Brother Taboo Series: My Master

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“Wow, that looks delicious!”

I’m greeted in the kitchen by the pleasant smell of fresh brewed coffee and pancakes. There’s a plate loaded with them waiting for me at the table, topped with perfect, round blueberries.

“It’s really good, your brother made them for us,” Dad says, sipping on his black coffee with a content smile on his face. “He had it all ready before I got up.”

It’s unusual to have Dad around the apartment. His crazy work schedule keeps him away most of the time, though it does pay for our comfortable lifestyle in one of the most expensive apartment buildings of the city. Breakfast is one way for my brother to show him our appreciation.

“You made it all by yourself?” I ask him as I take my seat.

My older brother Henry turns his face towards me as he stands by the stove and gives me a caring look through his thick framed glasses.

“It’s nothing,” he says as he flips more pancakes. “Hurry up and eat.”

“Really Henry,” Dad adds, “I don’t know what would I ever do without you. You do all the housework, the cooking and the budget, without a single complaint. I’m blessed to have such a good son.”

“Come on, I feel like I do the bare minimum.”

“You are humble. I’m sorry I have to rely on you for everything. If I didn’t had to work so much, maybe I-“

“That’s okay, Dad,” Henry walks to me and pats my head affectionately, as he’s done ever since we were little. “You know I love looking after Laurie.”

A tingling sensation runs in between my legs as he says this and the familiar sensation of getting aroused makes it hard to focus on my food. I give a concealed glance at his crotch, almost eye level to my face, as he stands this close. I have to press my legs together, feeling my panties getting wet.

Dad finishes his coffee in one gulp, standing up to grab his coat and suitcase.

“Well then, I’m off to work. I don’t think I’ll be home early, so go on have dinner without me.”

We wait until we hear the sound of the front door closing. My heart is beating faster. I toy with a berry on my plate, rolling it with my fork, as I wait five second…ten seconds…twenty seconds…

The hand that had been stroking my hair so tenderly, now grabs a chunk of it to keeps my head firm in place. I can’t even look up.

“All right Laurie,” Henry’s voice is deep and commanding, nothing like the mellow, loving tone he used until now. “You know what’s next. Take off your panties.”

I let out a sight, relief. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

“Yes, Master.”

I had recently turned 21 when this whole thing started, and it’s almost been a year, though I must admit a part of me always wanted my brother, five years older than me, to keep me by his side forever. When we were little I even asked him to marry me.

“We can’t get married, silly, we are related.” He said back then, laughing at my innocent proposal.

“Auntie said that when people love each other, they get married.”

“There are different kinds of love. The way a brother loves his little sister is not the same way a man loves a woman.”

“But I want to be with you forever. I don’t ever want you to leave me.”

He patted my head, as he usually did when he wanted to comfort me. Our mother had recently abandoned us for her lover and Dad was never home. He was the only one I had and I never wanted anyone I loved to leave me again.

“You don’t have to worry about that,” he said giving me a reassuring smile, “because we will always be together.”

And now here we are, closer than ever, having sex in the kitchen were just a minute ago our father was complimenting him on his housekeeping abilities.

“Where do you want it?”

I’m leaning against the table, my skirt rolled up to my waist, exposing my butt to him. He’s positioned his body behind me and grabs one of my breast, pinching a nipple through the fabric of my blouse so hard it makes me scream, while sliding the other hand down my panties, caressing my most sensitive area. I press my body against him, taking on his warmth.

“From behind. Take me from behind, Master.”

I don’t get a second to catch my breath when he shoves his dick in with such intensity, I feel I’m going to break. My butt feels so full with him inside me, is maddening. He goes all the way in at once, as deep as he can, and holds it there for a few seconds as I tense and relax to get used to the pain.

I love the pain he gives me.

“Like this?” He moves his hips with a rhythmic pattern, shoving in and out harder each time, taking it almost all the way out before thrusting in again. “Is this what you want?

“Faster please, Master.”

I hold tight to the edge of the table. He is so much taller than I am and I have to stand on my toes to get on level with him. This is so hard on my legs but I resist as he picks up the pace and thrusts into me faster. I clench my butt tighter and he moans as he feels the pressure around his dick. He is panting hard, moving one hand to my throat to force my head back. My mind goes blank as I touch my pussy, rubbing my clit, while he inserts ataköy escort his long fingers in me.

