself, it looks like I’ve only been at it for a month.”

Aaron lays his head on the floor. “I’ll never be muscled and I’ll never be able to get someone like you.” He starts to cry slightly while kneeling on the floor.

“…what?” Tank quirks his eyebrow a little, walking toward Aaron again.

Tank kneels in front of Aaron, lifting his head up to meet his gaze. “What have you been doing here man?”

“Look at me. I’m just a short fat guy. You’re like a god, huge and muscled. I’ve always wanted you but I’m too fat, you could never want me.”

“…oh, why’s that?” Tank smiles a little

“Ever since I met you and saw you lift that huge pallet up, I’ve wanted to be with you. So I started to work out, trying to get a little stronger. I knew I wouldn’t grow like you, but I could get near there.”

“Then when I saw little Don at the gym, remembering the little kid that I helped get his ball from the tree lifting more than twice what I could, I knew I couldn’t do this anymore. I didn’t want you to find out like this man.”

“Dude…you don’t haffa impress me to get me to like you…”

“Look at me though,” Aaron takes off his shirt. “There’s nothing here but fat. I can poke my finger in my gut and never hit muscle.”

Tank pokes Aaron’s stomach, “Well I think it’s cute.”

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better.”

“No, I’m not,” Tank says as he smiles at Aaron

“Really?” Aaron looks Tank in the eyes.

“Yea, really.”

Aaron wipes away the tears a bit. “Thanks. But I still want to have more than what I have now. I just don’t know what’s wrong. When I said that all I do is lift and work, I was serious. I come straight home from work and work out until past 9, but I have yet to see results.”

“Well it’s not all about working out…” Tank comments.

“Can you think of any reason I can work out for 9 years and not see any improvement?”

“Have you been going out and having fun regularly? Not to mention ya gotta make sure your little buddy’s getting some playtime,” Tank smirks a little.

“Well no. I haven’t even had sex or jerked off since I’ve started working out.”

“Dear lord!! No wonder…”


“It helps to get the testosterone flowing, balgat escort builds up the muscles bigger.”

“I’ve never thought about that. I just lifted every day and tried not to think about you.”

“Yeah, that’s why yer not getting any progress,” Tank laugh a little.

“Boy do I feel silly. I’ve been trying to keep the little man down all these years.”

“Well, now you’ll hopefully start getting progress,” Tank smiles and laughs a bit.

“Ummm,” Aaron looks down at the floor.


“Well, I don’t know how to really say this…”

“Go for it.”

“It’s just that I, you know…”


“I…um….I…fantasize about you.”

“You and all the customers down at The Cave…so what?”

“I seriously doubt they are like me.” Aaron says as he points to a back room in the gym.

“What?” Tank looks at the closed off and locked room.

“I don’t know how you are going to feel about this when I show you,”

“You have to trust me when I say that I won’t think any less of you unless you have a bunch of dead bodies hanging back there.”

Aaron leads the way into a large back room, opening it up and turns on the lights. Inside the room is an abundance of photos of Tank doing various things and a collection of items that Tank owned or had used.

“I…I…uh…” Tank looks around, a bit taken back and stunned.

“I knew I shouldn’t have shown you,” Aaron quickly exits the room and heads back to the gym area.

“Wow…” Tank stands among his shrine, shocked.

Aaron sits on the bench and places his head in his head again.

Tank turns back and looks at Aaron, “Trust me, you aren’t the first.”

“I saw that look, you were horrified. You must hate me now.”

“Dude…I don’t hate you. And believe me, there have been worse pictures of me,” Tank laughs a little and walks toward Aaron.

“I’ve always have been into you. I tried not to show it, but I have always been enthralled in your muscles. I would collect things you had, like this towel.” Aaron reaches in his bag and pulls out the towel he acquired earlier. “I would just sniff it, smelling your wonderful scent and then I would put it in the back. But I wouldn’t jack off. I wanted to grow huge so I would be deserving of you. I’ve never told you all this, but I’m gay.”

Through the whole conversation, Tank listened intently. Aaron poured out his heart to him, telling him secrets that he had kept inside for years. After listening to him, Tank pulls him closer, embracing him in a huge hug. He feels Aaron rub his face into his barreled fur covered chest and he says, “It’s ok man, I know. I’ve always have liked you and I kinda suspected you were bi or gay. Don’t worry. I don’t think anything you’ve said is weird. I just wish you would’ve told me sooner.”

“I didn’t think you would want me. Look at you. You’re a muscle god. I’m just a short fat guy.”

Tank stands up and rips off his shorts, revealing his massive throbbing cock, then leans to pick up Aaron, “If I didn’t want you, would I be doing this?” And with that, Tank thrusts his tongue into Aaron’s mouth.

Overcome with a wave of emotions ranging from fear to joy to lust, Aaron succumbs to the pleasure he found in Tanks massive grip. They explore each other’s mouth, Tank’s tongue overpowering and wrestling the more passive tongue of Aaron. After about five minutes of overwhelming passion, Aaron pulls back a bit and whispers, “I want you.”

Tank lets Aaron go and sits down. Aaron goes up to Tank and ravenously begins to attack his muscles, licking and nibbling on them. He starts at the arms, licking the thick layer of hair that covers them, enthralling himself on the marble like muscle found beneath. Tank flexes a few times, making the muscles jump and Aaron whimpers in delight. Aaron then works his way to Tank’s chest. Aaron kneads the mounds of flesh like soft dough until Tank flexes, turning the flesh into hard muscle. Aaron gets even more aroused and starts to gently bite the beautiful quarter size nipples. Aaron’s cock throbs as he hears a moan escape Tank’s lips. Aaron continues to nibble as he runs his hands around Tank’s body, exploring his shoulders, arms and abs. He uses his fingernails to erratically scratch various parts of Tank’s physique and Tank shows his pleasure with low moans and grunts.

Aaron looks up at Tank and sees the pleasure in his eyes. Aaron decides that he wants more of this muscle god and goes to grip the iron shaft that he possesses. Placing one hand on it, he realizes he can barely grip the throbbing piece of meat. Not to be denied from his fantasies, Aaron grips the fuck pole with both hands, sliding them up and down. He thinks in his mind about how long the shaft is and comes to a conclusion that it has to be around 11 or 12 inches. He looks up and sees Tank enjoying himself greatly, so Aaron decides to continue. He places the tip of the head in the mouth, and clumsily at first, begins to work the head with his tongue. Aaron uses Tank’s moans and grunts as a guide and works hard to pleasure his muscle bear. Aaron is leaking pre cum in amazing amounts and his dick is throbbing relentlessly. He takes off his pants and resumes working on Tank’s cock. Tank leans forward and rubs Aaron gently and approvingly. Aaron tastes the sweet pre cum leak from Tank’s cock and he stops sucking long enough to say, “I want you to fuck me please.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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