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This is loosely based on some friends of mine. All characters are over 18 years of age. I hope you enjoy it!


“Hi honey, we’re home.”

“Hi, Mom.”

“I’ll have dinner ready in about an hour, your father will be home in a while.”

“OK, I finished my homework a while ago.” She was always concerned because this is my senior year and she wanted to make sure I got good enough grades to graduate. I’ve always had some problems studying and my grades had kinda slipped this year, especially since my 18th birthday. Breyer always had it easy in school and made good enough grades to get almost a full scholarship in college last year. I pressed Resume to continue watching whatever it was that was on TV.

A few moments later, “JENNIFER GARDNER BRISTO! Why is this door lying here in the hallway???”

“Mom I couldn’t move it any further without any help”, pressing Pause again and going over to talk to her.

“Oh, my gosh! Run, get your clothes on girl! Your brother will be in any moment now! What are you doing naked?”

“It’s OK, Mom. He’s seen me before.”

“No, it’s not OK. Hurry, go cover up.”

“Oh, Mom, I don’t mind. Really.”

About that time Breyer came in from whatever he was doing out in the garage and stopped, almost tripping on himself, when he saw me standing there completely naked talking to Mom. He saw her glaring at me and decided not to hang around. “Nice rack”, and swatted my bare butt real quick as he headed down our hall to his bedroom.

“I want you to go to your room right now and get dressed and then come back here and tell me about this door.”

“Mom, it’s OK, I …”

“No, I’m telling you it’s not! Your brother shouldn’t see your naked body like this. Neither should your Father.”

“That’s just it, Mom. …”

“What’s it?”

“Do you remember a few weeks ago when I told you how Breyer came in my room?”


“And do you remember how I told he started coming in there more and more?” She nodded. “And how it didn’t matter if I was studying or changing or naked or whatever?”

“Well, yes.”

“Well, y’all never did anything about it.”

“I spoke with your Father and …”

“And it didn’t do any good. I mean Breyer, he’s walked in on me at times when he shouldn’t have.” She frowned.

“I know you say I shouldn’t do that stuff but I mean sometimes I need to.”

“Well, Jennifer, you should lock your door.”

“MOM, You’re not paying attention. Do you think I’m going to rub my cunt with the door unlocked???”

“Please Don’t use language like that in front of me. Or anyone!”

“MOM, you don’t get it. It doesn’t matter what I do. You won’t like this but he’s even come in on me and Jessi and watched us before.”

“What do you mean he’s ‘watched’ you?”

“Making out Sex”

“Oh, my God!”

“Breyer thinks because he and Jessi used to do it that he can come in when she’s here. I know you don’t want to hear it but there’s nothing I can do.”

“Well, just wait a bit longer and I’ll have a talk with your Father and we’ll see if we can talk to your brother about it.”

“You don’t need to bother now, it’s OK, it doesn’t matter. I don’t care anymore. He’s seen me and I mean all of me. He’s walked in on me in the shower, on the toilet, in my bedroom anytime he wants. It doesn’t matter if I close the door, put a sign on it, or even lock it. He even walked in on me a while ago when I was masturbating and I had my door closed and locked.”

“Oh, my gosh! What did you do?”

“Nothing, Mom. I mean I just kept going. I was so close and couldn’t stop. You know. He thought me and Jessi were in there together. I think he kinda feels it’s OK because me and her are the same age and he’s been with her so much.” Our birthday is the same date, hers is just a month earlier.

“I’m sorry, Jennifer.”

“Don’t worry, Mom.” I hugged her and could tell she felt awkward about having my naked body pressed up to her clothes. “I figure he’s already seen all of me so why bother to hide it anymore. I’m …”

“Well you shouldn’t go naked around your parents, or your brother, even if he has seen you.”

“Well, the way I see it is it’s OK for you to see me because you’re my Mom. You’re a girl and it’s OK if girls see girls.”

“I don’t know that I agree with you on that.”

“You know I see other girls in the shower at school???”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“And I figure Dad has seen you naked before. I’m sure he’s seen other girls before, too, so it’s nothing new if he sees me.”

“But it’s not right.”

“Oh, Mom. You’re old fashioned.”

“So you’re just not going to have a door anymore?”

“Well, not really. Me and Jessi went to that old hippy store out by the mall and bought a set of beads. They’re hanging in my doorway now.” I took her hand and led her down our hallway so she could see my bedroom doorway.

