Burning Love

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I don’t know how you could love me, but somehow you do. I can see it in your beautiful brown eyes as you look into mine, sparkling as I stare into the universe that sees only me. I smile at you, a small and private smile, the kind I only give to you. You smile back at me as I draw closer to you, I can’t resist you, I never was able to. I wrap an arm around you and hold you gently against me. I slowly move my hand up and down your back and slowly caress the side of your face with my other hand as you wrap your arms around me. My heart racing, I run my hands thru your thick brown hair and I kiss you lovingly, the taste of your soft lips making my knees weak. I gently hold the back of your neck as we kiss, massaging it softly. I feel your lips part as you slowly slide your tongue into my mouth, I don’t resist, but rather intercept your tongue with mine, rubbing it against yours softly. I tighten my hold on you, pull your body closer to mine as we kiss, my hand holding the back of your head and playing with your hair as I gently push your tongue back into your mouth, only to have mine follow a few moments later. My body aches to be with you, to be one with you, we can never be close enough.

Still in our embrace, we clumsily move towards the bed, paying no heed to the furniture that is in the way. The back of your thighs press against the bed and you slowly wrap a leg around one of mine. I move my hands down along your sides until they finally reach your hips. I massage your thigh thru the fabric of your skirt and slowly slide my hand under it. I move my hand along your soft skin and gently squeeze your thigh as my lips begin to move down your slender Konya Escort neck passionately. You throw your head back, a soft moan escaping from your open lips as I place an arm around the small of your back. You wrap your arms around my neck tightly, pulling my lips to you as I kiss and tease with my tongue. Lifting yourself up, you wrap your other leg around me. I hold you close to me, supporting your weight as you move your legs up to wrap around my waist. I lift you up on the bed and slowly let my weight fall on you.

I place my hands under the fabric of your top and slowly begin to pull it off, the warmth of your soft skin burning my fingers as I do. I continue kissing and teasing your neck, only to stop for an eternal moment as I pull your top over your head and throw it aside. I look down at your bare chest and smile at you. You grin at me, staring into my eyes and wink. I place both my hands on your stomach and slowly move my hands up to seize your breasts. I lean over to kiss your neck and begin to make my way along your collarbone. I squeeze your breasts softly in my hands and use my index and thumb to very gently pinch and roll your nipples rewarding me with a moan that escapes your mouth as you arc your back in pleasure. You begin tugging on my shirt, slowly pulling it off of me. I stop kissing and fondling your breasts long enough for you to pull my shirt free, only to have me engulf one of your breasts with my mouth. I playfully tease your nipples with my lips and tongue as you let out another plaintiff moan.

My hands slowly slide down your sides and undo your skirt. I slowly kiss my way down your stomach, Konya Escort Bayan teasing your belly button with my tongue. I remove your skirt and slowly begin to peel your panties off. I kiss every inch of your burning flesh as I slowly remove you undergarments. As I reach your knees, I swiftly pull your panties the rest of the way and throw them on the floor. You sit up in bed and fiddle with my pants, undoing them and pulling them down my thighs. You tug on my boxers, impatient to see the object of your desires, until it finally pops out from its hiding place. I promptly kick my pants and boxers out of the way and you grab a hold of my swollen member. You gently kiss the tip of the head and tease it with your tongue, tasting my pre cum. You slowly slide it in your mouth and use your soft tongue to massage the underside of my bulging member. You gently move your hands along the shaft and gently cup my balls. Not wanting me to get too excited, you slowly pull away from my penis and stroke it a few times as you lay back in bed.

You spread your legs open before me and wink at me, pointing down at your sex. I wink back at you as I slowly lower my mouth over your swollen clit. I gently rub your inner thighs as I softly press my lips on you. You moan loudly as my hands get closer to your already excited vagina. I gently rub your clit between my index and thumb as I quench my thirst by savouring your sweet honey. You grab my hair, pushing my head down on you as my tongue slowly slides in and out of you. Your body quakes, aching for release as I slowly slide two fingers inside of you and slowly begin to tease your clitoris with my Escort Konya mouth once more.

You pull my head away from your sex, regretting it the instant you do, but bring me to your mouth. I kiss you deeply, my lips and chin glistening with your sweet honey. You slide your tongue in my mouth eagerly, tasting yourself in it. You slide your hands down my chest, pinching my nipples and rubbing my stomach, before finally grabbing hold of my blood engorged penis. You slowly guide it to the opening of your pussy and I lower myself into you. We both gasp for breath as I slowly inch my way inside you, wrapping my arms around you to hold you close to me. You wrap your arms and legs round me, trying to prevent any escape I may try, as if I would ever want to leave you. I smile and kiss you deeply, our tongues darting at one another, rubbing against each other as we do. I slowly caress the sides of your face as our hips move in unison, knowing our hearts are beating at the same pace. You tighten your hold on me, squeezing the air from my lungs and pulling me close to you. Your breathing becomes frantic and you moan loudly as my lips find the corner of your neck. I wrap my arms around you, holding your close against me. Your body begins to convulse, your arms and legs squeezing me and releasing me rapidly. Feeling the same sensation on my swollen member, I explode inside you, my orgasm sending waves of pleasure thru my body and thru yours for what seems like an eternity.

Our bodies slowly stop shacking and we both lay in bed, unmoving, recuperating from the intense pleasure we have just felt. Still on you, and in you, I hug you close to me, cuddling against you. I smile at you when I see you looking back at me, your blissful eyes reminding me of your love. I kiss your lips softly and nuzzle against your neck. We close our eyes and I softly whisper in your ear how lucky I am to have you and just how much I love you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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