Best Friends Mother

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Moira was having a hell of a hard time trying to fight her way out of the trouble she was in. She had more or less brought in on herself by her own actions. She had seen the look in his eyes about a year ago, right around the time of his eighteenth birthday. She had actually looked twice to make sure she hadn’t misunderstood that gleam.

It was a gleam she had seen in many men’s eyes; it was a glint really, a look of lust, sexual desire, and open admiration. She knew it for what it was, she had had them all her life, even as a girl boys would look at her that way, and as she grew older it became men. Moira hadn’t openly flirted with him, he was her son’s best friend, and he had been for many a year.

But now they were both virile young men, she knew they had both been successful in the girl stakes, always trying to outdo each other, well now if she wasn’t careful, her son Josh would be out done for all time. Her husband was a business man, he often had time away, it was a part of their lives, and he earned great money, so she and her son Josh had almost anything they wanted including the very large five bed roomed secluded house they now lived in.

Josh had, for the time being what could be termed as a regular girlfriend although she knew it wasn’t that serious. But this had led her to where she was now, trying to fight of Jason his best friend, and she was on her way to losing it. It was she knew, her own fault, she had been giving him the eye for several weeks, flighty looks, a sway of the hips, a flick of her hair, deep breaths when she was side on to push up her already ample firm tits.

Moira was still a luscious woman, even at the ripe old age of forty one; her shoulder length hair still had its youthful sheen, still thick and lustrous. She had bushy eyebrows that sat over, as if guarding deep hazel eyes, set wide above a round button nose.

But her lips were the so inviting part of her lovely face, full, sensual, sexually naturally pouting, and so captivating. And Moira had perfected the use of them over the years where she knew that if a contest were to be held for giving a blow job, her lips and her tongue would win it hands down.

Looking like Moira did she have attracted men all her life, and when conditions had been right, she had had sex on one or two of them. Well, if the truth was known, more like seven or eight. Past boyfriends if she had bumped into them, a couple of her husband’s colleagues, a couple of one chance meetings, at a party or out with the girls. But the most dangerous, especially if she had got caught, because it would have brought ‘their’ house down, had been with her husband’s boss.

But the upside of that was Ken, her husband, had got a sudden promotion, and a call to Moira from Larry his boss, saying when he wants another promotion, to let him know. He had never bothered her since, but she was waiting for Ken to tell her he was in line for the next step up!

Ken was away, and Josh her son, had gone on a long weekend trip with his girlfriend and her family. It was Friday night, her evening with her own girlfriends had fallen through, and she had been at a loss as to what to do for some entertainment. She was feeling horny, and knew that before the night was out her vibrator would be put to work.

She had put the radio on, and turned it off again, she tried the TV, nothing, she played her own music, nada! Picked up a magazine and tossed that to one side, she was feeling more and more fed up and lonely. And that in itself produced the naughty horny feeling she was having to endure before it was late enough to go to bed and get on with it! She shouted at herself.

She looked at the clock, 9am. She was still dressed in the clothes she had been going to go out in. Her hair up in a pony tail, a gold necklace, her perfect face perfectly made up. A wrap around poncho type top, tied in a shapely knot at her flat bellied waist. Her skirt was a pleated and flared one, to just above her excellently shapely knees, high backless heels. And below all that, the customary stockings, suspenders, a tiny thong and no bra, and because of this, her nipples were really on prominent show.

Bringing her out of her reverie, there was a sudden knocking on her back door. “Who the heck can that be at this time of night?” she wondered, before clippity clopping her way down the floor tiled hall, and into her expansive floor tiled kitchen. There through the glass panelled door was Jason, he smiled brightly when he saw her.

She opened the door to him and invited him in. “Hi Jason, nice to see you, I’m all on my own and bored, welcome.” This gave Jason the wrong/right signal. ‘All alone, bored, hmmm, maybe I can make that different for her,’ he thought, before saying.

Hi Mrs Grant, I’m sorry to hear that, I’m only here because I thought you were all away, at least this evening, I saw a light or two on so I thought I would check the house out, make sure it was okay.” She eyed him speculatively, about 6ft tall, building out very nicely, kocaeli escort strong firm jaw, a stubborn character when pushed. And she had known him and his parents for the last twelve years.