“I’m coming, pet. Where do you want it?”

His dick is throbbing inside of me. He is at his limit, grunting as he holds back so I can come first.

“Inside. Let it out inside.”

“You are missing something.” His sexy deep voice is scolding. He lifts my hips higher, so much I am in the air only supported against the table and his body behind me.

“Come inside, Master. Fill me up with your cum.”

I can’t repress a loud moan than echoes through the house, as I orgasm so hard I feel I’m going to faint. My whole body relaxes, but he keeps going, drilling me deep and hard, until I feel the thick cum flooding in so warm, so precious to me.

He goes limp inside me and with a torturing, deliberate slowness, pulls out bit by bit until my butt-hole’s been left so open, the cum is dripping down my tights.

“Ah, I came a lot today. I’ll wipe it clean. Don’t move.”

He reaches for a paper towel from the kitchen counter and I remain still as he sets my feet back down on the floor, kneeling down to clean the dripping semen of my body.

“My legs are shaking so much,” I say turning around, placing my hands on his broad shoulders to regain my balance. “You were so rough.”

He remains quiet, going about wiping me clean and fixing my clothes back on me with mechanical precision, as if the whole thing was just nothing but a chore to him.

Once his warm hands leave my body, I feel so empty, so incomplete. I just came really hard but I feel myself getting turn on again, wanting more. He stands up to dispose the paper towels and zips his pants back up. I grab his hand to stop him.

“Do me again.” I say. “I want to feel you again.”

“I don’t want you to be late for class. You have less than ten minutes to get ready.”

“That’s plenty of time. Please, play with me some more, Master.”

I stand on my toes to reach his face, looking for his lips. But all I get is a scowl as he pushes me away.

“What a naughty pet you are,” he says turning away from me, heading to brush his teeth. “You are too much trouble, Laurie. Get ready to leave now. It’s an order.”

Game time is over. Is back to reality now.

I get a lot of looks as I walk down the street. I’m barely a B cup on my breast but I have learned how to take advantage of my petite figure. I know I have my lady charms. Even my friends mock me saying I look like a pin-up girl; pale skin, tiny waist and nice, firm legs. I play along dressing like one, rocking my miniskirts, wearing stocking up to my thighs, high heels and cute accessories. I even do my hair in two high pigtails, dying it a dark shade of blue to give me that extra surreal touch.

Henry looks at me, laughing.

“You take this to another level.” He says as we walk to the bus station. “I can’t tell if this is just a phase or if you are serious anymore.”

“You don’t think I’m cute?”

“All brothers think their little sisters are cute.”

Do all sisters think their older brothers are handsome? I doubt it. But mine is. We look pretty much alike, except he is so much more taller and broader than I am. And, of course, he still keeps his natural hair color; a dark shade of brown that reminds me of melted chocolate, so shiny and soft to the touch I can spend hours running my fingers through it. Growing up he had terrible crooked teeth but after years of braces, they are now perfectly straight and white, which makes his sweet smile stand out a lot more. All that, paired with his semi-formal style of dressing, the glasses he wears and his caring attitude, makes him look like the type of nerdy boy you could spot at comic book conventions, fond of geeky stuff and video games. It’s the perfect cover. I’m the only one who gets to witness and enjoy his darker, more playful side.

We get on the bus, which is packed to the roof as usual. That’s the price for living in the city. Can’t help but deal with overpopulation.

He’s been taking me to school ever since we were little. Now that I go to college, things are no different. Even when it forces him to walk an extra 30 minutes to his job, he still takes the bus with me every day and makes sure I get well to my destination. I like it. It makes me feel safe and keeps at bay the pervs that would otherwise try to take advantage of me.

We take a place on the end of the bus, standing up because there are no more seats available. Everyone is busy on their phones or talking, so no one is paying attention.

Game starts.

“I need it.”

That’s all I have to say. There’s no acknowledgment in his face, not even a betraying look. But he’s heard me, and soon enough is arm is around my body, as if he is just securing me so

I won’t fall. Nothing a good older brother wouldn’t do.

He slides his hand down my back, in between my legs, careful not to lift the skirt too much, pretending to be leaning forward to rest on the seat in front of him just to get down enough for me. Moving my panties to the side, he presses his thumb around avcılar escort the brim of my butt-hole, where I’m still wet from early. I hold on to by purse, struggling to repress all my reactions.

