An Old Man and a Movie

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When the summer finally begins most everyone loves going to the beach. Not me, I actually don’t like the beach at all. The chore of carrying all your things, umbrella, towels, beach chairs, coolers and all the other essential things you just have to have, for a day at the beach, from the car to the spot where you eventually end up, is just plain hard work.

Then there’s the gritty sand, getting in all the places that sand just doesn’t belong, and the people, kids screaming, teenagers kicking up sand as they run by trying to catch the elusive volley ball, old men ogling you as you walk by, you can have it.

Maybe the real problem for me is the heat. When it’s ninety nine degrees and the sun is blaring, burning your skin, tell me, how that can be fun.

When the temperature is up there the most perfect place to be is anywhere there’s air conditioning. I found that an air conditioned movie theater is a great alternative to sweating and getting sticky.

I love the movies. Here’s a place where you can get out of the hot sun, sit in a comfortable seat, maybe a snack, who doesn’t love popcorn all warm and buttery, and then the show itself. Whatever you like you can find it at the movies.

My name is Lynn; I am eighteen and just graduated from high school.

I’ll be going off to college in the fall so my parents have given me the summer off. I’ve worked since I turned fifteen, actually before that, baby sitting, dog sitting, cleaning house for a few of the neighbors and then when I was of legal age to get working permits I got a job at the local fast food place and worked through high school.

I was taught at a very young age to save my money. I could spend some of it on things I wanted, make-up, clothes the normal stuff a teenage girl likes. Saving was important for a few reasons. I knew I was going away to college and needed a car. My Dad and I made a deal, he’d pay for seventy five percent of the car if I saved the other twenty five percent. It was a good deal, I have a great little car and it’s very good on gas. Anyway, because I’m such a responsible young girl they gave me the summer off, to do anything I wanted, I didn’t have to work.

I heard the weatherman say it was going to be almost one hundred today and the humidity was way up there. This would be a great day to go to the movies. I knew there were a few new movies I wanted to see so I went online, checked out the Cineplex and saw that there was a great love story starting today.

Who doesn’t like a good love story? You know the kind, the girl sees the boy, and he ignores her and then sees her with another guy and realizes he wants her for himself. I looked at the time and the show was starting in about an hour so I quickly showered, got dressed and out the door.

During the day there aren’t very many people at the movies, mostly single people, a lot of older people and very rarely any kids.

You pretty much have your choice of where you want to sit and nobody is getting up and down during the best parts. I like sitting down towards the front, hopefully no one tall sits in front of me.

I got my ticket, stopped at the snack counter for my popcorn and headed to theater five. The movie I was about to see was supposed to be pretty sexy, hey, who doesn’t like a little touchy feely now and then.

When I walked in there were maybe five other people spread out in the seats so I had my choice of practically any seat in the theater. I walked down front and found the perfect seat, right in the middle and no one else around.

The previews started, and then the advertisements and more previews and finally the movie began. This was rated “R” must be a hot movie I thought. I settled in my seat, munched on my popcorn and was getting into the storyline.

I heard a noise coming from behind me, like someone was trying to say something, whispering, I couldn’t make out the words and it stopped. After a few minutes, the sound started again, this time it sounded like someone kissing or the thing guys do when a girl walks by and they make that kissing sound to get her to turn around. I ignored it, it stopped.

I couldn’t ignore the person who was behind me in the next row walking to their seat. Whoever it was bumped my chair, and when they did it a second time I turned around to see who it was.

“Ohh, I’m so sorry.”

It was an older man; he was smiling at me as he took a seat right behind me. I turned back to the screen and hoped he wouldn’t be getting up and down. Why he sat in that seat was ridiculous, the place was almost empty, he could have sat anywhere.

Within a few minutes that noise started again, this time it was louder, no, closer, I turned my head slightly to try and hear where it was coming from, it was right behind me. I turned around and looked at the man, the sound stopped and he smiled at me.

I realized it was Mr. Renner, one of our neighbors.

Mr. Renner was an old man who lived by himself. He would come over to our house every now and then to talk Ankara escort with my Dad. He really kept to himself most of the time and worked in his yard. Once in awhile he’d be out mowing his grass or raking leaves. No one ever saw him once it got cold.

