At My Lady’s Beck and Call

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[I’d like to dedicate this story to the real Lady Susan – you know who you are. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.]


As you instructed, My Lady, I am recounting, from my perspective, what occurred last Thursday evening. If it would give you pleasure to write it, I would be so grateful to read your perspective on that night.

I arrived at your door at 6:56 PM. Knowing that you value promptness and punish earliness (seen as uncontrolled impulse) as much as you do tardiness (an obvious demonstration of a lack of respect), I waited four minutes before ringing your doorbell.

You casually opened the door and I immediately presented you with the roses I bought for this occasion. They were beautiful flowers, but paled in your presence and I suddenly felt that perhaps I had insulted you by giving you something so seemingly ugly in comparison. You were quite gracious, though, and thanked me for the tribute.

“Come in, but remove your shoes at the door,” you said. “I’ll be in the kitchen putting these in water.”

I come into the kitchen and am awestruck by your silhouette from the evening light coming in from the kitchen window. Before we met, I had fantasies of serving a stereotypical Domme – one dressed in a leather corset, with stiletto-heeled boots and the whole nine yards. You are nothing like that, and, truth be told, I couldn’t be happier. You are dressed in a simple but attractive dress. Your make-up is done in a subdued and pleasing manner, and you wear simple two inch pumps – in black, not a garish red. You are, in every way, the very picture of class!

“Y-You look beautiful, Mistress,” I stammer, nervously.

You turn around and walk toward me. Stopping right in front of me you look me in the eye (you have to look upward as I’m about eight inches taller than you) and say, “Thank you – but I told you, it’s ‘Lady’, NOT Mistress. You, slave, are married, and with that in mind, ‘Mistress’ has a different connotation – like a kept woman. That would place you in control, and that’s not the case, is it?”

“No, Mis… I mean, Lady.”

“What am I to do with you? Is there a doubt in your mind who is in control here?”


“No, what?” You demand.

“No, Lady Susan,” I respond immediately.

“That’s much better. You will not forget again, will you?”

“No, Lady. I won’t.”

“Excellent. Are you nervous, slave?”

“A little, Lady,” I admit.

“Why? I thought this is what you want. What is there to be nervous about?” You say with a smile.

“I’m not sure, Lady. I guess just not knowing what will happen,” I reply with downcast eyes.

You pick up on the body language, and slap my face – not hard, just enough to get my attention.

“Don’t you ever lie to me, do you understand? Now, I’ll ask you again, what are you so nervous about?”

“I’m afraid I won’t perform to your satisfaction, Lady.”

“Well, let’s get that out of the way right now. You probably won’t – not the first time. This is a learned thing. Even someone who is naturally submissive, like yourself, needs to learn all the ins and outs. I DO want you to do your best, but I don’t want you to be nervous about it. Tonight I’m basically taking measure of you. We will both be getting a feel for each other.

“Tonight will not be ideal – that takes time. That’s why we spent so much time e-mailing prior to meeting. The more we know of each other, the better we will be together. But there’s still the physical stuff that we need to get to know. The texture, the smells, the tastes, the way we both respond – all those things are difficult to learn through e-mail. That’s what tonight is about.

“So, do your best, but don’t worry. You’ll get better as we go. Now, are you ready?”

“Yes, Lady Susan.”

“Good. Come with me.”

I think you’re leading me to your bedroom, but instead, you bring me into the bathroom. You reach down and turn on the water, drawing a bath.

“Get undressed,” you command.

After I comply, you make no comment on my nude form, but instead tell me to undress you, as you turn you back to me. I unzip your dress and begin to slide it down your body. I let the dress fall to the floor and reach for your bra, but you stop me.

“You will have more respect for my clothes, slave. I work hard to buy nice things. You will hang it up.”

“I’m sorry, Lady.”

“Go hang it up. My bedroom is the last room down the hall. Come back here, but do not re-enter this bathroom without permission. Your punishment for disrespecting my clothing is that you will have to wait longer before you see my naked body.”

“I understand, Lady. I’m sorry.”

I leave and hang up your dress as you commanded, and returned quickly. I knocked on the door, but you told me to get on my knees and wait for permission to enter. A few minutes later, you allow me to come in.

“But don’t get up. Just crawl in here. You should learn to enjoy being on your knees. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, Lady.”

