Buses Suck

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Buses suck! At least I thought so, until one memorable ride. I was nineteen, and trying to get home for the holidays from the military base. I only had a little dirt bike to zip around the base, so my only option for getting home was the bus. I got on, and the rear seat was open. A long bench, kind of a double seat that spanned the area next to the restroom. I leaned against the window and closed my eyes, it was going to be a long trip.

I hardly noticed the passenger that took the rest of the seat, until I felt weight push against my side. I was about to be rude to the interloper, when I got a better look at her. I guessed that she was from the college near the base. Her long, dark hair cascaded across her shoulder and obscured her face. A long pair of jean covered legs stretched out into the aisle. I moved a little, to free up my trapped arm. She started to stir.

“Ssshhh, It’s okay.” I said softly. “Go back to sleep.”

“Mmmm, okay.” Was all I got back.

She nestled in to my shoulder, and the light fragrance of her hair was quite pleasant. My arm lay over her shoulder, and lightly rested on one of her small, apple sized breasts. She didn’t seem to notice, or mind as the case may be. Her soft breathing was even relaxing for me, and I dozed off for a bit, myself.

We pulled in to a large terminal at a big city, about halfway into the journey. The sudden quiet and the bright lights woke us up. She sat up and brushed the smooth hair from her face. It was a beautiful face. Dark brown eyes, set over high cheekbones, a small nose, and thin lips in front of a really nice smile. She didn’t say anything at first, so I jumped in.

“Your pillow’s name is Tom.” I told her.

“Mine’s Megan.” She offered.

“Want some coffee or something?” I asked

“Sure, but I need a bathroom, first.”

We exited the bus and headed for the restrooms inside. I watched her long legs carry her tight little butt across the large terminal, as I found the “men’s” nearby. We met at the coffee stand, and we smoked and shared small talk, until they announced our bus. We retrieved our rear seat, and settled in for the four hour trip to my destination. She was going on for another hour after that.

I had noticed that she wore no bra. When she stretched, her almanbahis adresi tiny nipples were quite visible under her sweater. Her head once again rested on my shoulder, and we were silent as the bus pulled out into the darkness. My hand found its place on her breast, and she didn’t object to the light pressure I applied. I thought she had gone back to sleep when her hand “fell” into my lap and covered the bulge in my jeans.

Her warm hand, combined with my thoughts, was causing my limp lizard to inflate, and become the eight-inch dragon I carried. I had always thought it to be rather average, but several girls/women re-assured me that it was anything but “average”. Megan’s hand moved over the growing bulge, as if to size it up.

She took her hand away, and reached into her jacket pocket. She passed something into my hand. I quickly discovered that it was her panties! I held them near my face and inhaled the sweet aroma of her sex. She must have removed them at the bus stop, with ideas in her mind.

“Mmm, Nice!” I exclaimed softly.

Then she picked up her head and turned it to face mine. Our lips were inches apart, so I took a chance, and lowered mine to hers. She kissed back, softly, almost shyly. I probed her soft lips with my tongue, and her mouth opened to invite my exploring tongue inside. Her tongue met mine, and we kissed hot. Our hands got busy, tracing out each other’s body. Mine went under her sweater, and confirmed the lack of a bra. Her firm breasts were warm, the nipples were stiff, like erasers on a pencil. Megan’s hand continued to rub my erection through my jeans, and I could feel the pre-cum oozing from the tip.

My wandering fingers trailed down her stomach and over her flat belly, to the denim covered mound between her thighs. She shifted on the seat, and her legs opened to allow better contact. I palmed the soft flesh through the heavy fabric, and her hips rolled up to press against my hand. I took the hint, and thumbed the button at her waist. I got not resistance as I slid the zipper down, and placed my hand on her belly.

She moaned softly as my fingers moved under the rough fabric and found the slit of her sex. Her belly was very smooth, all the way down, as if there were no hair around her mound. almanbahis adresi I found she was very wet, down there, and my longest finger slid easily into the hot, moist hole of her vagina. She gasped as a second finger followed the first. “Ohmigod, that feels so good!” Megan exclaimed in a whisper.