“I need more.”

A wet, long finger goes inside me, moving in and out. The trick is to pretend nothing is happening. We are so far back, hidden behind all these people, no one can see that I’m getting fingered by the man next to me, nor that we look so much alike is evident we are related.

I take my smartphone out, pretending to type but I’m already breathing hard. He inserts another finger without me asking and his moves become more intense. I’m still hurting from this morning but I lift up my butt a bit more to give him more access. He picks up on the queue and goes in even deeper, pressing twisting his fingers inside to give me more sensation. I press my lips hard, hoping to repress a moan. The reflection on my smartphone’s screen reveals my pang expression, as if something is hurting. My cheeks grow hot and I blush but when I peek into his face, his expression is calm and relaxed, almost bored. Just another passenger in the bus, minding his own business.

The bus comes to an abrupt stop, so sudden it sends us crashing forward. Henry holds me by the waist with both hands, to prevent me from hitting my head on the seat in front of me.

“Whoa, be careful you moron!” yells one passenger to the driver.

“He’s gonna get us killed,” replies another.

The general commotion subsides and my brother turns to look to at my face, eyes full of concern.

“Are you okay?”

I simply nod, too hot to say anything without my voice sounding strange.

He smiles. I love that smile, that sweet reassuring smile that makes me feel not a thing in this world can go wrong. But just as soon as it comes, it vanishes away and his brown eyes grow darker and devilish.

“Then, let’s continue.”

Three fingers in and I just want to cry in pleasure now. I don’t care if they see. I don’t care if we are caught. The feeling is just so intense, I want to get carried away.

His lips reach my ear casually enough not to drag attention, just a brother sharing a secret with his sister:

“You are not allowed to come here. Hold it in. I don’t permit you to break rule one.”

I breathe in deeply, trying to calm down, which is impossible with his long fingers inside me, teasing the inside of my butt in that intense way he knows I love so much.

“Please, let me, Master…”

He takes his fingers out and slides my panties back into place, pinching the fabric on one side to make it slap against my skin.

“Don’t call me that in public. You are grounded now.”

“Not fair, I-“

“Shh. We are almost at your stop. Get yourself presentable.”

I do as he says and arrange my clothes on me again. I am so wet, so horny, the lingering desire still running through my hot skin and he won’t even let me come.

The bus arrives at my stop. He slaps my butt as I move towards the exit, taking advantage of the general noise and distraction of the passengers getting off the bus and I turn to look my head to give him a last look before the bus drives away. I guess I’ll have to walk to classes by myself today.

I’m turned on, frustrated and hurt.

I have the best brother in the world but he is very hurtful some times.

I feel lost when my brother is not with me. The world seems such an unwelcoming place without him, devoid of color or anything fun. I was always very dependent of him, and no even my body can’t function without his touch.

I keep walking by the station, distracted by my thoughts and my unsatisfied desires, without paying attention where I’m going. I hadn’t noticed the “wet floor” sign and my heels, that can’t get a grip on slippery hall, send me crashing forward right into someone’s back.

“Oops. I’m sorry. I didn’t see you.” I say, rubbing my now sore nose. The person turns around and a pair of firm hands grab me tight by my arms, so I don’t fall.

“No, it’s not your fault. I was distracted.”

I look up at the person I just assaulted and I’m surprised to meet the young looking face of a man, probably around my age, wearing a mail man’s uniform.

Maybe is because I’m still horny but seeing this cute looking guy in uniform sends my mind racing. Before I know it, my face has turned bright red and my cheeks feel hot. I look away toying with my hair, but neither of us seems to be moving out of the way of the other. His eyes are on me but when I meet them, there is no lust in them just like in the eyes of every guy I have to deal with. They are different, honest, almost concerned.

“Are you all right, miss? Looks like you are about to cry.”

I check my face again in the reflection of my smartphone, unaware of how distressed Henry’s games had made me.

“I’m okay. It’s just one of those days, you know?” I say.

“Yeah, I know.”

He lets out a sight, shuffling the letter he’s holding in his hands. His eyes grow somber and I can almost read the pain they are trying to hide. beylikdüzü escort I take a minute to analyze his face. He has messy brown hair, dark hazelnut eyes, and a long straight nose that suits him in and odd way. Barely taller than me, slim and so pale it almost seems he’s never been under the sun, he looks so familiar to me I can’t help but think I’ve met this guy before. Not only that, I feel as If I have known him for a long time, like a long lost childhood friend.