“I don’t like this idea, Jennifer. I’ll have to talk to your Father. In the meantime, um, try not to let your brother see anything he shouldn’t.” She paused bursa escort to give me her stern youbetterobeyme look.

“What shouldn’t he see? He’s already seen my boobs and my cunt? Besides, we’ve reached an agreement: Breyer gets to see me naked while he helps me with my homework.”


“I love you, too, Mom” she was still uneasy as I hugged her.

“And,” looking in Breyer’s room across the hallway, “You leave your sister alone.”

No reply.

When the weekend got here Jessi and I came home after our double date. It was the first time she’s really spent any time with us after my doorectomy and she just loved the beads. After all, we picked them out together. We were in the kitchen getting some hot chocolate and marshmallows when Mom came out of their bedroom.

“I’m glad to see you two home safe and … Oh! My God!” She almost tripped over herself as she stopped in the doorway. “You two go get some clothes on before your brother gets home, too”

“Hi, Mrs. J.”

“Mom, we had the best time tonight!” Jessi reached over and squeezed my arm and we giggled together.

“Well, I’m glad to see you aren’t late. I hope you were good.”

“Oh, yeah!” Grinning, “I think we were real good!”

“Still, you need to hurry and get into your pj’s.”

“Why, Mom? He’s already seen us.”

“Yeah, Mrs. J. Besides, me and him used to do it when we dated a couple years ago so it’s nothing new here.”

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this.” She stepped out to make sure the light was still on for Breyer.

“You gonna get dressed?”

“Not me, you wanna?”

“You kidding! I love going naked now! I just wish I’d done it before.”

Jessi came over and sat on my lap and we were making out when mom came back in.

“God! You two stop that. What if Breyer saw it? Or your dad?”

“I already told you, Mom. He’s walked in on us fooling around before. He’s seen everything.”

“I can’t believe I raised a lesbian.”

We giggled again. “Oh, we’re not lesbians, Mrs. J.”

“You can call Jimmy or anyone that was there tonight, I think they’ll confirm that after tonight!”

“You didn’t …” It was her Idon’twanttohearthis look in her eye. “We’ll have to have a discussion about that. But not tonight. Goodnight, girls. And,” pausing to look at us, “Please don’t touch each other’s like that where other people can see you.”

“Goodnight, Mrs. J.”

“Goodnight, Mom.” She headed down her hallway to go to the bathroom.

The next morning I was the first out for breakfast and was getting my juice from the fridge when mom looked at me with her head cocked off to the side. “Jennifer, what’s that all over you?”

“Um,” looking down at my chest, “It’s jizz, Mom.”

“What’s that?”

“Mom, it’s cum. Breyer came in and jizzed on us during the night.”

“What?” She still didn’t get it.

“OK, he came in my room last night and saw us sleeping there so he starts masturbating and he ejaculated all over our boobs and necks.” I thought she might faint. “See right here”, pointing at my nose, “He even did it on my face. Some of it even ran down here and almost got in my eye.”

“Jennifer, I told you to put your door back up.”

“And I told you that it doesn’t matter.”

About that time Jessi walked in looking for something to eat. I could see Mom was looking at Jessi’s chest and seeing where the cum had dried.

“What do you mean it doesn’t matter?”

“Mom, Breyer came in our room last month and I still had the door then. He just used this pin kind of thing and unlocked it. We were sound asleep and he pulled the sheet off and started playing with Jessi.”

“Yeah, but it felt nice so I didn’t mind.” Jessi helped herself to some orange juice.

“Then I woke up when they were doing it.”

“Oh, My god! Right there with you there, too?!?”

“Yes, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. Sometimes he comes in there and eats her pussy until she cums.”

“So you knew what he did in there last night?”

“No, Mom, not until we woke up this morning and found our boobs stuck together.”

“I shouldn’t be hearing this.”

“It’s OK, Mom. Don’t worry. We’re not mad at him. It was kinda sexy knowing they had sex right next to me.”

“This is wrong. I don’t know. It’s not right.” She starts mixing pancake batter. “Jenni, you go out some clothes on and wake up your brother. Then hurry and take a shower for breakfast.”

“Oh, she doesn’t need to wake Breyer.” She winked at me. “I just got him up a while ago.” I heard emphasis on the word “up”. “And we’re going to go shower right now.” She grabbed my hand. “Come on, Jen, let’s hurry.”