The last time he was over he and Dad were sitting on the patio having a beer and talking about baseball. He evidently loves baseball and Dad said he was a walking stat book. I was about to go to a friend’s so I walked out to tell Dad I was leaving.

“Excuse me; I just wanted to let you know I was on my way out.”

“You know Mr. Renner Lynn, we were just talking baseball.”

“Hello Mr. Renner.”

“Well hi there Lynn, boy you’ve sure grown up nice and pretty.”

He had little or no teeth so his lips were all mushy and when he spoke his tongue would almost fall out of his mouth. His lips were all wet and he would slide his tongue over them all the time.

“Ohh, well thank you, I’ll see you later Dad.”

I bent over to kiss my father goodbye and couldn’t help noticing Mr. Renner looking down my shirt. I’m a pretty well developed girl so I’m sure he got a good look. When I stood up he was licking his lips and smiling at me.

What was he doing sitting behind me?

Every so often he would bump my seat, I just ignored him. Every time there was something in the movie that was sexy he would talk to himself. I think there was one scene where the girls tits were bare and I swear I heard him say.

“Suck them titties boy, suck em good.”

When the movie was over I got up to leave and when I realized he had followed right behind me I stopped. I couldn’t ignore him anymore.

“Hi Mr. Renner how are you?”

“Hello Lynn, I’m just fine, good show, it was so hot I thought I’d come down and sit in the air conditioning, guess you did the same thing.”

I started walking out of the theater and he was still talking.

“Boy it’s awful hot today, the walk down here just about killed me, I’ll have to take it slow going home, don’t want to pass out from the heat.”

Oh crap, he walked here; I guess I should offer to drive him home.

“I’ll drive you home if you want, it’s really hot.”

“That’s real nice of you, sure if it’s not a bother, I’d appreciate a ride.”

We walked to the parking lot in silence; I had nothing to talk about with an old man. When we got to the car I unlocked his door, he opened it and got in. I walked around to the driver’s side and as I was getting in I swear he was staring at my tits.

“The air will cool down the car in a minute.”

I reached for my seatbelt and as I was bringing it across my body he grabbed it.

“I’ll get that for you.”

As he reached for it the seatbelt slipped out of his hand and was back against the door, he reached in front of me and when he did his hand brushed across my tits and he smiled like he planned it. He pulled the belt back across me and buckled it down.

“Boy, you sure have grown up, you’re how old now, eighteen right?”

“Yes, I am, and how old are you Mr. Renner?”

“I’ll be seventy seven this coming December.”

My God, he was old. He just kept smiling at me and licking his mushy lips.

“So, you have a boyfriend?”

Why did he care?

“No, I don’t.”

“A pretty girl like you should have a boyfriend, just like in the movie; it was real nice when the two of them kissed wasn’t it?”

The movie was kind of hot. I’ve dated; really don’t like boys all that much. I mean I like boys just not the ones around here. I was looking forward to meeting some guys at college. Maybe an older guy wouldn’t be so fast on the trigger. I’ve had some pretty hot times with a few guys but they get all excited and it’s over before I get mine so I wind up going home and playing with myself.

I tuned him out and pulled out of the parking spot and headed home.

On the ride home all Mr. Renner did was talk about the movie. It seems he likes sexy movies and has no problem talking about it.

“I just love kissing. The girl in the movie sure liked it, didn’t she; I could tell how she opened her mouth and slipped her boyfriend a little tongue. That part where he got to feel her all over I don’t mind telling you Lynn that was pretty sexy.”

I smiled at him and kept driving, He certainly liked the movie.

“My favorite scene was the one where he saw her titties for the first time, her nipples were nice and stiff, the way he licked them all over, well it got this old boy going.”

It was a pretty sexy scene, the girl certainly enjoyed it. I couldn’t get this old man home and out of my car fast enough, he was driving me crazy.

We finally turned the corner to Mr. Renner’s house and I pulled into his driveway.

“Well, thanks for the ride Lynn, I would have never made it home in this heat, maybe we can take in a show together sometime.”

Did he really think I would go to the movies with him?

“I’ll be leaving for college in a few weeks and have an Ankara escort bayan awful lot to do so I won’t have any time for the movies, you take care Mr. Renner.”

