Brave New World Ch. 02

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After my best friend propositioned me to join her and her boyfriend in a three-way to celebrate his birthday, I turned to another old college friend for advice. Her advice led me to my first sexual experience with a woman. Having crossed one new border, I was standing at the edge of another Brave New World.


After Kimberly and I spent a night together, I realized that there was so much about sex that I had never even imagined. She gave me the most powerful orgasms of my life. Crossing the border into lesbian love-making with her opened my mind to the beauty of unrestrained sex.

Kimberly stayed at my place the day after our initial love-making and we barely got out of bed. I stopped counting the orgasms and just enjoyed them. Late in the afternoon as I held her in my arms, our sweaty bodies recovering from a sixty-nine that overwhelmed me, I brought up the subject of the three-way with Steph and Cory.

“I think you’ve overcome the fear of girl-on-girl sex,” said Kimberly with a sly grin.

“I believe I have,” I said and moved my mouth to hers. Breaking our kiss, Kimberly asked if I were ready to join the couple.

“What would it be like, though?” I asked. “Would Steph and I have sex while Cory watches? Do we like try to do it all at the same time? How the heck would that work? God, Kimberly, I have so many questions.”

She ran her fingers lightly over my bare flesh. “Marnie, I think any three-way finds its own rhythm. Are you willing to have sex with Cory? I mean let him inside you.”

“I think so,” I said and then added, “Definitely, if Steph still wants to do it.”

“Will he have to wear a condom?”

“Shit, I never thought about that. What do you think?”

“Talk to Steph,” Kimberly said. “Ask if they’ve been tested. If she says yes and they are clean, then as long as you’re protected from pregnancy, I’d say go for it.”

I nodded in agreement.

“So, are you going to do it?” she asked.

“I suppose so. But…”

“But what?” replied Kimberly.

“What about us?”

She hugged me. “Marnie, this fulfilled one of my biggest fantasies. Would I like to continue to have sex with you? Definitely. If it never happened again, I could live with it. I’d be bummed, but I could cope.”

“Could we still be friends?” I asked.

“Friends withOUT benefits?”

I nodded.

“Yes. I would prefer we could remain friends while fucking, but I would not want to lose you. And as I told you before, someday I will get married and have kids. Until then, I would love having more of this. Who knows, even after I find a guy I probably would want more of this. This is a high water mark of my sexual life.”

Her finger slid inside me. I gasped and spread my legs. She slowly worked her finger in and out and I responded to each thrust with a soft moan. I wanted more, but I had to stop her. I pulled her hand away.

“You make me feel so good,” I said. “But I need to think about what comes next.”

“I could make you come next,” she said and rubbed my clit.

“I know you can, but please don’t. I can’t think if you’re doing that.”

Kimberly sighed and removed her hand. She sucked her finger clean of my taste. “So are you going to tell Steph about us?”

“God, that’s right. What do I tell her?”

Kimberly ran her fingers through my hair. “You don’t have to tell her anything; not now at least. Tell her you’ll join them. Afterward see how you feel. Maybe you tell her, maybe you don’t.”

“I can do that,” I said.

“Good, call her now.”


“Yes, call her and give her the good news, before you change your mind.”

“While you’re here?”

“Exactly,” said Kimberly and she kissed my breast.

“You know this is crazy.”

Kimberly reached my cell from the nightstand. She handed it to me.

Shaking my head, I called up Steph’s number and hit enter.

As the line rang, Kimberly scooted down the bed and positioned herself with her face between my legs. I began to tell her not to even think about it when Steph answered.

“Hey, Marnie.”

“Hi,” I said. Kimberly licked me. I made a sound.

“What?” asked Steph.

“Oh, just had a Coke burp,” I said. Kimberly pushed her tongue past my lips and rammed it inside. I held back a scream.

“So what’s up?” asked Steph.

I had tried to compose a way to bring up the subject of sex with her and Cory. Kimberly’s tongue purged all rational thoughts from my mind.

“I’m in.”

“In what?” asked Steph.

“In with you and Cory, if you still wanna do it.”

Steph squealed. “Oh my god, Marnie! Yes, we so want to do it! You’re sure? You’ll be cool with everything, you know, Cory and, well, with me?”

Kimberly was now sucking my clit and torturing it with her tongue. “Yeah, yeah, the whole thing. Whatever.”

“God, I’m so happy. Cory will be over the moon when we surprise him. Can we do it next weekend? Come on Friday. It’s his actual birthday. I’ll make us dinner and then you can spend the night.”