“Do I know you?” I finally ask, tapping on his wrist to get him to look at me. His eyes widen in surprise, along with his melancholic smile.

“Curious, I was about to ask the same thing.” he replies, as he leans a bit closer to take a better look at me.

“Which school did you go to?”

“I studied at home. Never been to any school.”

“Summer camp?”

He shakes his head.

“I’m sorry miss. Truth is, I’m not even from this city. I just moved in a couple of weeks ago and started working as a messenger.” He pats the envelopes in his hands. “Unless I’ve delivered something to you, I doubt I have seen you before.”

“Maybe in social networks.” I press on, sure that he’s in my memories somehow. “Seven degrees of separation might be a valid theory after all. You might be a friend of a friend.”

He chuckles, a tiny smile reaches his almond eyes. This is a new found feeling for me: I’m not only turned on, I’m moved by his every gesture.

I want him. I want him now.

“I’m holding you back.” he says apologetically, stepping aside to allow me enough room to walk. “I’m sorry, you must be busy. I better let you go now. Please have a good day.” He turns his back on me but I grab him by the sleeve of his uniform, a bold move even I am surprised of.

I’m not even sure what I’m about to say. He raises one eyebrow expectant of my words. I think of what I want: his fingers inside me, his mouth sucking on my nipples. Oh, how easy it would be to seduce him and how lucky he should be that I let him.

I think of Henry.

“No, it’s nothing.” I say at last, letting go of him. “You too have a good day.”

The moment he walks away from me, I feel empty again. Incomplete. Lost in the world.

From the bottom of my heat, I wished I could meet this guy again.

“Say it. I want to hear you say it.”

My body is pressed between the wall and Henry’s body. Is late that night and Dad is home. He moves his hand out of my mouth but pushes the dildo I was playing with deeper inside my butt, twisting it around to get the texture to rub my insides. I shiver, trying to catch my breath enough to speak.

“Don’t get caught. Never get caught.”

That’s the answer he demands of me. He leans down and bites my shoulder and I can’t repress a moan. Dad is in the living room, and we are in the hall between my room and Henry’s. I forgot that we were not alone. In an attempt to seduce him and have him forgive me for my carelessness this morning, I walked up to him wearing nothing but a short top to cover my breast and my favorite pink dildo deep in my ass.

“You are trouble Laurie.” He says, panting hard, fucking me with it. “Don’t you understand I do this to protect you? That I only care about you?”

“I do, Master. I do.” I wrap my arms around his broad shoulders, letting him lift me up and shove me back into my room. He throws me in bed, the motion causes the dildo to fall out. My whole body is twisting and ready to receive him. I open my legs wide, completely exposing my pussy and ass for him to make his pick which hole to penetrate.

“Fuck me, Master.” I plea. “Fuck your little pet.”

He steps back scowling, fixing his glasses back on his face.

“Not when Dad is home. You are getting careless, Laurie. It makes it really difficult to protect you when you are inconsiderate like that. I’ll to have to ground you again.”

“No, please!”

Before I can say anything more, he slams the door shut on me, leaving me alone in my dark room, half naked and burning with desire.

“Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes.” He says from the other side of the door, using the same sweet and loving tone of voice he puts on when there’s people around. “I hope you are hungry. I made spaghetti.”

“I’ll be there soon.” I say, loud enough to make sure Dad hears it, wiping the tears of frustration off my face. Is the second time today he leaves me unfulfilled.

It was never my intention to end up as submitted pet to my brother. But in way, I guess it was inevitable.

I used to press my ear against the wall, to hear him gasp and moan as he touched himself at nights. His raspy groans sent shivers down my spine and filled my mind with all kinds of dirty thoughts. There really is something to be appreciated about the way a guy moans when he feels pleasure. It’s something so primal, so wild, it gets me going every time. Porn movies don’t do any justice, with the girl yelling so loud to the point is rather annoying. Henry’s deep bass voice was pleasant enough when you heard him talk in a regular conversation, but the way he groaned when he was making himself feel good took the sexiness of it to a whole other level. I could not resist to be part of that. Sometimes I would touch myself too and moan to the wall to have him hear me. This went on for years and at times, when Dad was not home, I would get louder and louder and say all kinds of dirty things.

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