Bored Games

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Please note: Everyone depicted within this story is over the age of 18.


It was a typical game night, except that everyone was feeling bored with the usual selection since the games always played out the same way lately. The guys were playing Betrayal At House On The Hill and their girlfriends and I were playing Farkle. Not a board game, but usually fun anyway.

Justin, Matt, Connor, Keith, Frank, and Tim were huddled around the dining room table, halfheartedly trying to get into the game. We, the girls, were done with our game rather quickly and had resorted to chatting about our lives. Chelsea was lamenting her excessive amounts of homework, while Steph and Erin nodded their commiseration. It was around 9 when the girls, all nursing majors, decided to leave Connor’s place and study at their respective homes. I stuck around at Connor’s since I was hoping to get him in bed after the games ended.

Chelsea and Keith were an item, while Erin was engaged to Frank, and Steph was sleeping with Matt. I was a free agent, in that my ex and I had parted ways nearly 2 months prior.

Since the break up, my libido had been cranked to 11. Now, as I sat around, waiting for the guys to finish their game, I began to fantasize about crawling under the table and sucking each one of their cocks. I don’t know where the thought came from, but it wasn’t unwelcome.

I leaned back into the couch and crossed my legs to hide the dampness between them. It was then Connor looked up, his eyes finding mine, and he gave me the oddest look. Almost like he was confused. I realized then how red my face must be from blushing at my own thoughts. Connor tilted his head in the direction of the kitchen and I nodded, getting off the couch to follow him in there.

“You are glowing! What’s got you blushing so hard?” he asked me.

I giggled nervously and said, “You don’t wanna know.”

“Oh, I really do. Come on, tell me.” His hand grabbed my arm gently and squeezed. That was all I needed to spill my secret.

“Okay, you really wanna know?” I sighed, “I was thinking… about, well… I was thinking about crawling under the table while you guys were playing and…”

He got the drift and his eyes lit up. “That’s what this night needs! That would perk us all up.”

“But Frank, Keith, and Matt are taken. I can’t do that. It’s cheating.” was my only opposition.

“What if I ask them and they say yes?” he countered.

“Then… I mean… maybe I’d do it.” I shrugged.

“You gotta gimme a yes or no right now. I’m not going to ask the guys then have you back out.” he said.

I pulled in a big breath and muttered on the exhale, “Okay, I’ll do it.” I turned away from Connor, but spun back around to add, “IF they all say yes.”

Connor looked like someone had surprised him with a new car. His grin was so wide he almost reminded me of the Grinch, only with a much better attitude. He bounced out of the room, holding his hand up at me as if to say “stay here” as he shut the door to the dining room behind him.

I could hear muffled speaking but I couldn’t make out what was being said. I could pinpoint the exact moment Connor dropped the bomb though, as a very audible, “WHAT!” travelled through the door. The muffled words resumed and eventually Connor opened the door to the kitchen again, this time motioning me to follow.

“We’ve all agreed this is a great idea, but in order to make it interesting, we’re going to play a game. We’ll play poker while you suck us off, and whoever wins gets to fuck you. You in?”

Now it was my turn to shriek, “WHAT!” I hadn’t agreed to this! But… she was really, really horny lately.

Connor looked almost frightened at my reaction, and his shocked expression almost made me laugh.

“You can say no, and just walk away if you want”, he said, as if to take back what he’d offered.

But I had other plans now. “How about this instead? You guys play, and I’ll suck you off, but whoever wins gets to choose in what order you all fuck me. That way everyone gets a turn.”

Now all the guys’ mouths hung open, shocked at what I’d proposed.

Frank seemed to come out of his reverie first, regaining his composure. “I’m in. How fucking hot is that?”

The guys all nodded their approval and the game was on.

Several minutes later…

Connor, still taking the lead, began shuffling and dealing the cards. All the guys were seated at the table, with me nestled underneath. As per my instructions, none Karaburun Escort of the guys were wearing pants so I could see all of their cocks.

