Ana, The Helper

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I am recently divorced after being married to a coldhearted woman for fifteen years. I am 45 years old, 6’2″ and I am of average build. I bought out my ex-wife’s share of our home and just recently moved back into the house after leaving 2 years ago. My ex let the house go into some disrepair and it also needed some updating and redecorating. I wanted to erase anything to do with her and her decorating style.

I had several different trades in the house the past few months, and all that was left to do was updating the main and master bathrooms. I really didn’t feel like tackling the job myself, even though I have some handyman experience. A friend at work told me about a guy he uses for work like this, and the guy works mainly on weekends on his days off from working for a local contractor. My friend called Antonio and had him come over to my house tonight after he finished work.

Antonio arrived at my place a little after 7pm. I showed him what I needed done in both bathrooms, and we agreed on a price. He was going to start this Saturday. I had an appointment on Saturday morning, so I programmed a temporary code into my garage door opener and told Antonio to let himself in when he arrived. My friend had said Antonio was a hard worker who he trusted to let himself in and out of his home when he had work done, so I had no problem with making this arrangement.

I was out early on Saturday morning, and when I arrived home, I saw Antonio’s truck parked out front. There was a saw set up in my driveway and I heard music playing in the house. When I went inside, Antonio had drop cloths set up throughout the house to keep my floors clean. When I walked past my living room, I saw this beautiful Latin girl sitting on my couch, reading a magazine and moving to the music that was playing. When she saw me, she was startled and quickly got up. I said hi and introduced myself. She told me her name was Ana and that Antonio was her boyfriend. She said that sometimes she goes with him to jobsites to help. I didn’t have a problem with this and followed her down the hall to the bathroom where Antonio was working.

Ana was short, only about 5’2″, and maybe 32 or 33 years old. She has the most perfectly shaped ass that I couldn’t help staring at in her tight yoga pants as I followed behind her. I imagined that she was either sans panties or wearing a thong, since there were no visible panty lines and there was a definite separation of her butt cheeks. When she turned to face into the bathroom to get Antonio’s attention, she caught me looking at her ass. I was immediately embarrassed.

Antonio turned down his radio and stood to greet me. Before he explained the work that he was doing, he apologized and said he hoped having his girlfriend there wasn’t a problem, but sometimes she comes with him to help him move his tools and to clean up. I said no, it wasn’t a problem, and asked about his progress. Antonio already removed the toilet and vanity and almost had all the old tiled walls torn out.

While Antonio was explaining about the broken toilet flange that he found, Ana started to make her way back to the living room. She squeezed past me in the hallway, lightly brushing her boobs on my back. Like I said earlier, Ana was short, but she had an athletic build. Her boobs were big for her frame and her ass was amazing! I had to do my best to ignore what just happened. I wasn’t even sure it was done on purpose. Besides, she was Antonio’s girlfriend. I asked Antonio to please fix the flange as well.

Antonio turned up the music and went back to work. Ana was back in the living room flipping through a magazine. I went downstairs to my den to watch some TV.

A couple of hours later I heard Antonio and Ana arguing in Spanish. She came downstairs with a garbage bag and was going out the door to the garage. I asked her if everything was alright. She said that she dropped the garbage bag and made a little mess after Antonio had cleaned up and he got a little mad. She said he gets like that sometimes, but it will be ok. Then she went outside.

Ana helped Antonio clean up his tools and fold the drop cloths. They put everything neatly into the bathroom and started to leave. Antonio said that he would be back tomorrow morning and they started to go out the garage. I stood by the door to hit the button after they cleared the garage door. I caught sight of Ana’s ass again as she walked down the driveway. She turned to wave and caught me looking again! She smiled and shook her head as she got into the truck. Damn, I got caught again. I hit the button and the door lowered.

I was up early the next morning and waited for Antonio to arrive. He pulled up at 8am and I was happy to see that Ana was with him. He had her spread out the drop cloths and do other menial tasks.

I did my best to stay away from Ana. I sat in my den and watched tv. At some point, Ana peeked in and said hi to me. I returned her greeting. I did my best not to look at her, but I caved. Ana had on a pair of tight ankara escort bayan faded jeans and blue and white football style jersey. Her long black hair was in a ponytail. We made some small talk and then when she turned to walk away, she looked over her shoulder at me. We made eye contact and then her eyes lowered towards her ass and then back at me. She smiled and went back upstairs to Antonio.

