Blonde Ambition

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I drive up the long winding driveway to the house with anticipation and a bit of dread. I had been planning this for quite some time but working up the courage to act had taken longer than I had imagined it would. My palms feel a bit damp but not as damp as my crotch. I blush momentarily at the thought of how aroused I am. My heart feels like it is beating so loud. Surely he might hear me. I grin at the thought as I put my car in park and climb out. I do one last inspection in my side view mirror and head towards the side door that leads to his home office.

He’s home alone. His wife, my boss, is away on a “business” trip with her head of product development but the only new products they’ll be testing out are the new sex toys they bought last week. Shanya thinks I don’t know that she and Darcey are lovers. But I do and I intend to use that knowledge to my advantage.

Mark is a wonderful man. He started up his own software development company at the age of 21 and has worked hard to make and keep it successful. Now at 37, he’s preparing to sell off the company and find a new venture. And I intend to be the one at his side.

I peek through the glass inset in the door and see him sitting at his large oak desk deep in concentration on what is on his computer screen. I ease open the door and step quietly inside. As my sandaled feet sink into the thick beige carpet, I take a deep calming breath. I gaze longingly at his chestnut brown locks, curling gently beside his ears and straying errantly across his brow. His dark gray eyes are still glued to the monitor so I take a moment to drink in his beauty. Clearing my throat, I say “hi’ in what I hope is a friendly and beguiling voice. He looks up from his computer screen with a startled look on his face.

“Can I help you Emmie? I didn’t hear you knock. muratpaşa escort I’m sorry.” He uses the pet name that my family and closest friends have called me for years. I walk quickly to his desk and slide around to stand next to his chair before he can rise.

Leaning against the desk, I stare at him intently. “Mark, I’ve been fighting it for some time but I am deeply attracted to you. I’ve never been with a man and I want you to be my first.” There, I’ve said it! My heart pounds so hard I can hear the blood rushing in my ears.

“Uh , um , Emily. Uh really. I’m flattered… uh yeah. Really.” He swallows hard and I watch His Adams apple bob. His face is level with my breasts and try as he might he can’t keep from stealing glances at my creamy round mounds mostly visible in the tank top I chose to wear. “But you know I’m married and my step daughter, Kara is your best friend! And my wife is your boss so… ” His voice trails off and he looks hopeful that the conversation is over.

“Your marriage is a sham. We both know that Mark. And I’ve seen how you look at me.” I lean forward and whisper in his ear, “I can hardly wait to get your hard cock in my sweet tight, virgin pussy.” I don’t wait for a reply. I trail kisses along his neck and nibble on his earlobe gently while my hand strays up his long lean thigh to his crotch. I caress the growing bulge I find there and hear him moan. Feeling his surrender is imminent, I claim his sweet lips with mine and swiftly delve my tongue in to taste him. Oh god what bliss! My blood rushes through my veins and I try to maintain control over my raging lust.

“Oh … oh god.” I hear him whisper as I leave his sweet lips and move down his body . Swinging his computer chair around I drop to my knees between his legs and serik escort quickly unzip his Levis and release his straining cock from its prison. I hear a deep moan as my lips sink onto his hot throbbing shaft. I have to work hard to take him all in as my tongue caresses up and down and I cup his balls lovingly and then run my nails across them so gently he can barely feel them there. His hips thrust appreciatively and I hear his sharp intake of breath. His hands reach up and run through my hair gently, almost distractedly. My pussy is dripping wet now and the crotch of my panties are soaked. Giving one last lick along the length of his cock, I stand up and stretch with a Cheshire cat grin on my face. I quickly whisk my top off and release my lovely breasts from their restraint. My orbs bounce gently and his eyes are glued to me as if in a trance and his cock throbs and bounces it’s appreciation. I turn my back to him and partially leaning over his desk, I slide my shorts and bikini briefs down my legs and let them drop to the floor. He reaches with his hand and runs it across my tight little ass cheek and then lets it wander, as if of its own volition to my inner thigh and up to the heated damp core waiting for his exploration. I feel his fingers gently touch my pussy and clit and it’s so light, that it makes me ache for more. I need more!

Moaning I beg, “Please!” and arch my ass up and spread my legs to give him better access. He rubs his thumb across my clit and I feel myself get wetter, hotter, and more uncomfortable than I have ever been in my life. The lust… the need is so strong, it’s driving me out of my mind. I feel his fingers breaching my vagina… first one and then two… sliding in and out, slowly stretching me. “Are you sure Em? Really sure?” He stands and ibradi escort presses his cock against my backside and my mind reels. “Because we are at the point of no return. I won’t be able to stop, so be sure this is what you want, you minx.” He stands perfectly still waiting for my response. Standing up, I lean back into his body, I grab his hands and pull them around me to my breasts and grind my ass into his cock seductively. “I have never been more sure of anything in my life.”

His hand reaches down to position his cock at my portal. I feel myself holding my breath. I’m a bit scared. Will I be able to take him all in? Will it hurt? Before I can tense up he swiftly slides partway in. I feel my body stretching to accommodate his size and he hesitates when he feels the resistance of my hymen. “Do it. Just do it.” I hiss breathlessly. He quickly sheathes himself to the hilt in my pussy. The pain is harsh for a moment and I bite my lip to keep from crying out. He is perfectly still waiting for my signal that I’m ready to continue. I can hear his breath as he strains for control to wait. I gently press myself back onto him and moan softly in encouragement. It’s all he needs. His hands grab my hips and he begins to slide in and out , slowly at first, letting my body heat back up and enjoy the feel of his cock filling me, stretching me, making me weak with lust and so, so wet. My breathing begins to quicken as I can feel myself moving toward orgasm. He can feel my pussy tightening on his cock and his pace quickens. We are both panting like wild animals rutting and I hear the sound of our flesh hitting together as his cock buries itself over and over in my hot, wet core. I am so close… so close.

“Oh god baby! Oh god! That’s it! That’s it! Yes, oh yes! Fuck meeeee….” I’m screaming as I feel my orgasm overtake me. Dimly I hear him groan “oh god yes! Yes!” as his load of sperm shoots into my waiting pussy. He seems to come forever but finally his orgasm ebbs and he pulls out and sinks back down into the chair in a daze.

He’s mine… he may not know it yet. But he’s mine. He’ll figure that out soon enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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