Megan’s fingers were not idle, as she swiftly unfastened my belt and pulled down my zipper. She discovered that I wore no briefs, as the throbbing cock sprung into her soft hand instantly. She held the soft foreskin lightly, not sure of it. “Mm-mm.” I nodded. “Yeah, it’s Okay.”

” I’ve never seen one like this, with all the skin, I mean.”

“It doesn’t change the way it works, you know.”

Megan slouched down on the long bench seat, and lowered her mouth to the tip of my large cock. The crown slipped into her hot mouth, and about half of my penis. She stopped when it touched the back of her throat. Her slender hand wrapped around what was left, and I felt her tongue rolling over the sensitive flesh. I started to tremble, and my cock started to swell. She guessed I was close to cumming, and pulled off of it.

“I want that inside me.” She said, flatly.

Shifting around, she pushed her butt towards me, and leaned forward. Her vulva was open and wet, waiting to be filled. Megan reached back and took my cock in her hand, guiding me towards her opening. I ‘spooned’ over her back, and felt my erection sliding into the tight orifice.

“Oh,yeah!” she moaned. “Put it all in there!”.

The rest of the bus was dark and quiet. She raised up on her knees, taking me with her to ‘doggie’ style. I grabbed her hips and pushed my dragon all the way into her cave. A soft grunt escaped her lips as my belly touched her butt. I held still for a minute, and glanced around to see if anyone noticed.

“Oh, Tommy! It’s so big!.. God, I’m so full!” she spoke in a hoarse whisper. “Do it to me!… Fuck my pussy with that thing!”

I used long, slow strokes, trying to hold off my release as long as I could. I was so hot, and she was so wet and tight, I knew I couldn’t hold back for long. Megan pumped her hips back at my thrusts, clamping even tighter with each stroke. She knew how to use her hot little box real well!

Since we hadn’t almanbahis adresi slowed down to even ask about ‘protection’, I wasn’t sure if she wanted my cum inside her, or not. She must have thought about it at the same time, ’cause she turned her head and whispered, “It’s okay to cum in me. Don’t take it out!”

I renewed my thrusting, faster and harder, now. I was determined to get her to cum before I filled her belly with my seed. I reached around her slim waist, and found her clitoris with my hand. I could also feel my cock, sliding in and out of her tiny body. As I rubbed her clit, she began to pant and groan softly.

“UHH..Uhhh…ohgodyes…close…ohh cumm …c.c..ccuummmingg!!!” Megan put her hand in her mouth to stifle her cry at her release. Her pussy really clamped down, pulsing around my swelling shaft. That drew the fluid from deep inside me, and my dragon breathed out the liquid fire to fill her belly. Jet after jet of hot cum washed deep into her body, and my whole body went stiff and shaky. I thrust my hips hard against her butt as the last spasms left my cock.

She went limp under me, and collapsed on the bench seat, breathing heavily. I pulled her up close to me and kissed her. I helped raise her pants back to her waist as well as pulling up my own, and we fell together on the seat.

“Tommy!” she gasped, “That was so hot! I didn’t think you would fit in me, at first.”

“I guess it is kind of large, but it’s the only one I’ve got!” I joked back.

“Oh, no. Not too large. It filled me just right!” she looked down at her crotch and noticed the dark wet spot growing there. “Maybe a little too full! I’ll be right back.” She said, and stepped into the small restroom next to the seat.

Looking a little more refreshed, Megan returned to our bench and curled up close to me.

“That was wonderful, Tom. You really don’t know how much I needed that!”

“I could tell. You definitely got into it, didn’t you?”

Megan giggled, “I think YOU got in to ME, if I remember right!”

We both laughed, and cuddled close for a rest. We both fell asleep, because the next thing we were aware of, was the bus pulling into the terminal. We picked up our bags, and left the bus just in time to hear Megan’s next bus being called. She kissed me quickly, and ran to her other bus.

“Thanks again!” She shouted over her shoulder. “See ya later, maybe?” Before I could slow her down and get a number or address, she was lost in the crowds of travelers. Oh, well. She did start her trip at the same place I did……

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