I could hear them betting and calling and folding above me as I slowly licked the head of Tim’s cock. His caught my attention first because it was absolutely massive. Had to be at least 9 inches and girthy. I wasn’t able to get much of it in my mouth, but I licked it all over, coating it in saliva, and jerked off what I couldn’t swallow. My other hand fondled his balls as I sucked and I could hear him moan through his words. Someone then nudged me with their foot and I turned my head to see Keith’s foot bumping against my thigh.

Regretfully, I left Tim’s cock behind and focused on Keith. He wasn’t the biggest, but he was nicely shaped. And he tasted great. He was a respectable 6.5 inches or so, and he fit perfectly in my mouth. I sucked him slowly and leisurely, rubbing his balls while I tried to deepthroat him. I could feel him getting close, though, so I slipped my mouth off of him and turned again. This time, to Matt’s engorged cock.

Matt’s pubic hair was shaved away, and his pelvis above his cock smelled like baby powder. I licked him all over, swirling my tongue around his head as I wet his cock. I’d guess his cock was closer to 8 inches, but thin. Not too thin, but lanky like him. I tried to deepthroat him too, but that wasn’t gonna happen. So instead I drooled down his shaft, lubing him up for my hand. His hand slipped beneath the tables and stroked my hair as I bobbed up and down on his slick cock. When his fingers twisted tightly in my hair, I knew he was about to blow, so I immediately stilled and grasped the base of his cock firmly to hold him off. It worked, and I soon turned my attentions to Connor.

Connor’s 8 inch cock was remarkably thick, not unlike Tim’s, but not quite as big around. I licked my lips in anticipation and gently kissed the head of him before sliding him as deep into my throat as possible. I sucked gently, savouring the taste of him. His hand soon found the back of my head, encouraging me to move a little faster. I happily obliged and slurped my way up and down his dick. I was getting a little too enthusiastic, however, and didn’t notice when he gripped my hair tightly, blowing his load straight down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could, some of it escaping my lips and dribbling down my chin.

I wiped my face off on my sleeve and moved on to the next cock: Justin’s. His was as thick as a pop can, but only 7 inches. Not that 7 inches is bad. But I was still thinking of Tim’s monster cock splitting me in two. I started by sucking Justin’s balls into my mouth one at a time, slowly jerking his cock as I sucked. He seemed to enjoy my attentions as his cock was stiffening even further as I gargled his balls. Eventually though, I trailed my tongue to his cock, licking from base to tip. It was hard getting my mouth around Justin’s dick, which was possibly even thicker than Tim’s. I really couldn’t stop thinking of Tim. I did my best though, enthusiastically applying everything I’d ever learned about sucking cock. When I felt Justin getting close, I eased off, having learned my lesson.

Then I was facing down the final cock. Frank’s 7 inch dick was very average looking. It was average in width and length, but I was having too much fun to think much about it. I eagerly swallowed his cock as deep as I could and ran my hands up his thighs as I sucked, lightly scratching his legs as I went. I was feeling brazen now. I unbuttoned my top and tossed it aside, along with my bra, and I played with my nipples as I sucked and licked the cock in front of me.

My pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the second, and again, I wasn’t paying enough attention. Suddenly, Frank pulled out of my mouth and sprayed his cum all over my face. I kind of chuckled to myself, enjoying the feeling of his hot cum all over me.

One by one, the guys dropped out of the game until it was Connor facing down Tim. I alternated between sucking off Connor and sucking off Tim, with the occasional foray into the pool of losers. By now, I’d swallowed 4 loads, been cummed on twice, and I was dripping wet. In fact, I had lost my shorts at some point in the last hour and now I was fingering myself. What a day to go commando!

I wasn’t paying attention to who was winning, but it became clear who had triumphed when Connor slumped back against his chair and Tim shouted, “Ha!”

I pulled my mouth Escort Karaburun off Tim’s monstrous cock and crawled out from under the table. “So? What’s the order?” I asked.