I reached over and pulled the door shut, I just wanted to get out of there. I backed out of his driveway and headed home. What a funny old man, I guess the only excitement he had to look forward to was going to the movies once in a while. He was right; the movie was pretty exciting and definitely sexy. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it made me tingle.

I was finally home. I was getting my things together and saw something on the floor under the passenger seat, it was a wallet. I picked it up and even before I opened it I knew it had to be Mr. Renner’s. I looked at the clock and it was just before three, my parents wouldn’t be home from work until at least six thirty, what if he needed it before then? Much as I hated to I started the car and headed back to his house to give it to him.

I pulled into the driveway and beeped my horn, I thought he’d come to the door when he heard it but he didn’t. Now I had to shut off the engine and go and see if was home.

I knocked on the door and there was no answer, maybe he wasn’t home. I knocked again and nothing. I didn’t want to leave his wallet on his doorstep so I walked thru his side gate around to the back.

I thought I’d leave it next to his back door so I walked towards it, as I bent down to put his wallet down he opened the door and he scared me half to death. I fell backwards and hit the side of the door with my head. I tried to get up but I was pretty dizzy.

“Oh my God, I’m really sorry Lynn, let me help you up.”

I started to say no but I actually needed help. He reached under my arms and lifted me to my feet; I was still dizzy and could barely stand.

“Lynn, let me get you inside, you should lie down for a few minutes, I’ve got the air on, it’s nice and cool so hold on to me and I’ll help you.”

I did not want to go in his house, I was about to say no when I felt like I was about to vomit. I needed to lie down. I let Mr. Renner help me into the house and somehow he got me to his couch and helped me lay down.

“Now, you stay right there, I’ll get a cold cloth for your head it’ll make you feel better. Lynn, don’t try and get up by yourself, you could fall again, and I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

I couldn’t get up if I wanted to. He came right back and truthfully when he put that cold cloth on my head; I actually started feeling a little better. I asked him for a glass of water and he said he had some fresh sweet tea and he fix it and bring it in.

I couldn’t believe I fell so hard. My head was feeling a little better, I tried to sit up and just couldn’t. Mr. Renner brought the tea in and set it down on the table.

“I think you should just rest here for a while, I could call your father and tell him you’re here, maybe he’ll come and pick you up.”

“No, my parents are still at work they won’t be home until at least six or later. Oh damn, today is Friday, they won’t be home till really late, they’re going out to dinner with friends. Look Mr. Renner, I think if I just close my eyes and rest here a while I’ll be okay, I’m sorry I’m taking over your couch but I really can’t get up.”

“Don’t give it another thought, I have a nice easy chair I sit in anyway and watch my news show, and maybe I’ll throw a movie in. So look, you just stay as long as you need to, here I’ll put this little pillow under your head and I have a little cover if you want it.”

I really didn’t want to stay and I thought if I just go slowly I’ll be fine. Forget it, the more I moved the worse I felt. I lay back against the pillow he gave me and I just wanted to rest for a couple of minutes.

“You just lay there like that, I’ll keep my eyes on you, if you need anything just holler at me.”

Yeah, I bet you’ll keep your eyes on me. I needed to get home, I’ll just lay back here for a few minutes and then L’ll get out of here.

I must have fallen asleep; when I opened my eyes it was pretty dark in the room. The only light seemed to be coming from the TV. It didn’t take long to realize that he had pulled the curtains closed, I had no idea what time it was or how long I’d been here.

The sounds coming from the TV were so low, I could barely make out the words, but it only took a few seconds to see why. I tried to focus and when I did I was pretty surprised.

Mr. Renner was watching Porn with the sound turned way down.

The sound was very low but I could hear someone moaning and realized it was coming from Mr. Renner. I froze; I didn’t want to move a muscle, if he heard me or saw me move he’d know I knew what he watching, oh my God, he was playing with himself. What the hell was I supposed to do now? I just laid there, my eyes barely open; I needed to get out of here.

I thought the movie was almost over, the credits were running. Okay, he would stop it and then I could get up and leave. I looked at the TV and I almost Escort Ankara screamed when he hit rewind. This dirty old man was gonna watch it again. I closed my eyes and prayed for a power outage.

