Cum Fly with Me

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Sarah had been working for weeks with John Depalma, chief test pilot on the “Sound Spike” project for General Dynamics.

She had been developing the software to design the device to lessen the sonic boom caused by supersonic aircraft. With a prototype spike fitted on a F16 flying at mach two it had reduced the boom to less half that of the Concord. Sarah had been trying to close that account for weeks now and had done everything right, had the right solutions for John Depalma and his staff, provided them with an excellent demo and answered all of their questions.

John was the lead pilot and very charming but he seemed nervous when Sarah was pitching him and Sarah had been confused by the buy/no buy signals he was sending her.

She had asked me to accompany her on what you might call the “Make or Break” meeting that evening with John. John was going to fly the three of us to Miami in the Gulfstream G150, booking it as a maintenance test flight. He knew of a great restaurant and wanted to treat Sarah to for all the time she had spent, but she felt it was going to be a lost cause.

So we drove to the airport and John was waiting, he put Sarah in the right seat where the co-pilot normally sat and I watched his eyes widen as her short skirt rode up high as she positioned herself behind the yoke. I sat in the jump seat just behind them both.

Sarah was like an excited little girl as we rocketed down the runway, the thrust of the twin Honeywell engines pressing her back into her seat. As John rotated the aircraft she suddenly weighed twice as much as the G-force increased.

In minutes we were at our assigned altitude of 45,000 feet traveling at 850 M.P.H. and on auto pilot.

As John set the aircraft on course to Miami bakırköy escort Sarah crawled out of the cockpit and asked if we wanted to join the mile high club?

John and I sat on the couch as Sarah undressed in a seductive strip tease, John reluctantly turning away briefly to ensure we were still on course. One by one she removed each article of clothing to the beat of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” booming over the planes speaker system.

First she removed the crisp white shirt she was wearing slowly unfastening button by button until the front came open revealing her well-filled white pushup bra. Reaching behind her back she opened the clasp and brought the bra forward with her hand allowing her bare white mounds to tumble out into view. Her tits were gorgeous, perfect orbs of creamy white flesh crowned by delicate ping nipples that stood erect in the cool cabin air.

Sarah discarded the bra and her hands went to the side fastener on her skirt. Quickly she undid the button and pulled down the short zipper allowing the waist to go slack around her hips. The skirt fell into a pile around her ankles as she stepped out of it. She was wearing no underwear.

Sarah soon stood before us gorgeously naked wearing no more than her four inch heels and a smile.

She knelt between my legs and unzipped me and took me into her mouth, the sensation was electrifying. My eyes were closed and I heard her began to whimper, when I looked there was John caressing her breasts and working his hand into her pussy.

John abandoned the couch to position himself on the carpet behind Sarah and grasped her bare buttocks in his hands. Sarah’s eyes signaled delight as John’s cock disappeared into her.

My pretty bakırköy eve gelen escort blonde assistant rocked naked between our cocks whilst John and I enjoyed her warm cavities. Sarah made strange little noises as our hard cocks intruded into her body. She was a woman in her element doing what she did best, servicing cocks.

John came first blasting his load of cum far up into her pussy. Sarah’s tongue did not hesitate messaging my cock as she was being filled with John’s sperm.

Knowing John was coming into Sarah’s hungry cunt triggered my orgasm. Thick spurts of stringy cum ejaculated across Sarah’s tongue and into her gullet’ Like a pro her lips remained sealed around my cock as my slime slid down her throat like snails racing to her belly.

Sarah was only getting started and we had just whetted her appetite for two cocks. Gracefully she maneuvered herself so our cocks exchanged locations in her body.

Her pussy was warm and wet having just been used by John. She contracted on my meat as it filled her. She had lowered her mouth on John’s cock and was sucking her nectar off his meat.

Sarah was like a bitch in heat. Gone was the demure conservatively dressed blonde replaced by a voracious tigress searching for cock.

Sarah took two more salvos of our cum into her sweet young body.

“D.P. me!” she begged.

John and I looked at each other in amazement, did Sarah want our cocks in both of her holes at the same time?

I was a long-time anal sex enthusiast but my wife had always declined my offers to fill her ass with my nine inches of fat cock. Now this pretty blonde was asking to have her ass stuffed with cock and another in her pussy at the same time!

We bakırköy grup yapan escort were screaming across the sky towards MIA at 850 M.P.H. with a vixen loose on the aircraft.

I sat on the couch and Sarah lowered herself onto my upright shaft carefully guiding it to her anus. Her tight brown starfish yielded to the bulbous head of my cock and I started entering her dirt chute. She lowered herself slowly as I stretched her rectum to accommodate my thick cock. Finally her buttocks kissed my balls, I was entirely in her.

Proudly she splayed her legs open showing John her vacant cunt, “Fill it!” she smiled.

John performed his contortionist act and squatted between Sarah’s open legs. She took hold of his hard-on and guided it into the opening of her waiting nest. John slid into her like a hot knife into butter.

It was an amazing feeling through the thin wall of Sarah’s vagina I could feel John’s progress as he entered her. The thinnest of membranes separated our two cocks as we both occupied her most intimate spaces.

“Gulfstream X-ray Romeo Gulf you are clear to descend to flight level fifteen on approach to MIA. Please contact Miami control when you cross the beacon.” the radio crackled.

We were fifteen minutes from landing with our cocks buried in Sarah!

John hastily uncoupled with Sarah and scrambled back to the cockpit.

Sarah stayed naked running through the cabin playing stewardess asking me “Coffee, Tea or Me”.

Later that evening safely in the restaurant having enjoyed a delicious meal John finally admitted that the software was exactly what he needed for his company but his wife had seen Sarah giving the demo when she dropped by the office and told him he couldn’t do business with her.

After this experience he said to order the hardware and software, he was going to do what is best for the company.

He also said if we ever wanted a nighttime flight when he was doing maintenance or dead heading to pick up someone that we were welcomed to join him again. Sarah gave him a night to remember and me too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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