Alexandra Ch. 01

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Chapter One: Sweet Awakening

Alexandra laid upon the bed moaning to the pleasures her boyfriend’s tongue was providing to her erect pinkish-brown nipple. One by one he lapped, licked and sucked, creating a warm moist feeling between her legs that grew with each minute. Curtis moved his attention from her large firm breasts down to her stomach past her waistline to her hips leaving a wet trail along the way. Her body tingled.

“Tell me if you don’t like what I’m doing and I’ll stop, okay?” Curtis said as he nestled between her legs.

Playfully the young Alexie said, “I won’t forget.” She was nervous. The young eighteen year old had never gone this far with anyone before; in fact Curtis was her first.

Curtis smiled briefly, in his mind he knew she would not tell him to stop unless she felt threatened and that would never happen. He looked down and watched his fingers began working on her jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them. Slowly his hands achieved their mission and he was closer to achieving his goal. He wondered how she was able to get away with wearing such a tight, low, low cut pair of jeans when her parents kept a constant watchful eye on her. She probably hid it well under the long blouse she wore which he has removed and tossed aside earlier.

Removing her tight fitted jeans was well worth the effort. He was one step away from seeing his young girlfriend naked for the very first time. All that stood in his way was the tiny bikini panty she wore. He noticed a damp spot between her legs and could smell a light musky scent. It was perfume to him and it made his cock strain against the confines of his jeans.

The tall twenty year old lowered his mouth to kiss the dampness before him. Alexie’s body reacted with a twitch. With his lips gently touching the damp material Curtis parted his lips and pressed his tongue against her pussy. A gasp followed by a long quivering sigh emerged from the depths of her mouth. Curtis knew she was heating up to this new experience and he wanted to savor every moment so he pulled away and looked up at her.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?” he softly questioned.

All Alexie could bring herself to say was, “Please don’t stop.” Her eyes not only told him not to stop, they also showed something he had never seen before, a lustful plea for him to continue on.

The tiny elastic band sat right above her pussy which ran across the sloping of her hips making it easy for Curtis to slip his fingers under the band and lower the tiny panty down. Alexie blushed and turned her head slightly, no one had ever done this to her before. She could not bring herself to watch her twenty-one year old boyfriend remove the last piece of clothing from her body. Her body flushed from shyness and embarrassment and uncertainty about the way her body looked to him. Curtis loved the way her young untouched body looked as she laid upon his bed. Alexie watched as he stood at the foot of the bed and tossed her panty aside. Between her legs below her neatly trimmed virgin pussy a glistening delight beckoned him to feast. She didn’t bother to close her legs after he removed her panty. Curtis reached for the bottom of his t-shirt, lifted it up and over his head then tossed it aside, exposing his taut muscular chest and abs. The young virgin’s mouth gaped open and she gasped at the sight of the bulge in the crotch of his jeans. He saw her eyes looking at his crotch and wondered if she was going to tell him to stop. He hoped she wouldn’t. Then he saw a hungry look in her grow as he unbuttoned, unzipped and removed his jeans.

The sight of his hard cock stunned and scared the poor young woman; she had never seen a man’s cock before and never imagined it could be so big, so long, so thick. “Oh my God” her mind screamed, “What am I to do? How will I, how can I, he’s huge!” Her mind eased and she was brought back to reality when she saw him poker oyna kneel down, move between her legs. The warmth of his breath upon her skin made her tingle. Then it happened, what she had imagined, fantasized, her tall, sun kissed tanned boyfriend placed his lips upon her pussy and kissed it tenderly. He made sure to cover her pussy with kisses, traveling up and down, around and on her damp virgin hole. His strong hands gently scooped up her ass and lifted them slightly giving him better access to do what he planned next.

“Ooh,” Alexie softly said the moment she felt his tongue make contact with her pussy.

It was a strange yet wonderful feeling his tongue gave her as he licked at her clit. Slowly he lapped at her tiny nub waiting to see what she would do; say or how she would react. The brunette reacted just as he had hoped. Her hips began to move slightly, he could hear her breathing change. Now that he knew she wouldn’t object he stuck his tongue out and pushed it to the entrance of her hole. She shivered but didn’t protest when he slowly pushed inward a little at a time then pull back before pushing forward again. Once he was able to bury his tongue as deep as he could he pumped his tongue in and out getting her ready for more, making her wetter. Indeed she felt her body react and the dampness mixed with his saliva turned wet. Alexie loved what he was doing to her with his tongue but she knew there would be more.