“Next weekend? Uh, sure.” alanya escort Kimberly had two fingers inside me as her tongue continued to lap my clit.

“Marnie, are you all right. You sound funny.”

“Oh, oh!” I cried as Kimberly pushed a finger into my butt.

“Oh, oh, what?”

“Oh, yes I’m fine. Can’t wait for next week. I’m coming, I mean, I’ll come over around five-thirty on Friday. Okay?”

“Perfect. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, all good. See you next week.” I was about to hang up when I remembered the condom question.

“Steph, I don’t know how to…oh shit.” Kimberly had three fingers in my pussy, one in my butt and her tongue was turning my clit into a nuclear trigger.

“Oh shit, what?” asked Steph.

“Oh, I mean it’s kinda personal and, well, I was thinking about will we need condoms. Like have you and Cory been tested lately? Oh my god.”

“Oh my god? Marnie, what’s going on? You’re not making any sense.”

“Yeah, no sense. I get it. Uh, just nervous, I guess.”

“Yes, we were tested a few months ago and neither of us has had sex with anyone else since then. How about you?”

“God, yes,” I said as Kimberly sucked my clit into her mouth.

“God, yes, you’re clean?”

“Absolutely. Got tested not too long ago and haven’t been with a guy since then and, Sweet Jesus. Gotta go. See you next week.” I disconnected and screamed. Kimberly was now tonguing my butthole as her finger pressed my G-spot. I came hard and squirted once again.

“You’re cruel,” I said once I caught my breath.

“You’re delicious,” said Kimberly. We hugged and fell asleep.

All the following week, I was on edge. I had committed to a three-way with Steph and Cory. The anticipation was keeping me awake and killing my appetite. To be fair I also had a barrel full of doubts.

This change in my life—my sex life—had happened unexpectedly and rapidly. I had long passed the point where I thought sex was immoral, but I never thought that sex with a woman or with more than one person at a time was within the acceptable boundaries established by a “good” girl. In the space of one week I was about to cross two boundaries. Was this a new world that held a promise of pleasure, or just a trip into debauchery that I would live to regret?

A remembrance of how good Kimberly’s tongue felt as it made love to my pussy helped to quell my unease. Already I was wondering if Steph would be as good. Then, the thought of having sex with Cory added to my anxiety and, at the same time, turned me on. I was mostly honest with Steph when I said I found Cory attractive. In truth I had a big crush on him. Many times I caught myself looking at his butt in tight jeans. When we went to the beach I was thankful for my dark shades so he could not see me staring at his hard chest and abs. His wet bathing suit would sometimes outline his cock and I would fantasize about taking it out and devouring it.

These sex thoughts reinforced my desire to move forward. My hesitation came from a question I posed to myself. Could I remain a “good girl” and fuck my best friend and her boyfriend? Could I be a “good girl” if I continued to see Kimberly for sex?

The only certain thing I knew was that I had made a commitment to join Steph and Cory. My anticipation grew and my resistance shrank during that week.

I received an encouraging text every day from Kimberly. She reminded me that I promised her a detailed description of my adventure with Steph and Cory and also hinted at another night in bed with her. I also received an encouraging text from Steph. She probably wanted to make sure I didn’t back out. I went from no sex with women to having two women texting me about having sex with them.

I couldn’t remember a thing I did at work on Friday, except for reading and re-reading a text from Steph. She told me that Cory was happy that I was helping them to celebrate his birthday, but he didn’t know what Steph and I were planning. She said that will be a surprise. No shit, I said to myself.

I left early at 3:30 and went home. I showered, trimmed up everything and went through another round of “what to wear.” I opted for new pink silk undies, tight jeans, pink camisole and a light yellow cotton shirt. I packed extra underwear and clean shirts. I fussed with my make-up until I couldn’t stand to do another thing. With simple silver discs in my ears, a silver chain and bracelet set, I picked up my overnight bag and headed out.

I pulled up to Cory and Steph’s apartment at twenty past five. Checking my hair and make-up one last time, I grabbed my bag and went inside. I rang their bell, hoping my heartbeat wasn’t heard inside.

Steph opened the door. We looked at each other and then she smiled. I stepped inside and into her arms.

“You look beautiful, honey,” she said. I told her she did, too. She was wearing a pink print skirt that came to her knees. On top she had a sleeveless white cotton tee. I could see the outline of a bra underneath. Her hair was pulled back aksu escort into a simple ponytail. I could smell a subtle fragrance.