I couldn’t believe it! It was so much fun to spend the whole weekend without getting dressed. Neither Jessi nor I covered up at all. Mom and Dad didn’t like it but what could they do? We did all the little cleaning chores Mom asked of us and we still had time to fool around in the den and in my bedroom. Before we were ready it was Sunday evening and she had to go home. Mom even fixed us a treat for desert. bursa escort bayan We were eating ours and Breyer’s ice cream was sitting on the table in the kitchen when he came out. He brought it in the den and plopped down on the sofa. He would’ve landed on my feet if I didn’t jerk them out of the way.

“Don’t worry, sis, I wouldn’t have hurt them.” Breyer’s eyes were locked on my patch and I know he enjoyed seeing my lips as I pulled my knees back. I felt my nips getting hard.

“He kept putting his freezing cold spoon on my boobs to see me jump.

“Jennifer, go put some clothes on. Your Father will be in here soon.” Dad had run out on some errands.

I made no effort to get up and handed the remote to my brother because I hadn’t found anything worth watching. He cradled under my ankles and lifted my feet onto his lap. Through his boxers I could feel the heat pulsing through his hard dick against the side of my foot. It felt nice. I especially liked the way his hand just glided up and down my thighs.

“Thanks, Brey, I like that.”

He paused to watch a scene in “Cops: Party Heat” where they came up to the party cove and on these two pontoon boats some naked girls were giving lap dances. Of course all the good parts were blurred but it was still obvious.

One surprisingly warm afternoon me and Breyer were outside sitting on a chaise in the sun. He was sitting there kinda laying back and I was sitting between his legs with mine draped over his thighs. We were just talking about school and mine and Jessi’s date the last weekend and general stuff when Mom opened the back door and called me inside.

Oh, we were kinda kissing real hard, too.

“For gosh sakes, girl, I wish you’d put something on and quit going around naked all the time.”

“Are we going to have that talk again? You know I don’t mind being naked — I like it.”

“Jennifer, what were you and your brother doing just now?”

“Nothing Mom, just talking is all.”

“That’s not what it looked like.”

I really didn’t know why she was wondering. “What do you think you saw, Mom?” I was peeking in the oven and looking in her shopping bags trying to get an idea what was for dinner.

“Were you and your brother making out?”

“Oh, Mom,” laughing a little, “No. We were just kissing some.”

“What? How is that not the same as making out?”

“Well, I mean he’s a great kisser and all but we weren’t doing it for us. Ya know? I was showing him how me and Jessi were making out the other night.”

“So you were making out!”

“Well, I guess technically we were but really, I was just demonstrating it on him.”

“Have you no shame???”

“Mom, we weren’t doing anything wrong.”

“How do you figure that?”

“You know how you and Dad are always saying to ‘Kiss your brother’ and ‘Give your sister a kiss’ and stuff like that? Well, it’s kinda what we were doing.”

“You know better than to do that.”

“Mom, the only difference is we were kissing on the mouth and using our tongues. Everyone kisses like that these days.”

“Do you have any idea how wrong it is to do that?”

“It’s just kissing. I saw you kiss uncle Arvin when he came to visit.”

“Not like that you didn’t!”

“Well, you kissed each other on the lips.”

“Um, yes, but it’s different. It was just a quick kiss is all.”

“So how long is it OK for me and Breyer to kiss before you don’t like it?”

“You’re trying to twist this around.”

“No, Mom. Besides, we’ve kinda kissed before so it’s not like this is something new. Anyway, I like the way Breyer kisses.”

“Well, I want you and him to stop it.”

It had gotten to be our routine in the evenings, when we were all in the den together watching TV, for me to either have my head in my brother’s lap or my feet across his legs. And he was always touching me. Mom or dad would make a comment about how it was inappropriate or something but they never did anything about it. Breyer loved caressing my boobs and running his fingers in circles around my nips. I think the only reason they didn’t totally freak was because of my schoolwork. Most of the time I’d have my history book or something there and try to get ahead in my studies. My IB graduation exam was coming up in a few months. Mom and Dad really didn’t like us touching but they knew I was genuinely studying so they didn’t want to do anything that might make me start ignoring my schoolwork.

One evening around the holidays I was helping Mom get dinner ready.

“Jenni, I never understood how someone could prepare a meal naked.”

“It’s easy, Mom, just so long as you don’t fix anything that splatters.” We both laughed.

“Jennifer, I’ve been meaning to have a talk with you.”

“Oh, no, here it comes.” I thought.

“I know we’ve mentioned before about you going on birth control and I think it’s almost about time. I don’t want you to think I’m letting you so you can go out and, well, you know, start having sex.”


“Well, I know about hormones and stuff and I know how girls escort bursa your age start wanting to experiment.”

