Book Club

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When you have responsibilities, there’s something quite magical about the moments when you don’t. The kids were away with their grandparents for the weekend and my wife was at book club for the next two hours which meant a rare occurrence was taking place: I had the house to myself. And much like the teen Me, I chose to spend it naked and hard with intermittent tug sessions sprinkled in. This time would be no different. Judge if you want, I really don’t give a shit. Book club is a special time, not just for my wife to get out of the house and drink wine with her girlfriends from work but also for me. This book club would be no different.

Toys were the newest addition to my book club sessions. Most notably, a 7-inch purple strap-on. And this wasn’t one of those pencil-thin members either. This thing had some girth. It had taken several book clubs-worth of preparation and practice to reach this moment.

I’d like to thank my fans for always believing in me.

And a cascading series of butt plugs. Last book club I attempted to conquer Seven but it wasn’t meant to be. A wise man knows when to call it quits and try another day.

This was that day.

It started as they always do: naked. I left my clothes draped over the bathtub after cleaning myself with a few spritzes from my wife’s old peri bottle and took a stroll around the house using my hard cock as a sort of primitive compass. It led me to an array of hiding spots: my sock drawer and the guest bedroom and a linen closet. Like a brain surgeon preparing for a lobotomy, I laid out the tools.

The plugs.

The lube.

The headphones.

The seven.

They aligned neatly on a towel while I lay on another towel on our guest bed. I preferred the setup. The guest bathroom was just outside the door if need be.

I recently discovered ASMR porn as a form of mental lubrication so thus the need for headphones. The sultry voice of the woman insisted I begin with a finger. Lots of lube and a finger pressing and prodding. She suggested two but I wasn’t ready. More lube. But I’d get there.

Something broke my concentration. I glanced around the empty room. Nothing. I closed my eyes and went back to work. Two fingers no problem. The next hurdle was the plug. It wasn’t massive but the bulb at the tip took some finessing. And plenty more lube. I thrust my hips up and stroked my cock gently as the plug pressed against my asshole. The voice told me to take it slow. After a minute of setting the pace it popped in and I let out a grunt.

Now it was time to take a lap. Maybe clean a dish or two. Stand by a window. Anything to just allow the plug to do its work while the exhilaration of the whole ordeal swelled inside me like first date jitters. There was a frying pan that could be cleaned. I set to scrubbing.

A chattering of voices grew. I set the pan down on the drying rack and walked towards the front door. Maybe the neighbor with the yoga pants was out walking her Golden. I peaked through the peephole.

There were five of them. Maybe more. My wife in front with the rest of the ladies from book club congregated behind.


Fuck fuck fuck fuck. I was a country mile from my clothes and just as far from the security of our bedroom. I sprang down the hall towards the guest bedroom and eased the door shut just as the lock clicked on the front door.


The chatter grew clear and indistinct at the same time. The restaurant had a wait. Laughs. Tanya couldn’t make it. The clinking of wine glasses. The cork to the wine bottle popped. Where’s your husband. I thought I saw his car.


I couldn’t think. No option was a good option. I decided the plug needed to come out so I lay on the bed with my legs up and tugged at the end of the plug. It was firmly entrenched inside my puckered ass.


I reached for the lube and squirted a dab out. I couldn’t afford to make a mess. I gave another pull. The bulb barely moved. I tried again. Slightly less resistance but ultimately no dice. I let go and the plug swelled back to its spot nestled against my prostate. It stole my breath. I looked down and saw my cock was still enjoying itself thoroughly. I dabbed on some more lube and began massaging it around my asshole.

A gentle knock stopped everything.

Fuck. I started to say words but nothing made sense. I chose silence.

I chose wrong.

The door swung open and in walked Liz. Liz was not my wife but one of the reporters at my wife’s station. Yes, my wife works in TV as a news anchor and so the other room teemed with not just her female coworkers but smokeshows that stared into cameras for a living. Liz was fresh out of college, blonde and had perhaps the best tits in the greater Savannah area although her best competition was also in my kitchen. I dropped my legs and lay stiff as a board.

“Uhhh what the fuck?” She said with a confused laugh. She turned as if to call out for the cavalry.

“Shhhh no no no no no.”

She stopped and looked at me with a furrowed brow. And then a smile. She stepped inside Disney plus izle and closed the door.

“You uhhh must be Ben.”

“Yeah, hi. Liz, right?”



“Sooo uhhh. What’s going on?”