“That’s very gallant of you Jason, so nice and caring, I appreciate that,” she said, laying her eyes on him the way she knew he liked. Moira didn’t know nor realise she was setting herself up for a takedown. She made coffee, and she chatted gaily with him, she told him about her night out, that wasn’t. She was so happy to have some company to talk to. She never thought for a moment, that her now obvious eye flashing and surreptitious flirting was making him think she was ‘game for a laugh!’

‘Jason is a really handsome boy,’ she thought, ‘almost, or maybe just as handsome as my Josh, but there again, I’m biased,’ she sniggered silently to herself. She sat him at the table, and poured the coffee then sat next to him. He was enthralled; he was actually sitting here all alone with her. A dream of which had only ever been in his youthful head.

But his prick was at full attention already as his friend’s mother babbled away happily, and it was urging for some action. “I like your hair like that Mrs Grant, it suits you, and highlights how good you look,” he told her sagely.

Moira placed her hand on his arm and gave it a gentle squeeze, “Why thank you Jason that is a really sweet thing to say, I’m so flattered.” Her smile lit the room; it was so bright and dazzling.

He smiled his best smile for her, and said, “Well it’s true Mrs G, in fact you look fantastic tonight, it’s a pity you haven’t been able to do the town!”

She squeezed his arm again, “well it doesn’t matter now,” she said brightly, “I have you for company now, you are my hero!” She leaned closer, he smelled her sweet breath and wanted to kiss her, and he almost did, but she leaned away again. She had seen his small movement.

They finished the coffee, “Tell you what Jason, would you like a beer or a glass of wine instead hmmm?” she asked him. He opted for the wine, knowing it was her only tipple. She got a bottle of white out of the cooler, and said, “Come on lets go through here.” She led him into her large sitting room, there were three sofa’s, and one chair, two three seater, and a two seater.

She sat in the three seater, he made for one of the others, “no Jason, sit here with me,” she said, patting the sofa she was now on. This was her mistake, though she hadn’t realised she had made it. He was now sure that Moira had been giving off to him signals to him, signals that she was glad he was here. She was being nice to him, and maybe more was on offer. She as alone, no one to worry about, no one could walk in.

He sat next to her, they drank the wine and chatted, she asked him all sorts of personal questions, some about his personal life, about girls, how he ‘got on’ with them. He was guarded in his answers, he didn’t want her to know or think that he would fuck a floor brush in a woman’s hairdressers. Another glass of wine, he poured this time, making sure she got the lions share.

When the bottle was empty, and Jason had made sure she had had about two thirds of it, her hand had rested on his knee. Then she had rubbed his wrist, she was flirting the life out of him, But Jason was close to jumping her very soon. When she looked him in the eye she faced him face on, not a sideways look, full frontal, now Jason was positive.

And his prick told him, GO! He put his arm around her shoulder, leaned across her, turned his head and kissed her full on the mouth. Moira was so taken aback she never moved, she never responded, eyes pinned wide open, she just sat there and let him kiss her.

She just about got hold of her senses, and pulled away, he followed her and got her again, but as she had pulled away she had fallen backwards, and now Jason was half over her, his kiss locked on, and Moira was mumbling behind it. She ended up half laid back, and half laid down, she had no purchase to get back up, and Jason was kissing her properly now. She liked it, and that in itself became a hindrance in her half hearted attempt at her refusal of it.

‘But,’ she suddenly reasoned, ‘this is Jason, Josh’s best friend!’ She put her hand on his shoulder and pushed, nothing! She twisted to try and get some leverage to escape, their lips parted, he half grimaced and half smiled, he went back again, and he locked on once more.

It was the best kiss he had ever had, he had imagined this moment, not the struggle, but the kiss, and it was more than he had hoped for. Not realising, he sought her left breast, his hand cupped it, the nipple resting in his palm, he moved his hand and stroked it. Moira felt the surge in her, her nipple was hard, she knew it, she could tell by its reaction to his palm.

‘I have to stop him, this is getting out of control,’ she told herself. She broke the kiss, and said, “Jason, stop this, what do you think you are up to, let me go this instant. But the instant darıca escort she was talking about wasn’t the instant that took place. No sooner had the letter t from the end of the word leave her lips, did Jason squeeze her nipple.

