Adam and Sharon, Things Progress

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Adam and Sharon, things progress…

They had been seeing each other regularly for some months now. The relationship was becoming very comfortable. Adam had met her work colleagues at the publishing company where she is a senior editor. In turn, Adam has taken Sharon to a staff function with the staff of his consulting engineering business.

All of his staff were delighted that he was dating again; his happiness was obvious and he had become far easier to work with.

Andrew and Steve were delighted for both of them and had been privately discussing if and when they might move in together. Both were very comfortable with their obvious sexuality although Andrew had been highly embarrassed to come home one afternoon to find her in the kitchen wearing only a lacy bra and skimpy almost transparent black knickers!

She didn’t seem to be as embarrassed and casually returned to the bedroom to cover up giving him a terrific view of her butt on the way. “Dad sure got himself a hot piece here” he thought, surprised that he had a hard on watching her…

They celebrated their six month anniversary with a weekend away at a coastal resort. Sharon drove in her Volvo and Adam spent the drive happily massaging her thigh, wondering if she was wet.

He didn’t take long to find out as she pulled off the highway into a quitter side road where she pulled in to a forestry access road and killed the engine. “Damn Adam; how do you expect me to keep driving with my pussy throbbing like this?” She leaned over and unzipped his jeans, taking his dick firmly in her hand.

His hand slid up her leg and he was pleasantly surprised to find she was naked under her skirt. His fingers slipped easily into her sopping pussy as she went down on him.

She took a break from sucking and while continuing to stroke him, asked “Do you like this Adam? Do you like me sucking your cock almost in public view? Do you like the thought of me not wearing knickers? Do you want to cum in my mouth?”

Yes he did! His fingers worked her cunt and clit and before long he felt the sperm rising in his groin. “You ready for me Shaz? I’m going to fill your mouth with my sticky white juice” and with that, he did.

Sharon let his cum drip out over his dick then hungrily licked it off. She didn’t mind not climaxing herself, there was plenty of time for that, and besides, with Adam having cum now, she knew that he would take his time with her when they got to their room in an hour or so.

“You’ll need to look after me tonight for that, and by the way, I have a couple of surprises for you when we arrive…”

She straightened her skirt and Adam zipped himself up. In 45 minutes they arrived at their motel and checked into their room. Sharon needed to pee and asked Adam to unpack her bag. He hung a dress, and two skirts and tops in the wardrobe, put her shoes away and put her cosmetics bag by the bathroom door. Conspicuously there was no underwear. All that was left in the bag was a very skimpy red bikini and a wrapped parcel labelled ‘To my boyfriend’.

Coming out of the bathroom she asked if he’d found the surprises. He held up the bikini and the parcel but didn’t mention the lack of underwear. “Do you like the bikini? It’s my favourite colour, and are you going to open your gift?”

“Yes to both” he replied, ripping the wrapping off the package. Inside were two silky black male G-strings and a big blue dildo. “What are the G-strings for?”

“You” she replied. “Didn’t you notice that I packed no underwear? I’m not wearing any now and I thought you might like the feeling of these instead of those ugly boxers you’re wearing! Come on, get your pants off and put one on. I want to see your naked butt and to see how well your cock fits the tiny pouch at the front.” With that she pushed him back onto the bed and ripped his pants and boxers off.

He’d never worn anything like this before and was somewhat embarrassed. Once he had them on she spun him around and smacked his arse. “I like the way they look, it will be fun at dinner tonight, with you knowing I’m naked under my dress and me knowing you’re wearing these. I want to shower before we go but first I want you to do something for me and finish off what you couldn’t finish in the car.” With that she pulled her dress off over her head, lay on the bed and started to stroke herself.

“Get your head down here now” she commanded. Adam didn’t need to be invited twice and after quickly removing his shirt, buried his head between her legs, licking and sucking at her freshly shaved slot.

Although his late wife Katherine had enjoyed sex, and was always willing to suck him, she never liked oral herself and for years Adam had fantasised about being with a woman who liked to have her pussy eaten out. To get between Sharon’s legs, to sink his tongue into her pussy, to lick her clit and finger her arsehole was like going to heaven.