“Nothing. Nothing just a little…well, it doesn’t matter. I really didn’t expect book club to be over so soon.”


“Yeah, so uhh that’s pretty much it.”

“Does Jess know you’re in here?”

Jess was my wife and the 10pm anchor. She was sort of the alpha in the newsroom and at 35, the elder stateswoman—albeit with a fine-tuned ass thanks to barre class three times a week.

“No, she doesn’t. And I’d like to keep it that way.”

“So do you need help?”

“No, I don’t need help!”

“I meant like get your clothes or something.”

“Oh, then yes. I could use your help. In our room—”

“Whoa, whoa, not so fast there. What did you think I meant?”

I didn’t want to say but I’d seen enough porn to know what I meant and so did she. I stayed quiet.

“Ya, that’s what I thought.”

Liz surveyed the landscape and stopped on the Seven. She grabbed it and held it up between the two of us as if to use some sort of psychic measuring tape.

“Pretty ambitious.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Why are you doing this by yourself?”

“What do you mean?”

“You have a smoking hot boss of a wife. Why aren’t you doing this with her?”

“I don’t get the sense this is her thing.”

“You asked her?”

“Well, no but I can tell. She would not approve.”

“Guys are such idiots.”

She shook her head and, with her ruling, I began to sit upright.

“Now what are you doing?”

“Umm nothing. What’s it look like?”

“All I’m saying is it doesn’t look like you’re ready to give up.” She nodded towards my waist. My left hand had been trying to cover my dick from her view but it clearly was not doing its job. It was splayed across my stomach like it was sun bathing.

“You’re hard as a fucking rock.” She had taken to using the strap-on as a prop and gestured with it.

“Yeah, I mean you’re not really helping.”

“So this is my fault?”

“Kind of.”

“Right. Well, enjoy explaining this to your wife.” She dangled the Seven between us.

“Please, no. I’m sorry.”

I reached for the Seven.

“Well, then.” She pulled it away, leaving me fully exposed. My leg bent to catch myself from rolling.

“Wait a minute. Do you already have something in your asshole?”

I straightened my leg back out.

“Let me see.”

“I’d rather not.”

Liz raised the Seven.

“Show me.”

I reluctantly slid my feet up so the bottoms were flat on the bed. Liz craned her neck for a better angle.

“Oh my God.” She sat down on the bed and placed her hand atop my knee. “Look at you.”

Liz latched onto the plug and gave it a shake. It barely moved.

“Oooh boy. That thing is tight.”

“Chyea.” I said with an exhale. Liz noticed and smiled mischievously.

“Does that feel good?”

“Yeah, it’s sort of—”

She nudged it inwards. My body elevated from the bed. She pressed her hand against my taint for leverage and again tugged at the plug. I didn’t moan but I didn’t exactly not moan either. Liz smiled and grabbed the lube.

“What are you doing?”

“What you couldn’t.”

I felt her fingers trace my asshole. My dick jumped.

“Easy slugger.”

“Sorry, I just—”

Liz pulled the plug and while my asshole desperately tried to keep its grip, she eclipsed the threshold keeping it in place and the plug slid out.

“Ohhhhhhh my fuck.” I gasped while biting onto my finger. I could not explain the feeling beyond that.

“Okay, you’re still pretty tight but I’d say it’s this guys’ turn.”

Liz held another plug. It was slightly longer with an extra sort of roll to it, making it slightly fatter as well.

“You think?”

“Oh ya. Just lube it up really good.”

“Where are you going?”

“I gotta go back out there or they’ll think I fell in.”

“But what—”

“You’ll be fine. I’ll be back.” She pinched my ass and stood up. “I’m not missing this.”

Then she was gone. I contemplated my options and decided the next plug was the right choice. I applied copious amounts of lube and began pressing it against my asshole. It was going to take some work. I raised my thighs into the air and guided the tip of the plug in.

The door creaked open. I didn’t expect to see Liz so soon but I was glad she came back. I could use her help.

“Oh man.”

It wasn’t Liz. I glanced over to see Mariella Sanchez. She’d previously been at a station in south Texas somewhere, been at Channel 4 for a year and had a body for Telemundo. Her jeans were painted on and her flannel shirt struggled to contain her pert breasts. She was also smiling from ear to ear.

“Nope, uh the bathroom is—”

“Relax,” she said while closing the door. “Liz briefed me on the situation.”

“The situation?”

“Yeah, you’re fucking your ass with a strap-on, no?”

My Exxen izle silence indicated she was right.