I enter, and you have strategically created a bubble illegal bahis bath that allows me to see only your head, neck, and shoulders; your arms; and your knees because your legs were bent. Everything else was covered with bubbles.

I kneel at the side of the tub awaiting some kind of command. You just luxuriate in the warm water with your eyes closed allowing me to suffer. You know that I’m at a complete loss as to what I should do, if anything, without command or permission. So I simply kneel there and do nothing while you smile at my situation.

“On the counter, behind you is a blindfold,” you finally say. “Put it on.”

“Yes, My Lady – but do you mean to put it on me, or on you?”

“You’re the one being punished with not being able to see my body. What do YOU think?”

“Right. I’m sorry, My Lady. That was a stupid question.”

“Yes, it was. But it made me smile, so don’t worry about it.”

I retrieve the blindfold and put it on and then you take hold of my hard cock and pull gently, saying, “Come here, slave. Right alongside the tub and reach your hands into the water.”

As I begin to reach in, you guide my hands so as to not touch any part of you just yet. You place a bar of soap in my hands and guide my hands to your back. I understand what you want and begin to lather up your back. Then you guide my hands along your shoulders and down the length of one arm, then up the length of the other. Your skin feels so warm and soft – in direct contrast to the hardness of my cock, which has since begun leaking precum.

Next you have me wash your legs – the same as your arms – up the length of one (but being denied getting too close to your pussy, which I imagine as wet and hot, but don’t know for sure) – and then down the length of the other.

Once that’s done, you tug on my cock again and tell me to get in the tub and sit behind you, and you help me so that I don’t slip. After I’m settled in the tub, you lean back against me, and tell me to reach around and lather up your torso and breasts. When I feel your magnificent breasts – large and full and heavy – I instantly get harder. I didn’t think I could get any harder, but I do. Then you take the soap from my hands and allow me to use just my hands. Now unencumbered by holding the soap, and having full access to your soap-lathered breasts, I can feel the slickness and the smoothness. So far, I have not even seen your naked body, but I am loving the feel and, I think that feeling you while not being able to see you only enhances the experience and I groan audibly.

“I hope that’s just appreciation,” you say. “You better not have just cum.”

“No, My Lady, I didn’t cum. I just can’t believe how good you feel. Thank you for allowing me to touch you.”

“Don’t get the wrong idea. You haven’t earned any rewards yet, There are two reasons you are allowed to touch me. First because I want to be touched and I wanted to see how your touch felt, and secondly, to tease you – because this is all you’ll be getting for a while. You will not touch my pussy until you earn the privilege.

“Now, I’m going to get on my knees and you will wash my ass. I suggest you do a good job. First, I want you to wash my cheeks – and yes, you may caress them. In fact, I expect you to show proper devotion to my ass. After all, it’s the only part of me to which you are entitled, so far. So make sure you worship my ass well and you may be granted more access to other treasures. But for now, you concentrate on my ass. And you’d better not “accidentally” touch my pussy. If you do that, You will be told to immediately dress and leave my home. I will call on you again, but you will not be granted any access to my pussy for a very long time. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Lady. I understand,” i respond with a quivering voice.

“Very good. Now start washing and worshiping my ass. And make sure my hole is clean too.”

“Yes, lady, of course. Thank you for letting me feel and worship your ass.”

“You’re welcome. Do a good job.”

So, I begin to wash your marvelous ass, and I can’t believe how good it feels. I feel around the top and wash down around the roundness until I get to the bottom where your cheeks meet your upper legs. Your ass is so soapy and slick, and my precum is leaking like crazy. I rinse your ass and you tell me to kiss it.

“You ARE my little kiss-ass slave, right? So kiss it. And lick it while you’re at it.”

I do as I’m told and you seem happy with my performance. You seem to be moaning and sort of gyrating your ass around my face, as I lick and suck your ass cheeks.

“Mmmm, very good. Now … rim me! And if you ever want to taste my pussy, you’ll prove to me how good you are with that tongue of yours.”

And with that I push my face between your cheeks and start rimming your ass. You feel my tongue work it’s way into your hole and you moan, telling me how good it feels and to keep up the good work.

I’m still blindfolded, of course. You need to be on all fours to stay in position, so it is up to me to use my own hands illegal bahis siteleri to spread your cheeks. I do so, and it allows better access, which you seem to enjoy. In all honesty, I really enjoy rimming the ass of my beautiful queen. You are very clean and just the fact that you enjoy it makes me enjoy it. You tell me later that it was the best rimming you’d ever received, and I am elated!