Tim looked at me with a mischievous smile and stood, his erection bobbing as he did. “Here’s whats gonna happen. We’re going to fuck you in shifts. Me, Matt, and Connor first, then Keith, Frank, and Justin. Three at a time. Think you can handle it?”

I was immediately reminded of Pam Poovey from Archer, as “Sploosh!” splashed across my mind. I was sure I could handle it. “Bring it on.” I said.

In the master bedroom…

Connor’s king size bed was going to come in handy now. Tim laid down on the bed, his impressive erection still rock hard. He motioned for me to come over. I knew where he was going with this, and I climbed onto the bed next to him, positioning myself above his cock. I slowly sank down until I could feel his cock at my soaked pussy entrance. Grabbing my hips gently, Tim guided me all the way down onto his cock. Every time I thought he was all the way inside me, his cock kept going. Finally, my ass reached his balls. He pulled me forward and kissed me, and as he did, I could feel someone probing at my asshole. I looked back to see Connor pouring lube onto his thick cock and smiled. I loved anal, and I’d always wanted to try double penetration. Now I got to try triple penetration.

As Connor slowly worked his way into my ass, I was presented with Matt’s long, thin dick. I dutifully opened my mouth and he moved forward so I could suck him. When Connor finally managed to spear my ass, I felt full. More full than I’d ever felt. And I was in ecstasy. I almost immediately came as they all, practically in unison, pulled out and pushed back in. Then they started up fucking me. They eventually found a rhythm and I was on cloud 9.

It took 45 minutes for Connor to blow his load this time. I guess the first orgasm helped him last longer, which made me extremely happy. As Connor pulled out, his cum leaked out of my asshole. Tim wasn’t far behind, coating the inside of my pussy with his hot semen. That triggered another orgasm in me. Matt actually lasted the longest. It took him an hour to cum. I wasn’t disappointed though. His cum was hot and salty, but I liked it. I swallowed it obediently.

Then Tim told Justin to lay down on the bed. I mounted him swiftly, nowhere near satisfied for the night. Just as quickly as I’d jumped on Frank, Keith started rubbing his cock along my asshole. It was a nice change to have his smaller cock inside me, instead of Connor’s monster.

Frank brought his hard cock to my attention by smacking me in the face with it, then he grabbed my hair, forcing my head back, and inserted his dick in my waiting mouth.

The combined friction of Justin and Keith double teaming me caused me to cum again, this time squirting all over Justin’s pop can and moaning into Frank’s dick. Keith picked up the pace, nearing orgasm. I was slightly disappointed as I wanted it to last longer, but the sensations Justin was eliciting in my pussy were enough to distract me from the disappointment. I was so enthusiastically sucking Frank’s dick because of how hot this was making me, that he blew his load down my throat not 5 minutes after Keith pulled out of my ass.

Now it was just me and Justin. He grabbed my tits and played with my nipples, sending me over the edge once again, and causing me to clench my pussy on his thick cock. It didn’t take much longer for Justin to pop, adding to the mass amount of cum leaking out of me.

I flopped down on the bed, relaxing finally, in a state of bliss. That was when Tim rolled me over, and lifted my hips. “Not so fast. Not everyone has fucked your pussy or ass. We should all get a turn.”

“Hey, that wasn’t the deal! How about you all just fuck me one more time, one-on-one, and you can pick how you fuck me?” I was tired, but the promise of more orgasms had piqued my interest.

The men looked at each other, shrugging and nodding, and it was decided: we would go with my suggestion.

Wasting no time, Tim rubbed his cock against my asshole. I was both terrified and thrilled by that. I had never had a cock so big in my ass! But on the other hand, there’s a first time for everything. And with that, I relaxed my ass as much as possible, giving Tim a more pliant asshole to work with. And work with it, he did. He slowly pushed against my rosebud, pressing firmly, until the head of his gargantuan Karaburun Escort Bayan dick was inside me. He added more lube to his already greased up cock, and pushed further. As he slid into me incrementally, I moaned, and eventually, I started to push back against him. He took that as his cue to speed up, and soon he was pounding himself into my ass, balls slapping against my well used pussy.