“Experiment”??? Mom, I’ve been fucking for a few years now.”

“Please don’t use that word around me. And since when …?”

“Don’t worry, Mom. I’m not a slut or anything. Besides, I like girls more than guys right now and they can’t get me preg!”

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this.”

“Mom, it’s OK.” I figured she needed a big hug right about then. “I’m careful. Don’t worry.”

“Well, don’t let your Father hear about this.” She gave a frustrated sigh. “Anyway, what I want you to know is that we can see your grades have improved this year, particularly in the last grade period. So, if your grade report at the holidays improves and the first one next year, too, I’ll take you to Dr. Andrews and she’ll examine you and see what she prescribes.”

“Kewl, Mom!” I hugged her again. “Thanks!”

“Just remember, it’s not so you can start, er, have sex a lot. And, you know you can still get diseases if you don’t, um, uh, use, er, condoms.”

“Yes, Mom. Thank you, really. I know you love me and I already know this stuff.”

It was about that time when Breyer came in from his job. Mom could see what he was doing but it happened kinda quick, and she was too astonished to say anything. He came up behind me and dipped me over his bent leg and planted a big kiss square on my mouth. If that wasn’t enough he pinched my nips making them nice and hard as he whistled down the hall to his room. I was quite in an electrified daze.

The routine had become so familiar I almost took it for granted. His hands on my body felt so natural but it still gave me goose bumps when he’d squeeze my breast or press his palm on my mound. The way he was always touching me I was surprised one evening when I smelled nail polish. Mom was the kind of person that would have her nails done and then wear it until two weeks after it all chipped off. And she never did her nails in the den. Only, when I looked, she was sitting in here chair and Dad was in his. Both were kind of watching the news on TV. I lifted my book up to see under it and Breyer was using nail polish remover on my toenails. I was so used to his touch I didn’t even realize what he was doing. He was just finishing my first foot and pushed it back and pulled my other foot onto his lap. Of course every time he did that he could see pink between my legs.

The remover got Mom’s attention, too. “Jennifer, at least try to keep your legs together if you aren’t going to cover up. You don’t need to show it to everyone. And don’t touch your vagina in front of other people.”

I don’t know, it was then I just decided not to worry about it. It seemed I was always just idly touching myself all the time these days. When my left leg was drawn back I let it lay off to the side — my whole cunt was open for Breyer, or anyone, to see. I couldn’t believe it, on her way to the kitchen she complimented the nice job my brother did on my toenails.

That began a regular thing for us. Breyer loved doing my nails for me. I think he enjoyed anything that let him see me and touch me. His evening caresses had turned into more like a petting session. His hands finally wandered down my stomach, or up my legs, until they were doing more than just pressing against my mound. He rubbed my clit and fingered my cunt over and over. It wasn’t real heavy at first but I couldn’t keep from gasping and moaning.” Dad would tell me that nice girls don’t do that and Mom told us to quit and how it was a sin for us to be with each other. With my brother’s two fingers in my pussy and his thumb on my clit I couldn’t exactly do anything about it. One night I couldn’t take it anymore and jumped up dragging Breyer down the hall. We went in my bedroom and I flopped on my bed and said, “Now rub my pussy and make me cum!” He did and I did!

That weekend I went over to Jessi’s and she stayed over the next one. The three of us were sitting on the sofa after dinner and me and her were on either side of my brother. We were kinda teasing him by rubbing our hands all over his chest and arms, nibbling on his ears and laying kisses on his face and mouth and, of course, he was feeling as much of us as he could, too. I was leaning across him feeling Jessi’s boob and she was rubbing his erection through his boxers. Breyer was in a state where he couldn’t really do anything himself but lay back in heaven. When the news came on I suggested we all go back to my bedroom and continue. I guess it wasn’t the kind of family Mom expected when she got married and it was a bigger surprise when she came in to say goodnight to Jessica and me. Me and her were laying kinda diagonal across my bed and we were in a 69 with me on top. Jessi’s pussy was up near the head of my bed and I was chowing on her for all I was worth. Jessi was sucking on my clit and mom walked in in time to see Breyer quit rubbing his dick on Jessi’s face and then lean down to tongue my wet slit with his nose pressing my asshole. All we heard was an “Oh! My God!” and the beads clacking as she left in a hurry. There was an extremely heavy smell of sex in the air. I made Jessi cum and Breyer jizzed on her face as she collapsed down and on her neck and boobs. My brother slept with us that weekend and they fucked at least 5 times.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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