I stayed to myself while the work went on upstairs. They left at 430 and Antonio said he be back after work on Tuesday for about an hour to put the final coat of joint compound on the walls. Then they left

Antonio returned to finish the bathroom that next Saturday. Ana was with him, but he pretty much ignored her the whole day. He finished the bathroom around noon, and then after lunch he started to do the easy update on the master bath. I had to step out for about an hour and left them to work.

When I returned, Antonio was outside putting the old toilet and vanity to the curb. When I went upstairs, I saw Ana sitting on my new bed, her feet dangling off the edge. She seemed to be lost in her own thoughts and didn’t see me come into the room. When she finally noticed me, she quickly stood up saying she was sorry. I told her no apologies were necessary and I pressed my luck by adding that she could sit on my bed anytime she wished. She giggled as I looked into the master bath. Ana said that Antonio was done with the re-grouting of the shower and would probably finish tomorrow replacing the toilet and sink. I looked down at her and asked if she was ok. Ana hesitated and then finally said that they had an argument last night and he has been cold towards her all day. As she finished her sentence, Antonio came into the room and asked how I liked it so far. We chatted about the progress and Ana went to clean up. As they left, I looked at Ana in the eye and we acknowledged we had a connection. She smiled at me and then overly exaggerated pulling up her skintight jeans. Her tits jiggled in her t shirt and the seam of her jeans were pulled up tight into the crack of her ass. She winked at me as I stared. I started to get hard and her eyes dropped to the growing bulge in my pants. She got in the truck and they drove off.

The next morning Antonio arrived to finish the job. I was disappointed that he was alone. Antonio went right to work, and I made no mention of him being solo today. Antonio cleaned off the tile of the haze from the re-grouting, painted the ceiling and walls, and installed the new sink and toilet. At the end of the day, I paid Antonio and he told me to call him if I needed any work done in the future. Now the house was complete. Everything was freshened up with new paint, new furniture and appliances. Every room was done. Now I can relax and enjoy life.

A few days had passed, and while I was eating dinner, my phone rang. When I answered, I was surprised to hear Ana on the other end of the phone. She sounded very businesslike and said she was calling to make sure that I was satisfied with the job Antonio did. When I said that I was, her voice became a little playful and she asked me if I had closely inspected the work to be sure. I said that I had not looked closely at all the fit and finishes and that I don’t have the eye of a professional and wouldn’t know what to look for. Right away she offered to come over to help me get a good look. I agreed and she said that she would be there in an hour.

My head was spinning. I wasn’t sure what was happening, if anything. I haven’t been in the dating game since before I was married. The last time I had sex was with my wife, and that was more than two years ago. Even though she was a cold person, I refused to cheat and just took care of my own needs. I was getting more nervous as the minutes ticked by.

When Ana arrived, I tried to play it cool. She looked great in her tight jeans and a black blouse buttoned just high enough to show some cleavage. A pair of black heels were now where her sneakers used to be. I invited her in, and she tossed her purse onto the chair as we sat down on the new leather couch in my den. We started to chat about the work that was done, and I asked if she wanted a glass of wine. I was a little nervous and needed something to take the edge off. We settled on a nice cabernet.

While we enjoyed our wine, I asked if everything was ok between her and Antonio. Ana confessed that things haven’t been good with them for a while. I told her that I knew something was up by the way he was ignoring her last week. She said that he has anger issues and while he has never gotten physical with her, she said that his words still hurt. She said that he went out with his friends after work tonight. I couldn’t stop looking at this beautiful girl and I gulped down the last mouthful of the wine in my glass. I refilled both our glasses and Ana said we should really go and check on the work that was done. I was now thinking that I had read this all wrong.

