Brod: Jessica’s Dorm

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After meeting with a few of the employees of JJ Raxx, I drove back home. I never actually bought anything since I got detained by the manager and her employees in the back office.

Anyway, I was out of the car now, and I hadn’t needed much, anyway. I wasn’t sure when Jessica’s shift ended, but when I came out of the back I hadn’t seen her in the store. I decided I’d text her.

I sent her, Me: Hey, you free tonight?

Her response came quickly. It said, Jessica from UTB: No plans

Adding a last name would have made more sense than “from UTB,” but it would do to make sure I knew which Jessica I was texting.

Me: Wanna get dinner or something?

Jessica from UTB: Sure.

Me: What do you want to eat

Jessica from UTB: What do you like?

Me: I know a good Chinese place

Jessica from UTB: That sounds good.

Me: Don’t dress fancy or anything

Me: I’m just wearing almost the same thing you saw me in

Me: I have trouble with pants

Jessica from UTB: Lol, okay.

Me: What dorm are you in?

Jessica from UTB: Wallace Hall

Me: Be there in an hour

I heard moaning, then felt squeezing around my cock. A hot splash against my balls and stomach. I looked down, putting my phone back on the bed. Gripping her hips, I grunted, feeling my nuts contracting. GLOOORCH. I blew a massive wad deep into her womb. My neighbor howled as she shuddered, her entire body vibrating as she came around my cock. SPLURT. SPLURT. She clutched the comforter for dear life as her belly grew bigger and bigger.

Gina was my next-door neighbor. We get along pretty well—she and most of the ladies in the neighboring houses had been happy to come to the housewarming party when I moved in. Everyone was so kind—she even brought me some good liquor.

Her curly brown mane bounced against her back as her creamy-complected ass jiggled and her enormous tits mushed into the mattress. I reached forward and gripped handfuls of her ample bust, my fingers sinking into the delightfully pliable flesh. Her hot thighs smacked against my swinging nuts, her feet brushing my ankles as her toes clawed at the carpeting below. “God, BROD! BROD! BROD!” she cried.

GLURCH. GLURCH. My cock erupted like a geyser, pints of fresh, hot, goopy jizz flooding her womb. “Mmmph, fuck, you’re tight!” I moaned. Granted, everyone was tight for me.

“Aaaauugh!” she screamed as her cunt spasmed again.

She’d seen me waddling into my house, trying to awkwardly conceal my erection. Being a kind sort of neighbor, she’d offered to help me get rid of it. I was just glad her daughter wasn’t home—that would have added at least another half hour, and I don’t like making anyone wait, let alone a girl I made a date with.

Finally, my nuts emptied. She buried her face in the blanket and moaned. I wrapped my hands around her waist and thigh and helped push her up onto the bed, turning her onto her back. Her swollen belly wobbled, my spunk sloshing audibly inside. I began pulling my cock free. “Thanks,” I sighed. That was a little relief, anyway.

“Mmmuuuuhhh,” was her reply.

“I have to shower, I’ve got a date,” I told her, smiling as I clasped her hand between mine. She gave me a squeeze and a slow nod. I put my hand on her belly. It sank into the soft, jiggling dome. Schllllrrrrrp. My cock pulled free.

I was tempted to shower here, but then I’d also be tempted to fuck her again, and the longer I spent here, the more chance that Rita would come home. So I went into the back yard and opened the gate we’d installed in the fence between our yards. I made my way into my house, leaving a trail of thick, pancake-sized dollops of seed. I got to the shower and turned it up cold, using the showerhead to soak my cock and balls. It took about twenty minutes, but finally, my cock began to soften.This is why I’d told Jessica I’d be an hour. It took a while to get my cock to go down.

I put on new clothes and left about fifteen minutes later. I wasn’t worried about impressing Jessica, she seemed to be friendly enough, plus, no one dressed up to go to Chan’s Garden. In another fifteen, I was rolling through the campus of the University of Tocobaga Bay. I was on this campus regularly—maybe a couple times a month. I made a lot of friends there, and I was normally welcome at the parties. It also provided a lot of the attendees at the parties I hosted sometimes.

Here and there, a few people waved at me. Mostly girls, but a few boys, too—they recognized the car. I drove over to Wallace Hall. Campus parking was always an issue. I called Jessica.

“Hey, Brod!” she greeted me, sounding rather perky.

“Hey there! I’m outside, come down,” I said.

“Oh, right, I’ll be down in a minute,” she replied. “See you!”