Slowly he removed his tongue from her hole then he rubbed his middle finger in the sticky liquid that seeped from it. He took his time moving his finger towards the opening, he hesitated thinking she would resist. How wrong he was. Alexie welcomed his finger into her virgin pussy and moaned. It was music to his ears hearing her moaning as his finger moved in and out. He later discovered she truly was a virgin when he buried his finger deep into her wet canal and felt the thin membrane that declared her virginity.

“You’re a virgin,” he raised his head to look at her.

Meekly she answered, “Yes.” Her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.

“Don’t worry I’ll take things slow. It’ll hurt at first but that will go away before you know it. And you may bleed a little afterwards,” he tried reassuring her.

Now she began to panic. Her heart picked up a beat but something else overrode her fear. It was lustful anticipation. She wanted Curtis to take her virginity, to be the first to enter her. She drew a long deep breath to calm her fears. He sensed her fear and removed his finger before climbing up between her legs to meet his face with hers. She felt his hard cock press against her left leg, it felt soft yet hard and so enticing. He lowered his lips upon hers and kissed her passionately. She could smell herself on his face and taste herself upon his tongue entering into her mouth. It tasted salty unlike anything she had ever tasted before. He brought the sticky finger up to his mouth and tasted the tip before he offered it to her. At first she hesitated but gave in to her carnal desire to taste her own juices. It was stronger than she had tasted when he kissed her but it didn’t bother her, it brought on a surge of undeniable desire to become one with her boyfriend.

Curtis knew she was not on the pill yet so he produced a condom from his jeans. Alexie watched as her boyfriend stood beside the bed with the condom as he slowly unrolled it, encasing his cock. He enjoyed the way she watched and reacted, she was a true virgin that was locked up in a strict Catholic school education and upbringing who was about to be introduced to the world of sex.

This was not the reason why he was going out with her, he was not going to take her virginity and use her just for sex, then dump her like his friends encouraged him to do, he wanted her in his life, and he really cared about her and hated to admit he was falling in love with her.

He canlı poker oyna leaned over, hovering over her causing her legs to lift up into the air. He bent down and began kissing her gently, reminder her to tell him to stop if she didn’t like what he was doing. After she kissed him back and nodded, Curtis began rubbing the tip of his cock up and down her slit. She was wet from him going down on her. Alexie felt a strange sensation between her legs; a tingling, welcoming sensation and she moaned softly. Then she felt pressure at the entrance of her virgin pussy.

He held his hard, throbbing cock in his left hand and guided it to the opening. Slowly he pushed forward slightly, waiting for a response from his girlfriend before pushing in further. Curtis was surprised when he looked into her eyes. Fear was no longer present. There was a dark, lusty look about her. This was his signal to forge ahead and he did.

She was tight, very tight and it made it difficult to get the tip inside. Luckily she was wet and it helped ease it a little. Half of the head of Curtis’ cock slipped in. Alexie sucked in her breath and held it. Curtis saw this and told her to relax. He wondered if he should stop.

He pushed in a little further and once again she held her breath. Just as he was going to pull out she exhaled and took hold of his arms. Curtis pushed in again as gently and slowly as he could. The last thing he wanted to do was to hurt her. Her pussy accepted the entire head of his cock after a few strokes and Alexie began to moan.

Curtis lowered himself onto her, his weight pressed her into the mattress and he began his journey of pushing his cock into his virgin girlfriend. He finally came upon her virginity, her hymen; the thin membrane that separated a girl from a woman. He pulled back and looked into her eyes. They were full of lust yet innocent at the same time. He wanted to make her his, to be the first and to be the one to teach her the pleasures of the flesh but his heart was full of compassion.

“Do you want me to stop?” softly he asked her, kissing her cheeks.

She shook her head, “Uh uh.”

“It’s going to hurt for awhile and you’re going to bleed a little afterwards,” he reminded her.

She kissed him and softly said, “I don’t mind.”

He kissed her gently then buried his face in the crook of her neck and shoulders, lifting his hips, ass up far enough so he would be able to break through her virgin wall without brute force. He whispered into her ear, giving her a chance to change her mind but she declined and wanted him. Her body wanted to be one with his, to experience what the other girls, her friends, had been experiencing years before her.

