Birthday Gifts Fit for a Prince Ch. 04

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The next few days saw Jade regaining her strength and little by little she became her old self again. The same morning she was pronounced well Li’ir came to bathe her. Once she was bathed she was escorted back to her room and tied to the bed. Her arms and legs spread out in a position of offering. And she was left that way, presumably for Akim to come and rape she derided.

Akim did come to her, but it was not to rape her as she had assumed. He lowered himself between her legs and flicked his tongue once lightly over her clit. Her hips shot up off the bed. She couldn’t help it. She loved his mouth on her.

He nibbled small bites down the inside of her thigh before drawing one of the already plump lips into his mouth and nipping it gently with his teeth. She yelped in surprise.

A thin coating of moisture had already started to leak from between her lips and she couldn’t bother herself to care. She had wanted this for days now since he had left her unsatisfied before. His mouth moved back to her thigh and she shifted trying to put his mouth back into position with her clit. Her restless move seemed to be just what he was waiting for. He pulled away from her and left. Li’ir returned only seconds later and untied her.

Jade spent the rest of the day in a tense frustrated fog. By nightfall she just wanted to escape into the welcome arms of sleep, but she was denied even that simple relaxation. When she would have fallen asleep she found that it was not permitted as she was apparently going to receive another visit. She was again secured to the bed.

Akim slid easily between her thighs. His mouth went straight for her clit, not playing with it as he had before, but taking it completely into his mouth and sucking gently on it. Jade let out a cry of delight and she started to move her hips in tandem with his mouth. She could feel the orgasm, could taste it it was so close. And at the second when she would have crested he withdrew from her.

She was shaking with disappoint and frustration. Her arms were untied but she knew she would be watched over all night and would not be permitted to satisfy her own lust.

The next 6 days showed a repeating pattern. She was restrained twice a day, normally in the morning and at night, and he would tease her into a state of desire before leaving her woefully disappointed. She was never left alone long enough to bring herself to orgasm and her mood went from gloomy to grim over the course of the week.

Halfway through the week she had cracked. His tongue was rapidly flicking her clit and it felt so good. She wanted nothing more than to have him finish her off, and opened her mouth to beg him to do just that. “Akim, please,” she begged having no shame. “Please don’t pull away this time.” Of course he ignored her pleas and teased her right up to the point of climax and retreated.

She called him all sorts of names that night, but that didn’t help the gnawing itch between her thighs.

At the end of the longest 7 days Jade could remember she was ordered to his quarters. She was suitably perfumed and adorned before being escorted there by Li’ir. He lay in the center of his bed watching her, bare of everything but the heated desire in his eyes.

He gave her a thorough once over lingering overly long on the dusky rose tips of her nipples and the dark nest of curls between her thighs. He grew noticeably harder as his eyes swept over her enticing curves.

Jade stood silently accepting his perusal. His thick cock seemed a sure sign that they would be having intercourse and she was aroused enough to let him. Decision made, she shrugged off her dress and climbed on the bed to straddle him.

As she slid smoothly down his erect length she acknowledged how easily he passed through her clenching folds and how stimulated she must have been watching him watch her. She settled her full weight on him allowing him penetrate deeper.

After only three strokes she felt her inner muscles start to tremble and knew she was going to cum. Before she could push herself down once more he withdrew from her heated flesh.

“Oh come on!” Jade ranted in a fit of unsatisfied lust.

At first Jade thought the words had only been in her mind but the self satisfied smirk on his face told her that he had heard them as clearly as she and a mortified flush swept her face.

“If you cum now the night will be over just that quickly,” he explained. “You’re too sensitive after an orgasm to take much more.”

Jade bristled at his tone and the words themselves. She couldn’t handle multiple orgasms was the long and short of what he had just said. One per night for his wilting flower. She would show him differently.

Her eyes sparked with determination as she leaned against him. “Shall we see about that, hmm?”

His arched eyebrow indicated he might be interested in hearing more.

“You give me as much pleasure as you feel to give, take me in as many different ways as you can imagine, and if I cry for almanbahis mercy before your passion is fulfilled then I’ll let you spend the rest of the night coming down my throat. Deal?”