Cory was standing behind her and mouthed “hell-o” as I looked over Steph’s shoulder. He wore a white polo shirt and khaki shorts. As usual his brown hair hung down over one eye. I could see the dimple in his left cheek that always made him look like a little boy.

I broke from Steph and hugged Cory. He was a coach as well as a teacher and I could feel his hard-muscled body. He kissed my cheek and told me how good it was that I was helping celebrate his birthday.

“If you only knew,” I thought.

Steph served appetizers in the living room along with wine. I’m pretty sure I ate, but couldn’t swear to it. I found myself stealing glances at Steph and then at Cory’s crotch. I hoped I wasn’t obvious.

Dinner was light and delicious, accompanied by two bottles of wine. By the end we all were buzzed.

“So what’s the special dessert?” Cory asked. He looked at me and said, “All week long Steph’s been promising the most fabulous dessert. I didn’t smell any chocolate, so she has me guessing.”

“Do you think you can handle dessert?” Steph asked.


“Okay, Marnie and I will go and bring it out. I’ve hidden it. You can just sit in the living room and we’ll serve you.”

Once in their bedroom, Steph lit some candles and dimmed the lights. She then turned and kissed me.

“I am so excited, Marnie. Cory will just flip.”

I smiled. My stomach was in knots and I began to have another round of second thoughts. Maybe I should call them third, fourth and fifth doubts. I was curious about having sex and my body was ready. My mind—oh that pesky thing called self-image—was giving me fits. Could I really move forward with Steph and Cory? Was I someone who did three-ways?

“I’ve picked out some things for us to wear,” she said as she pulled a bag from her closet. I saw the familiar logo from an intimate apparel store.

“Let’s get undressed and put these on,” she said pulling off her top.

“Steph, can we slow down a bit?” Steph held her top in her hand, her breasts heaving with her breathing.

“Marnie, please don’t tell me you’re backing out? Everything’s been going so great.”

“Steph, everything includes having a nice dinner and has not included sex with you and Cory.”

Steph tossed her shirt on a chair and took my hand. She guided me to the bed and we sat on the edge.

“I know this is a big step for you,” she said. “I get that you are nervous and probably have some doubts.”

“You can say that!” I replied.

“Marnie, I love you. I would never to anything to hurt you. Tonight will be special and I know we all will have fun. You can do this, I know you can.”

“Steph, I love you, but I’m not sure that having sex with you is how to show that love.”

Steph ran her hand along my cheek. “Marnie, you are so sweet and sincere. But sometimes, you have to let the crazy bitch out of yourself. You will never find two people who care about you more and who want you to enjoy yourself as much as we want to enjoy you. Cory will be in heaven with us. You’ll see. He will make you feel so good—and so will I.”

“But what if it doesn’t work out? What if you and I end up hating each other? What if…”

Steph put her fingers on my lips to stop my rant. She smiled, leaned in and kissed me. I wanted to pull away, but the heat from her lips sealed us together. She slipped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me close. As her tongue teased my lips, I felt my fears fade as my sexual need came into full focus. I kissed back and our tongues touched.

“Honey, let’s get ready. We need to change.”

I kissed her some more, hugged her and let her help me stand. I looked at her breasts and my desire spiked. I pushed my doubts aside. If I were going to do this, I knew I had to do it with all my heart, my brain and my body.

Knowing that there was no turning back now, I began to undress. Standing nude in front of Steph was not new, but tonight it had other meanings.

“God, you are so beautiful,” she said. Her hand traced my breast. I shivered. She kissed me and our breasts touched. It felt as though our nipples were shooting flames; the heat was so intense.

Steph’s boobs were at least a size bigger than mine, but they didn’t sag. I could see her hard nipples and realized mine were equally excited. Steph laid out two black thongs and a practically transparent pair of matching teddies.

“We’re wearing these?” I asked.

She smiled and said, “For only a couple minutes, I’m sure.”

When we had put them on, Steph kissed me and pulled me to her. “Tonight will be the most special night of my life. I love you, Marnie. Thank you.” Her hand slipped inside my panty and rubbed me. My knees buckled. Steph withdrew her hand and licked her finger clean.

“Your body doesn’t lie, Marnie. You’re ready and I can’t wait to have more,” she said.

“I love you, Steph. Just so you akseki escort know, I am still scared shitless.”

“Shall we?” Taking my hand, Steph led me from the bedroom back to the living room. Cory was pouring wine into three glasses and looked up. He froze.

“Happy Birthday, darling,” said Steph.