“Don’t worry, my ex loved it when I played with his ass. Even fucked him a couple times. You’re in good hands.”

Marielle held out her hands for effect. They were dainty and long. One of them latched onto my cock and I held my breath.

“You gotta relax, papi.”

Oh, Jesus, this wasn’t going to end well. Or take long. My balls swooned and I thought about aborting the whole mission and just settling for some self-relief once she left. She crawled between my legs and with the plug in one hand and my cock still in the other, she ran the plug along my ass crack like I was a hot dog bun. A couple passes and then she tilted it ever so slightly. I felt the pressure and so did she. I started to speak but she removed her hand from my cock and placed it over my mouth.

Then it was in.

Like all the way in.

I let out a deep moan into her palm and gripped the back of my thighs.

“Very good, papi. Again.”

“Again?” I said muffled.

Marielle slid the plug out in one motion and again I gasped. As I tried to regain my composure I felt the pressure again and then it burst inside me and again I felt a rush all throughout my body.

“That’s it, papi. You keep doing that. I gotta go.”

She gave my dick another tug and I wished I had cum right then so maybe this experiment would end. There would be no such relief. Not yet.

Marielle slinked out of the doorway. I took the plug and began to work it in and out of my ass. It wasn’t quite as effortless for me as it had been for Marielle but with every pass, the exhilaration climbed. I tried to stifle my moans by biting my wrist. Every time it slid out I pressed it back in immediately, never letting my body fully accept its state of elation one way or the other.

After about the 9th time penetrating myself, the door popped open as the plug slid from inside me. I closed my eyes and gasped as I pushed the plug inside one final time. The thought of having an audience for such a moment was a rush. I wanted Liz or Marielle to see how good I’d gotten. When I opened them I saw Erin Baker, Channel 4 Sports. She was a brunette and, based on what Jess had told me, a legitimate freak. Word was she let two baseball players from the local college double team her in their dorm room after they won the conference title.

“My turn.”

That’s all she said. A thin wisp of a smile and that was it. She grabbed the lube and the Seven.

“I don’t think I’m ready,” I said while repositioning my body. With the plug still thrust inside me every move led to a tingle somewhere. “There’s still another plug to go through.”

“You’re ready,” she said while squeezing some lube onto the Seven. She began stroking the fake cock, rotating her hand over the tip so that it made an audible sound. She was wearing a Carolina blue cotton dress that hugged her hips and barely covered her thighs.

“But they were definitely wrong.”

“Wrong about what?”

“They said this thing was the size of your cock. I’m not seeing it.”

I glanced down. In the process of shoving the plug in and out of myself I’d not only lost my erection but lost it entirely. I reached down and began pulling at my flaccid member, hoping to reinvigorate it.


“But I want to show you what I’m really working with.”

“It doesn’t matter ‘what you’re working with,'” she mocked me. “I’m working with this.”

She slapped the strap-on off my ass cheek. A wince transitioned to a shutter as the plug still inside crept a millimeter further in.

“That asshole is hun-gry.”

She pulled at the plug and it didn’t move. She nudged it in slightly, eliciting a soft moan, before dousing my asshole in more lube.

Then she pulled it out.

“Oh my fuuuuck.”

“Good boy. Look at that gaping asshole. It’s practically begging for this cock.”

She again slapped the strap-on off my ass while her fingers pressed against my asshole. The pressure of her palm on my perineum sent a tingle through my balls. Then I felt the head of the strap-on. It was large.

“Oh shit.”

“Oh shit is right.”

“I’m not read—”

Erin pushed the strap-on forward.

“Oh FUCK.”

She pulled it back and slapped my ass with her hand.

“This isn’t going to work.”

“That’s what I said.”

“No. You. Talking and making all of this noise. Do you want your wife and all of her friends to bust in here seeing you take a strap-on up the ass?”

I mumbled no.

“That’s what I thought.”

In one motion, she climbed to her knees on the bed and threw her leg up and over my body to straddle my stomach like she was a jockey mounting Seabiscuit. Her dress had flown upwards and I could see a red thong darting sensually between her ass cheeks and out of sight. Erin then inched backwards until her ass covered my face. It was tanned and smooth and perfect and I felt my cock jump to life.

“Oh, okay.”

Erin took my cock and twisted it loosely. I couldn’t see Gain tv izle anything but I could smell her pussy, her wetness. Her fingers pulled her panties to the side and she lowered herself just enough so her pussy was flush with my face. I instinctively ran my tongue against the lips but as I did so I felt my body curl up. Erin had grabbed me by the thighs and pulled me so my ass was damn near facing the ceiling fan.