Sharon was clearly enjoying it, her fingers joined his almanbahis adres lips on her clit and as her juices began to flow rapidly, and as her nipples hardened, she knew it wouldn’t be long before she climaxed. Her pussy juices flowed over her other hole and, knowing she was ready for it, Adam pushed two fingers into her butt. Now with her arse penetrated, with three fingers of his other hand deep in her slot, her clit under massive attack from his tongue and her fingers, she exploded. “Oh Jesus Adam, you’re good; that’s fucking fantastic.”

Her body relaxed and for maybe 30 minutes they lay together, saying nothing. By now it was 7 and she was getting hungry. She suggested they shower together and then chose each other’s outfits and go for dinner. In the shower she washed his dick, stroking it with soap sufficiently for him to get hard again. He wanted to fuck her badly and when he went near her with his hard on, she pushed him away, saying he had to wait…

Once dry, he selected her short black skirt and the striped red top. Watching her put them on, knowing she was naked underneath was a huge turn on and he found it difficult to get himself inside the G-string. She chose him a pair of blue pants and a grey checked shirt which she said was not to be buttoned to the top. He wore loafers with no socks, she chose black sandals.

They sat on bar stools and ordered drinks. “You’re only allowed two Adam” she reminded him, “I want you able to perform tonight.” Her short skirt was riding high on her legs and she was having fun flashing her nakedness at him. Adam was sure other people could see up her skirt and when he mentioned it; her reply was to let them!

This was a side of her he hadn’t imagined before, Sharon an exhibitionist! Where had this been hiding? “They can probably see my nipples too” she noted with a smile. “You’ve been so busy looking up my legs you haven’t noticed that they’re hardening.” He looked and yes, they were very evident.

“I feel really wanton Adam, I want you to talk sexy to me throughout dinner, share your dirtiest thoughts with me, and tell me stories about what you’d like to do with me over the next 48 hours. I’m going to be your dirty little whore for the weekend; my goal is to please you more than anyone ever has before. I might even give you some suggestions about using that vibrator too.”

Dinner arrived and they sat at their table.

Sharon’s left leg was massaging the inside of his and he felt his erection straining against the G-string. The feeling of having a naked arse was more exciting that he had imagined, the idea of G-strings was becoming more and more appealing! Especially as she had bought them for him; he figured he now knew how women feel when guys buy sexy lingerie for them.

“So what do you want to do to your slutty girlfriend tonight my dear? Do you want to take her out into the carpark and fuck her against a wall? Do you want to spread oil all over my tits, fuck them and come on my face? Do you want to use that new toy on my pussy and fuck my arse, or maybe you want me to use it on yours? Come on big boy, tell me all.”

Where to start? The last six months had been the most intensely erotic months of his life. What could his highly logical mind conjure up now? “I sense an exhibitionist streak in you so right now I want you to show me your tits. Pull your top down for two seconds so I can see.” Sharon didn’t hesitate and did exactly what he asked.

“Impressive, now slide your fingers between your legs, get some pussy juice on them and let me lick it off.” Again she did as she was told. There, in a public place, Sharon had flashed her tits and stuck her fingers into her cunt. “Finish your steak then I want you to masturbate until you come and give me a commentary as you do.”

She described in detail the feeling of her hand on her pussy, of how many fingers she was using, which one was on her clit; her nipples hardened again and he knew from her face that she was enjoying this. Looking around the room, Adam sensed a “Harry met Sally” moment; three guys and at least one woman were watching closely as she let out a huge sigh and a muffled “Yes!”

“Well done girlfriend, now relax while I tell you what’s going to happen for the rest of the evening. After we finish eating, we’re going to the park across the road and I’m going to take your clothes off and walk back to the room. When you see the light go on in the room, you’re going to walk back, knock on the door and wait for me to open it. Then once I let you in, you’re going to undress me and let me oil your arse and use that new toy on it. Then I’m going to oil your tits and use them to get me really hard.

“Next I’m going to roll you onto your stomach and you will thrust your arse up and I’ll fuck your arse until I can’t take it anymore. With your pussy full of cum, you’re going to straddle me and let it all drip out over my stomach then you’re going to lick every drop off me.”