“Happy Birthday, Cory,” I said. Steph turned and kissed me. Her hands cupped my butt and pulled me tight.

“Are you two serious?” Cory asked. His gaze continued to shift from Steph to me and back.

“I mean is this what I think it is?” he asked.

“What did you always say you wanted?” said Steph.

“Yeah, I know what I said, but I never thought it’d happen. I mean, God, Marnie, are you really going to do this?”

“Cory, I don’t dress like this for cake and ice cream,” I said as I rubbed my fingertips over my nipples. I was fully into moving forward. My mom always said, “If you’re going to do something, don’t do it halfway.” I don’t think mom had a scenario like this in mind when she gave that advice. Even so, I was taking her advice. I was ready.

“Wow, yeah,” he said struggling for words. “Steph, are you sure this is going to be all right? The three of us together? That is what we’re talking about, right?”

“Why don’t you let us undress you and then see if you want to ask that again?” Steph replied and pulled me next to Cory. Steph kissed her boyfriend. “Cory, this is so all right that I can’t even tell you. We’re all going to have so much fun.”

I thought his dimple was going to come out of the back of his head due to his wide smile. He stood.

Steph grabbed one side of his shirt and I took the other. Together, we lifted it off. Cory’s toned and tan chest was heaving. We ran our fingers along his hairless flesh. Steph took one nipple between her lips and I copied her taking the other. As our tongues and teeth teased him, Cory growled.

Dropping to our knees, we slipped off his shoes. Steph undid his belt and my hand went to his zipper. Completing our tasks we tugged down his shorts. Steph ran her hand up under his boxers and looked at me. I put my hand on his thigh and inched it up until my fingers brushed his balls.

“Oh, god,” Cory said. The front of his underwear was tenting. We removed our hands and eased the band over his erection and pulled his boxers down and then off.

From time to time, Steph had mentioned that she loved Cory’s cock. I now understood why. It was long and thick standing in front of us. It looked heavy and couldn’t go straight up; it was close to parallel to the floor. It swayed as Cory rocked with apprehension. I remember seeing it in his bathing suit or even a bulge in his jeans. Now it was exposed in front of me and it was far better than any imagined picture. Cory’s erection was dark and powerful. A thick vein ran along the top side up to a large mushroom cap—the biggest I had ever seen. He kept his pubic hair trimmed short and his balls were hairless. His sac hung down and looked heavy and full. Only once had I ever sucked a guy’s balls, but I yearned to wrap my lips around one of his nuts.

“Hold his cock, Marnie,” Steph said. I wrapped my fingers around the base as far as I could, although my fingers did not meet. Steph took his tip between her lips. Cory made a sound. Slowly she took more of him into her mouth. I began to slide my hand up and down the part that was left exposed. As she fellated him, Cory placed a hand on each of our heads. I used my free hand to cup his balls. They felt better than I imagined.

Massaging a testicle, I kept stroking him more as Steph would pull back. We continued like this for a couple minutes. Steph pulled off and said, “Switch.” I knelt in front and looked at his cock. I wondered if I really could go through with this. Cory rocked forward and his tip touched my lips. All doubt evaporated as I opened my mouth and sucked my best friend’s man’s cock.

His cock filled my mouth like none I’d ever had. “Jesus, that feels so good,” Cory said.

His large cock moved in and out. My eyes were watering, but I was determined to do the best I could. I think I succeeded because Cory said he was at his limit. He gently stroked my head and ran his fingers through my hair. He said how beautiful I looked. Our eyes locked. Fixing his gaze I moved my mouth down until he was at the opening to my throat. I relaxed, breathed through my nose and took all of him inside my mouth.

“Oh, shit, Marnie. That is so good,” he whispered as his hips moved back and forth.

“Marnie, I want him to cum so he can last longer when he fucks us. Do you want it or shall I?”

I pulled my mouth away. Normally, I don’t like to swallow. I looked up at Cory. He was smiling. “Happy Birthday, babe,” I said and I took his cock deep in my mouth. As his tip pushed deep into my throat, I sucked as hard as I could. He rocked on his toes and his shaft moved even deeper. I grabbed his balls and massaged them. In seconds I felt the first shot hit the back of my throat. Fighting a gag reflex, I let him cum and cum in my mouth. I swallowed but couldn’t keep up with him. Steph moved my head away and took the last of his orgasm as I worked his cock and balls to be sure we got all he had to give. She then pulled me to her and our tongues exchanged the remnants of Cory’s explosion. He sat back on the couch in exhaustion, his cock deflating.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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