Then I felt the strap-on.

“That asshole is so tight.”

The coldness of some lube joined the sensations. Her fingers spread it around. I moaned sensually.

Then came the strap.


It pressed and pressed and I tried to grab onto something but my arms were pinned beneath Erin’s shins. I grasped the sheets as the head of the strap stretched me.

“Ohhhhaaaahhhhh.” I moaned something animal as the Seven pushed inside and became enveloped in my ass.

“Yeeesss,” Erin said triumphantly.

“Oh fuck.”

Erin continued to slide the strap-on further inside me. With every inch I moaned louder and took to licking at her twat as a means to disperse the overwhelming pleasure that rang throughout my body but Erin seemed to react little to my attempts. She was focus was laser-like. It had to be all the way. It began sliding out and I gasped as Erin removed it completely.

“Oh my fucking God,” I said in muffled exasperation. “That thing is huge.”

“That was only like half of it.”


“Don’t worry.”

Erin thrust the Seven back inside. This time it was met with slightly less resistance and this time it reached further. It ran back out but before it exited Erin pushed it back in. Long, deep thrusts. So long. So deep. I gasped and moaned in tandem, like the varying sounds of a tree being sawed down. It didn’t take long for Erin to establish a rhythm. When she deviated from long and deep it became quick deep bursts. The strap rotating and twirling while she ran a finger along my taint like a sadist. I licked her cunt feverishly.

The doorknob twisted but I couldn’t be sure. No sense could be trusted for the pleasure pounded my ears along with every other far-reaching corner of my body.

It wasn’t until I heard actual words that I realized.

It was Liz and Marielle. It was another voice. All agreed I was taking it like a champ. Liz and Marielle both asked about my cock and Erin said it showed potential but was still not super hard.

“I think all of his attention is on this pretty asshole.”

Erin pushed the Seven in deep before slowly extracting it completely.

“Oh fuck oh fuck.”

“Is that good?” Liz asked.

“So good.”

“You want more?”


“Do you want to see us watch you take that whole thing in your ass?” Marielle asked.

It was getting hard to speak clearly with Erin’s pussy in my mouth. I attempted a form of non-verbal communication.

“Look at his cock!” Marielle shouted. “It’s jumping. It’s like Morse code!”

The girls all laughed at my cock that had sprang to life amidst all of the new company.

“He must know his wife is in here.”


Erin rolled off of me. Five beautiful women stared at me and my exposed ass but I only saw Jess. Her arms were crossed, pushing her breasts up higher but she wasn’t mad. She was practically biting her lip. Then I looked down. Around her waist atop her yoga pants was a harness and jutting out from the center was another strap-on. A real strap-on. It was fashioned to look just like a real dick, complete with a vein at its top and a set of firm testicles at its base.

I gulped.

“Ooohh he knows he’s in trou-ble.” Liz jeered. The rest of the ladies agreed with laughter.

“Where’d you get that?” I asked.

“You aren’t the only one with toys,” Jess said teasingly. “You like?”

She wiggled her hips and the strap-on swiveled back and forth. Somehow it looked longer.

I exhaled and pulled my thighs to my chest.

“Oh, wow!” Erin said. “Five minutes with me and he’s already begging for more.”

“Go on, girl! Give it to him.”

Jess took a step towards me but stopped as she reached the foot of the bed. With a simple hand wave she let me and the room know how she wanted me.

“That’s what I’m talking about. Roll over, papi.”

I did as I was told and got on all fours. I felt the bed press down as Jess climbed on and sidled up between my legs. The strap-on pressed against my ass. It was already slick with lube. She placed her hand on the small of my back and with the other, guided the strap-on inside me. I was already so stretched from being pounded by Erin that she almost slid in undeterred. Almost. I still gasped and knowing I didn’t need to be quiet anymore I no longer restrained my pleasure. My wife eased deeper and deeper inside me and I buried my head into the pillow and moaned.

“Yeahh, girl!”

“God-damn that’s deep.”

I moaned again, this time as she began to ease away. The audience loved it. They hooted and cheered as Jess pulled the strap-on tantalizingly close to out before piling it deep inside me. I played to their desires. I moaned unapologetically as Jess swung her hips and when I felt those silicone balls press flush against my taint I reached back with both hands grabbed my ass.

“Oh fuck, baby!” I yelled. “You’re so fucking deep.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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