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It was a Friday evening a month or so after I turned eighteen and I was getting ready to go out for the evening. I’d just had my shower and dried my hair (dried only, not done it up yet) and I was about to get dressed. That’s when the doorbell rang.

It was way too early for my date. Also, my parents weren’t home, which meant I’d have to answer the door. I grabbed my robe and slipped into it, just tying the belt around my waist. Too much trouble to do up the buttons and the robe covered me adequately. The little detail that I hadn’t considered was that the robe was made of silk and the material clung to me like a second skin. Why would I consider something like that? Normally no-one saw me wearing the robe apart from my parents and it was really comfortable.

My visitor was Norm Sander, the man from next door. Norm was a big solid man, but a real pussy cat. Gentle as a lamb and always smiling. He also had the ability to pull an errant child (me) into line with no particular effort and never reported any of my escapades to my parents. (That didn’t mean he couldn’t make me feel very repentant with just a few words.)

He was dropping something off for my father. If memory serves me correctly it was a bunch of seedlings that my father wanted. I put the box to one side and we talked for a few moments.

While we were talking I got the crazy notion that Norm was actually flirting with me in a mild manner, but the idea was ridiculous so I dismissed it.

“Well, I’d better get going and let you get ready for your date,” Norm finally said. “Just one thing before I go. . .”

I gave him an inquiring look and he winked at me.

“Open the robe and show me what’s underneath” he said.

I was totally shocked and embarrassed. He couldn’t be serious. I mean, all I had under the robe was me. I hadn’t even put on my undies yet. I would be totally showing him everything I had. Even more than normal as I’d, ah, shaved while in the shower. Not something that I normally did. It was a totally scandalous suggestion.

I was blushing and from the look on his face he was trying not to burst out laughing. He’d deliberately tried to shock, probably getting even from times I’d tried to shock him in the past. (Not that I’d ever succeeded. Anything Anadolu Yakası Escort I’d said or done had seemed to roll right off him.) Now, as well as feeling embarrassed I was feeling a touch rebellious. Try to score off me, would he?

I casually pulled the bow on my belt and held the sides of the robe wide, giving him a real eyeful, and then quickly snapping the robe closed, blushing. My reward was to see a stunned look on his face. He couldn’t have looked more shocked if I’d slapped him with a wet fish. Score one to me.

To my surprise he recovered instantly and, reaching for my wrists, he moved my arms wide apart again, the robe opening at the same time as I was still clutching the sides, not even thinking to let them go so they would swing at least partially closed.

With my everything on display again I must admit I wasn’t too surprised when Norm brushed the robe off my shoulders so that it slipped down my arms, almost to my waist.

“I assumed that you’d be wearing lingerie,” he said, speaking softly, “but I have to admit that this is so much better.”

I was sure that my blush extended down to my breasts but for some reason I didn’t try to pull my robe back on properly. I just stood there like a gawk while Norm’s eyes caressed me. I could literally feel his gaze moving over my body.

It suddenly dawned on me that I really could and, glancing down, I saw that his hands were really moving over my body. Over my breasts, anyway. I could see the darkness of his hands stroking across the whiteness of my breasts and feel my nipples puckering under his touch. Funny little sensations were travelling through me, merging and pooling in a sense of heat low down inside me.

What I should have been doing at this stage was pushing him away, crying out, “Unhand me, you brute,” or something similar. What I found myself actually doing was watching his hands as they moved on me, feeling them as they trailed across my bare flesh. I was looking at my peaked nipples and noticing how sensitive they were.

One of his hands drifted across my mons. Maybe it was extra sensitive because it was freshly shaved but I most certainly felt that deep inside me. It was almost as though his hand was stroking me from the inside Kadıköy Escort as I could feel a strangeness deep inside me, with that pool of heat getting even warmer.

When his hand moved between my legs, cupping and lightly squeezing my vulva I almost screamed, biting my lip to prevent this. I was now breathing harder and his hand was rubbing against me, agitating me no end. I had to put a stop to this, I really did.

Before I could get around to crying enough Norm sank down onto one knee. I was immediately shocked, and shocked speechless, I might add, when his mouth pressed against me, his tongue darting forth to caress me in a most intimate way. His tongue actually pushed between my lips, touching me internally. When it started touching me around my clitoris I found myself clutching my throat to stop myself screaming.

Norm rose back to his feet and he seemed to be standing even closer to me, pressing against me. I could feel the wall at my back. That’s when I found I could also feel his erection pressing against me. I’m not talking about feeling his erection through his trousers. It was right there, hot and hard and in the flesh, brushing against me.

If that wasn’t bad enough it was suddenly not brushing against me. Norm was holding my lips apart and steering his cock into place. I could feel it, moving between my lips and starting to press into me. Say no, you idiot, I screamed to myself. Tell him to stop and to stop now. Did I do this? Not so that anyone would notice. I just stared at him, my face in full blush, feeling his cock taking me.

I suppose if I had any chance to snap out of this odd state I found myself in it would have been when he collected my virginity. I felt the pang as it yielded to him but I think my attitude at that point was along the lines of too late now, so I let him continue.

It didn’t take him long to be fully inside me. Once that was achieved he started a slow movement, easing back and pushing home again, the movement doing wonderful things to me. It was a case of how could I possibly complain about something like this? I just naturally found myself moving with him, enjoying the rasp of flesh against flesh, accentuated by the way his hands were rubbing my breasts in the same slow Ataşehir Escort rhythm.

Everything he was doing was just as I’d always imagined sex would be, with one small proviso. I’d always assumed that my first would be with my boyfriend, whoever he might be, not with the man from next door who was twice my age. Not that it mattered to me at this stage. What mattered was what his body was doing to mine.

I could hear myself urging him on. Not deliberately, but I was definitely doing it. Norm was responding, too, slowly increasing the pace at which he thrust into me, bringing me along with him so I was responding in the same manner.

It all started to become too much for me and I was going, “Ah, ah, ah,” as pressure seemed to be building up inside me. Norm suddenly started thrusting in a lot harder, his cock slamming full length into me just as fast as he could manage, and after what seemed a few long moments of this all that pressure released, sending me into a climax at the same time I felt Norm climaxing and coming deep inside me. (I did have one extraneous thought at that stage. Thank god I was on the pill.)

Norm zipped up his trousers while I continued leaning against the wall.

“I can’t believe that you did that,” I managed to say.

“I’m having trouble believing it myself,” Norm replied.

“Well, you shouldn’t have done it,” I reprimanded.

“If you hadn’t been so compliant I may not have,” he replied.

“I was not compliant,” I quickly protested. “I was just too shocked to be other than – than. . .”

My voice trailed away as I wasn’t sure what I’d been feeling at the start.

“Acquiescent, perhaps,” suggested Norm, and I just gave him a look. Possibly I had been but I’d never admit it.

“Still, as long as you enjoyed it no harm done,” he said. “Ah, if you’re expecting a date to arrive you might like to go and get ready. If you greet him the way you are you may find yourself doing it again very shortly.”

I huffed at him, pushing him towards the door. After that I raced off to have another shower. In the shower I considered the situation. If I took my time getting ready then I might be in a state of dishabille and things could get interesting again. Did I want this? I finally decided no and hastened to get dressed in time.

I must admit that part of the reason for staying chaste for my date was the thought that I could probably persuade Norm to give me a couple more lessons before I looked for a steady partner. I doubted he’d refuse to help educate me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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