After you’ve had enough rimming and the water in the tub has grown cold, you lead me to your bedroom – not leading me by the hand, but by my cock, gently pulling to make sure I follow.

When we get into your bedroom, you leave me standing there and tell me not to move. I hear rummaging in what I suppose is your closet, and then you come and remove my blindfold. I am greeted with the sight of you wearing a short-ish (about mid-thigh), green, silk, kimono style robe. Your breasts fill it out nicely, but they are covered. Your face is so beautiful when you smile at me. You know how much I adore lipstick on a woman and you use it to good effect now.

You approach me and caress my chest with your hands while you reach up and kiss my neck. I bend down to kiss you, but you playfully slap my face and, still smiling, tell me not to move.

“I want you to stand perfectly still while I examine my new body. Because it isn’t your body any longer, is it, slave?”

“No, Lady Susan.”

“Who owns this body now?”

“You do, My Lady.”

“Hmm, yes. You would do well to remember that. Now don’t move while I have some fun.”

“Yes, My Lady.”

And so, it begins. You kiss my neck which causes a shiver to run down my spine. You move your lips, ever-so-gently down my chest, finally settling on one of my nipples, which you take into your mouth and suck. I draw a deep breath at the sudden exhilaration that runs through me and you reach around and slap my ass.

“I said be still,” you say with amusement in your voice.

Then you place your hand on my ass again and say, “Hmmm, you DO have a nice ass.”

“I’m glad you li …,” I start to say, but you place one of your index fingers against my lips to shush me and I comply.

You continue sucking my nipple and groping my ass as you slowly move alongside me instead of being in front of me. You bite my nipple – gently, but hard enough to elicit a response – then you suddenly ignore it. You reach one hand under my ass and start to caress my balls – the balls that have a four day load building because you have forbidden me to cum in any fashion since the day we made the plans to get together. With your other hand you grasp my hard cock and begin to slowly stroke.

After a minute, you pull your hand away wet, and say, “Oh my, you have quite the supply of precum, don’t you?”

Without allowing me to answer, you bring your hand up to my face and tell me to clean it off. I lick your palm several times and you stick your fingers in my mouth where I suck them clean. Then you return your hand to my drenched cock and we repeat this two more times.

“Hmmm, what a little cum slut you are. But that’s just precum, not the real thing, so I guess we still don’t know for sure.”

Then you slowly lower yourself to your knees and bring your face to my crotch. Just before you get there, though, you move my cock out of the way with your hand and start to suck on my balls. Oh, my poor, aching balls. They’ve been oozing precum for so long – on top of not being allowed to cum for four days – that they are genuinely starting to ache. When you take them into you warm mouth, it feels SO good at first. Then you start to suck hard and they begin to ache again. It’s one of those hurts-so-good kind of pains.

You sense my grimace and ease off a bit, now just laving my balls with your exquisite tongue and it feels so good again. As you continue this, you start to slowly stroke my cock again.

You pull your mouth away, but continue stroking my cock, and say to me, “Look at me, slave.”

I look down into your incredible eyes and you smile. I almost cum just from that, but I’m able to hold back. Then you pull your robe aside to reveal those incredible breasts of yours, which cause me to moan, just at the sight of them.

“You like those?” You ask with a wicked smile on your face.

“Oh yes, My Lady. Very much.”

“Would you like to feel them around your cock? How does a nice tit-fuck sound to you?” And then you giggle.

“Oh yes, please My Lady.”

“Sit down on the bed,” you command me.

I sit and you envelope my cock into the soft cushions of your breasts and it feels divine. You begin pressing them together, putting an extremely pleasant pressure on my raging cock, and start to slide your tits up and down along my upright staff.

“Mmmmm, oooh, aaah. Please My lady, I’m not going to last. please stop,” I beg.

“Now, now. Be a good slave and last as long as you can,” you tease, not letting up at all.

“Please! I’m begging! I’m not going to last”

“Hehehe. I DO like to hear you beg. But, no, I’m not going to stop. You’re canlı bahis siteleri not going to fuck my pussy yet, so you may as well cum while you have the chance. You have my permission to cum whenever you feel you can’t hold out any longer.”