Tim had lasted quite a while the first round. I was expecting a long, luxurious fuck out of him, but apparently the tightness of my ass was too much for him, because after only 20 minutes, he came, coating my insides.

Apparently it was Matt’s turn now because he mounted me from behind as well, driving his cock into my tingling pussy. I almost cried as the next orgasm overtook me. My body was on fire, and the best part was the heat in my pussy. Matt came hard not 15 minutes into fucking me. I ground my ass against his hips, trying to extract the last bit of pleasure his softening cock could offer before he withdrew. I needn’t have worried, though, for his cock was soon replaced by Frank’s.

Frank was rougher, and less patient than Tim. He climbed atop me and drove his cock up my ass without warming me up. He must have figured that Tim had warmed me up enough. Though it hurt at first, it wasn’t at all unpleasurable. In fact, it was one of the rare times a man has gotten me to squirt pussy juices while being fucked anally. That was an intense orgasm. So intense that it caused Frank to cum in unison with me.

After Frank vacated my ass, I felt someone massaging my sopping wet, cum-filled pussy. I didn’t know whether to moan or cry, with how tired my poor pussy was getting. But whoever it was knew their way around a clit, because mine was now throbbing under his fingers. I cried out as I squirted again, soaking his fingers. Then I felt his cock rubbing against my pussy lips. What Keith lacked in length, he made up for in enthusiasm. He fucked me like a rabbit, hammering his cock into my pussy like his life depended on it. When he finally came, his fingers found my clit again and I came right along with him.

Justin was ready to go next, but first he wanted me to wet his cock. Apparently he was going to fuck me in the ass. So I slobbered my spit all over him, to make for an easier entry. Justin was thankfully more patient than Frank, but less so than Tim. He pushed in a little too hard, too fast, but he quickly made amends by bringing me to my 16th orgasm that night. Justin was fucking me in long, slow strokes, and my ass fucking loved that. So did his cock it seemed, since he made it about 15 minutes before cumming in my ass.

Now, all that was left was Connor. He had already fucked my mouth and my ass, so my hope was that he would go for my pussy. I was not disappointed, but I was surprised. He rolled me over to take me in missionary. I blushed. After everything I’d done that night, I blushed. And he smiled when he saw it. He slowly eased himself into me, kissing me gently as he did. It was less like fucking and more like lovemaking. I could feel the tenderness he was exuding all the way down to the tip of his cock. His wonderful cock.

We lay like that, entwined, for almost 40 minutes before Connor was ready to cum, but instead of burying his cock in me and cumming inside me, he pulled out and aimed his cum at my tits. He mostly hit my belly, but it felt so nice. I was in a haze. I hadn’t even noticed the other guys climbing onto the bed around me. But one by one, they let fly, spurting cum all over my body, hitting my face, my breasts, my pussy… It was my first bukkake, my first gangbang, my first triple penetration… a lot of firsts.

Connor helped me up off the bed, and led to me to en suite bathroom. He turned the shower on for me and pulled a towel off the rack. hanging it next to the shower door. “Get yourself cleaned up. I’ll loan you a shirt to sleep in.” He said, then he left me to shower.

While I was showering, Connor was sending the boys home and changing the sheets. When I emerged from the shower, a bit sore, but wholly relaxed, Connor was laying in bed, pajama bottoms on, and a matching pajama top lay next to him. Dropping my towel on the tile floor, I walked to the bed and pulled the cozy top over my head. “Thanks for letting me stay the night, Connor. I really appreciate it.” I said as I climbed into bed.

“You know, I’ve liked you for a long time,” he said, “And I never had the guts to even tell you. You’re a hell of a lot gutsier than I am.”

“That’s debatable,” I laughed, “Who suggested a gangbang tonight?”

“Fair point,” he conceded, laughing. “You should stay over more often.”

“I’d love to,” I said with a smile.

And with that, I snuggled into Connor’s arms, my back to his chest, and fell quickly to sleep.

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