A few minutes later, she came out of the dorm’s front door, walking across the sidewalk towards the road. Her wide hips swayed back and forth. She was wearing a pair of high-waisted shorts Anadolu Yakası Escort and a loose-fitting sleeveless top, along with a pair of sandals.

Her dark mane hung in loose curls, and it swung back and forth as she looked around. A few cars were parked in front of the building, and it appeared she didn’t know which one was mine. I opened the door and stepped out, smiling.

Her round face scrunched up as she squinted at me. “Brod? Hey … I didn’t realize that was you,” she said, shifting from confusion to a smile as she came up to me. Her eyes darted to my package, but mostly, she looked at my face.

A redhead entering the dorm waved at me and hollered, “Hey, Brod!”

I grinned and waved back, but my attention was quickly back on Jessica. “You look wonderful,” I said.

“Are you being sarcastic? Cause you told me to dress down,” she said, drawing up a corner of her mouth.

“I told you to dress down so you wouldn’t distract everyone. Look at you. C’mon, you must grab lots of attention,” I told her, putting my hand on her shoulder.

“Ooh. Aren’t you a flatterer,” she said with a little grin.

I chuckled. “Come on.” I put my hand on her hip and brought her to the passenger side, opening the door.

She shook her head as she stepped up into the seat. “This is really your car?”

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t it be?” I leaned against the car.

“No, how old are you?”


“And you pick up college girls?” she shook her head.

“You seem mature enough,” I said.

There was a group of girls walking on the opposite side of the street that waved at me. I waved back with a smile.

“How much of the campus are you fucking?” she asked. “I heard about what you did at the store.”

A car rolled by, beeping in annoyance as it swerved around me. I went around and got in the driver’s seat. “Well, I uh … I get really horny,” I said lamely. “If it makes you uncomfortable, I’ll understand.” I said, pulling out, my bulge hanging down the front of my seat.

She chuckled. “I wouldn’t say that,” she said, full lips painted a maroon that went well with her dark caramel complexion. “How come you’re taking me out if you can just … you know, whatever, all these girls?”

“I like you,” I chuckled. “I can’t take a girl out for dinner cause I fuck a lot?”

She rolled her eyes. “So what do you even do? I mean seriously, you dress like a bum. But you drive this car.” Her eyes went wide as she realized what she’d said. “No offense!”

“Cause this is comfortable.”

“Yeah, and then you drive this Third Street Saints Escalade.”

A couple more ladies and a cute boy waved at the car … it was hard to miss. A murdered-out Escalade ESV with a slight lift to allow for the larger wheels and substantial tires I’d gotten. It was starting to get dark, meaning that the purple lighting under its body and behind its grille would be visible. “I liked it,” I explained.

“Okay, then,” she said, shaking her head.

“What about you? What’s your major?” I asked.

“English,” she said.

“What do you wanna do with that?” I asked.

She rolled her eyes. “Speak English.”

I smiled. “I didn’t mean that, in, you know, the parental way.” I put on my best mustache-having voice. ” ‘Oh, well, you know, you can’t get a job in that!’ I’m seriously asking.”

“Oh! Sorry!” She sighed. “No, I wanna write, maybe teach.”

I smiled. “Heh, the nurturing sort?”

Jessica chuckled. “I don’t know exactly yet, but I like to work with words.”

“You write anything now?”

“Just some stories here and there, some uh….” She hesitated.

“What?” I smiled.


I chuckled. “Oh yeah? Of what?”

She looked at me and smiled. “Korra, Avatar, some about Borderlands, a couple other games….”

And that sparked a whole other line of conversation that lasted most of the way through dinner.

When we came back, I found a metered spot on campus and we walked back to her dorm room. Wallace Hall was a newer dorm only open to seniors and juniors. It had one and two-bedroom suites featuring little bedrooms like glorified closets. But the rooms did feature small kitchens and living areas and private bedrooms and bathrooms.

We sat down on her couch. “So what do you do, anyway?” she asked. “I mean. That car is expensive. And you’re not that old. Is your family rich?”

I shook my head. “No, I. Uh.”


“It’s just hard to explain,” I said. “Plus you might not believe me.”

“Why, what is it?” She asked.

“I get paid to knock women up?”

Jessica squinted at me. “What?”

“There’s a lot of women who want to have children by me. A few times a year I fly somewhere and … I knock some ladies up. They pay me,” I explained.

Jessica frowned. “Huh? That’s … but Ingrid told me how much you cum, what stops you from making babies?”

