Camping Anyone?

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Lick Pussy

It’s early evening. The fire is roaring in front of us. You are sitting in front of me. My arms around you as we watch the fire. The sounds of a stream gurgling behind us. It’s late summer and beginning to get cool now that the sun is down, but the heat from the fire and my body pressed against you keeps you nice and warm even with just the shorts and T-shirts we are wearing.

I slowly run my hands over your arms and goose bumps trail my fingers. “Are you cold?” I ask

“You’re doing a fine job warming me up,” you answer coyly. Raising one eyebrow at me as you look over your shoulder.

Oh, damn. The eyebrow. When that goes up, I know I’m in for it.

“Glad to hear it,” I murmur while I lean my head down and kiss you on the neck.

You inhale deeply as goose bumps spread over your entire body. Moaning softly while my hands begin to wander over your body. Running up your arms, over your face and down your chest. Pausing long enough to cup your breasts and feel your nipples harden through your bra. I nibble on your neck and shoulders and you arch your back pressing yourself against me even harder. You run your hands up my legs and wiggle your ass gently to feel my dick stiffening against you. Your breathing becomes erratic and shallow as my hands slide from your tits and down your midriff.

“Mike,” you sigh breathily as I undo the buttons of your shorts.

The crackling of the fire and flicking of the flames make the light dance across your face as you begin to go flush. I slide one hand into your shorts, pushing your panties aside to feel the heat from your pussy radiate against my fingers. I gently run my fingers over your pussy lips, pausing before parting them slowly. You move your hips back and forth trying to coax my fingers into your hot, wet pussy. I slide my fingers over your clit and tease it with slow circles, rolling güvenilir bahis it between my fingers. My other hand slides up your body and tugs your shirt up over your tits. You take my cue and pull off your shirt. I run my hand over your bra as you reach back between us and unhook it. The firelight hits your tits as your bra falls off of them. Your hands sliding down my body to my pants. You undo the button on my shorts with ease. My hand cupping your breasts as I play with your nipples. I lean over and kiss your neck. My tongue pressing against the skin held gently between my teeth.

“Oh, god,” you moan loudly.

Your hand works its way inside my shorts. You wrap your hand around my cock and begin to stroke it gently. I slide my hand from your tits down your side and begin to pull your shorts and panties down. You raise your ass and take your free hand and pull them over your hips and down your legs. I slide my fingers deep inside your pussy, rubbing your clit with my palm as I move them in and out of you.

“Wait . . . stop . . .” you moan as you wiggle away from me. “You need to be naked too,” you say emphatically.

“Anything you say,” I reply as you grab my shorts and pull them off my hips. I lay back as you work them over my ass and off my legs. I pull off my shirt as you toss my shorts to the side. My dick is rock hard as you wrap your hand around my shaft and stroke it gently. Lowering your head to my cock, you lick it gently with the tip of your tongue.

“Get your pussy up here,” I moan as you slide my cock into your mouth.

“Anything you say,” you tease as you spin around and straddle me, your sweet pussy hovering over my mouth.

You swallow my cock and I moan loudly while I wrap my arms around your waist and gently lick your clit with the tip of my tongue. I part your ass cheeks and pussy lips with my hands türkçe bahis while I lick up and down your lips. Sucking them into my mouth before plunging my tongue deep inside of you. Tasting your pussy while you become instantly wetter.

“Oh. . . . my . . . god!” you gasp.

My cock fills your mouth. You suck my dick into the back of your throat as you try not to cum. My tongue dancing over your clit before I suck it between my teeth and nibble on it gently. You pull my dick out of your mouth as you start to cum.

“Mike! Oh, my god! Don’t stop!” you scream as I work my fingers inside of your hot, wet pussy. Your cum filling my mouth and dripping off my fingers as you cum long and hard.

Your body goes limp as your orgasm subsides. I gently turn you around and slide you down my chest and over my hips, slowly positioning your pussy over my cock. You work the head of my dick between your pussy lips and I thrust my hips, pushing it deep inside of you. You cum again instantly as my cock fills your pussy. You moan with pleasure as I slide my cock in and out of you slowly. Reaching between my legs, you massage my balls as I squeeze your ass with my hands. You grind my dick, rolling your hips in tight little circles. You cum all over my cock and balls while you ride me long and slow.

My balls start to swell in your hand and my body begins to go rigid. Your pussy tightens even more as I start to cum deep inside of you. You massage my balls as I cum over and over in you. You cum again as my cock thumps in you.

“God, Angie, don’t stop!” I order as I buck my hips faster and harder.

Pausing to catch my breath for a minute, I watch as you look down at me, biting your bottom lip in that sexy, naughty girl way you know makes me crazy.

“Doggie. Now,” I tell you.

Sliding out from under you, we scramble to our knees. My güvenilir bahis siteleri cock still as hard as it was, thinking about fucking you with your round ass right there for me to tease. I slap you on the ass and you fall forward onto your elbows. I forcefully push my dick deep inside of you again, slamming my hips against your ass over and over. I slide my hands up your sides and grab your tits, pinching your nipples between my fingers as my cock slides in and out of your cum-soaked pussy.

“Oh, god! I’m gonna cum aga–” your words are cut short as the orgasm rips through your body again.

I let go of your tits and rub your clit as you cum on my cock again and again. I work my other hand over your ass, spreading your cheeks apart, working my thumb against your asshole. You cum again as it slides past your rim and inside of you. My cock filling your pussy, my thumb teasing your ass, my fingers rubbing your clit is too much for both of us to take. Unexpectedly I cum again.

“Fuck!” I yell as my orgasm takes me by surprise. Your pussy clenches around my cock tighter and tighter. I cum over and over inside of you. My cock twitching as I slide it deeper and deeper into you. Your pussy clasping down on my cock with every thrust.

You collapse on the ground and I lay on top of you, my cock still buried deep in your pussy. Both your pussy and my cock twitching uncontrollably in pleasure. I kiss you on the nape of the neck before I roll off of you. Laying naked in front of the fire, you wiggle next to me, propped up on one elbow, gazing down at me as your dark hair falls around your face and shoulders. Lit up from behind by the dying fire, you look kind of angelic, despite the fact I know you’re really anything but.

“Can we do that again?” you ask me in a little girl voice, sounding drowsy.

“Sure,” I answer. “In about twenty minutes.”

“Twenty minutes? Are you crazy?” you say, slapping my chest playfully before laying your head down on it. “Try two hours.”

“Two hours is better,” I agree as I wrap my arm around you and pull your warm body closer to me.

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