“Yes, almanbahis adresi yes, please, let’s not get dessert Adam, take me to the park now, I want your cock in my arse desperately and the thought of exhibiting myself really turns me on.” Adam signed the check and we left.

In the park she kissed him hard, rubbing herself against him as she did. He took her skirt off, stuck his fingers into her dripping pussy then took her top off. She stood tall; upright and looked to be brimming with confidence. He left her there, naked in public and casually walked back, turning around to see if she had become coy and covered herself. She hadn’t.

She did exactly what he had told her, she waited until the light came on and he watched thought the curtains as she crossed the road, receiving a couple of car horn toots as she did. Adam wasn’t in a hurry to open the door and as soon as she was inside, she jumped at him and almost tore his clothes off me. Adam had some lubricant ready and massaged it around her butt hole and when he thought it was ready, slid two fingers in her before putting the vibrator to work. She spread wider as he thrust it into her.

For at least 5 minutes he worked that thing in her arse. She loved it, telling him that she had always wanted a guy to pay attention to her anal desires. He was incredibly hard, his dick seemed bigger than it ever had been and, taking the lube, he poured great blobs onto her tits and stroked his cock between them. Meantime Sharon kept the vib working in her arse, telling him she wanted him inside her, to fuck her stupid and fill her with juice.

By the time Adam got to enter her, her pussy was soaking wet. He had rolled her on her stomach and pushed as deep as he could. She moaned with pleasure. “Fuck me Adam, get deeper, get right inside me, I want to feel you banging against my stomach; yes, yes, I’m going to come again, fill me up honey, ahhhh, yes I can feel your juice exploding inside me, yes I’m coming too!” The sheets were soaked and she was dripping wet too. She knelt over him and cum dripped out onto his stomach then as he had commanded, then she licked it off.

She kissed him gently and passionately and before collapsing to sleep, her last words were “What’s going to happen tomorrow?”

“When we wake up, you’re going to give me the longest hand and blow job ever. I want you to make me last for an hour at least and then let me splash everything I have over your face and hair.”

“I will do that for you my darling. I love you, goodnight.”

That was the first time she had used those words with him. “I love you too” he replied, cuddling up to her as we drifted off to sleep.

The clock said 7.15 when he woke, I Sharon was still asleep and he popped out of bed to take a piss. Back in bed she was still asleep. He leaned over her to give her a soft slow kiss which woke her up.

“Morning honey, you slept well.”

“Hardly surprising after the work out you gave me last night!” she replied. “I need to pee.” Adam watched her amazing butt as she disappeared, wondering if she was going to deliver on last night’s promise. When she returned she sat on the end of the bed; her legs spread out and across his, her pussy staring him in the face. She told him he wasn’t to move, wasn’t to touch, wasn’t to speak; just to watch. She licked her fingers and circled her nipples slowly for maybe five minutes before working slowly down over her stomach, past her pussy and down to her legs.

She played her fingers up and down between her knees and her pussy before eventually touching herself between the legs. With her left hand she spread her lips apart showing her her pinkness. She was visibly wet.

Two fingers of her right hand slowly entered her pussy and her left hand moved to her clit. Adam watched with amazement as this beautiful woman slowly masturbated in front of him. By now she had three fingers inside her and she was clearly enjoying herself. Her hand movements became more and more serious, her eyes closed and she started to moan.

Adam was hard and badly wanted to reach out but held back and did what she said. Drops of precum dribbled out of him as he watched her bring herself to orgasm. “That was nice” she said, opening her eyes. “Now it’s your turn” and her attention turned to my throbbing cock. She held his scrotum with one hand and, using her own juices, stroked his dick with the other. “Enjoy my dear, this is all for you.”

Adam closed his eyes and focused solely on the feeling in his groin. Sharon was now licking the underside of his cock, circling the tip each time she reached it. For over twenty minutes she licked and stroked it, her fingers played with his scrotum and the edge of his arsehole while she licked him.

Suddenly she took it deep into her mouth, simultaneously slipping a finger into his hole. Her lips were tight around him creating a similar feeling to being inside her. Now she took him firmly in her almanbahis adres hand and slowly stroked while licking his balls and around his arse. For at least another fifteen minutes she alternately licked his balls and deep throated him.

