Archive Relief Ch. 02

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Neil dismissed his secretary as she requested an early lunch, watching her sweet little bottom jiggle in the figure hugging skirt as she walked away. A sigh of regret, a delectable lady within his reach but totally unavailable. Typical, he mused wryly, you always want what you can’t have. He would love to have her on his sofa. One time he had walked in on her; she was sprawled on his sofa. Immediately she moved to sit up, but her groan of pain stopped her. He quickly responded, closing the office door and squatted in front of her. She looked up at him, apologetic, embarrassed and helpless. She had pulled a back muscle when lifting files and was attempting to stretch out the tense muscle. Her expression and her eyes, which were swimming with tears that she refused to shed, touched him.

He sat behind her and gave her a gentle massage, pinpointing the tense muscle, using slow gentle touches, increasing them gradually into deep bone melting kneads. Her sigh and whimpers were indicating her pleasure as she wriggled for more. Neil was contemplating taking it further by massaging the butt of his fantasy, when the shrill chirp of his phone resounded.

Both jumped as their little sensual cavern burst. Neil moved over to pick up the desk phone, murmuring small talk as he watched her rise from the sofa. He could see that she was affected by the massage, Her face was flushed, her eyes were sparkling, her breathing in quick pants. That drew his eyes to her moving chest and aroused nipples that were distending her shirt. Delicious; he could feel his cock swell and he quickly sat down at his desk lest she see the effect she had on him.

He cleared his throat, “Take the rest of the day off. Go home and have a hot bath and I’ll see you tomorrow.” She smiled with gratitude and expressed her thanks, making him feel like a conquering hero. Watching her gingerly letting herself out, he explored his fantasy with Anna.

He wished he could peel her pencil skirt away and rub her butt cheeks. Then he would bend over and lick them, nibbling on the small of her back, then run his tongue down her butt cleft, over her rosebud, pressing against it gently, enjoying her reaction, downward over her perineum to her pussy. He would roll her over so that he was looking up at her pussy, wet and ripe, and pull her down onto his face with his mouth opened wide to consume her succulent cunt. ‘Delicious.’ He thought as he watched her put her shoes back on, straighten up, and leave the office.

Thinking back to that time conjured up irresistible desires that needed relief. With a spare 40 mins until his next meeting he lowered his seat and slid down to the edge of his chair, then unzipped his fly as he stared at the door intently as if to dare people to come in and see an immaculate executive with a hard cock pointing upwards. The excitement and the thrill of being caught with his hands rubbing his cock was spine-tingling to say the least.

Stroking it, he fantasised about fucking Anna doggie style, then over his desk. He wanted to see her face flushed with pleasure, her neat hair dishevelled, he wanted to turn his neat prim little PA into his personal whore – pleasure machine. He imagined her kneeling under his table sucking his cock, moaning as licentious Web Tools images flickered through his imagination. His cock was drooling pre-cum, his hand sliding faster and faster over his shaft, stimulating the rim, and a squeeze at the base of every stroke had him cumming. Shaking in his chair, his cock jerked, gushing out long creamy squirts of cum.

With a sigh of relief, he proceeded to clean up the mess and prepare for the team meeting. Picking up the file Anna had left on his desk with the relevant reports, he quickly realised that a vital report was missing and he required it for the meeting. Having no idea where he would find such information he had no choice but to find Anna.

Walking to the lift, he passed Lily the receptionist and asked her if She knew where Anna had gone for lunch. Lily hadn’t asked but did note that she had gone down to the basement. Perplexed, he called for a lift and as he waited he puzzled over Anna’s strange destination. He knew that Anna didn’t have a car so her request for a early lunch and choosing the basement was a puzzling question.

As the door opened, Mark, one of the executives in today’s meeting, stepped out. “Hey mate! Word from the top, the meeting has been cancelled. David asked me to tell you.”

Mark was a sales executive and always had the right words for the women in the office. The Ken doll, with a perfect head of hair and blue eyes that zapped very panty in sight, he was however a good friend to have, and did host the best football nights in the office.

David, was the Executive Manager who often disappeared at the last minute for meetings with the board. “Oh Right, when’s the reschedule?” Neil called out as Mark raced down to tell the other team members.

“Next week! Email! CEO is going on a factory tour this week. You would think they could warn us a little better? No! Oh well keeps us on our toes… Got to go! See you later mate!” And with that Mark hurried off.

Neil got into the lift that Mark had exited from and began his descent to the basement. Although he no longer needed he report, he was still curious about Anna.

The humming stopped and the doors opened silently. Looking around he noted a few cars including his own, the air-con unit and the archive room. The sound from the air con unit was deafening, but it didn’t drown out the moans that were emanating from the floor.

Thinking that someone might have been injured, he followed the sound to the archive room. The moans changed to whimpers that were all so familiar. Slowly walking in, he peered between the shelves and saw Anna.

Alarmed that Anna was hurt he almost leapt into action when he saw her kneeling on a bench, arching her back. The down light played over her features, her face a mask of feral pleasure. Her breasts were highlighted full and shimmering as her body rippled with an explosive orgasm.

Neil’s cock was so hard. His fantasy and orgasm whetted his tastebud. She was here in real flesh and he was definitely going to sample her tasty morsels.

He closed the door behind him, locking it before he walked towards her, discarding his jacket and loosening his cuffs. As he got closer he could hear her wet juicy sounds emanating from her Online Web Tools pussy, and his eyes opened wide with surprise and pleasure as her hot pink vibrator appeared from her sodden cunt only to be push back in by her eager fingers.