We took our wine and she followed me to the etimesgut escort bathroom in the main hall. She was looking closely at the finish work and bent over a couple of times giving me a great view of her ass as well as her cleavage. She said that all looked good and that we should now check the master bath. I followed her to my bedroom and into the bath. The room isn’t huge, and we were closer together. She sipped at her wine as she did her inspection. She bent over to look at the plumbing under the vanity and her butt touched my thigh. She let it linger there for a few seconds and my cock started to stir. She stood up and turned towards me quickly, she was looking up at me and I was looking down at her, our eyes meeting. Instinctively, I leaned down and kissed Ana. It was a soft kiss which turned more passionate. When she broke off our kiss, Ana took another sip of her wine and walked out of the bathroom. She put her glass on my nightstand and sat on my bed. You said that I can sit on your bed whenever I wanted. Her gaze fell to the bulge, straining in my jeans. She motioned for me to come closer.

Ana touched my cock through my jeans, then undid my belt, button and zipper. She lowered my jeans and underwear down to my knees, releasing my hard 8-inch cock. Ana looked up at me, and as she went to touch it, she told me that she has never seen a cock this big and thick before. Her little hand was not able to fit around its girth.

I kicked off my sneakers and removed the rest of my clothing. I was totally naked in front of Ana. She stood up, and even in her heels, she only came up chest high. I kissed her again and started to unbutton her blouse. She unbuttoned her jeans as I removed her top and then her black lace bra. Her breasts were large, her skin a light brown with areola and nipples a couple of shades darker. I leaned down to kiss her again and our tongues did their dance in each other’s mouths. Ana took off her shoes and wriggled out of her jeans. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. My hand immediately sliding down to her firm ass.

Ana broke our kiss and dropped to her knees. My cock was aching now. She cupped my balls with her small, nicely manicured hand. She felt their heft. I told her it’s been over 2 years since I’ve been with a woman. Without saying a word, she kissed the purple head of my cock and then swirled her tongue around it. She licked at her lips and slipped them over the head of my dick. She stretched her small mouth down my veiny shaft and took me in about halfway, before she had to come up for air. Ana pulled lightly on my heavy balls while trying to take more and more of me into her throat. Her tongue was working its magic on my long-neglected cock. Ana was now using her other little hand to pull on my shaft as her warm, wet mouth was sucking on the swollen head of my dick. I was getting close to cumming and I told her so.

Surprisingly, Ana didn’t move away and started sucking and pulling on me harder. Her massage on my balls loosening their pent up cum. I exploded into her mouth and Ana quickly swallowed several times as I emptied into her. My head was spinning, and my knees weakened. Ana took all I gave her before standing up and kissing me. I tasted my cum on her tongue and to my surprise, I didn’t mind it.

Ana giggled as she pushed me backwards onto my bed. I scooted up and she kissed me again before straddling my head. Her manicured fingers spread her totally shaven pussy lips, showing me the glistening pink of her small vagina. I pulled her closer to my mouth and slid my tongue across and around her labia. I pushed my tongue inside of her pussy, tasting how sweet she was. I reached up and caressed both of her heavy tits just as I ran my tongue across her clit. Ana gave a little shudder and I lightly pulled on her nipples. Ana pushed her pussy onto my face, allowing me just enough room to breathe.

After a few more times gliding my tongue across her clit, I took it between my lips and sucked on it. Her little nub poked out a bit more and I sucked and licked harder, Ana arched her back and for a few seconds stopped breathing. When her orgasm washed over her, she let out a long moan and I felt her pussy pulsate and her juices oozed into my mouth and on my face. I licked through her orgasm and when she came down from her rush, she rolled off me onto her back, still panting.

Ana’s eyes were closed, and I watched her breasts rise and fall with each breath, I took her right nipple into my mouth as I gently massaged her globe. Anas hand went to the back of my head holding it there as I licked and bit her nipple. My hand slid down to Ana’s flat belly and my finger teased at her little belly button ring.

We kissed some more, and Ana’s little hand reached down and pulled at my semi hard cock. It quickly came back to life.

I stood up and pulled Ana to the edge of the bed by her legs. I put a pillow under her ass to raise her up and to give me a better angle. Ana raised her legs and rested them on my kızılay escort chest, her heels almost making it to my shoulders. She asked me to go slow and easy and was scared that my cock wouldn’t fit inside her.