“I’m so close Shaz, don’t stop, don’t stop.” She changed position, lying on her back and told him to straddle her so he could cum on her face. Now straddling her with his dick in her mouth and her fingers squeezing his nuts, Adam felt myself losing control and watched himself spurt out over her face and into her hair. Sharon took him in her mouth again and took the rest of his cream into her mouth.

Collapsing back on the bed he watched her lick cum from around her mouth then gather the rest from her face onto her fingers before licking it off. “Yum, cum! I love it Adam, I love knowing that I can make you cum, that you deliver so much gooey stuff for me. I do love you Adam, I love sex with you. I feel more wanton and desirable every time we fuck. Thank you.” Squatting down beside me she took my now very limp dick in her mouth and sucked on it for at least five minutes. “What’s on the agenda for the rest of today dear?”

“We’re going to the beach, you’re going to show everyone your hot sexy body in that red bikini, and the world is going to know you’re mine. At some stage, you’re going to take your top off and sunbathe lying on your back. We’ll get some lunch then come back here again and I’m going to make very slow, passionate love to you. After a sleep, we’ll go for dinner then find somewhere to dance.”


Adam thought there might be some objection to his plan but Sharon seemed to be up for anything. He wondered how far he could push her…

The day went as planned; they found a secluded spot where she sunbathed topless. Their afternoon session was soft and gentle; afterwards they slept then showered and dressed for dinner. Sharon wore the same black dress she wore on their first dinner date but this time he knew she was naked underneath. They ate in relatively silence then went to the nightclub where they danced for close to two hours. She was constantly crushing herself against him, her tits into his chest, and her groin into his. Frequently she would open her legs, drawing him towards her so his leg was between hers, tempting him with kisses.

Adam knew she was drawing attention to herself and when a really good rock and roll song was played, she jived so fast he was sure everyone on the dance floor could see her bald pussy. “Let’s go” she commanded, grabbing his hand. They left the club and instead of heading back to the motel, she took him to the alley behind the club, unzipped me, lifted her skirt and stuck his dick into her. “Fuck me hard and fast, cum before anyone sees us.” He thrust in and out as hard and quickly as he could until his juice spurted inside her. He zipped himself up as she pulled her skirt down to cover her sopping wet, dripping pussy.

“Let’s go back inside, I want to sit down and feel your juice dripping out of me onto the chair. Some lucky guy will see it when we leave.”

After two cocktails, their first drinks of the night, she left to go to the bathroom and yes, there was a white puddle on the chair. “What had I got on my hands with this one?” he asked himself? How long could this continue?

“Let’s go back to that park, I want to sit on a bench and have you lick me out.”

Adam had never imagined anything like this. Thanks Andrew and Steve! There he was kneeling down in front of her spread legs licking and fingering her to an orgasm. There was definitely an exhibitionist in her! Finally back to the room at about 1am, they undressed and slept through the night.

Sunday came and over breakfast in a café, she asked if she could share something with him. He agreed, and she started…

“Adam, I’m so in love with you. I want to commit my body to you for you to fuck as often as we can. I want to be your loving partner and I want us to share both our fantasies. I’ve waited so long to be comfortable enough to tell a guy the things I really want to do. You’re the guy I want to share them with and the guy I want to do them with; are you ready?”


“By now you know that I love anal sex. You’ve seen me exhibit myself in public. You’ve watched me masturbate. You’ve experienced me squirting. I want you to be the first person to watch me do it with another woman.

“I’ve fantasised about how it would feel to lick a wet pussy, to find out what it’s like to have a woman orgasm at my touch; then to have her do the same to me. I want to know what it’s like to have two or even three cocks inside me at once. Actually, truth be known, I’d love to see you suck another guy’s cock! Are you willing to indulge me, my dear?”

“Yes. I’m not sure about me with another guy’s dick in my mouth bit, but if that’s the price… I have a fantasy about group sex, always wanted to see a woman fucked by a group of guys but not at all sure I’d like to see a bunch of guys fucking you though.”

“That’s the price to see me with another girl Adam. Fair’s fair.

“Why don’t we start with you, me and another girl to see how we feel about sharing. That would involve me sharing you remember.

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