He stepped up to take control. She gasped as his touch and swung her head around to identify the intruder. He quickly captured her lips, his hand holding her jaw while the other wrapped around her waist holding her close as he rubbed his hard shaft against her bottom. She struggled briefly in his arms. He ignored it, continuing to feed on her lips, thrusting his tongue, demanding her to subdue. Her struggles began to cease as soon as she recognized him, and immediately his kisses softened. Soon she was liquid chocolate in his arms, emitting her whimpers once more.

He released his stronghold to turn her in his arms, his hand released her jaw to slide down to cup her breast, her chest expanded as she gasped with pleasure, his fingers circling the nipple, tight and taunt, then pinching it lightly, thrilling in the way her body stiffened and squirmed. His other hand had move lower and was cupping her pussy, his fingers spreading the wet folds as he tapped lightly on her clit.

She whimpered loudly, looking up at him, pleading for release. Her body was sizzling and she actions were more urgent; her vibrator had slipped out in the struggle and her pussy felt empty and longed for something to cling to. She could feel his hard on nudge her tummy she longed to feel it, test its thickness, stroke its soft skin – Taste it. Touch it. Fuck it.

A shiver of pleasure ran up his spine as he felt her hands rub his cock that was tenting out his executive crisp business pants, her hot little hands rubbing up and down. The sensations making him growl as he kissed her demandingly, thrusting his tongue in, tasting her. She whimpered, his mastery was bone-melting. She wanted to do anything to please him. She wanted to worship him in any way he pleased; her body was his to do as he pleased.

In her excitement her hands fumbled with his pants. He soon joined her And together they removed his pants. His cock bounced out of his boxers, thumping on his stomach before standing still; thick, red and very upright. The tip was swollen to a deep red purple, with a droplet of clear pre-cum.

Her hands reached out, eager to touch him, but he drew away. She looked up puzzled, slightly apprehensive. He smiled most wickedly as he pulled her up and backed her against the wall. “Naughty girls should be fucked against the wall,” he murmured against her lips as he lifted her up. His big hands cupped her round buttock as her legs automatically wrapped around his hips.

*His cock rampant rubbed up and down her pussy slit, her fountain of sex coating his cock with the juices, making their movements slippery and hot. Anna moaned, begging for more, His cock was rubbing her clit and it was making her hotter and hotter. “Fuck me” she chanted, and pleaded. “I need your cock, fuck me ooh! Fill me with your cock!” His need was just as hot, and slowing to position his tip at the entrance of her pussy, he looked up and maintained eye contact as he introduced his shaft to the insides of her pussy.

A Çevrimiçi Web Araçları long helpless moan escaped her as she fought to maintain eye contact. The pleasure was mind drugging as his cock began spreading her tight pussy open, sliding in, filling her to capacity with long, slow, relentless movement, pausing only when he was deep inside her. Holding still as they shared open mouth kisses, he allowed her to adjust. Her pussy was a hot wet vice around his shaft. He knew that he was stretching her, the tip of his cock was squeezed by tiny muscles as they fluttered and stretched to accommodate his wide girth. His hips began to move.

His cock felt like heaven inside her, mind drugging, she felt it slide in and in, it was soo big! She arched upwards, certain that it was big enough to come out of her mouth! Then he stopped, gasping she looked down and saw that all of his cock was inside her. She liked that idea, and her craving resurfaced as she grasps his shoulders and squirmed in his arms. Growling he slide out and thrust back in slowly at first then gaining speed as their combined lubricant eased and accelerated their motion. .

Each thrust had pleasure reverberating in her body, her pussy was dripping with love juices aching to cum. Her clit was erect and swollen seeking the stimulation as he ground his hips against her open legs.

He bent his head and nibbled and suckled on her breast, He was delights as he could feel her pussy clench with every hard nibble. Out of his control his movements was now frantic, he could feel the tingling at the base of his cock as he swivelled her, their movement frantic, open lip kisses, moans of desire and whimpers of need, as their sexual frenzy drew them close and closer.

He couldn’t believe his luck; he was fucking his dream woman up against a wall in the basement,. It was so naughty, the thrill of being caught, her desire and need for him was elating. He wanted her to cum while he was fucking her, then he wanted to bend her over the bench and fuck her ass.

It was too much and Neil balls released the pent up cum, pushing his cock into her as his shaft let off long jerks of cream and cum. She screamed as she felt him cum, her own orgasm overthrowing her. A pool of love juice surged out covering their genitals. Her pussy was wetter and hotter, swollen with lust, squeezing him, coaxing the last of his cum.

Gasping, they laid on each other. He released her legs, and his cock was still inside her just barely. His cock jerked with the afterglow, twitching against her clit and making her whimper, but she was too exhausted to move away.

She leant her head back, still gasping for air, her mind a jumble. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced and it was with her Boss! Her Boss! Shit. Oh no! A million thoughts flung through her head. “You wanted it. You have been dreaming about it ever since you got a good look at him.”

And her self-admission opens the floodgates, “His cock really did feel wonderful, so much better than Pinky, Ooh, its moving! Mmm! More of that please! Just over my clit! Mmm! Oh boy it’s getting me hot again!.” She squirmed pressing herself closer.

Neil finally regained some energy and looked up at Anna from the pillow of her breasts. Smiling most wickedly he kissed her. “I want more too.” He parted from her and helped her tug her clothes into a semblance of order. “My car is on this level, I’ve always had this fantasy about having you in the car,” he said as he dragged her towards his car.

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