The impertinent tilt of her head said she would be riding him to glory all night and not the other way around.

Rather than answering he positioned her on her knees and slid his face between her thighs. She immediately started squirming because she couldn’t see his face in this position and she wanted to watch.

“I can’t see you like this.”

He laughed into her soft folds. “I’m sure you can think of something else to do other than watch me.”

He didn’t dare comment on how erotic he found it that she wanted to watch him eat her out. There were plenty of women who liked to lie back, close their eyes and let him work them into a state of blissful surrender. But Jade liked to participate when she wasn’t busy hating his guts. Even if it was something as simple as watching his every move.

His tongue moved first to her clit swirling gently around the little pearl to get her to relax. His hands slid up her waist and cupped her breasts. He loved the feel of her in this position. He had every bit of her womanliness at his disposal and he exploited that fact tweaking her nipples and scraping his teeth gently on her clit.

Her hips lifted up from his mouth momentarily before she decided too much pleasure was better than none at all. She settled back down in time for his tongue to slide down her slit and start gently licking around her ass.


He didn’t bother acknowledging her use of his given name because he knew she would be using it indiscriminately throughout the night. At this point he took it as read that she lost control of her tongue when the pleasure became too great.

“Akim,” she called again, not quite comfortable with what he was doing. “Should you be doing that?”

His tongue continued to stroke the sensitive nerve endings all around the tightly puckered hole and she left him to it. It did feel nice. His hand on her back pushed her forward and she relaxed forward across his chest.

She was greeted by his erect penis standing in line with her mouth. Her initial thought was to suck it. She felt a flood of warmth just considering the possibility. It was the least she could do since he would soon be lapping at her pussy again.

Her mouth closed over him for a brief second before she thought better of it. Sucking him off was supposed to be his reward if she failed. It wouldn’t do if she gave it to him regardless. She relaxed her head next to his steel rod and contented herself just to watch it flinch every time she “accidently” brushed her tongue against it.

Her hips moved restlessly as he rewarded her teasing with teasing of his own. He would surreptitiously flick his tongue over her clit before blowing on it. This cruel process was repeated again and again.

In a fit of pique she wrapped her mouth around the head of his penis before blowing on it. He pinched her clit in response. The firm pressure was just what she needed and she let out a howl of delight, her back bowing in pleasure before she sagged against him.

He sat up pulling her onto his lap. Her mouth met his in a greedy kiss of longing. He positioned her legs so that they were spread around his waist while his were Indian style.

“That feels nice,” she mumbled against his lips as he began to move gently.

“Tell me when you’re ready for more,” he encouraged.

Jade felt a recklessness move through her that had everything to do with pleasure and nothing to do with common sense. Her muscles were already starting to tremble again. Knowing he must be able to feel it, but still wanting to take more from him she told him she was ready.

“Are you sure?” he asked skeptically. Her pussy had a death grip on his cock as he slid gently in and out of her. If she was coming this hard this fast from a gentle coupling he didn’t know how she would respond to what was to come next, but he wanted to find out.

The broken cry that spilled from her lips demanded he seek his own satisfaction. Her face glowed with utter rapture as her head fell forward into the curve of his shoulder. She struggled to catch her breath while he moved tentatively inside of her. Her panted reply was hard to understand in the short snatches with which she released it, but it was definitely affirmative.

His hands shifted her weight bringing one of her legs up over his shoulder and settling her back down in the same position. She immediately tried to jolt back. As quickly as he slid back into her he felt her climax again.

The position of her lifted leg made it feel as though he had burrowed deeper and made her less able to handle the pleasure. He possessed her in every way that mattered and had complete control over her in this position.

Her hand rose to his chest in negation. “Akim, no.”

His eyes glinted with amusement. “So you admit almanbahis giriş you can’t handle the pleasure.”

His taunting words were delivered as he positioned her body to withdraw. She immediately clamped her muscles down on his retreating length refusing his departure though it cost her another orgasm. Her breathing was coming so fast he didn’t know if she was going to remain conscious.