“A reproductive endocrinologist that we work with Pendik Escort came up with a list of supplements that like. Interferes with my sperm’s ability to penetrate an egg. They use enzymes, but this stuff I take stops those enzymes from being produced. So they sort of bump around till they die,” I explained.

“I didn’t know you could do that. I need to ask Olivia about it. Can I touch your balls?” she asked.

I nodded and turned so that I was sideways on the couch, my bulge sitting up between my legs, one leg thrown up on the cushions. Her hands began to caress my melon-sized nuts through the fabric of my shorts.

“But how does it work?” she asked. “I don’t get it.”

I chuckled. “Well, my assistant lines up a bunch of women. Online, word of mouth. She gets some paperwork and contracts done. My lawyer has contracts that they have to sign exempting me from responsibility for the kids. We rent a nice penthouse or something for a couple weeks, they come over, and I start fucking. Mostly it’s Japan, but we’ve started doing stuff in other parts of Asia, parts of South America, and she’s trying to find out if there’s interest in Europe.”

Her mouth fell open as she rubbed my nuts. “What? I don’t. H-how many women in a day?”

“Depends. Ten, twenty,” I sighed. “Those weeks are the only times I ever feel sated.”

She made a strange mewling noise in her throat. “How many have you knocked up total?” I could hear her breath deepening, saw her cheeks blushing.

“Oh, wow, uh,” I chuckled, leaning back, enjoying the ball-massage. I sighed in pleasure as she kneaded them, relaxing in the couch. I had to think for a moment. “I don’t know, thirty-three, thirty-four hundred or so? I started about four years ago.”

“Mmm! Fuck. You’re a breeding machine,” she panted. I could see a dark spot spreading out between her legs. “You sure you’re shooting blanks right now?”

I nodded. “If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here. And I’m not hard to find.” Her kneading was getting more insistent, her fingers pushing and massaging the hot flesh. I wondered if she knew she was stimulating me into making more spunk? Maybe that was what she wanted. “That feels good.”

Jessica nodded. “Can I see it again?”

“Sure,” I said, standing up to the side of the couch. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of both shorts and boxers. I wasn’t going commando this time, I wanted a bit more security. I slipped the elastic waist down, revealing the forearm-sized flaccid cock and its accompanying fleshy melons.

A gasp hitched in Jessica’s throat. “Ñooo. I can’t believe Ingrid took this thing.” She looked up at me. “Come closer?”

I smiled and stood in front of her, between her knees, giving her a faceful of cock and balls. “I just can’t believe it.” Her soft fingertips gently brushed over my sack. I could feel her breath on my cock. “You’ve fathered how many thousands of babies?”

“Hell if I know. My people told me I have a much higher chance of fathering multiples. So it could be thirty-three-some-odd-hundred, or it could be ten thousand?”

“Fuck,” she said. “Now. Uh. I’ll be honest, your cock is pretty intimidating.”

“Granted,” I chuckled.

She nodded. “You’re not going to try to shove it into me if it’s too big, right?”

“I don’t wanna hurt you. You know, just say something.”

“I mean, I’ve had sex, just not, pllbbth.” She blew a raspberry and shook her head at my cock.

“Okay. How do you wanna do this, then?”

Without answering, she leaned forward and hefted my cock with both hands, kissing its tip with moist lips. She started to run her tongue up the grooves of the glans, moaning as she tasted me. Her teeth grazed the silky skin. One hand held it steady, the other pumped slowly along the shaft. My member responded, pulsing as it grew towards her.

As my cock got hard enough to form a horizontal arch, she pumped both hands up and down its body, her hands traveling far as she did so. It was getting fatter and fatter, spreading her grip wider. She moaned as she felt the hot marbles of precum rolling from the tip onto her tongue. Jessica slurped audibly. I could feel the suction on my cock, felt the precum being pulled out more quickly, moving along its throat.

It got heavier and heavier. I could feel and see it as she exerted more force to hold it … at least until I was fully hard and my monstrous, pulsing organ stood proudly at its ludicrous full size. Well, “stood” is not an accurate term. When I’m hard, my cock hangs more at a right angle to my body. You’ve seen the pics. Regardless, it hung there, its dripping tip in her face she eagerly lapped at it. Her hot tongue only teased more and more of my hot fluid forth. It felt great. I ran my fingers through her thick hair. So soft. The glistening droplets splattered on her thighs and shorts, leaving dark circles.

“Mmmph. Fuck,” she grunted as she began to spread my pre along the dome, slipping her hand down the length, slicking Kurtköy Escort it with the shimmering fluid. “This is like a workout,” she commented. Schlick. Schlick. Her soft hands felt delicious, but they covered so little of my cock. They pumped up and down, spreading layers of pre all over my organ until it was shiny. Excess syrup rolled down to the base, flowing through the wrinkles of my sack before dripping to the floor.