I spit on the head of my dick and rubbed it at the entrance to her pussy which was still super slick from her orgasm. Slowly I pushed the swollen head into her. I watched as her pussy lips spread and the head of my cock disappeared inside of her. Ana’s eyes were closed, and I stopped pushing my way into her tight pussy so she could get used to me. A few seconds later, she told be to continue but to go slow.

Ana’s pussy was tight and tiny. Just as my balls started to touch her ass, all forward movement stopped. I bottomed out and was at her cervix! I pulled out about halfway and spit on my cock again. I started to fuck her slowly, with long strokes. Ana commented on never feeling so full before.

As we fucked, Ana relaxed, and her pussy was now making plenty of its own lubricant. I began to thrust faster and a little harder, but still scared to go too deep and hurting her. Since I already came once, I was able to control myself. Ana was another story. My cock was in contact with practically every square centimeter of her pussy and she was getting close to cumming. I picked her up off the bed and with my cock still inside of her, I laid on the bed and put her on top of me. Now she had control of how deep she needed me to go and I had unobstructed access to her tits.

Ana got into her rhythm, her long black hair cascading over her shoulders. I grabbed both of her huge tits and squeezed and caressed to my hearts content. She started to reach her orgasm again and I pushed both of her tits together enabling me to suck on both her hard nipples at the same time. When she came, she sank down hard onto my cock, her cervix pressed against the head. She didn’t seem to feel any pain. When Ana’s orgasm subsided, she rolled off my cock and took me into her mouth. She cleaned me of her juices and tongued at my balls. We passionately kissed and my hands were all over her body, finally grabbing her ass.

Ana crawled to the edge of the bed and got on all fours. My cock was still rock hard and bounced and bobbed as I stood up and positioned myself behind her. Ana smacked her ass and commented that here is the ass you had stared at all those times. Ana put her ass in the air and her head down onto the bed. Her pussy was agape and slick with her juices. I slid inside easily this time. Her pussy was hot, wet and tight. I grabbed her ass hard, my fingers pressed into the soft, yet firm flesh.

I fucked her little pussy harder this time. My fingers pulling her ass into me each time I thrust inward. I looked down to see her pussy lips stretched around my dick and her tiny asshole looking up at me. I spit on her sphincter and licked my thumb. I slowly pressed my thumb into Ana’s ass without protest.

We were fucking like this for a good 15 minutes. I removed my thumb and cock and had Ana get onto her back again. I rested her legs on my chest as before and re-entered her. I fucked Ana harder now, my balls slapping against her ass and my cock just hitting at her cervix. Ana’s tits were swaying and bouncing due to my thrusting. Her eyes were closed, and her hands were tightly gripping at the sheets.

Ana was getting close to another orgasm and so was I. Ana’s breathing was fast and shallow and when she orgasmed, her mouth opened but no sound came out. My orgasm was imminent and when my balls tightened and I started to cum, I pushed in as deep as I could, the head of my cock nestled against her cervix. My cum rushing from my balls to the head of my cock and into and around Ana’s cervix. Ana was now mumbling oh my god, oh my god that feels soooo good. As we both came down from our orgasms, I withdrew my softening cock from Ana’s swollen pussy, a little trail of my cum dribbling from her and down to her ass.

We laid there catching our breath for a few minutes before she spoke. She said that she had thought my cock “kissing” her cervix would really hurt, but it didn’t. it was like a pleasure pain. And she wasn’t sure, but she thinks she had a cervical orgasm. She said that it felt very different than a regular orgasm.

We sat back and talked as we again sipped at our wine. We were both well satisfied. She confided that Antonio’s dick was nowhere as big as mine was and that she never experienced the feeling of her pussy being so full. I told her that she could come by whenever she wished. She brought up that even before she met me, that she was going to break up with Antonio. She cited his anger issues and that she knows he is screwing other girls when he says he is going out with his friends.

I took a few more sips of my wine as I thought about what Ana just told me. I decided that it was time that I started thinking about me and my happiness. I told Ana that I was interested in starting something with her once she broke it off with Antonio. She smiled at me and kissed me hard. Let me go make a phone call she said as she got off the bed. I stared at her gorgeous ass as she walked out of the bedroom to get her phone from her purse in the den. I don’t know where this will end up, but like I said, it’s time to do me.

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