In one swift move, Curtis plunged forward and the tip of his cock broke through the veil of her virginity. Alexie cried out as the pain pierced through her body. Tears welled and fell down the sides of her face as she held him tight. He held steady, inside of her, to let her get accustomed to his cock. A few minutes later he began to rock his cock in and out of her ever so slowly and eventually lifted himself up to kneel between her legs.

The burning pain subsided just as he said and was replaced by a wave of pleasure she never knew existed until now. She didn’t know what to do so she lay there, finding the strength to look at Curtis. For some strange reason she felt a mixture of embarrassment and shyness. His eyes were soft, they spoke of the love he had for her.

“Lift your hips up and down with mine,” he instructed her.

Alexie did but their bodies did not connect the way she thought it should so she stopped then found the correct rhythm with his. He smiled at her and she smiled back. She was beginning her hands-on sex education and she was really enjoying it. Their bodies came together; his gentle pushes became thrusts, sending a wave of pleasure through her body. Her nipples internet casino were peering out hard, inviting Curtis to feast on them. He re-positioned himself and took her nipples between his lips one by one. Occasionally he would lick at the hardened nubs and gently bite down. She reacted to his every move by moaning or crying out in pleasure. Her hands also told him she was enjoying what he was doing.

It was time to teach her a different position. He told her to turn around and get on her hands and knees after he pulled his entire cock out. She didn’t know why he told her to but she recalled seeing pictures of a man and woman in this position. Curtis nestled behind her and took hold of her tiny waist and planted his cock into her ever so slowly. Her pussy walls were virgin tight and it felt like a glove as he pushed his entire length inside of her from behind.

Slowly he picked up the pace and began thrusting faster and faster. Alexie’s ample tits swayed under her; her nipples touched and dragged against the bedding making it harder. She began to push back to meet his thrusts.

“That’s it, my Princess, mmm,” Curtis told her as he leaned down on top of her, grabbing her tits in his large hands.

Alexie’s moans grew louder from the moment he reached down between her legs with his left hand and rubbed his middle finger against her clit. Her body began to react on their own. She pushed back harder, her back arched under his touch. She was growing near to her first full fledged orgasm so Curtis removed his hands, pulled his cock out and flipped her over onto her back quickly. She was surprised by his actions but didn’t complain. The second she lay on her back he scooped her ass up in his hands and plunged into her.

Alexie cried out, “Oh yes! Ohhh! Mmmm!!!”

Curtis kept this up until she tensed up, closed her eyes and arched her back. Her juices flowed from her depths, coating his cock and spilling out, down her ass cheeks and his hands. He encouraged her on.

“Yes, Princess, cum! Cum hard!” he told her over and over as her first orgasm bolted through her.

It seemed forever before she finally calmed down and opened her eyes. There before her with his cock still buried deep inside of her drenched pussy was Curtis. His eyes seemed dark, his body tense and breathing deeper. He was getting ready to unload. Alexie placed her hands onto his shoulders and pulled him to her. He lay upon her wrapped in his arms for a second then he bolted upright and cried out.

“Oh fuck! Oh, Princess! Fuck, yeah!!!!” he cried out over and over, breathing heavily as his cum shot streams into the condom covering his cock that was buried to the hilt up his girlfriend’s pussy.

Much to her surprise, Alexie too experienced another orgasm the same time Curtis came. This was her second and it was just as explosive as her first. The two laid together; Alexie’s arms wrapped tightly around his tight abs as they came and came. It took minutes before they stopped and Curtis weakly knelt up and slowly pulled his cock back out of her pussy. Alexie felt the lips of her pussy burn as he pulled out.

Curtis leaned over her and kissed her. His tongue delved into her mouth as he kissed her passionately. He broke off the kiss and smiled at her; she smiled back.

He climbed off of the bed, walked into the bathroom to discard the condom filled with his cum down the toilet. He returned and she lay on the bed waiting. She had her legs together and her left arm draped across her tits, trying to cover herself. Curtis smiled and sat beside her.

“Are you okay?”

“Uh huh,” she mumbled.

He bent down to kiss her then glanced over to the clock. It was nearing time for her to catch the city bus and head back to the community college where her parents would be picking her up in an hour and a half. He led her to the bathroom and into the shower where they cleaned up. In order to get her back in time, he had to fight the urge to take her then and there in the shower built for two. They dressed and headed for the bus stop, caught the bus and rode in silence happily. Curtis and Alexie knew tomorrow would soon arrive.

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