I decided to slip my t-shirt off and drop it on my shorts. I kicked the pile over into the kitchen area. The damp spot in her shorts had grown significantly. She grinned and pushed me back as she stood. Jessica licked her lips as she slipped out of her top, her bra-clad tits bouncing free. Looked like her bra was too small for them by the way they were sort of muffining out. She tossed the shirt towards where my shorts were.

When she started to take hers off, I put a hand on her shoulder. “Can you turn around while you take those off?”

She tilted her head and looked into my eyes before giving a mischievous grin. “Asian boys like ghetto booty?”

I shrugged. “I do,” I laughed. “I’m so ghetto, can’t you tell?”

“Yeah,” she said with a roll of her eyes, turning around.

“God damn!” I said, making a legit “dat ass” face. Her thighs rivaled her waist, her ass cheeks were bigger than her head. Fuck! It wobbled so delightfully in front of me.

She chuckled. With a pensive look over her shoulder, she bent over, pulling her shorts down. Dat ass was a beauty to behold. I stepped forward, rubbing my hands over her curves, caressing the soft cheeks.

Jessica smiled at me, hooking her thumbs into her panties. It seemed she was gaining confidence. Wiggling her wide, wide hips, she slipped the orange tanga downward. I rubbed my hands over her rear, laying my cock against the magnificent cheeks. She let out a little cooing as my slimy syrup rolled down my organ, pouring between the lobes of her ass and flowing down her crack and thighs. I rocked my hips, grinding against her. Her hands gripped the edge of the couch and she ground back against me.

My fingertips sunk into her pliable rump as I kneaded those cheeks, licking my lips as my incredibly fat cock spread them apart. My hot precum was flowing down her back, trickling in glistening rivulets up her spine to her shoulders, to her neck and hair. Jessica stood up, arching her back. She reached back and began rubbing her hands over her ass, smearing my precum all over the skin, making it shine. My hands joined hers. I couldn’t stop groping her glorious rear. We massaged that precum in, making such lewd, squishing, slipping noises. Schlick. Squish. Glisch.

“Sit,” she said as she straightened up. I did so, turning and sitting on the couch, my cock standing up like a slimy column. Jessica smirked back over her shoulder at me and began shaking her ass. It jiggled in front of me, throwing off droplets of pre. Jiggling mounds of flesh slapped together before parting and exposing her dripping mound. My cock was pulsing and pumping hard, absolutely hungry for her.

She backed up, putting her hands on her knees. Jessica ground her ass back against my cock, wobbling as the meaty rump engulfed the tip.

“Mmm,” I moaned. “That’s good.”

“You really like my ass, huh?” she asked. “Good.” She bent over and moaned. The room was already smelling thickly of sex, a delicious musk in the air … and I hadn’t even started fucking her. She was so wet. The inviting pink sharply contrasted the rich brown of her skin. Her fleshy mound was swollen and blushing, her inner petals sticking out, all of it shining with her juices.

I licked my lips. A droplet of moisture rolled from my mouth. I realized I was salivating. She smiled and grabbed my cock behind the head, pushing it up against her entrance. Her ass clapped as she ground her mound into me, letting out a long whimpering moan. “Mmmm-ooooohhh!”

I grabbed her hips, rolling my own. I started to pull her back. I felt her pussy spreading around my softball-sized glans. It was hot, silky, so wet. Her juices dripped down my cock, streaming down its sensitive skin. I made a low growling-purr-like noise. So tight! I felt her pressing more and more weight against my cock, saw her bite her lower lip and put her hands on her knees. She closed her eyes as she felt me, spread her feet wider and wider apart so she could spread her legs further.

Shplop. “Mmmph!” I was in her. She let out a long keening as she pushed further down my cock. “So fucking big!” More and more of her weight settled on my cock, and I felt more of it slip up into her eager, swollen pussy.

I began pumping up into her, the cheap dorm-issue couch creaking under my rear and thumping against the wall as I did it. We moaned together as my cock pushed deeper and deeper into her body, centimeter by silky centimeter, steaming, combined juices trickling down my pulsing column. Her ass jiggled as she forced herself downwards. I could feel it as her hands began caressing the bulge my cock made in her lower belly.

I reached forward around her, my expert fingers slipping down to tease under her little hood, fingertips brushing and rubbing against her clit, earning another moan from her. “Oohmmm, Brod!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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