“Argggh, Hmmmm….” Jas….” She increased her fight against him, still not thinking he would go any, or much further than he had, She just thought he would come to his senses, stop, and apologise. Moira twisted away and this was her very undoing, she ended up with her back to Jason, and facing the rear of her sofa. Unwittingly she lay on her own left arm, with his now hooked through it.

Jason, quickly understanding what had happened, pushed his arm right in, his elbow crooked inside of hers, and then he took a hold of Moira’s upper right arm. In one accidental movement he had Moira held completely. Jason was on auto pilot right now, he knew in his head that he shouldn’t be doing this, but he was been led by his prick, and the urgent desire he had for his best friends sexy and beautiful mother.

He was holding her as he had dreamed of, he could smell her, her hair was in his face, her warm soft body tight up against his, it was all he had ever wanted. Except for the fact that he was forcing her, he knew it was against her wishes, she was fighting him, she was protesting to him. Moira couldn’t even back heel him, a head butt backwards wasn’t on the menu either.

“Jason PLEASE!” she called to him, he twisted her nipple, once more she ‘Arggghed, and Oooohed,’ he knew she was liking it, despite struggling in his arms. He pressed forward and started to kiss her neck, she moved under him, she couldn’t stop this no matter what she did.

Then without warning, he stopped, jumped up, apologised rabidly, stared wildly around him as though he had just regained consciousness, he turned this way, and that way. He fumbled about himself, cried out that he was so so sorry, he hated himself, begged her forgiveness, and shot out of the room, and ran away. By the time Moira had regained her feet he was gone!

She staggered into the kitchen, her neck was burning from his lips, her nipple was on fire from the attention he had paid to it, her ass throbbed at the memory of his hard young cock sticking into it. Her whole body was ablaze, she was as horny now as she had ever been in her life. And, she also knew, she had been only seconds away from surrendering to him, giving in to him, letting him have what so obviously wanted, her!

She looked at the clock, it was 10.15pm, she sat at her table and thought about what she had done. What he had done, or what he had attempted to do. She had to admit to herself that what had happened had been down to her, she had flirted intolerably with him, and he being the rampant virile young man that he was, had been unable to resist his libido.

“Now Moira,” she said to herself, “you have a problem, if he doesn’t come around as often as usual, or even stops altogether, then questions are going to be asked from all quarters.” She sat and pondered. Her decision was the only one she could come up with, “I have to talk to him, explain that what I did was wrong, that I caused this, and it is all my fault. I mustn’t blame him, he is innocent. Me as the grown up, should have known better.”

She went to her phone and hesitantly rang his cell; she knew that on his screen it would say, Grants, She heard the click, but no voice. “Jason?” was all she said. She got no reply. “Please Jason, we have to talk, please come back here, let me explain, I’m so sorry, please Jason?”

“Why so you can humiliate me again?” he said grumpily.

“Jason, that’s not true, please come back over, I need to talk to you sweetie, please,” she begged.

“Okay,” he sighed, “I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

“Oh thank you honey, you won’t regret it I swear.” She told him, she heard his phone click dead. Moira sat there and tried to converse with him in her head. Soon she had it all planned what she was going to say, how to reason with him. And when she finished, all was well, he was happy, she was, and he would go home knowing that nothing had changed.

Ten minutes later there was a knock on her door once more, she went to it and let him in.”Please Jason come on in, are you alright?”

“I’m fine thanks, listen,” he said, “I shouldn’t have done what I did,” he this to her back, as she led him to where their small battle had taken place.

She sat on the sofa, then stood up, “please sit down Jason,” he did so, and Moira sat next to him. She looked into his yes, then dropped hers to her lap, but her eyes caught his pants before they passed, he had a hard on. It was there as plain as day. She stared briefly at the bulge before averting her eyes.

This simple revelation made Moira stumble over her words, all her set plans evaporated from her mind in the fleeting glimpse of hard cock under cover of darkness. “I, er Jason, I would like to apologise for teasing you like I did, I just enjoyed gölcük escort it, I like flirting, you know that, but it doesn’t mean I want to go to bed with you though, can you understand that?”

