Anna Returns

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When I wrote, “Can I Touch You”, I never intended or even imagined a sequel. A few of my readers have asked me to revisit that story, create a follow up scenario and dirty it up.

So for those who enjoyed and were satisfied with the sublime and relatively innocent nature of that first story, stop here. Otherwise, read on.


Although the sun was magnificent and the breeze perfect, I just couldn’t get back into my book nor could I nap. I just lay there, naked and alone on that secluded stretch of lake shore.

My thoughts kept drifting back to the wonderfully sweet visit I’d enjoyed less than an hour earlier from Anna and her husband. They were maybe 73 or 75…something like that, and they were out together for a beach walk.

They had come upon me sunbathing in the nude and had, outwardly anyhow, seemed completely unbothered by my nakedness.

Inasmuch as they didn’t mind, neither did I. Such is my nature as a hopeless exhibitionist.

I finally decided to try to find something on the little portable radio I carry. I didn’t see or hear her coming but suddenly, from no more that 50 feet away, Anna hollered out to me.

Reflexively, my head snapped over toward her and a look of surprise must have registered on my face. Even from that distance she could see that and she stopped in her tracks.

“I’m sorry to startle you dear. May I come over?” She asked.

“Of course you can Anna, c’mon over here,” I beckoned I stood up as she made the final few steps and I gave her a quick hug when she reached me. I was completely naked but she and her husband had spent over 20 minutes with me in this same condition only a half hour earlier so I was hardly self conscious about it. I was, however, surprised to see her and a little bit concerned.

“Anna, what happened? Is everything alright? Is George ok?” I asked, peppering her with questions.

She got this very peculiar expression on her face, sort of shy looking I’ll say. “Well he’s fine. When we got back to the car I told him I wasn’t ready to leave yet. We had a little discussion about that and at any rate, he’s coming back in an hour and a half to pick me up. I have to be back out to the parking area by then,” she concluded. She gave me a sheepish smile.

“Well good for you Anna, welcome back,” I said. “You going to walk the beach?” I asked

“No, if it’s ok, I came back to spend some time with you.” she said.

I had enormously enjoyed her earlier visit and was quick to tell her so. We sat down and there was an odd quiet for a few seconds. At length she said, “Did it come kocaeli escort across as creepy earlier when I asked you about shaving down there and asked to touch you?” She inquired.

“Creepy? No. Unexpected? Yes,” I said, “but as I think you could tell Anna, I liked the way you touched me.”

“Oh, that’s so excellent,” she beamed. Her smile was radiant and could singularly have launched a thousand ships. “Do you mind if I take my top off?” she asked.

Suddenly the light came on. I was quickly becoming aware of the reason for her return visit. I think maybe she liked what happened between us and wanted more.

“Well hell yes honey, you can take your top off. Look at me stark naked, how could I object?” I answered her in reply.

And with that she began to unbutton her shirt.

Now mind you she is at least 75 and I’m 43 and I don’t make a practice of having erotic encounters with someone 32 years my senior. But I remember how it felt when she had applied that baby powder to my pussy, how our eyes were locked on each other as she did it, how transparent I was in letting her know I liked it. I shifted to watch her unbutton and she watched me watch.

She unbutton her cuffs first and then began at the top button on her shirt front. She was smiling and looking at me as she proceeded. She pulled the shirt off her shoulders, backed her arms out of the sleeves and dropped it next to her. Still looking at me and still smiling, she reached around behind her back and unclasped her white cotton bra. She pulled that off her shoulders and arms and as before, dropped it in a pile next to her. With that, she broke her gaze with me, leaned back on her hands and thrust her chest out, knowing full well I was watching her.

Anna was maybe 5 1/2 feet tall, a little taller than many women her age, or so it seemed to me anyhow. Even soaking wet, she couldn’t have weighed more than 110. Her eyes were the brightest blue you can imagine and her hair had gone white years ago. She was still a nice looking lady and I think she may have been truly striking as a younger woman. Her face was tanned but her torso hadn’t seen the sun in a long time.

The skin on her shoulders, chest and stomach was as light as cream, smooth and unwrinkled in stark contrast to her face. Her breasts had reasonably withstood the relentless pull of gravity over her many decades but hung heavily, half way to her waist. They were still full however and it was obvious she’d been well endowed in her day. They were quite beautiful in fact and her nipples, rather than being pink or rose hued, had acquired a flesh color.