I laid there for what seemed like forever. I was afraid to move, if he knew I was awake we’d both be embarrassed. I kept peeking at the TV and the friggin movie was just going on and on. Finally, Mr. Renner picked up the remote, thank you God, he was finally going to stop the movie, and suddenly the sound got a little louder. Holy shit, now what. I squinted and saw a man playing with a woman’s tits.

“Are you going to let me kiss your titties?”

The man lifted up her tits and started kissing them all over and she was squealing.

“I told you it would feel good, you like it don’t you?”

“Oh, yesss I like it a lot, are you gonna suck on my nipples like you said?”

The man started sucking on her nipples and she moaned and squealed louder. I tried to look at Mr. Renner, all I could see was his hand moving in his pants, he was playing with his cock. The worst part of this whole deal, it was getting me all hot. I could feel my pussy getting wet.

The man in the movie told the woman to lie down on the bed; he crawled between her legs and started feeling her pussy. I must have moaned louder than I thought because the next thing I heard was Mr. Renner.

“It’s real sexy isn’t it Lynn?”

Shit, he knew I was awake and he knew I saw what was on the TV, God, I hope he doesn’t know I saw him playing with himself. What the hell was I supposed to do now?

“I bet your nipples are real hard, are they stiff Lynn?”

I didn’t answer him, this was ridiculous, I just had to get up and leave. I threw the blanket back and sat up; I had to wait a second to get my head to stop spinning.

“Oh, yeah, I can see those sweet puckered up nipples of yours from here, look at them babies sticking straight out. I bet your sugar pot is real wet and creamy, isn’t it Lynn?”

How the hell could he know that?

“I sure would like to kiss your sweet tits, and feel that wet honey maker. You’re a hot little number; I’ve watched you grow up and out. I know why you don’t have a boyfriend because these young kids don’t know what to do with a piece like you. They get you all hot and wet and then they can’t hold on and leave you with nothing but a wet pussy. You need a real man, an experienced old man like me; I can take real good care of you.”

I must be insane, I need to get the hell out of here, but he was making me crazy. I started thinking about those mushy lips and that big sloppy tongue and what it would feel like if I let him play with my tits, God, what would it feel like licking my pussy?

“Why don’t I come over there and sit down with you, if you don’t like me I’ll stop and you can go home.”

I didn’t say no, I couldn’t think, and then he was walking to the couch.

“I saw you wiggling that pretty little ass of yours around in your seat at the movie house. I heard you breathe real hard when that guy was sucking on those titties, you were hot.”

No wonder he came and sat behind me, this old fool was watching me, and damn if he wasn’t right. Of course I got all hot and turned on, who wouldn’t?

“I grabbed me a quick feel in the car and you didn’t say anything, you liked it, I dropped my wallet and knew you’d have to come over and give it back to me. I’m real sorry you fell down, that wasn’t part of the plan. I know you were awake and watching the show, and watching me, so let’s stop fooling around and get down to business. I heard that little moan when he started feelin around her pussy, that’s what you want me to do, feel you all over.”

He leaned toward me and he stuck that big tongue out and licked my neck. His mouth opened wide and he started sucking on me, as much as I wanted him to stop I hoped he wouldn’t. This is so stupid, I’m out of mind, but, I’m so fucking horny.

“Oh yeah, you are so sweet, I need to get a feel of those titties, you want me to don’t you Lynn?”

I almost died when I heard myself say “Yeah”.

He reached up and started to unbutton my blouse. I thought he wanted to feel them, why was he opening up my shirt, was I really about to let this old guy touch me?

“I’ve waited a long time to see your tits, hell; I watched you grow up and watched the little buds turn into nice big bouncing jugs. I’m taking my time, I bet you like it, watching me open your shirt, knowing I’m about to feast my eyes on your beauties up close and personal.”

This dirty old bastard was driving me crazy, I wanted him to stop fooling around and get to what he wanted, yeah, ok, and that’s the last button.

He pushed my blouse open and just looked at me, my chest was heaving up and down, and I was so turned on. His hands felt me up and down; he squeezed and rubbed me all over. Finally he pulled my blouse off and bent his mushy lips down and licked the tops of my tits back and forth over and over, I loved it.

“What a pair you have, and I haven’t even seen them naked yet. Take your bra off for me, real slow, tease me, and make me wait to see these beauties.”

This was so wrong; he was drooling and licking his tongue all over his mouth.

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