And, with that, “OOOHHHH!!!” I explode all over your amazing tits.

“Oh my,” you start to say as I’m still spurting. “You DID have quite a load, didn’t you? Well, that’s one way to be allowed to suck my tits again. You’d better clean it up. NOW we’ll see what kind of cum-slut you are.”

You stand up and pull my head into your bosom and tell me to do a good job, as you have company coming and you don’t want to be a sticky mess.

This new revelation has my head spinning. I wonder what you have in store as I clean you thoroughly with my mouth and tongue. When I’m done to your satisfaction, I ask your permission to ask a question and you grant it.

“You said you have company coming over. Who is coming? Does that mean you’re done with me and want me to leave?”

“That’s two questions, but that’s okay. No, you will stay. It’s part of your training. I will be having another slave come by to service me. You’ve gotten me VERY horny. My pussy is so hot and dripping wet, but you have not yet earned the privilege of fucking me. I simply can’t lower my standards. If I let you have sex with me, you might perceive that as a reward. I can’t have that. You’re doing quite well, but I’m sure you’ll agree, that’s a reward that should be reserved for consistent, ongoing, excellent performance – not for a slave who performed well just once. On the other hand, why should I be deprived? I’m the queen, so I should always get what I want and need. So, since Sean has performed extremely well for a very long time, I will have him give me what I need. But you will be required to watch and assist. You should see what’s in store for favored slaves, after all. It’ll give you motivation to continue to perform well.”

“I understand, Lady Susan.”

“Good. I have a little more in store for you before Sean gets here. Lay on your back on the floor at the foot of the bed.”

I do, and you lift my legs and bend them over toward the bed. Then you fasten leather cuffs to my ankles and attach the other end of the cord to the legs of the bed – one of my ankles to one bed leg, and the other ankle to the other bed leg – leaving me on my back with my ass in the air and easily accessible due to the fact that I’m spread pretty wide open. Then you slap my ass.

“How’s that, slave? Pretty secure?” You chuckle.

“Yes, My Lady. Quite secure.”


Then you go and get some kind of gel-like lubricant – maybe vaseline or maybe something made specifically as a sex aid, I’m not sure – and start working it, gently but firmly, into my ass.

“Have you been practicing with the dildo I sent you, like I told you to?”

“Yes, Lady Susan, I have.”

“Good thing. That’s one command you would have regretted not obeying, ’cause we’re going to see how well you did in getting acclimated to having a cock up your slutty little ass.”

Then you slide, not one, but two, fingers into my ass and I grunt. You slowly probe and rotate your fingers around inside my hole and my grunt gradually turns into a moan. I think you’ve done this before.

“Hmmm, and he likes it,” you announce, as if to an audience.

You briefly remove your fingers from my ass, which elicits a “Ooh” from me because I actually miss the feeling. But I won’t be empty for long. You quickly smear your other hand with the lubricant and caress my balls and cock with it, making the entire area extremely slick – then you stick three fingers back into my ass.

“OOHHH!!! MMMM!!” I moan loudly.

“Wow. three fingers – and pretty quick in the process, too. I’m impressed, slave. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

After massaging the inside of my asshole for a few minutes, you reach over and position a small butt plug at my opening and slowly push it in.

“Don’t go away,” you chuckle. “I’ll be right back.”

Your gone for just a few minutes and, when you return, you tell me to look at you. I do, and I see that you’ve put on a harness with a strap-on dildo attached to it – kind of making it look like you now have a cock.

I STILL haven’t seen your glorious pussy, and now I see a cock between your legs that looks for all the world like it has my name on it. Luckily for me it doesn’t look as big as some I’ve seen in some porn movies I’ve watched.

“You like it? I decided to take it easy on you the first time. I have a bigger one for next time, but I figured the irony was too much to pass up.”

I look at you, but you can tell that I don’t get your meaning.

“Don’t you see?” You ask, as if I’m dumb. “It’s kinda small. It’s almost the exact same size as you. Even a beginner should be able to handle it.”

You see my face flush in embarrassment. I’m not angry, because I know you’re right – I’m just humiliated.

“Come on, now. You expect a woman to be able to handle it, right? I read your newest story, slave – the one where you dominate a woman and make her take your hard cock up her ass. You seem to think that it shouldn’t be that much of a challenge, so I guess we’ll see. Tonight, I’m going to make you my bitch.”

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