She took a few deep kocaeli escort bayan breaths and turning to me, asked how long it had been since I last applied tanning lotion.

“Oh I don’t know, two or three hours maybe,” I said.

“Oh my dear, you’re old enough to know better. Here, you stand up and let me reapply some lotion so you don’t burn,” she said

Her intentions, I thought, were so obvious as to be farsical. She was nearing the point of making a fool

of herself but she was just so damn sweet, I couldn’t embarrass her. So grudgingly, I went along.

That grudgingly part, however, was soon to change.

I stood up and she positioned herself behind me. We faced the water. I heard her squirt some lotion on her fingers and she began to apply it to me, starting at the shoulders. It was clear from the outset that this was not a chore she intended to rush through. She took her time and I must say, she was a good masseuse. I began to relax quite a bit and surprising even myself, was getting into this situation.

Things got interesting when she finished my lower back and began to work on my ass. She was good. She massaged my cheeks, moving her hands and fingers back and fourth across my crack, working her way slowly but ever closer to where my legs came together. I was standing with my feet far enough apart that she was able to reach between my legs with little effort.

I heard her apply more lotion, heard the bottle drop and then felt her hand go into my ass crack. Her fingers were slippery with the lotion and she was tracing her way back and forth between my pussy and the top of my ass crack. When she’d pause and probe a little at my asshole, I don’t mind telling you it was wonderful. I was very quickly getting lost in sensation.

She then reached further through my legs and began to trace across my labia. “Turn around dear, it’s time to do your front.” she said.

I was now oblivious to all good judgement. I was in her power. I didn’t give a flying fuck that she was 75. I opened my eyes enough to turn around to face her and then closed them again. I felt her take my nipple in her mouth. It was glorious. Somewhere along the way she had learned how to use that tongue and she was masterful, I promise you.

She tweaked and manipulated my other nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She smelled wonderful and her touch was divinely tender. I would have given her my house and all my belongings at that moment. She was killing me with exquisite sensation. She pulled her lips off my nipple and leaned into me, making full body contact, tits to tits, izmit sınırsız escort and began to plant light sweet feathery kisses all over my neck. Oh my God it was otherworldly.

But it was her next move that nearly launched me from this blue planet. She found my pussy with her left hand. Her fingers immediately discovered how wet, open and ready I was. With no hesitation whatever, she began to slide her finger in and out of me. Then two fingers and then three. She was killing me when the unthinkable happened.

“Look at me dear. Open your eyes,” she purred.

When I did, she held my gaze and removing her fingers from my soaking cunt, she brought them to her mouth and began to suck them.

I was already on the brink of euphoria and this sent my last ounce of composure reeling and tumbling headlong into blinding white space. I couldn’t believe what I’d seen – could scarcely comprehend it. Instinctively, reflexively and without thought, I pulled her fingers from her lips and put them in my mouth. I sucked greedily and noisily. Our eyes were locked together, surely and resolutely. Through them I saw into her soul and there I saw lust…deep, abiding and unbending lust. It was raw and needful.

I pulled her fingers out, returned them to the slickend folds at my sacred entrance and with my other hand I reached behind and pulled her into me. We kissed deeply, fully and with such abandon as I might never have imagined. And she was again madly at work at my core.

Within less than a minute she discovered my mad spot, that place within me where heaven and earth come together. My clitoral hood afforded littler shelter from her hunting assault. I yelped reflexively and having thus given myself away, she was on me with laser precision.

Her fingers were magic. She played my pussy like a magnificent instrument, drawing from me wave upon wave, layer upon layer of exquisite symphony.

And then in a moment, in the flicker of a candle flame, I was full bore into a racking orgasm. It came from miles inside me and with an unearthly ferocity. It overtook me so completely as to render me senseless, unseeing and unknowing as to the passing of seconds, the sound of the waves, the brilliance of the sun. It was consuming.

I can’t say how long it was before I took a breath, probably no more than a few seconds. We still embraced though I had broken off our kiss to nestle my face in the crook of her neck. When I looked up and into her eyes again, I saw a tenderness so vast that it challenged my understanding.

A single tear spilled down her cheek.

I didn’t know what to say so I said nothing. Words would haven superfluous anyway. It will forever be a moment frozen in time for me, a delicious memory of once upon a beach.

We should have exchanged phone numbers before she left but we did not. I never saw Anna again…except of course in my dreams.

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