An Afternoon at the Mall

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Brandi was at the mall waiting for Wes. She was outside the nail salon when Wes came up behind her.

“Hey beautiful!” He said as he took her hand.

Brandi smiled as Wes pulled her close. He kissed her softly, and in reply she slipped her tongue in his mouth. He looked her over, she was dressed in a low cut black top that crisscrossed at her cleavage. The top wrapped around and you could easily slide a hand inside to play with her big tits. Her shiny black leggings accented her ass perfectly. Her hair was over one shoulder and straight. Brandi pulled away and went into the nail place. A short time later Brandi came out to find Wes. She texted to find out he was in his car, waiting for her. Brandi came out of the mall, watching Wes pull up. She jumped in, showing off her new dark red nails and toes. She reached over, sliding her tongue in his mouth.

“Thanks babe.” She said as she pulled away.


Wes found

“Is this what you want?” Brandi teased as she stroked him.

They kissed as Brandi jerked his cock. Her dark red nails a blur as her hand went the length of his cock.

“You can’t cum yet sexy.” She teased between kisses.

“When?” Wes asked.

“You’ll know when.” Brandi said as she slowly bent over, kissing his cock the head, swirling her tongue around it a few times to drive him crazy.

“Fuckkk.” Wes exhaled as Brandi sat back up.

They went back in the mall, heading to one of the department stores. Brandi went to the makeup counter. She explained she had an important event that night and wanted to see if someone could do her makeup, and how much it would be. She whispered almanbahis in Wes’s ear before sitting down.

“Go see if you can find me a pair of black stilettos, size 9.”

Brandi sat down and pretty soon her makeup was done. She asked for sexy, with a touch of slutty. The finishing touch were her dark red lips. The girl delivered easily. Wes appeared as Brandi was tipping the girl. He handed Brandi a pair of stiletto platform heels with a strap around the ankle. She put them on and made their way into the mall. Brandi led Wes toward the bathrooms, finding the family restroom empty. She looked around to see if anyone saw them. When the coast was clear she pulled him inside. Brandi sat down on the toilet, looking at Wes.

“You ready?” Brandi said.

Wes opened his jeans, his hard cock ready for her. Brandi ran her nails across Wes’s cock.

“You like that?” She asked “I bet you do.”

Brandi took Wes in her mouth, careful to not let her lips touch his shaft. Then Brandi slowly put her lips around Wes’s shaft, leaving her lipstick printed around it. Wes looked down at the dark red circle on his cock and the devilish smile on Brandi’s face.

“I’m not done.” She said.

Brandi went to work on Wes’s shaft. Licking her way up and down the veins before taking him in her mouth. Brandi pulled Wes closer, and went back to devouring her lovers cock. She was bobbing her head up and down on him. Wes watched as Brandi drenched his cock in saliva and her dark red lipstick. Brandi pulled her top up, exposing her strapless bra and letting Wes grope her tits. Brandi worked Wess cock up and down, eager almanbahis giriş to make him explode in her mouth. Brandi went to Wes’s balls, stabbing them with her tongue as she jerked on his cock. Brandi went back to Wes’s spit drenched shaft. She slurped up and down on him while teasing his balls with her nails.

Brandi looked at him as there was a knock at the door.

“Occupied.” Wes replied.

Brandi took him from her mouth.

“Cum in my mouth daddy. Gimme your hot semen!!!”

Wes could feel his balls get tight, his pulse quickened as Brandi sucked him off. Suddenly it was there. He wanted to cry out and Brandi covered his mouth as his cock erupted in her mouth and down her throat. Brandi wrapped her lips around Wes’s cockhead as he came so she didn’t spill any. When he was done Brandi opened her mouth before swallowing it all. She stood up, pulling Wes to her mouth. She rammed her tongue in his mouth, giving him a taste of his cum. Wes grabbed Brandi’s voluptuous ass, realizing she wasn’t wearing panties.

“Nope, no pussy yet…” she said as she pushed him away. Wes fixed himself and they opened the door to see a line of people going in the bathrooms.

“Thanks for the snack babe!” Brandi said as they walked out, catching looks from everyone.

Brandi wanted to find something for their date later, taking Wes all over the mall. Brandi found the store she wanted, finding a variety of tops, mini dresses and mini skirts. Brandi started trying stuff on, getting Wes aroused by default.

She opened the door to the dressing room wearing a tiny black leather skirt and a black almanbahis giriş leather corset top. Brandi’s big tits were dangerously close to spilling out of the top. She took a quick glance and pulled Wes inside.

Wes grabbed Brandi’s hips, kissing her. Brandi replied by ramming her tongue in Wes’s mouth.

“How fast can you fuck me?” She asked.

Wes spun her around, Brandi bracing herself on the seat. She pulled the skirt up to her waist as Wes pushed his cock in her hard and fast. Holding her hips and putting his hand over her mouth. Brandi grunted as Wes pumped his cock in her wetness. Brandi opened her legs bending over as Wes drilled her pussy. She pulled the zipper of her top, her big tits spilling out. Wes grabbed her tits as he fucked her. Wes pulled out suddenly, pushing Brandi against the mirror. Brandi’s big tits were pressed against the mirror as Wes got in position to finish fucking her.

“No, turn me around.” Brandi whispered.

She turned around, putting one leg up to give him easier access. Wes had Brandi’s voluptuous ass in his hands bouncing her on his cock. Brandi kissed him as they fucked as quick as they could.

“Cum for me baby. Cum inside me!” Brandi begged.

All the excitement had done it’s toll on Wes and he quickly felt his cock want to erupt.

Fuck me! Fuck me good!” Brandi said, desperate to feel him explode.

“Oh shit!” Wes whispered as his cock erupted, filling her hot fuckhole with cum. When he was spent Wes pulled out. Brandi reached down, using her nails to clean her pussy. The next part left Wes wanting to fuck her over and over. She licked his seed off her fingers and nails before sharing it with him. They kissed passionately as Wes fixed his clothes. Wes looked outside to make sure nobody would see them as he stepped out so Brandi could change.

Brandi came out of the dressing room to find Wes waiting patiently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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