“I can handle it.”

The defiance he knew so well flashed in her eyes, and though he doubted the words he enjoyed the freedom they gave him.

He slid effortlessly back into her rubbing his hands soothingly down her back to help calm her down. He could feel her thighs trembling with exhaustion and pressed deeper. She let loose another scream and pulled back from him falling onto the mattress.

He followed her down lifting her other leg over his shoulder. There was no denying the loud cry that echoed through the room as he thrust down. He was as deep as it was possible to be inside of her without breaking her. Her whole body shook as waves of pleasure tore through her flesh forcing him to his own pleasure as well.

Her nails scraped deep grooves in his back as she clawed for purchase. Her teeth closed around his shoulder in an attempt to bring the rampant pleasure under some type of control. Her mouth lifted as she let out another scream. Apparently she found the feel of his hot cum splashing against her womb a turn on as well.

When she was like this, so easily stimulated by everything, he never wanted to release her. The whole kingdom could go to hell as long as he could feel her body totally capitulate to his will.

Her hand shot out to push him away and he gently grasped her wrists. “Does this mean I get to spend the night relearning the inside of your beautiful mouth?”

“No,” she pouted spectacularly while she drew in ragged breaths. “You came, so game over.”

He laughed into the curve of her neck before smoothing kissing along the damp flesh. “The deal wasn’t that you make me cum. The deal was that you keep up with me for as long as I wanted to continue engaging in sex tonight.”

Her brow furrowed in confusion for a moment. He couldn’t possibly be one of those magical men who needed little recovery time between bouts of sex. Her question was answered in the next second as she felt the flexing muscle between her thighs demanding more.

“Yes or no?”

The question was asked in a sort of ambiguous tone as if he didn’t care one way or the other. She supposed he didn’t need to since his desires would be satisfied either way. But for her this was an issue of pride. He honestly thought she couldn’t handle more than a few orgasms.

If he wasn’t some kind of walking kama sutra sex god she might have had a better chance of going for more than a few minutes without having an orgasm.

“Yes,” she said in her haughtiest tone. “Although I don’t think it would hurt things any if we took a small break and if you didn’t penetrate quite so deeply.”

He laughed again. It really was a very sexy laugh when she was in a receptive enough mood to enjoy it.

“We just had a break.” His hand reached out for hers and drew her from the bed. He led her in the general direction of the bath house.

Maybe they would take a break in the shower. Naïve of her to even consider it she later realized.

He led her only as far as the nearest wall and pressed her against it. His feet widened her stance and drew her hips back. She immediately pooled with renewed excitement.

The position seemed so primitive; she couldn’t explain why but it awoke a secret desire to be dominated and relegated the whole experience to something along the lines of fantasy sex. In fact if she closed her eyes she could probably imagine herself back home. Her eyelashes immediately fluttered down to cover her eyes. The opportunity was too good to pass up.

Akim’s hands smoothed reverently down the curve of her spine before resting on the two soft globes of invitation. He spread them apart and pressed into her wet hot heat. She closed around him like a glove 2 sizes too small. He loved how tight and wet she was.

Looking at his hard cock press into her lush folds and withdraw with the glistening proof of her desire before pressing back in filled him with an unnatural sense of ownership. He pressed forward wanting to draw more pleasure out of her. Her hands curled into tight fists on the wall and she moaned a long low sound of surrender.

He couldn’t resist smacking one gorgeous round curve as he increased the tempo of his thrusts. “Oh yes. I’ve been a bad girl. Punish me.”

For a moment Akim almost lost his rhythm. She was a bad girl?

“Jade.” Her eyes snapped open at the harsh command in his voice. Her head turned slightly in his direction indicating he had her attention but her hips didn’t stop pushing back steadily to his rhythm, silently begging for more. “What did you just say?”

The blank look on her almanbahis yeni giriş face insulted him more than any of the actual insults she had thrown his way in the past weeks. She had been lost in some kind of fantasy and he could have been anyone servicing her at that moment.