“Of course I can Mrs G, but I just so wanted to kiss you, and I’m sorry for doing it, I know you are Josh’s mom, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to do that.” he told her. “And,” he continued, “I might be wrong, but I swore you liked it when I did too.” He wasn’t wrong there, Moira thought lamely.

Her eyes had drifted from her lap back to the bulge in his pants, she was still horny, and her eyes, which were pointed sideways at it, were taking stock of the hidden secret, the mystery behind the material that contained it.

“But Jason, you are Josh’s best friend, I have known you forever, we can’t be like this, it wouldn’t be right, would it?” Her hesitant ‘would it?’ was a question for him, not a statement.

“I don’t suppose it would be right Mrs G,” he answered, “but no one would ever know we had kissed and hugged, so where would the harm be?” This plausible argument made an impact on her, she twisted her fingers together, this wasn’t what she had discussed with him in her lovely head.

Her head still lowered, her eyes caught on the bulge that moved on its own, as if challenging her. “Just a kiss?” she said.

“And a hug,” he told her.

“That’s all Jason?” she asked, he nodded his head, waited a brief moment, then slid over to her, they were now side by side, hip to hip, knee to knee, his shoulder slightly behind hers. He raised his arm and slid it around her slim shoulders; they both felt the heat given off by the other. Jason’s cock nearly tore open his trousers.

Moira leaned in to him, her eyes lifting from the live bulge in his pants; she was heating up sexually dramatically.

She tilted her head to his, he dipped his, and their lips met softly, she pulled back, he looked at her, she returned and pulled back again, her lips were readying themselves for proper contact. This time it was made, a lock in, he put his arm tight around her, and he leaned her back in the sofa.

‘This time Jason,’ he told himself, ‘behave like a man, not an errant uncontrollable school boy!’ He invaded her space slowly, he intensified the kiss, his right hand went around her waist, her left came up and around his neck. Her right hand which was between them got a life of its own and settled on his thigh, her fingers squeezed it.

She subconsciously wanted to find his prick and feel it. To learn it, know the size, it was a woman thing she had always had. The necessity to feel a man’s prick, was a joyous occasion she had always savoured. While these benign thoughts were in her head, she was sinking further into the kiss.

“My,” she thought, “this is a nice kiss, I like it.” She was committing the cardinal sin of every woman who knows she shouldn’t be doing what she was doing. She was thinking with her heart instead of her head. Her head would have said stop this Moira, and stop it right now! But her heart along with the rest of womanhood’s leanings towards all things loving and nice, was going rapturously along.

She kissed back, and he gave more, she accepted it more and more, her hand had slid now in-between his thighs, and her fingers dug in a little. Jason pulled her tighter to him, his hand on her waist, ever so slowly climbed her rib cage towards her breasts, where he knew the first prize that was on hopeful offer was, the hot hard nipple he had felt earlier.

Jason was definitely using his head, as well as being led with his standing prick which knew no conscience. He was doing what man has been programmed to do, and that is to seduce, rut and fornicate with the woman of his choice, even if that woman belonged morally to another.

His head, his heart and his cock an balls were on a mission now, and his whole being joined forces to attain that goal, to seduce his best friend’s mother, get her into bed, and fuck her insane. He was in love with her too, and it had been that which had brought him to this, his innate desire to just be close to her, to touch her, know her, be with her. And ultimately to make her his, although he had cast that one aside, he knew that would never happen.

Moira was in limbo, the kiss they were sharing was wonderful, she was in the arms of a loving man, a man who needed her, longed for her, was desperate to love her, and Moira responded the only way a woman can to a man in need of her like this.

She sank into the mire of love; she felt the love he had for her, her being wanted him to love her so that she could give the drowning man substance, love and a hope to hold on to. Jason squeezed her nipple and Moira fell of the cliff of morality. Now it was her in need, she moaned loudly into his mouth, it was incoherent, her hand on his neck pulled him tighter to her, and the hand in his thighs squeezed too.

Her knuckles grazed his prick, another moan left her mouth and entered Jason’s, he responded by giving her nipple what it knew it wanted, a crush, a twist, a roll, a tug, and lastly a nip. This is what sent Moira cascading down the waterfalls of lust and desire. She was diving headlong into her own seduction; everything she had planned was now forgotten.

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