His hand tangled in her hair jerking it back. “Say my name Jade,” he growled in a tone that reeked of possession.

“Why?” Her reply was unexpected to say the least.

“Because I command it of you,” was his swift unflinching reply. His tone brooked no argument as he tugged slightly harder on her hair. Her back bowed to accommodate the move.

She found the position to be both awkward and arousing. The need to defy him was upper most in her mind as she leaned back further into his possessive hold. “It is forbidden to speak the prince’s name without his express permission,” she demurred.

“You picked a fine time to remember that rule,” he scoffed, not believing for one second that she cared. “I give you my permission.”

He pressed in deeper, his thrusts so furious she couldn’t stop herself from orgasming in the face of his anger. She raised her hand to her mouth to cut off the moan and took a moment to get her breathing into some sort of order before complying. “Akim.”

“Say it again,” he demanded.

“Akim,” she screamed cresting another wave as he released her hair.

He withdrew and spun her around to face him. He gently lifted her up—although he felt anything but gentle at the moment—and settled her down onto his penis taking her weight in his hands.

Her arms and legs wrapped themselves around him of their own volition. Her mouth sought his but he moved his head to the side in no mood to be kissed feeling as he did.

“Do you like this?” he asked moving her up and down at a ridiculously slow pace.

The pace was just slow enough to aggravate her tender flesh. She either wanted to be pounded senseless or left alone. “It’s nice for a start Akim, but did you have something a little rougher in mind eventually?” Her eyes glazed a pine green at the thought.

She was hot for him. That thought mollified him somewhat but he wanted more. “What did you have in mind?”

She could feel his anger and wasn’t sure what had cause it but she knew one sure way to appease it. “I was thinking you could fuck my mouth until you lose the attitude, and then you could go on fucking me until you can’t ring another orgasm out of me.”

Just that quickly his good humor was restored as his lips quirked up at the suggestion. She just kept getting sexier and sexier. “When you talk like that I could cum right now.”

“Please do,” she invited leaning in to nip at his throat with her sharp teeth.

They spent the night exchanging sexual favors and though it almost killed her Jade got through without begging him to stop again.

As the sun washed across their bodies, Akim was the first to wake. His arm tightened around Jade as he drew her closer to his side. She stirred in her sleep before coming fully awake. Her eyes remained blurry and unseeing for a moment before everything came back to her.

She tried to wrench herself free of his hold but Akim’s grip tightened in a decidedly threatening manner. He leaned forward to drop a kiss on her forehead and she shrank back from the motion. Akim let her go.

“So we’re strangers again?”

She sat silently refusing to answer his question, refusing to even look at him.

“Must I spend another 7 days wooing you in the old ways? Or should I just revert to my previous behavior and take everything I want from you by force, by coercion?”

Jade flashed an angry glare in his direction but didn’t deign to answer. She knew he would draw his own conclusion without any input from her. She was inwardly mortified at her swift capitulation the night before and how freely she had given of herself. Turning into a perfect sex slave for the night was not the way to get dismissed from his harem.

“Will you ever release me? Perhaps when you tire of me or when you received your ‘birthday present’ next year?”

There was such acid and venom in her tone when she said the words birthday present he knew without a doubt she was still and would likely always remain furious with him about her lack of freedom. But she needed to know the truth. “No woman ever leaves the harem. It is a lifetime of honored service.”

“A lifetime.” She echoed his words listlessly.

“Akim,” she called in the same sort of dissociative tone. Their eyes met in a silent battle of wills. “You must know I can’t settle into a life here as though nothing has happened. I won’t just forget the life I left behind and no amount of great sex or sexual deprivation is going to achieve that.”

He gave a brief nod of acknowledgement.

“I can’t stay here. I’ll keep trying to escape, or when I feel unhappy enough I will try to take my life, and maybe one day if you make me angry enough I’ll try to take yours too. The point is you have to let me go,” she concluded with an unhappy sigh.

“Stand up.” His command was swift and seemingly unrelated.


Her wide owl eyes were charming in the morning light, but he had a point to prove. “Stand up,” he repeated.

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